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					                                       “The voice of the San Diego Fifty-Sixers”
                                  Volume 15: Number 12                  December 2008

                                There Really Was Magic
                                  On November 22 San Diego Fifty-Sixers created some magic
                                  for Rady Children’s Hospital. First, we had some very special
                                  visitors from the North Pole. Second, our very talented
                                  members (looking good in their new San Diego Fifty-Sixer
                                  shirts) created three fantastic displays. Finally, we collected a
                                  lot of art supplies for the children at the hospital. Thanks to all
                                  club members who helped to make this year’s Lighting Up
                                  Lives something really special.

Special thanks to Marge Bramfeld and her Lighting Up Lives
Committee for organizing our event. Marge will talk about the
accomplishments of her committee later in the newsletter,
but I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the work
you did to make Lighting Up Lives 2008 the best ever.

Remember our next meeting is Wednesday, January 21 at 6:00PM. Lisa Johnson will be
reviewing the new introductions.
If Winnie and I don’t see you at an open house, we wish everyone a great, safe, and healthy
Christmas and New Year.

Village Views                             December 2008                                         Page 2
 MINDLESS MUTTERING…                                                         …by Bob O’Connor

Years ago when I was bowling three nights a week, I knew I
bowled in Escondido every Monday, San Marcos every
Wednesday and San Diego every Thursday. I would get in my
car and drive in more or less a daze; I would end up at the right
bowling center without really being aware of my trip. The San
Diego Fifty Sixers meetings have become routine in the same
way (although monthly instead of weekly), always the same night and time every
month. Change is upon us; this year we will be meeting on different days and
times each month. Please check your calendar of events every month so you
won’t miss any meetings.
Speaking of changes, there is a change in the open house schedule. Another one
has been added. The information is on page seven; see you there.

Raffle Prizes                                      DOOR PRIZES –From Lisa Johnson of Dept. 56 :
                                                   Snowman Plate, Karen Boynton; Tree, Patty Burdick;
                                                   Bench, Dave Bechtel; Candles, Larry Oblinger; We
From Canterbury Gardens:
                                                   Don’t Need Instructions, Sharon Swildens; “Welcome –
Red’s Elfland Diner………………….Karen Boynton           the Witch is In,” Sheri Struthers; School’s Out, Cathy
                                                   Weber; Get Your Spices ‘Ere, Catherine Ingwalson;
From Casual Living:                                Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – Snowbaby, Betty
$50.00 Gift Certificate…………….Sharon Swildens       Roberts; Krinkles Pin, Janet Rodgers; Heritage Village
                                                   Sign, Alan Hamel; Our Best Vintage, Sir, Wayne
From City Lights:                                  Warner; Blanket of Snow, Ed Oatman, Marge Bramfeld,
A Christmas Beginning…………......Karen Boynton       Sheri Struthers, Bob O’Connor; Pomegranates
                                                   (Donated by Sharon Swildens), Norma J. McColley.
Holy Spirit Music Box…………...…………Jon Sage
Set of 7 American Flags……………Lauren Murphy
                                                     SAN DIEGO FIFTY SIXERS' OFFICERS
From Creative Memories:                            President          Jon Sage                 858-484-2533
Album – with extra pages……..…...Lauren Murphy      Vice-President     Lauren Murphy            619-669-4949
                                                   Rec. Secretary     Annie Dallow             949-498-1356
From The Mole Hole:
North Pole Snow Bank………..……..Barbara Coon          Treasurer          Les Boynton              858-748-4291
                                                   Corr. Secretary    Norma McColley           858-618-2455
From the SD 56ers:                                 Publicity          Marge Bramfeld           (619)691-8424
Grimsley’s Garage…………..………Wayne Warner
                                                   Historian          Claire Caldwell          619-280-1048

From Unique Gifts:                                 Parliamentarian    Bob Dallow               949-498-1356
$25.00 Gift Certificate………...……….Winnie Sage       Hospitality        Mary Marshall            619-262-0351
                                                   Membership         Winnie Sage              858-484-2533
Be sure to thank our sponsors for their
                                                   Past President     Karen Boynton            858-748-4291
support whenever you visit their
establishments.                                    Village Views      Bob O'Connor             760-789-3957
Village Views                               December 2008                                   Page 3

Lighting Up Lives event November 22, 2008

The set up for Lighting Up Lives and the Art Drive at Rady Children’s Hospital was a huge
success. We had 49 members attend this year’s event. It was awesome. The displays were
completed and ready to be delivered to their respective places by 11:30 am. I want to thank
everyone who worked so diligently on building these beautiful displays.

