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									      Pin Rail
             Winter 2011


The New Building
  BURBANK, CA 91506
  818 841 9233
                        IATSE Local 33
                          Officers &
                       Executive Board              President’s Letter

                           George T. Blanch        Dear Brothers and Sisters,

                            Kyle D. Beebe                  I trust everyone had a joyous
                            Vice President
                                                   holiday season and I want to wish you

                           James Wright            all a happy and prosperous New Year.
                        Business Rep–Theatre       Local 33 will be moving into our new
                                                   building hopefully some time in April.
                          Paul B. Paolasso
                                                   The new building is large enough to
                        Business Rep-Television
                                                   hold our Union Meetings and saving
                           Jane E. Leslie          us the money we spend on rental
                         Recording Secretary       every month. Also a second story to be

                             Bill Jones            used for storage and files again elimi-
                         Financial Secretary-      nating the need to rent storage space.
                              Treasurer            The Business Agents will finally have
                                                   their own office to conduct the busi-
                        Thomas P. Smoker Jr.
                          Sergeant-at-Arms         ness of this local without another
                                                   phone conversation going on at the
                                                   next desk. The President will have an
                         Board of Directors        office that will double as a committee
                                                   room or caucus area for negotiations
                            Karl Trinkley
                                                   held at our office. Of course the Re-
                          Timothy McElroy
                              Bill Ford            cording Secretary and Financial Sec-
                           Mark Madrigal           retary Treasurer as well as our book-
                            David Westler          keeper will all have their own offices .
                            Dave Dawson
                                                   We will have a good size kitchen that
                          Jennifer Simpson
                          Richard Simpson          will also serve as a break room; out-
                            Ted Zachary            side the kitchen is a fenced patio that
                          Matthew Guzman           will have another door that leads to
                            Liza Karlsen
                                                   the main hall. We might want to con-
                                                   sider renting our hall to create reve-
                                                   nue as other local unions have done.

                               Pinrail            Temporary Location
                          IATSE Local 33                           Until April 2011
                       1720 W. Magnolia Blvd      2919 Thornton Ave.
                        Burbank, CA 91560         Burbank, CA 91504
Winter / Spring 2011

                                We have held training sessions for various
Contents                needs of our Union. I was glad to see the response
Credits / Presi-        for the rigging classes so well attended and WANT
dent’s Letter           TO congratulate those that have passed their ETCP
                        certification for rigging and power hookup as well.
                        We had Studio Services Inc. train and certify all the
Letter from the
                        members that requested in writing and attended
Recording Sec-     3
retary                  forklift and aerial work platform class. I can’t em-
                        phasize enough the importance of staying ahead of
                        the curve on training and certifications. This can
Letter from the         only help us to continue to grow and ensure our
Business Rep of    6
                        employment over non certified competitive work-
                        force ,while strengthening our Pension , Health &
                        Welfare plans which we need to protect at all costs.
Letter from the
Business Rep of
                                I am very happy to report that the atten-
                        dance is up at the monthly Union meetings. New
Final Curtain           members continue to come to the meetings being
                        involved in the decisions being made and exercis-
                        ing their right to vote and having their voices
Where am I? /      9    heard. I urge all to attend the meetings of this great
Answers to
What’s my               Union of ours and to be involved whenever you can.
Nickname                I thank those of you who already do.

Ring Those              Respectfully & Fraternally,

Dig For Gold       11   George Blanch


                      Letter from the Recording
                      HELLO BROTHERS AND SISTERS: From the desk of your Recording
                      Secretary. Here is some miscellaneous information that needs to be
                      remembered throughout the year. If you ever have any questions, do
                      not hesitate to call the Local 33 office

                                                  BE INFORMED

                                 THERE ARE BENEFITS TO BEING A MEMBER


                      (New)Membership Card: Being a new member, after reciting y our
                      Oath of Obligation to Local 33 at a general membership meeting, you
                      will receive a telephone call from the Recording Secretary’s Depart-
                      ment at the Local 33 office informing you that your union card is now
                      available. You will also be told at that time that you must pay for
                      your union stamp(s) (per capita). For example, if you were obligated
                      in December, you still need to pay for that quarterly stamp for the
                      year you are obigated in. For our regular members, the cost for 2011
                      is $47.00 a quarter or $188.00 for the year. Article II, Section 13:
                      You will not receive a road card unless you have been a journeyman
                      in good standing for at least 2 years. Article XIV of Local 33’s Consti-
                      tution and Bylaws is where you can find any information in regards to
                      monies owed to Local 33. Article XXIV Section 35 is where it states
                      *that ignorance is no excuse for not following the rules. It is your re-
                      sponsibility to pay any monies owed to Local 33, whether it be for per-
                      centage or per capita. If you are not sure, please call the Financial
                      Secretary Treasurer’s Department for assistance regarding monies @

                      Withdrawal Cards: Article XVII. Any member may request a with-
                      drawal card expressing their reason. If at a later date you wish to re-
                      turn as an active member, you must contact the Local 33 office and
                      speak with the Recording Secretary and the Financial Secretary
                      Treasurer regarding procedure—BUT— remember, once you have
                      withdrawn from Local 33, you no longer receive any correspondence
                      from the Local or the International and have no voice or vote.

