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Messenger pub by liaoqinmei



        The monthl y new sl etter of M essiah Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)
           8154 Atl ee Road, M echanicsvill e, Virginia 23111 804-746-7134

                                        MARCH, 2011

                                                     Soup & Seminar for Lent
                                                After the Ash Wednesday service on
                                                March 9th, we will follow up with a series
                                                of soup and seminar gatherings about
                                                Revelation. No preparation is required for
                                                this event. Come for part or all of any
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper,                  gathering as you have time. “T he Apoca-
March 8th                                       lypse: The w orst of times or best of times?”
                                                will begin Wednesdays w ith dinner at
All Souls Episcopal Church is thankful for      6:30 pm (Wednesday, March 16 through
Messiah’s hospitality, and they wish to re-     April 13). The program starts at 7:15 and
turn the favor through hosting a commu-         will last about one hour.
nity pancake supper on Shrove T uesday
for All Souls and Messiah. P ancakes and        Children activities and nursery care will be
doughnuts are often associated with the         available.
day preceding Lent, called Shrove T ues-
day. The name incorporates an old English
w ord related to absolution from sins                          MLS YARD SALE
through confession and penance. Eating                          MARCH 19th
such items w ere a w ay to use up rich food-
stuffs such as eggs, milk, and sugar, be-                       8:00 am—1:00 pm
fore the fasting season of the forty days of                    Details on page 7

During our gathering, kid’s games and
face painting will be from 6:00 pm to 6:30
                                                A look inside....
pm. The supper will be held in our fellow -
ship hall from 6:30 P M to 8:00 P M.               From the P astor …………….…........p. 3
                                                   Christian Education news…...........p. 4
Friends are welcome. A love offering will be       P rayers, Celebrations.................... p. 5
accepted to help support Messiah Lu-               Calendar of events .…………......... p. 6
theran School.                                     Messiah School news ................... p. 7
                                                   News from The Virginia Lutheran....p. 9
                                                   Youth news .................................p. 10
   March, 2011                         M essenger                                   page 2

             The Messenger                               Your 2011 Church Council
           Published monthly by
Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA              James Anderson ...Council P resident
8154 Atlee Road, M echanicsville, VA 23111            Tripp Dillard …..…...Vice-P resident
      Church Off ice: (804) 746-7134                  Barbara Gaskill……........ Secretary
          FAX: (804) 746-5579
      Rev. Louis A. Florio, Jr., Pastor               Jake Addair        Johnnie Collie
     Pastor’s email:                 Judy Schwerdtfeger Erna Jung
   Barbara Jennings, Church Secretary                 T ony Antonelli    Chris Sondor
      Office email:
     Susie Weaver, Newsletter Editor                         Youth representatives:
            Ph: 804-550-3503                                Lindsey Carr, Alec Walton
       Email: susiew

        VISIT OUR M LC W EBSITE:                          P aula Barwick… T reasurer
          http://www                       Brian Glusing... Financial Secretary

                                                      T rustees: Grover Newell, Bill Weaver,
                                                                 and Dick Wright.

Change to Designated Giving                                    Council Liaisons
                                                   Christian Education ……...Johnnie Collie
P er a request from Freedom House, coun-           Evangelism ………..............T ony Antonelli
cil has approved a change to our benevo-           Fellowship ………………..…..Chris Sondor
lence policy. Freedom House is the um-             Finance …………………………...Erna Jung
brella nonprofit for Freedom House, Con-           P roperty ………………………...Jake Addair
rad Center, Community Shelter and Sean's           School Board …………….James Anderson
Place. Any donations designated tow ard            Social Ministry ……………Barbara Gaskill
any of these arms of the organization will         Stew ardship …………………..T ripp Dillard
be treated as if desingated to "Freedom            Worship ………………Judy Schw erdtfeger
House." The agency will then direct Mes-
siah's donation to the area(s) with the
greatest need. Messiah's complete policies
on benevolence and designted funds are                              Cornucopia of Prayers
available in our church office.
                                                                   This is the confidence we
                                                                   have in approaching God:
                                                                   that if we ask anything ac-
                                                                   cording to his will, he
                                                                   hears us.—1 John 5:14