 Although we only had five cars participate in our Art Drive, because of the art supplies donated
to Starbucks, and the art supplies donated by many SD 56rs members; we were able to fill to
overflowing two large barrels and one large bin for the children at Children’s Hospital. In
keeping with the holiday spirit, Santa and three of his elves were there to greet the children who
were coming and going from/to the Hospital. I am sure the candy canes were enjoyed by all.

KUSI was there, but they were called away to another urgent issue that occurred in East
County; therefore we were unable to get the news coverage that we were hoping for. The
photographer did come back and took many pictures of the displays and of the drive through
area. Although I have watched, I have not seen them on KUSI. Maybe someone has. We’d like
to know if you have seen them. The
publicity committee has made many notes
for changes for the drive next year.
Please give me any suggestions you may
have for us for next year. (In writing
please, so I don’t forget)

I’m looking forward to the Lighting Up
Lives take down (which is just as much
fun) on January 3, 2009; if you are
planning to participate, we will begin at
8:00 am.

See you at the Open Houses this month and at Rady Children’s Hospital on
Jan 3rd 8:00 am.

A Reflection

As one of the leads on a display, I want to thank all of my helpers. A word to the wise: if you
have an idea or suggestion, speak up; nobody is omnipotent. A great display is created by a
team, not any one person. Not all ideas will be used but without any, just think how lackluster
the displays would be. I think everyone did a wonderful job this year.
                                                                                    Bob O’Connor
   Village Views                               December 2008                                       Page 4

                                                                  Bob Dallow
                                                                          Last month we printed the list
                                                                          of the latest retirements; now
                                                                          it’s time to check out the
                                                                          newest additions to our
                                                                          favorite villages. While the
   economy is not favorable at this time, you’ll once again find it difficult to resist the creative efforts
   of Department 56’s artisans. Start planning now, and develop your personal lists of “must
   haves” this time around from the 32 buildings and 109 accessories among these choices.

