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									                                                                                                                                                       November 2006

               2006 Officers
President: David Freeman .....288-6755
Vice-President: John Bird......234-3681
Secretary: Virgil Smyth .........663-6861
                                                                         THIS IS IMPORTANT
Treasurer: Alyce Amend ........496-8290
                                                                        NOVEMBER MEETING IS THE 6TH!
Directors: David Soles...........241-3739                    Due to a scheduling conflict at the Central Center, the
           Tom Hamilton .......358-2685
           Stan Townsend .....492-8994                     November meeting will be on the FIRST Monday, November
2006 Show Chair:
                                                           6, instead of the usual second Monday!!! This means that
          B.G. Smith ............628-0038
Newsletter: Rusty Johnson ...743-0403
                                                           you have one less week to finish your Christmas
                                                           ornaments. This year’s ornament collection will go to New
       Jim Milton Level 1
     Judging Schedule 2006                                 Hope, the organization that assists and supports children of
                                                           incarcerated parents.
February .........................Relief/Stylized
March ...........................................Open
April ........................................Realistic                                                                         Canes for Vets Project
May .............................................Open                                                                 Dateline Poplar Grove Plantation, Scotts Hill,
June......................................Caricature                                                                  North Carolina, near Camp LeJeune: Jack,
July...............................................Open                                                               yesterday was REALLY something. Thank you
August ...........Chip/Decorative/Whittled                                                                            and your group for thinking of this project.
September ....................................Open                                                                         We had 80-90 people in attendance, and
October...........................Relief/Stylized                                                                     fifteen Marines. We presented all of them with
November ............................Christmas                                                                        canes, and I gave the young Marine who escorted
December.................Carver of the Year                                                                           them, a gilded Eagle head that I had mounted on
                                                                                                                      a stand.
                                                                                                                           We also had Gail Bozik in attendance. Her son
         Refreshment Nights                                                                                           is a triple-plegic, if there is such a word, and was
February        June       October        December                                                                    injured a couple years ago. Joe is a Wilmington,
                                                                                                                      NC native and had been stationed at Ft. Bragg. He
     EOWA Monthly Meeting                                                                                             got a purple heart from the President while he
 Second Monday of the month, 7-9 PM                                                                                   was in Walter Reed, and is now in California,
                                                                                                                      being trained for employment. We presented his
            Central Center
                                                                                                                      mother with a cane for him.
 1028 E. Sixth St. • Phone 596-1455                                                                                        The feeling in our old barn (we meet in a barn
                                                                                                                      on an old Plantation) was overwhelming. You
    Thursday Night Carve-In                                                                                           could feel the love and pleasure, and those young
    Every Thursday 6-9PM No Fee                                                                                       men were a real delight. They were so
             Central Center                                                                                           appreciateive of the gesture. We had one tv crew,
  1028 E. Sixth St. • Phone 596-1455                                                                                  and a spot on the 5 o'clock news, and some print
  Visitors are welcome at all                                                                                                                                  – Janet Reid
   meetings and carve-ins.
Dues: $15 yearly, due in July.
Application, change of address and
renewal form or last page.
Send to:                                                  Cpl Brian Johnston - the September ChipChats article Vet.
   EOWA, c/o Alyce Amend, Treasurer                       Note the little hand holding the strap. Cane carved by
          6322 S. 72 E. Av.,                              David Freeman.
           Tulsa, OK 74133