                                Messiah Lutheran Church
                        Monthly/year-to-date giving/expenses 2010
                T otal Monthly       T otal Monthly         Year-to-date          Year-to-date
   Month             Giving             Expenses               Giving              Expenses

   January         $17,582               $21,120               $17,582              $21,120
   March, 2011                             M essenger                                 page 3

Pastor’s letter                                    Jean Vanier and L’arche (the Arc)
Repent this Lent and every day
                                                   During Lent, adult Sunday school will be
       This is what the Sovereign LORD,            exploring the Christian life, w ritings and
       the Holy One of Israel, says:               witness of Jean Vanier, founder of the in-
       “In repentance and rest is your sal-        ternational, ecumenical group called L’A r-
       vation, in quietness and trust is your      che. L’Arche enables people with and with-
       strength, but you would h ave none          out disabilities to share their lives in com-
       of it.”          (Isaiah 30:15)             munities of faith and friendship. Commu-
                                                   nity members are transformed through re-
Repentance is good for the soul, or so the         lationships of mutuality, respect, and
Lord teaches. Yet, we often resist. It is          companionship as they live, w ork, pray,
hard to admit our frailty. It is hard to           and play together.
sometimes see it. Like sour medicine, our
hearts tend to resist surrendering our in-         Nearby communities are in Washington,
dividual sovereignty to the sovereignty of         DC and Lynchburg, VA. You can learn
God. So, the season of Lent proves a re-           more at
minder of and exercise in repentance.

Serious business, repentance need not al-
w ays be a somber act, but it is necessary
each and every day. We are getting right in
our relationship with God after all: a Lord
who created us, a Savior who died for us,
and Spirit who comforts us. We are asked
to pay more attention to our relationships
and a w orld entrusted to our care. God is
love, and we should rejoice at the opportu-
nity to become more loving. Repentance
alw ays seeks out forgiveness and recon-
ciliation, and our hearts should rightfully
                                                   Instruction for First Communion
And so, I join Teresa of Avila in praying,
“From silly devotions and from sour-faced          A class will be forming for those interested
saints, good Lord, deliver us.” Instead, I         in participating in the Lord’s Supper for
invite you with a smile on my face to join         the first time. Usually, baptized members
us for our many life affirming (and yes,           of our congregation begin to participate in
sometimes even fun) events this Lent. I            our table fellowship during their fifth year
encourage us all to seek out deeper w or-          of school, but earlier participation is possi-
ship, meaningful service opportunities,            ble with discernment involving the youth,
and other appropriate Lenten disciplines.          parents and the pastor. If interested,
As individuals and as a family of faith, w e       please speak with Pastor Lou by Sunday,
might come to better understand what it            March 20th. Classes will be held on three
truly means to rejoice and be glad.                Sundays (March 27th, April 3rd, and April
                                                   10th) following the late service. Candidates
Many blessings be upon you                         will celebrate First Communion during
and your Lenten journey,                           w orship on Maundy Thursday, April 21,
Pastor Lou                                         2011 at 7:00 pm.
  March, 2011                                  M essenger                                page 4

Christian Ed corner                                    2010 United Lutheran Appeal Report
Look each month for news from Donna
Shaw about CE activities at Messiah. Here              During 2010, a total of $82,223 w as con-
is this month’s news…                                  tributed to the United Lutheran Appeal by
                                                       100 Synod congregations for eight agen-
† Sunday School continues to offer 5 different         cies and institutions. P astor Floyd Addi-
options at the present time. Diana Sondor              son, appeal coordinator, extended a spe-
continues to offer Nursery Splash in the nursery       cial "Thank you" to the participating con-
during the Sunday school hour. The PreK-K class        gregations for their support in a year of
meets in the large room on the left when going         economic downturn. These agencies and
down the hallway. The Elementary class meets in        institutions meet needs that no individual
the room on the right when going down the hall.        or congregation could respond to alone as
The Youth class meets in the room on the right         they provide care, compassion and com-
before going into the fellowship hall. Last, but       fort, Addison said.
certainly not least, the adults continue to meet in
the fellowship hall.                                   Messiah’s giving finished once again on
                                                       the “top twenty” list (adjusted for member-
† During Lent, Pastor Lou will be teaching the         ship). P astor Lou thanks all Messiah mem-
adult Sunday school class. This will begin on          bers for your faith-filled response to the
                                                       needs of others.
March 13 and continue through April 17.