     ALPINE VILLAGE [2:2]             NEW ENGLAND VILLAGE [3:4]            Blue Ribbon Treats
Christkindl Church                   Colonial Post & Telegraph             Gifts For The Teacher
Christkindl Post Office              Pembroke Textile Mill                 Help With The Decorations
                                     Providence Church                     I Hope She Likes Them
Christkindl Miracle, The                                                   Making Luminaries
Sharing An Alpine Christmas          Collecting The Mail                   Rolling Acres Corn Maze [S/2]
                                     Latest Pembroke Fabrics, The          Santa Comes To Town 2009
 CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY [4:5]         Loading The Cutter For Xmas           Tour Tickets Here
21 Club                              Setting Up The Nativity               Unfair Advantage
Golden Ox Market, The                                                      What You Crave
Havana Cigar Shop                          NORTH POLE [6:11]               Yuengling Delivery
Union Station (LE 7,000)             Cocoa Chocolate Works
                                     Lunch Box Café, The                         HALLOWEEN [4:28]
I’m A Daddy, Have A Cigar            Nollie & Ollie’s Custom Snowboards    Black Widow Dating Service
It’s A Wrap                          North Pole Palace                     Croak-N- Haggard Mortuary
Lanterns And Fireworks For Sale      Reindeer Stables, Prancer +Vixen      Deep Woods Haunt
Read All About It                    Tinker Bell’s Lighthouse              Gravely Estate
Welcome To Chinatown
                                     Christmas Around The World - China    Creatures Of The Night
                                     Dressing Up With Tink                 Dinner Is Served
                                     Gifts From Santa & Mrs. Claus         Go Team! Trick-or-Treaters
Abel Beesley Butcher (Anniv. Ed.)
                                     Hooked A Big One!                     Gothic Gate Fence Sections [S/2]
Boz’s Books
                                     North Pole Curling, The               Grave Undertaker, A
Flying Horse Tavern, The
                                     Packing The Gifts [S/2]               Gravely Haunting, A 2009
Glensford School (Xmas Carol)
                                     Prancer                               Graveyard Shift
Golden Swan Baker (Anniv. Ed.)
                                     Snowboard Artist, The                 Grim Reaper, The
M. Pickering, Finest Persian Rugs
                                     Too Good To Resist                    Grimsly Family Crypt
                                     Vixen                                 Halloween Park Bench
A Dickens Book Signing
                                     You Want Fries With That?             Halloween Street Lamps [S/2]
Crowntree Coach
                                                                           Hanging Ghosts [S/6]
Dickens’ Carolers
                                          SNOW VILLAGE [7:11]              Haunted Rails Crossing Sign
Dickens’ Shopkeepers
                                     Colonial Revival (Amer. Arch.)        Haunted Rails Dining Car
Fan Visits Ebenezer [S/2]
                                     Dancing Lights House (Xmas Lane)      Haunted Rails Water Tower
Persian Rugs For Sale
                                     Marjorie’s Blue Ribbon Baked Goods    Lazy Bones
Regent’s Park Footbridge
                                     Northgate School                      Let’s Go To The Moon
Tipping A Pint
                                     Our Lady Of Grace Church              Lit Jack-O-Lanterns
Welcome To Lund’s Art Show
                                     Rose’s Flower Shop                    Made For Each Other
                                     White Castle                          Old Hermit In The Woods, The
                                                                                      Continued on next page…

Village Views                               December 2008                                       Page 5
Replacement Bulbs Orange & Purple    String Of 12 White LED Lights         Village Deep Blue Sea
Spooky Shadows Oak Tree [S/2]                                              Village Drinking Fountains [S/2]
Spooky Sidewalk Luminaries           Miscellaneous:                        Village Flamingos [S/4]
String Of 12 Jack-O-Lantern Lights   Christmas Caution Signs [S/4]         Village MP3 Speakers
String Of 12 Oozing Slime Lights     City Park Bench                       Village Scooters [S/2]
String Of Purple Lights              English Phone Booth                   Village Spring Moss
Swampy Boat Ride                     Fun At The Dog Park
Up, Up, And Away Witch w Ghosts      Hay Bales [S/8]                       Trees & Shrubs:
                                     Hung Out To Dry [S/3]                 Autumn Flexible Sisal Hedge [S/2]
     GENERAL VILLAGE [39]            Limestone Wall [S/2]                  Autumn Wreaths & Garland [S/12]
Lights:                              Put Litter In Its Place               Garland & Bows
Classic Luminaries                   Santa’s Sleigh Lit Yard Decorations   Row-O-Frosted Topiaries [S/2]
Holly-Covered Lampposts [S/2]        Snowboard Elves [S/2]                 Snow Laden Sisals [S/3]
Northern Lights                      Split Rail Fence [S/4]                Twinkle Brite Frosted Topiary
Small Town Street Lamps [S/2]        Stork Yard Sign                       Twinkling Bare Branch Tree
String Of 12 Angel Lights            Up, Up & Away Assortment              Village Autumn Maple Trees [S/3]
String Of 12 Bow Lights              Village Autumn Moss                   Village Jack Pines, Large [S/2]
String Of 12 Red LED Lights          Village Construction Zone [S/8]       White Flexible Sisal Hedge [S/2]