                  Web address:                                                                                        What’s happening here? See page 3...                                                             Visit the EOWA Web site at:
                                                                                                                               Rusty Johnson and B.G. Smith won
                                                                                                                               ribbons at the Caricature Carvers of
                                                                                                                               America National Competition. Rusty
                                                                                                                               won a first place in the Human Single
25th Annual Fall Festival Arts & Crafts & Home Show, Nov. 3-5, Payne County                                                    Under 7 inches with his “Abe Lincoln
   Expo Center, Stillwater, for details e-mail:                                                             Bobble Head.” B.G. took two fifth places
Kaw Valley Woodcarvers Show and Sale, Nov. 11-12, Topeka, Kansas, for info contact                                             with a Single Human 7-15 inches titled
   Dolores Williamson, 701 SE 35th St., Topeka, KS, 66605                                                                      “Back Doc” and in Group Human with
                                                                                                                               “Good, Bad and Wierd.” The show,
                                                                                                                               which is on display in Dollywood, will
                                     EOWA Minutes of 10_09_06                                                                  close at the end of October. Photos of
Call to order: David Freeman                        organization for children whose parents are in                             their pieces will be on the CCA web site
Flag Salute: John Bird                              prison. B G Smith proposed we sell the                                     ( after the show
Badge fine collection: Stan Townsend                ornaments at the July show and give the money                              closes.
Jackpot: Louise Townsend                            to a charity. Alyce Amend proposed giving them
Door Prize: Rusty Johnson, book; Arleeta Fulton,    to the Children’s Justice Center. Jack Nitz
briefcase; Stan Townsend, book; Veva Hamilton,      suggested we not change a good thing. Bill Payne                                         Renaissance Faire
club jacket; Jim Stephenson, book; Elmer Kitchell,  moved we do as Donna Nickles proposed, it was                                For the last two years, the Tulsa Library
book; David Freeman, picture frame; Bill Jones,     seconded by Jim Stephenson and passed by the                             System has organized and presented a family
picture frame.                                      membership.                                                              Renaissance Faire at the Martin Regional Library.
Visitors: Peggy Hill                                                                                                         We have set the date for next year's Faire:
New Members: None                                   Since we have no storage at Central for the clubs                        September 8, 2007, from 1-4pm at Martin. We
Treasures Report: Alyce Amend, separate sheet       sharpener and bandsaw it was suggested we                                have had demonstrators such as the Tulsa Hand
Library Report: $2.00 in fines, two books being     need to do something with them. John Bird said                           Weavers and Hand Spinners and are hoping that
considered for purchase.                            he would like to be allowed to buy them from the                         the Woodcarvers Association would like to join
Hospitality: 37 in attendance.                      club (they are currently stored in his shop). After                      us next year. We are especially interested in the
Cards: None                                         some discussion it was moved and seconded for                            history of your craft and in having members
Newsletter: Several corrections pointed out for     the executive committee to determine what do do,                         actively working on pieces, maybe even in
newsletter.                                         this passed.                                                             costume. The Faire is very interactive; children
Chip Chatters: See article this page                                                                                         and adults will be asking you questions and
Central Park: We’re here! Still some things yet to  Bill Payne presented Jack Nitz with a carving of a                       admiring your work. The theme for the Childrens
be finished, such as, security cameras,             grouchy old bear with an eagle head cane. It was                         Quest next year will be pirates, so eye patches
landscaping, and shelving.                          agreed the likeness was startling.                                       and clever carving hooks are possibilites.
Seminars Attended: B G Smith went to one in                                                                                  Actually, we would be delighted to have you
Silver Dollar City.                                 Jim Melton Judges: Not enough entries for                                there, even without hooks, and will provide
Show Reports: Rusty Johnson’s Abe Lincoln           judging.                                                                 whatever you need for your exhibit area. As the
bobble-head won a blue ribbon at Dollywood. B G     Show and Tell: Bob Fulton, turned goblet with                            Association plans its activities for the coming
Smith also got a couple of ribbons. Rusty           many captive rings and a turned segmented vase                           year, we hope you will put our event in big letters
Johnson won a $30.00 fair award at the fair.        of bacote, purple heart, red palm, and maple burl.                       on your calendar.
Upcoming Shows: Woodcraft is having their           Irv McGwire, black walnut turtle. Bill Payne,                                Please let me know if you are interested in
show this weekend with sales, demos, etc.           basswood fisherman catching a bear. Bill Payne,                          participating. I will contact you again after the
Upcoming Seminars: None reported.                   church relief carving. Sallie Crawford, old man                          first of the year.
Show Committee: None                                carving of undetermined origin.                                          Thanks!
Old Business: Jack Nitz reported on the cane        Program: No program presented, we received a                             Ina Gibson
project.                                            tour of the building.                                                    Collinsville Library
New Business: Donna Nickles proposed that this                                            – Virgil Smyth           
years Christmas ornaments go to the New Hope                                                                                 918-596-2840

                                                        Show and Tell
                                                         Left: turned pieces
                                                     by Bob Fulton in back;
                                                     fisherman and bear by
                                                     Bill Payne; turtle by Irv
                                                         The figure on the
                                                     right is a carving
                                                     brought by Sallie
                                                     Crawford who would
                                                     like to know more
                                                     about it, i.e. country of
                                                     origin, carver, subject?
                                                     Any ideas? Let her
                                                                                                                            Relief carving by Bill Payne from a workshoip on
                                                                                                                        relief carving.