† Women’s Bible Study is continuing their study
of Women of the Bible. Please see Donna Shaw
if you have questions. It’s never too late to join

† The ACTS CLASS, The Chri stian’s Call Today
will begin in Waynesboro on April 16. Please           The Christian's Call Today
look for the sign-up sheet in the narthex. Look
for related article for more information.              "The Christian's Call T oday" is our spring
                                                       class for ACT S (Ambassadors Community
† Daily Discipleship Bible Study continues to          for Theological Study). This synod course
meet every Tuesday at 1:30. Everyone is welcome        focuses on the Christian’s faith, w ork and
for the sessions lead by Pastor Lou.                   secular life. Students will examine their
                                                       own gifts and how to use their gifts to pro-
† Gospel Fun Time continues during the second          claim the good news of Jesus Christ in
service. Please see the sign-up sheet in the           their daily practices. A seminary instructor
                                                       and mission developer will lead the large
narthex to help lead these activities.
                                                       group gatherings at Grace Lutheran,
                                                       Waynesboro on April 16 and May 21. Five
† Children’s activities will take place during the     additional classes are offered locally. Mes-
Wednesday evening adult study during Lent.             siah offers a group rate dependent upon at
Music, crafts, and other activities are being          least six congregational members attend-
planned for elementary age children. See Donna         ing the class. For more information, visit
Shaw if you would like to assist in leading them. or speak with
                                                       Donna Shaw or P astor Lou. Those inter-
If you have an idea for Christian Education            ested, please signup in our narthex. You
opportunities at Messiah, please see Donna Shaw        need not be a member of Messiah to at-
or Pastor Lou. New ideas are always welcomed          tend.
  March, 2011                             M essenger                               page 5

      We pray for those in our family
          and extended family:
Bill (request to remain anonymous); J.T.
Adams, friend of Barbara Gaskill; Lisa
Brow n, friend of Annette Pfohl; Linda
Bruner, friend of the Schwerdtfegers;
Family and Friends of Iris Chaw ner,
Jessica Gusing’s grandmother; Morris              March        4 Tony Antonelli
Fl ohr, friend of Jean & Mack Hicks: Fam-                      5 Nicol e Bost
il y and Friends of Bruce Frederick,                           16 Chrisann Hatfiel d
Liane DiGrazia’s brother; Jozsef Ful op,                       20 Susie Weaver
                                                               21 Bee New ell
Betty Fulop’s brother-in-law; Margarret
                                                               24 Lisa Ravizza
Good, friend of Lisa Ravizza; Pete Gunn,
                                                               25 Judy Schw erdtfeger
friend of the Schwerdtfegers; Ethan Ham-
                                                               27 Donna Shaw
il ton, Lisa & Bruce Meyer’s grandson;
                                                               29 Victoria Hatfiel d
Jeff Haw kins, friend of Barbara Gaskill;
Vivian Heflin, friend of Jean and Mac
Hicks; Donal d Herb, Jean Hicks’ brother;
Frances Hood, Marilyn Gunn’s mother;
Dave Kost, Susan Antonelli’s brother;
David and Joan Laudig, parents of Susie
Weaver; Randy Law horn, Ray Ash’s
                                                  March        5 Roger & Lois Schroeder
nephew; The Marshal Famil y, relatives of
                                                               17 Grover & Bee New ell
Mary Utley; Al bert M cMillin, Bonnie
                                                               22 Tripp & Diane Dill ard
Dw orak’s father; Ruth Mills, Bill Weaver’s
aunt; Eil een Mozol ak, Karen & Michael
                                                  If you w ould like YOUR birthdays & anni-
Morris’ sister-in-law ; Annette Pfohl ,
                                                  versary included in the newsletter, please
friend of Messiah; Sherry Randolph, Ray
                                                  send an email to
Ash’s neighbor; Inez Russell , friend of the
Schw erdtfegers; Ruth Schroeder, Roger &          OR to or call Barbara
Lois’ daughter-in-law; Pamel a Spraw ,            (746-7134).
Jessica Glusing’s mother; Gary Tall ey,
friend of the Schwerdtfegers; Patsy Terry,
P astor Lou’s aunt; Debbie Thompson &
Family, friend of Lisa Ravizza; Jonathan
                                                  First English, 135th Anniversary
W agner, son of Greg & Lesa Juday; David
                                                  First English Lutheran Church is celebrat-
Wilson, friend of the Antonellis.
                                                  ing 135 years as a congregation, 100 years
And for those serving in the armed forces:
                                                  of those being on Monument Avenue.
w ith John Wranek, Craig Mills, Russell
                                                  Along with special programs throughout
Kiser, Josh Pierce, Steven Zimmerman,
Jason Hicks, Joe Kruppa, Thomas Col e-            the year, they are seeking to have a Reun-
man, Chris Chol et, Matt Nicholson, Tay-          ion of the Confirmands on Sunday, May
l or Wilson, Michael Knepper, their com-          15th. If you were confirmed at First Eng-
                                                  lish, please contact them for more infor-
rades, and all our troops in their missions
                                                  mation about this event (335-9185 or
in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the
                                         Additional pro-
w orld, as w ell as with their w aiting fami-
                                                  gram information is posted on our office
lies. P ray that those who have already re-
                                                  bulletin board, or visit http://
turned will heal and readjust to life at
   March, 2011                                   M essenger                                        page 6