                      Retiree Cards: Article Fourteen, Section 1a of the International Con-
                      stitution and Bylaws states that any member may request a waiver
                      card from the International if you are retired and between the ages of
                      65 and 75. If you are granted a retiree card, your per capita is $4.50
                      per quarter or $18.00 a year

Winter /Spring 2011


Article XXIV Section 33. Did you know that you could be fined up to $35.00 for not updating your con-
tact information with the Local? If you move or get a new phone number, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE
FRONT OFFICE, NOT THE CALL STEWARDS WHEN YOU CALL IN. The front office is where the infor-
mation will be recorded and changed for the call stewards. The call stewards cannot access updating info
on their computers.

Also remember to call the Trust Office to give them your new contact information and name of beneficiary
(IF it has changed) @-

       Pension               626.732.2633           Ann Winfrey

       Health and Welfare    626.732.2629           Vanessa

       Dental                626.732.2566           Bernice

       401(k)                626.732.2632           Monique


1. I am sorry to say that if one of our members passes away and Local 33 does not always receive infor-
   mation in regards to services in a timely manner. We regret to inform you that Local 33 does not
   send a postcard announcing a death. We insert the persons name in the next general membership
   meeting notice that will be mailed to our members. Also, if a participant passes away and they are
   not a member, there will not be a postcard sent out at all. Enclosed is a list of all members who have
   passed away this year.

2. If you plan on being nominated for any position or office of Local 33, you must have attended at least
   three general membership meetings from Nov 2010 through Oct 2011 and be a member in good
   standing. You may want to review all of Article IV: Election of Officers of Local 33 Constitution and

3. Our Board of Directors meet every first and third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am at the Local 33
   office. If you have any concerns that need to be addressed, please contact the Recording Secretary’s
   office to make an appointment to appear before the Board regarding your concerns. The time usually
   assigned is 11:00 am.

4. Our General Membership meetings are the first Sunday after the first full week of each month. The
   2011 calendar of these meetings are:

       Sunday, Jan 9                Sunday, Jul 10

       Sunday, Feb 13               Sunday, Aug 14

       Sunday, Mar 13               Sunday, Sep 11

       Sunday, Apr 10               Sunday, Oct 9

       Sunday, May 15               Sunday, Nov 13

       Sunday, Jun 12               Sunday, Dec 11

5. If you need questions answered regarding your seniority, the Seniority Committee meets every month,
   Monday, the day after the general membership meeting at the Local 33 office at 9:30 am. You can
   call the Recording Secretary’s office to set an appointment to go before them

                        Letter from the Recording Secretary

               6. Family Assistance Program: If you or someone in your family
                  needs assistance in overcoming a problem such as drugs, alcohol,
                  or emotional stress, you may contact Local 33 representatives of
                  this committee:

                       Joe Bisbano           818.903.2484

                       Jane E Leslie         818.415.5256

                       Howard Nugent         323.791.3454

                       Volunteers to this committee:

                       George Blanch         818.590.8238

                       Marshal Kirsner       310.754.0324

                       Bobby Morris Sr.      818.422.1083

                       Any and all information is kept completely confidential.

               If there is anything that concerns you that I have not covered, please
               do not hesitate to call one of YOUR Representatives:

