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                  Business-to-Business Portals



B2B transactions through internet are gradually gaining significance in the
Indian context.     There are several portals that specialize in business-to-
business transactions in India.     Some of these are auction sites while some
others provide information and contact details of suppliers of various types of
products.      For example, Indiamart business-to-business auction site,, facilitates sellers who can post their inventory
under a particular product category or subcategory for a limited period inviting
bids from interested buyers.      Another portal from the same company, Indian
Trade Portal, facilitates the generation of import, export and business leads,
and helps in matching the requirements of buyers and sellers.        Yet another
portal provides information about suppliers of
different types of products and facilitates business-to-business transactions.

In addition, there are several portals for facilitating B2B transactions specific
to different types of industries.    One such portal is
from sify.   This Website provides e-marketing services for small and medium
businesses for buying and selling, covering a wide cross section of the industry.
As per information provided in this portal, “the dot-com community of the
portal features over 40,000 small and medium businesses comprising
Manufactures, suppliers, exporters and service providers across 89 vertical
industry segments”.     Another website that specializes in IT products and
services is “” from Wipro.
Business-to-Business Marketing includes electronic commerce transactions
between businesses. It involves all transactions made in an industry value chain
before the finished product is sold to the end consumer. These days companies
give a lot of importance to B2B marketing communications.         B2B marketing
communications is how businesses promote their products and services to other
businesses using tactics other than direct sales. The purpose of B2B marketing
communications is to support the marketer’s sales effort and improve company
profitability.   B2B marketing communications tactics generally include
advertising, public relations, direct mail, trade show support, sales collateral,
branding, and company buying sites.

Business-to-business marketers are taking on an increasingly pivotal role in the
Internet-driven transformation of the economy.      The implementation of new
technologies in the B2B arena is being driven by compelling competitive
considerations and by important bottom-line imperatives. Companies recognize
that it is extremely important to use new technological capabilities to streamline
and dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business
operations – and those of their customers and suppliers.    The amount of trade
conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the spread of Internet.
Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing including low costs in
distributing information to a global audience.     Companies that use Internet
marketing can also save money because of a reduced need for sales force.
Internet marketing can help expand from a local market to national and
international market places. Compared to traditional media, such as print, radio
and TV, Internet marketing can have a relatively low cost of entry.       Internet
marketing is associated with several business models.      The model is typically
defined by the goal.    These mainly include models in which goods are sold
directly to businesses. Online exchanges undoubtedly will play an important role
in helping buyers and sellers execute B2B transactions.
Above article is related to various company buying sites.    It is one of the main
ways in which companies can do e-procurement.         Companies form dedicated
portals to facilitate more efficient buying.     There are many portals which
specialize in Business-to-Business transactions. These are mainly auction sites.
Internet auctions have gained popularity. Unique items that could previously be
found at flea markets are being sold on eBay instead.     eBay has also affected
the prices in industry.    Buyers and sellers often look at prices on the website
before going to flea markets and the eBay price often becomes what the item is
sold for.   More and more flea market sellers are putting their items up for sale
online and running their business out of their homes.       Then, some websites
provide information and contact details of suppliers of different products.     In
addition, there are some portals for facilitating B2B transactions specific to
different industries.     In India, some websites provide services for small and
medium businesses for buying and selling.        For Example, There is a portal
called         This Website provides e-marketing services
for small and medium businesses for buying and selling, covering a wide cross
section of the industry.      Then, there are some websites
which specialize in IT product and services. Some websites are related to stone
industry and some others facilitate e-business transactions pertaining to property
& real-estate.      Moving into e-procurement involves more than acquiring
software. It requires changing purchasing strategy and structure.

Online business buying has its own advantages and disadvantages.                In
advantages, we can say that it shaves transaction costs for both buyers and
sellers. It reduces time between order and delivery. It consolidates purchasing
system and it also forges relationships between partners and buyers. But it may
also have various disadvantages like it may erode supplier-buyer loyalty. Then,
it creates potential security problems.     Businesses also face a technological
dilemma because no single system dominates yet.

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