                                                         14 Women's Bible Study ..............7:00 P M
                                                         15 Daily Discipleship Bible Study .1:30 P M
                                                         16 Supper & Seminar (The Apocalypse)
                                                                        ................................6:30 P M
                                                         17 St. P atrick’s Day
                                                             In Sync Practice ......................7:00 P M
                                                         18 P astor's Day Off
                                                         19 MLS Yard Sale ........................8:00 AM
                                                             Bishop's Day (off-site) .............1:30 P M
                                                         20 First Communion Signup Due
Calendar of events                                           First Day of Spring
                                                             Manna Sunday for MCEF
1 Daily Discipleship Bible Study..1:30 P M                   Traditional Worship ................8:15 AM
  Council Meeting....................... 6:15 P M            Sunday School for All Ages .....9:30 AM
3 In Sync P ractice .......................7:00 P M          Praise & Worship ..................10:45 AM
4 World Day of P rayer                                       Stew ardship T eam Meets .......12:00 P M
  P astor's Day Off                                      21 School Chapel .........................9:30 AM
5 Seventh Day Retreat (off-site)                             School Chapel .........................3:30 P M
  All Souls Episcopal Jeans Service                          School Board Meeting .............6:30 P M
                      ......................5:00 P M     22 Daily Discipleship Bible Study..1:30 P M
  Chili Cook-Off ..........................6:00 P M      23 Supper & Seminar (The Apocalypse)
6 Girl Scout Sunday                                                          ...........................6:30 P M
  Seventh Day Retreat (off-site)                         24 In Sync P ractice ......................7:00 P M
  T ransfiguration Sunday                                25 P astor's Day Off
  T raditional Worship .................8:15 AM          27 Casseroles for the Conrad Ctr. Due
  Sunday School for All Ages ......9:30 AM                   Synod Visitation Day (Richmond Con-
  P raise & Worship ...................10:45 AM          ference)
7 School Chapel ..........................9:30 AM            Traditional Worship ................8:15 AM
  Worship at Hanover Adult Center                            Sunday School for All Ages .....9:30 AM
                    ......................10:30 AM           Traditional Worship ..............10:45 AM
  School Chapel ..........................3:30 P M           First Communion Class .........12:00 P M
8 Shrove T uesday P ancake Supper                            Synod/RALY Youth Gathering (Off Site)
                  ..........................6:00 P M                              ......................2:30 P M
  Daily Discipleship Bible Study .1:30 P M                   Synod Dinner, Conversation & Worship
9 Ash Wednesday                                                                   ......................5:00 P M
  Supper & Seminar (The Apocalypse)                      28 Richmond Conference Meeting (Off-
                    ........................6:30 P M                      Site) ......................9:00 AM
  Ash Wednesday Service ............7:00 P M                 School Chapel .........................9:30 AM
10 P astor @ Continuing Ed.                                  School Chapel .........................3:30 P M
   In Sync Practice ......................7:00 P M           Women's Bible Study ..............7:00 P M
   MLS Staff Workshop ...............7:00 P M            29 Daily Discipleship Bible Study .1:30 P M
11 Hunger Rumblings (Youth/Off Site)                     30 Supper & Seminar (The Apocalypse)
   P astor's Day Off                                                           .........................6:30 P M
12 Hunger Rumblings (Youth/Off Site)                     31 In Sync P ractice ......................7:00 P M
13 Daylight-Saving Time Begins
    RSVP for Synod Events (3/27)
    P raise & Worship ...................8:15 AM
    Sunday School for All Ages.....9:30 AM
    T raditional Worship .............10:45 AM
14 School Chapel ........................9:30 AM
    School Chapel ........................3:30 P M
   March, 2011                            M essenger                                page 7

