Pre Nurse Extern Packet 2011 by nuhman10


									        Pre-Nurse Extern Program 2011
Covenant HealthCare has established a solid reputation for quality patient care and
community service. Our efforts to continually improve and enhance these services
translate into greater career opportunities for you.

Our Pre-Nurse Extern Program will begin the first week in June 2011 and continue
into August 2011. We are interested in qualified candidates who will enable us to
maintain the high standards of quality and customer service Covenant has
established in the healthcare industry.

Our program will include four days of core orientation and one week of unit based
training, followed by nine weeks of clinical experience. You must have completed
two semesters of RN Nursing curriculum courses and have a planned graduation
date of December 2012 or May 2013. One of the clinicals must include a Medical
Surgical rotation.

Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, March 7th to Thursday, March 31st.
To apply for the Pre-Nurse Extern program at Covenant, the following must be
completed and returned to Covenant HealthCare Human Resources, 1020 Almira
Street, Saginaw, MI 48602:

   1. A Student Pre-Nurse Extern Application (see attached)
   2. An on-line employment application (
   3. An unofficial copy of current academic transcripts, followed by an
      official copy sent to: Covenant HealthCare Human Resources Attn:
      Denise Doster, at the completion of the Winter 2011 semester. GPA
      must be at least 3.0
   4. Written recommendations
          a. One from a nursing instructor
          b. The second can be personal or professional

If selected for a Pre-Nurse Extern position, the following will be required before you
begin working:

   1. A copy of a validated skills checklist signed by your clinical instructor
   2. Updated set of current, official academic transcripts

Enclosed are the Pre-Nurse Extern job description and possible interview questions
for your preparation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Denise at
                    Pre-Nurse Extern
                  Employment Information
Covenant HealthCare is offering an invaluable experience for nursing students
with our 2011 Pre-Nurse Extern Program. Our program is designed to provide
 students with the opportunity to learn and grow in the Pre-Nurse Extern role
                       through hands-on experience.

                                  How to Apply:
        Visit our website at and apply online!

 Applications will be accepted Monday, March 7th thru Thursday, March 31st, 2011

                       Pre-Nurse Extern are paid $11.22 per hour
                           Overtime & Holiday Pay provided

         Pre-Nurse Extern positions are considered Temporary and therefore
                      participants are not eligible for benefits

                                Program Information:
   Interviews and will be conducted in April by HR Employment Specialist, Nursing
    Educators and Nurse Managers
   Program includes four days of orientation/education. Followed by one week of unit based
    training and nine weeks of clinical experience in the Pre-Nurse Extern role
   Pre-Nurse Externs may continue employment at the conclusion of the program following
    evaluation/recommendation by the Nurse Manager

              For more information contact Denise Doster at 989-583-4502
           Covenant HealthCare

Name_________________________________Social Security #__________________

Home Address__________________________________________________________

City____________________________State______________Zip Code_____________

Home Phone_____________________Alternate Phone_________________________

School of Nursing_______________________________________________________

School Address_________________________________________________________

Expected Date of Graduation_______Degree___________________G.P.A._________

Are you presently employed or have you previously been employed by Covenant?____

Are you a participant in Covenant’s Clinical Progression Program?_________________

Clinical Service Area Preference: Please rank (1,2,3) your top 3 choices

    ___ Adult Surgical (2 Main, Harrison)
    ___ Cardiac Telemetry (3 Main/North, Cooper)
    ___ Cardiac Surgical Step Down (3 East, Cooper)
    ___ Medical/Dialysis (6 Main, Harrison)
    ___ Medical/Oncology (7 Main, Harrison)
    ___ Medical/Pulmonary (5 East, Cooper)
    ___ Neuro Step Down (4 North, Cooper)
    ___ Orthopedics (5 Main/North, Cooper)
    ___ Rehab Care (Michigan Campus 3rd & 4th floor)

Shift Preference: Please check your first choice
            ___ 7:00 a.m. - 7:12 p.m.
            ___ 7:00 p.m. - 7:12 a.m.

1.   Please share with us the areas you have chosen and why?

2. Tell us how your educational background will help you in this position.

3. Describe two of your strengths. Describe areas where you think you can improve.
   What will you do to improve.

4.   Tell us what Customer Service means to you and who do you see as your

5.    Where do you see yourself three years from now? What do you hope to do as an

6.   Please describe in your own words the role of the RN.

7.   Tell us about the last time you had to work with others to accomplish a critical result
     or an important job. What did you do?

8.   Describe a situation where you’ve encountered a problem at work. How did you

9.   If you were to observe other staff verbally breaching a patient’s confidentiality, what
     would you do?

10. Is there any thing else you would like to add? Do you have any questions?

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