          Some Random Thoughts on the Introductions
          The most obvious change from previous years is the reduction to only 32 new buildings
          across all the villages. That might be considered a reaction to the struggling economy.
          There are three limited editions in this year’s releases – Colonial Revival (SV – 8,000),
          Union Station (CIC – 7,000), and Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary (SVH – 7,000).
          Last fall, Department 56 introduced the first replica of the DV Original Set Of Seven – the
          Crowntree Inn. Two additional anniversary pieces – Golden Swan Baker and Abel
          Beesley Butcher – have been added this year.
          A new subseries has been announced – Chinatown in the City.
          The sixteenth building in the SV American Architecture Series is the limited edition
          Colonial Revival.
          In 1990 the Reindeer Barn was one of the original three buildings in North Pole. More
          spacious quarters are arriving. Last year Dasher and Dancer got their own duplex. This
          year Prancer and Vixen followed suit. Images of the corresponding reindeer are also
          Halloween’s Haunted Rails Series began last year with the Rickety Railroad Station,
          engine and coal car, and the conductor. New this year are the dining car, water tower,
          and crossing sign. This is intended to be a four-year project.

  TWO MORE RETIREMENTS: The Mole Hole, a club sponsor for several years, and the D56
  store at Downtown Disney will both close their doors on December 31. In an effort to move
  merchandise, both stores will be selling retired pieces at 50% and current items at a 20%
  discount through the end of the year.
Village Views                                       December 2008                                          Page 6

                                        at Home Depot. The flooring could
                                        also work great as rocky pathways
                                        in any village. Another use might
                                        be as a covering for Styrofoam
                                        walls. Since the backing is a mesh-
                                        type material, you might even be
                                        able to form it around your beach
                                        areas of the village.

                                        Setting the mood for your display is    First he painted the backsides of the
                                        always important. At the Murphy         spotlights. Then, while the paint
                                        Ranch, the mood begins at the gate      was still wet, he rolled them in
                                        with giant inflatable creatures.        grassy groundcover, like Dept. 56’s
                                        Large pumpkins delight the eye.         Grassy Ground Cover or Flock and
  GHOSTS AND SKELETONS                  Witches make terrible landings at       Turf. He used the older Department
   AND DISPLAYS! OH MY!                 the Witch Flight School. Spiders,       56 Spotlight and some of the Lemax
                                        which might have just arrived from      lights, but I’ve got plans to try this
                                        Hogwarts’ Forbidden Forest, click       technique with Department 56’s
                                        and move above tall cacti. But my       String of Spotlights, which have
The San Diego Fifty-Sixers have
                                        favorite was the trolley of Jamuligan   always been difficult to hide
been at it again with wonderful
                                        skeletons!                              because of their large reflectors.
Halloween displays. I was lucky
enough to visit two terrific
                                                                                Halloween was a TREAT at the
Halloween Village creations. Both
                                                                                Warner’s and the Murphy’s homes!
Wayne Warner and Jim Murphy are
masters of constructing vivid and
                                                                                Here’s something for the planning
imaginative displays in compact
                                                                                file. This next tip is not just for
                                                                                Halloween displays. In fact, this
                                                                                comes to you from the Sages, who
Wayne makes use of every shelf,
                                                                                discovered it while busy working on
cabinet, and table in his living room
                                                                                their Snow Village display. Jon had
to create his spooky formations.        These and other inflatables, lights,    a great idea. He taped together
One of the highlights of this year’s    and figures led the way to Jim’s        large graph pad sheets to cover the
display was his use of the tall         Halloween village, which is located     Styrofoam in the area where we are
revolving tree as the setting for his   in one of the Murphy’s small            working. With the graph paper in
multilayered Halloween. His             outbuildings. To make room for          place, we can draw shapes for our
skeleton pirate cove was a real treat   new little buildings, Jim added more    roads, city blocks, and parking lots.
to behold. The top of his “tree” was    mountains with interesting              If we want to make a change in the
surrounded by a gray rock material.     walkways and bridges, made from         design it is easy to do that by
                                        bendable foam insulation.               changing the drawing that we’ve
                                                                                done on the graph paper. Then we
                                                                                can just cut out the shapes of roads,
                                                                                blocks, and lots from the graph
                                                                                paper to use as templates for
                                                                                cutting foamboard and tar paper.
                                                                                The other graph paper stays in
                                                                                place to use as a guide when we
                                                                                are ready to lay down the roads and
                                                                                blocks that we have just made.
                                                                                Maybe this is an idea that you can
                                                                                use when planning your display.
When I asked about it, I was            To help light the interior nooks and
surprised to learn that the rock on     crannies of his display, Jim used a     More to come…..
mesh backing is actually flooring
material which he had purchased
                                        new approach for hiding his                                           Winnie
Village Views                           December 2008                                    Page 7