                       President             George Blanch         818.590.8238

                       Vice President        Kyle Beebe            562.665.6056

                       B. Rep-Theatre        James Wright          818.842.9233


                       B. Rep– Television    Paul Paolasso         818.841.9233


                       Financial Sec. Treas. Bill Jones            818.841.9233



                                             Jane E Leslie

                                          Recording Secretary

                                     818.841.9233 / 818.415.5256

Winter / Spring 2011

     Letter from the Business Rep of Theatre

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

        This months article is about payroll issues. As for payroll is-
sues, I cannot emphasize enough that everyone using Local 33’s call
board should keep a journal. Writing down what call the call stewards
give you to entering your start time, and of course, your finish time. A
simple note on what time meals occurred can also be beneficial. 99% of
the time, you will never need this information, but when you need it, it
is invaluable. When you receive your paycheck, you should immedi-
ately check the paystub against your records. If you worked in theatre
and you feel something is wrong, contact your head of department im-
mediately. He will direct you where to go with the next step. If you
have received no satisfaction, then contact the appropriate Business
Representative. A lot of members do not understand that the grievance
period in theater is only 14 days. This means if you do not respond in
14 days from receiving your paycheck, you have just limited your op-
tions. This means when it comes to night differential, turnaround, and
other penalties not required by law, the only thing protecting you is the
collective bargaining agreement with a grievance and arbitration proce-
dure. Once you lose timeliness, you are at the mercy of the payroll
company. Please do not wait 2 months to report a payroll issue as it
only makes it harder for you to get the money you deserve.

        At the end of each year, you should check your W-2’s with the
yellow slips from the trust. This is very important as I know of one dili-
gent member over the last 30 years that has found about $60,000 in
corrected earnings. This money is your pension money and if not prop-
erly paid attention to, you are shorting yourself.


James Wright

                                       Let’s Talk TV
                                                             By Paul Paolasso

              Dear Brothers and Sisters,

                It is my hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday season as we
              look back on the productive year we had in 2010 and forward to the new TV
              season upon us. First a quick review of this past year.

                The big news at ABC was when All My Children came to the west coast and
              began operations out of the Andrita Studios in January. The show continues
              providing a lot of employment for our members under the watchful eyes and
              leadership of Brothers Tack, Dempsey and Thorngate. Also at ABC, General
              Hospital began its 47th year and holds the Guinness Book of World Records
              as the longest-running soap opera currently in production, having premiered
              on April 1, 1963.

                Not to be outdone, NBC continues with the longest currently running
              regularly scheduled entertainment program in the United States since 1954.
              That show is The Tonight Show and it is graced with Brothers Pagnotta,
              Steele and Elliott leading the crews. Those crews provide a live show each
              and every weeknight and represent a standard of excellence that is found in
              Local 33.

                2010 saw another new show start up under the NBC agreement, with Min-
              ute to Win It loading in on Stage 21 at the CBS Radford lot. It continues this
              year on Stage 7 over at the Sunset Gower Studios and with Days of Our
              Lives getting the nod until the fall of 2013, NBC continues to support many
              of our families.

                The carpenter shop over at CBS experienced a first this past year when
              they won the bid to build ―Il Postino‖ for the Los Angeles Opera. With the
              build coming off successfully, the Opera gave them another set of plans for
              ―Lohengrin‖ to build and they can look forward to building future LA Opera
              scenery. On top of that, CBS stages were well stocked with shows and
              crewed with stagehands provided by Local 33. The lot continues to be busy
              and is the number one contributing employer for the trust funds.

                We also added a construction shop under contract when we organized
              Company Inc. Sets, signing a three year deal with them in June. Add that to
              another eighteen independent video tape agreements that we garnered and
              2010 turned out to be a pretty good year. Those independent deals included
              America’s Best Dance Crew, X-Japan, Downfall, Hope for Haiti, Are You
              Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and several award shows and specials.

                The quality of stagehands that we provided for these productions is the
              reason why we can look forward to continuing success in 2011. Television is
              looking good by Local 33 standards and the standard I refer to is how much
              employment television provides for our members. The Union can provide the
              employment because of the quality of work of the membership. Keep up the
              great work Brothers and Sisters!

Winter / Spring 2011

                             FINAL CURTAIN

Local 33’s Deceased Members               January 1, 2010—December 28, 2010

     Name                                 Birth Date                   Deceased Date

     Leroux, Mark J                       2/19/1956                    1/07/2010

     Delgado, Mando                       7/7/1949                     1/22/2010

     Beck, John C                         10/17/1947                   1/31/2010

     Fitzgerald, Grant K                  7/29/1959                    3/11/2010

     Welk, Louis A                        7/16/1936                    4/2/2010

     Braddock, John R                     1/24/1934                    5/26/2010

     Jurevick, Thomas J                   2/11/1934                    5/27/2010

     Nivette Jr., Roland C                5/10/1959                    6/5/2010

     Principe, George                     5/9/1926                     6/20/2010

     Pickett, Calvin                      6/1/1932                     7/2/2010

     Smith, Oscar A                       2/14/1958                    8/2/2010

     Otello, Frank A                      11/22/1956                   8/9/2010

     Meusborn, Arnold F                   12/9/1915                    8/11/2010

     Prideaux, Fredrick E                 9/6/1921                     10/6/2010

     Code, John E                         10/15/1931                   10/21/2010

     Losasso, Ernie                       10/18/1923                   11/07/2010

     Monk, Burdette C                     1/17/1931                    11/16/2010

     You may be gone, but never forgotten... Loved ones and friends, you will be missed.