Messiah School News                               Obama announces to appoint
                                                  ELCA Presiding Bishop to Council
Our YARD SALE is going to be Saturday,
March 19th this year. We will be accept-          President Barack Obama announced Feb.
ing donations of your unw anted items             4th his intention to appoint the Rev. Mark
starting on the Sunday before. We also            S. Hanson, presiding bishop of the Evan-
will be having a bake sale and if you w ould      gelical Lutheran Church in America
like to make some goodies for it please           (ELCA), to the P resident's Advisory Council
sign up in the Narthex.                           on Faith-based and Neighborhood P artner-
                                                  ships. More can be learned at
There will also be a raffle. Please check
out the items for raffle in the Narthex.
Tickets will be a dollar a piece or you can
get 10 tickets for seven dollars.

Our "pack the pantry" wish list this month        Thank You
is tissues, baby w ipes, and ketchup or
mayonaise.                                        Hanover Safe Place sent a letter (posted on
                                                  our bulletin board) thanking Messiah for
Thanks,                                           the emergency bags for victims of domestic
Melinda Bow ers                                   violence. They w rite, "Our clients’ success
Director                                          and survival depends on the generosity of
                                                  others to make our services possible."
MLS Website:             Thanks for making a concrete difference in
                                                  the lives of others.

                                                  Support Our (Future) Eagle Scout
                                                  Adam Dw orak is seeking any monetary
                                                  and material donations to help complete
                                                  his Eagle Scout project, revitalizing Mes-
                                                  siah's picnic area. Our tables will be re-
                                                  paired and painted/stained. The ground
                                                  will be cleared, a border installed, and the
                                                  area w ill be filled and leveled with either
                                                  mulch or stone. This project is tentatively
Summer Fun is Close By                            scheduled to be completed the first tw o
                                                  weekends of April, 2011.
Don’t forget Caroline Furnace Lutheran
Camp & Retreat Center! Online and mail            Any questions, please speak with Adam or
in registrations have begun to be accepted.       his parents. Donations may be included
They offer camps for ages 6-17 and have a         with your regular Sunday offering. Desig-
family camp for all ages July 10-15, 2011.        nate “P icnic Area - Scout P roject” on your
For more information, visit http://               check or envelope. Any left over monies or call them at (540)         will be put into the church’s general fund.
  March, 2011                             M essenger                                     page 8