                                                  I have some sad news. Dorothy Dees is in a
            Little Miss Sunshine                  rehab center following a stay at Kaiser
            December 11, 2008                     Hospital; Dorothy had a stroke. She is
Happy Holidays!                                   improving daily according to reports from
                                                  husband Bob and son Bobby at open houses.
Megan Sage has been accepted to the
multi-subject California teaching credential      Alan Weber is recuperating from nasal
program at Stanislaus State. She starts           surgery. Cards would be nice.
classes in January.
                                                  As of January 2009, Millie Warner will no
Just an update on Montse's father; his            longer be one of our sponsors.
surgery went very well, and he is back home
and on the road to recovery. Bill and             I wish you all a Safe, Healthy, and Happy
Montse Hohnhorst will be back home mid            New Year.
January 2009.

To start our new year we have Lighting Up Lives Take-down and the Brown’s open house, both
on January third, and an added open house, the Swildens, on the fourth. Here is the information
for the Swildens’ open house:
Name: Sharon & John Swildens
Address: 13310 Starmount Way, Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-673-1644
Date: Sunday, January 4, 2009
Time: 3PM - 7PM
Charity: Interfaith Food Shelf

Directions: From 15 Freeway, exit east on Rancho Bernardo Road which becomes Espola. At
Valley Verde, turn left (north). After the Lomas Verdes Estates, in one block take Starmount
Way to 13310.

The program for January will be Lisa Johnson with a slide presentation of the new
releases from Department 56. Even though they can be found on line with your computer
after December 18, they always seem better on the big screen. In person the commentary
is always informative and sometimes entertaining. Remember the January meeting is on
the third Wednesday at 6:00 PM.
Village Views                                    December 2008                                                Page 8

 San Diego Fifty-Sixers
 PO Box 23285
 San Diego, CA 92193

 Our next meeting will be on the
 third Wednesday of the month,
           January 21st

                                 1     2     3
    4       5    6         7     8     9    10
   11      12   13        14    15    16    17               Directions: From either I-805 or I-163 take the
                                                             Clairemont Mesa exit and proceed east, turn right onto
   18      19   20        21    22    23    24               Kearny Villa Road, at Spectrum Center Blvd. turn left.
   25      26   27        28    29    30    31               Sharp Spectrum Center Court is the first right after the
                                                             Marriott Courtyard. When entering the Sharp property
 At the Sharp Spectrum Center Court                          the parking lot is through the gate to the right.
     8695 Spectrum Center Court                              The San Diego Fifty Sixers are members of the
     6:00 social, meeting at 6:30                                          National
                                                                             of 56 Clubs

                                     SAN DIEGO FIFTY SIXERS
                                     Calendar of Events – 2008 / 2009
  December           20                             Open House / Phyllis & Ed Oatman
   January            3                     Lighting Up Lives Takedown at Children's Hospital
   January            3                            Open House / Vern & Michele Brown
   January            4                           Open House / Sharon & John Swildens
   January           21     Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm / Lisa Johnson and the New D56 Introductions
   February          25                           Club Meeting /Fourth Wednesday- 6pm
    March            18                            Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm
     April           22                           Club Meeting /Fourth Wednesday- 6pm
     May             20                            Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm
     June            17                            Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm
     July            15                            Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm
    August           26        Club Meeting /Fourth Wednesday- 6pm / Pot Luck & Power Point Presentation
  September          23                           Club Meeting /Fourth Wednesday- 7pm
   October           28                Club Meeting /Fourth Wednesday- 7pm / Annual Swap & Sell
  November           18                            Club Meeting /Third Wednesday- 6pm
  December                                               Open Houses All Month
                      Please check the Calendar regularly. These programs are subject to change.
     The board meets each month on the Wednesday before the regular club meeting. Any member is welcome to
           attend the board meeting. Meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Miramar Café, 7128 Miramar Road.

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