                                                                  Deadline for items for the newsletter is two weeks prior to the next meeting. Mailing date for the newsletter is ten days
   The weekly Thursday night carve-ins are held at the            prior to the next meeting. The editor appreciates any item of interest to the club including: carving tips, family notices,
Henthorne Community Center, 4825 S. Quaker, phone 746-            show notices, patterns, etc. Articles attributed to other publications should be used only with permission. Permission to
5057, from 6:00p.m. til 9:00p.m. Visitors are welcome to          reprint original material from the EOWA newsletter is granted to other woodcarving groups providing proper credit is
stop by. The carve-in is very informal, friendly and there is     given. Items can be sent via e-mail to or by regular mail to: Rusty Johnson, 2923 S. Boston Court,
no fee. Bring a project, ask questions, pick up a carving tip.    Tulsa, OK 74114, • Phone: 918-743-0403
                                                                                                                    CHIP CHATTERS
                                                                                                       The Chip Chatters enjoyed a day at the Stone Bluff
                                                                                                   Soap and Gift Shop and their lunch at the Stone Bluff
                                                                                                   Winery. It was a beautiful day and very much enjoyed
                                                                                                   by all 10 ladies who attended.
                                                                                                       Donna Nichols has made reservations for our
                                                                                                   group to go to Okmulgee on Thursday, Nov. 30th for
                                                                                                   lunch at the OSU Culinary School and after lunch we
                                                                                                   will have a tour and presentation at the Green
                                                Bill Payne found this bear (above) toting an       Country Technology Center on various types of
                                            eagle head cane and thought it would be a              leather creations – saddles, boots, etc. We will meet
                                            wonderful gift for Jack Nitz for all the work he       at her home and car pool from there. We will need to
                                            has done with the Canes for Vets project. Jack         leave about 9:30 A.M. The Culinary school requires
                                            was surprised and amazed when presented with           reservations a week ahead. Please let Donna (492-
                                            the gift (left). The crotchety old bear is a perfect   1364) or Doris Payne (251-8734) know if you are
                                            characterization of Jack (although he just             going to be able to go. Donna's address is 4406 E.
                                            pretends to be crotchety) and everyone thought         82nd St. (81st & Yale).
                                            it was a perfect gift. Way-to-go Bill (for the bear)
                                            and Jack for masterminding cane the project.
                                                P.S. If you have an eagle head cane roughout,      published bi-monthly by National Woodcarvers
                                            please speed along the carving and get it back to      Assn., P.O. Box 43218, Cincinnati OH 45243. U.S.
                                            Jack as soon as possible. Nationally the project       dues are $14 annual and include magazine
                                            is beginning to take off and more clubs are            subscription. Check or money order only. No credit
                                            joining in (see article on page 1).                    cards. E-mail: Website:

                                 Wood Spirit Santa Claus Ornament
     So you have a Bradford pear tree
that has just lost another limb. While
it is still fresh and green, find a
section of limb about 1 inch in
diameter and cut a 3 to 4 inch section.
(Might as well cut several while you
are at it, people are gonna love this.)
You can either peel the bark off the
whole piece or just peel the bark
where the face and beard will be
leaving. The bark-in-place is a nice
folksy touch.
     Still working while the wood is
fresh, rough-in the profile with a detail
knife. The idea here is that the wood is
much easier to work before it dries
and becomes hard enough to make a
hammer handle.
     Add facial detail and with a small
vee-tool add beard and hair. Try not to
make him too serious, he’s a Santa
after all. For even more fun, purchase
a package of small google eyes from
Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Inset the
google eyes an eye socket the same
diameter and glue. A light wash of
pink adds cheer to the cheeks and
nose. Add small screw eye with a
narrow ribbon for hanging and give
the ornament to an admiring family
member or friend. Or inset a magnet
in the back to decorate a refrigerator.
                                           New Membership, Change of Address, or Renewal
Dues: $15 annual for family membership due in July.

Name ______________________________________________ Spouse ___________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________ City ___________________________________________
State __________________________________________________ Zip ___________________________________________
Work Phone ____________________________________ Home Phone ___________________________________________
Retired: Yes J       No J         Fax ______________________ e-mail ___________________________________________
                        Mail to: EOWA, c/o ALYCE AMEND, 6322 S. 72 E. Av., Tulsa, OK 74133 Questions? Phone 918-496-8290

              DANNY REB Woodcarving
          516 Ponderosa Road, Sherman, TX 75090
             Burk Sharpeners • Colwood Burners
  We handle good northern basswood, butternut and have other
        woods available. Basswood turnings of all sorts.
   Danny and Wanda are both available for judges & seminars
       Studio: (903) 532-6558 • Home: (903) 532-5551
HIKE AMERICA has provided the Canes For Vets project
various ornaments with which to embellish the shafts of
our canes. Thanks to Roy Klebe, P.O. Box 5684, Redwwod,
CA 94063; e-mail; Web address:
                                                                  1. Have you paid your dues? All dues are now due in July. Use the form at the top
                                                                  of the page to renew your membership.
                                                                  2. Don’t forget to wear your name tag to the meetings. It helps new members put
                                                                  names with faces and it will cost you 15¢ if you don’t.
                                                                  3. PLEASE RETURN any overdue library books you might have. Check your nooks
                                                                  and crannies for forgotten books.

                  Eastern Oklahoma Woodcarvers Association
                  Rusty Johnson, Editor
                  2923 S. Boston Court
                  Tulsa, OK 74114
                              E                   FOR
                          E DU
                      S AR .
                  SHIP     LY
           MEMBER AL IN JU
       ALL    RENE

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