                    Where am i???

                                  What’s Their Nickname
   We continue with more nicknames to test and titillate your brain cells. Good luck all!

      1. Woody                                                    ( ) Barbara Jenson

      2. Super Gaff                                               ( ) Darin Trippler

      3. Three Names                                              ( ) Eric Hansen

      4. Lamb Chops                                               ( ) Freddy Munsen

      5. BJ                                                       ( ) Berry Mitchel

      6. Darth Vader                                              ( ) Ray Porter

      7. Ricky                                                    ( ) Mark Ross Sullivan

      8. Pinky                                                    ( ) Mike Chang

   Answers to last Pin Rail—1 Hoser: Jose Lucero / 2 Dino: Richard Hancock / 3 Easy Money: Jim
   Vecchiarelli / 4 Mr. Magical: Mark Midnight / 5 Guppy: John Fisher III / 6 TV: Than Tran / 7 BJ:
   Bradley Nicodemus / 8 Double D: Dave Dawson / 9 Timinator: Tim None / 10 T3: Tommy W. Terry

Winter / Spring 2011

                   RING THOSE BELLS
B & B and The Young and the Restless co-creator Lee Phillip Bell was granted honorary
lifetime membership to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
Local 33 on Sept. 21, 2010, in recognition of her contribution to the union and the liveli-
hood of its members.

      ―It is such an honor, and I’m grateful to each and every one of you for being so kind
and gracious through the years,‖ said a thankful Bell, accepting a gold-plated lifetime
membership card and a tool belt embroidered with her name.

       The ceremony took place at the B & B studios. In addition to much of the cast,
Bell’s children Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R), Bill Bell Jr. and wife Maria Arena (co-
executive producer/head writer of Y&R) and B&B Executive Producer/head writer Bradley
Bell were in attendance

                                                         Taken fron Soap Opera Weekly, October 2010

         Call Stewards Corner

                 Give us your name!


When working at the Pantages, everyone is required
to wear hard top shoes or work boots. You maybe
sent home if you don’t wear them.

        Also, after 5 pm the call steward phone is for
EMERGENCIES ONLY. You should pick up your
calls during normal call in hours!

      If you are going to bail on the call, DO NOT
                                                         David Ahuna getting his gold card.

                                                                                 Winter / Spring 2011
 Think it’s Slow, Go Dig
        for Gold
                                                              By Johnny Clark

Two Local 33 members decided to spend the Christmas holidays outside the hustle and
bustle of the big city. Missing out on the last minute shopping sprees and the comforts of
home cooked meals, they set out for a seven day stay deep inside The Angeles National

Mark DiFonzo and Timo Feth loaded up their backpacks with essentials averaging around
seventy pounds each, not counting hand carrying their arsenal of prospecting gear.

Arriving Christmas Eve at the Allison Mine, high up on the east fork of the San Gabriel
River, they set up a bass camp for the nights stay. Rigging up their grub in five gallon
buckets hung high up in an oak tree proved out when they were awakened in the night
by numerous raccoons tugging on their ropes; trying to poach their only means of sur-
vival. Outwitted, these critters eventually left sporting a bad attitude.

On Christmas morning, the sky darkened and the winds howled. As conditions worsend,
the pair decided to visit ―Backpack Dave‖. Dave, a known woodsman and prospector,
hand– built a river rock cabin complete with a fireplace. The cabin sits seven miles from
the start of the trail. The three of them enjoyed a warm Christmas dinner consisting of
beans, bacon, and Top Ramen soup.

The Storm blew out and the remaining days proved fruitful as Mark and Timo concen-
trated on crevicing the exposed river bedrock, averaging between two—three grams of gold
per day. They both had a thought that Santa was somewhere in the area.

As the supplies dwindled down, it was time to bid farewell to Backpack Dave and head
back down the mountain. Somehow the hustle and bustle of the city seems tolerable af-
ter a visit with nature and the memories she leaves with us.

Good luck and good diggings!


      The Pin Rail is going GREEN.
      If you’d like a copy of the Pin Rail via
     email, I am starting an email list for people
       who would like their Pin Rail in pdf
                 Please email me @
Los Angeles Stage Employees
                               PRESORT STD
I.A.T.S.E. Local 33
1720 W. Magnolia Blvd          U.S. POSTAGE
Burbank, CA 91506
Return Service Requested          PAID
                              LOS ANGELES, CA
                              PERMIT NO. 34694

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