DATE                         LECTOR             LAY ASSISTANT                  GREETERS
March 6         8:15     Donna Combs            Dianne Absher             Bruce & Charlotte Carr
                                                                               Nellie Davis
               10:45     Marilyn Gunn           Marilyn Gunn
                                                                             JoAn Firebaugh
March 13                                                                     Theresa Wilson
                8:15     Bob Griffin            Lois Schroeder
                                                                             Lois Schroeder
               10:45     Olivia Dillard         Becky Collie              T ony & Susan Antonelli
March 20        8:15     Lois Schroeder         Gladys Hubert         John & Jenn Drazenovich
                                                                           Judy Schwerdtfeger
               10:45     Becky Collie           Marilyn Gunn
                                                                             Jack Ordazzo
March 27        8:15     Dianne Absher          Dianne Absher              Steve & Sue Gilnett

               10:45     JoAn Firebaugh         Becky Collie                  Dillard family

Blank Street Project
Dear MCEF Friends ~

I w ant to promote an event and I hope you
will pass this information along to your

My son, Ben, and a fellow film student at
VCU are showing their senior project on
March 6th at 2:00 at the Byrd Theatre. It's
a 50-minute film on economic hardships in            Health-Wellness Ministry Team
Virginia that w as sponsored by the Inter-
faith Center in Richmond. T hey spent last
                                                     Hello from your Health-Wellness Ministry
summer traveling around VA -- they spent
                                                     T eam! We are completing our RHART cam-
a w eek in each of 10 locations where they
                                                     paign on April 3rd. Thanks to all who do-
spent time interviewing people at shelters,
                                                     nated items to help those in such a diffi-
feeding programs and places of underem-
                                                     cult situation in their lives. It is truly ap-
ployment. It's called the Blank Street P ro-
ject -- blank as in "fill in the blank"-- w e
can find economic hardships on any street.
                                                     Also, we are preparing an April 3rd Health
                                                     Fair – our theme is “Getting Ready for
On their w ebsite,
                                                     Spring: Mind & Body.” We will provide in-, you can see
                                                     formation on diet, exercise and great read-
some of the interview s, some of the stories.
                                                     ing materials.
I hope you will join us on Sunday, March
                                                     More to follow ...
—Lynn Saunders
                                                     Blessings to you all,
 MCEF's Community Liaison
                                                     Your H-W Ministry T eam
  March, 2011                             M essenger                                 page 9

Dear Messiah Family,                              News from The Virginia Lutheran
T oday it is four weeks since my surgery
and I am so blessed to be where I am,             The first step
physically, mentally, and healthwise. And              by Kathy Thompson, Council president
all this thanks to your support. Visits,                Muhlenberg, Harrisonburg
cards, calls and prayers – for all that sup-
port, I cannot thank you enough.                  Each new year is a time of hope and prom-
                                                  ise-like a new birth. This will be the year
It started already the day of the surgery in      when you...finish your degree...or start a
the wee morning hours when P astor Lou            new job...or have your first child (or grand-
came to the hospital and spent the hour           child!) off a a much-
before surgery with my kids and me –              needed addition to your atten-
what a beginning for a great unknown.             tion to eating healthy and exercis-
Then visits and flowers and sweets and            ing...learn how to paint...restore a broken
best of all Barbara’s basket of fresh fruit       relationship...set aside some quiet time
and chocolate, the life saver in rehab.           each day to listen to God...practice grati-
                                                  tude...worship regularly...pray
Thank you all and I am looking forw ard to        God's will in your life.
being an active member again.
                                                  What commitment will you make this
In Christian love,                                year? Will you grow ? T rue commitment
Erna Jung                                         comes from faith and trust in God's prom-
                                                  ises. What is God calling you to do? How is
                                                  he calling you to respond to the promises
                                                  of his love? The only w ay w e can know this
                                                  is to ask and then to listen. Sometimes
                                                  we're not sure. That's when faith beckons
                                                  us to just take a first step, make a com-
                                                  mitment to reach out and begin.

                                                  One thing I do know: you are called to be-
                                                  long to Jesus Christ. How you respond to
                                                  God's call is as individual as you are...your
                                                  time and talents are gifts from God and
                                                  you are called to use them to God's glory
       We Love to Tell the Story                  and to fulfill his mission for your life and
                                                  for his church.
The 25th Annual P ow er in the Spirit re-
treat has been announced and registration         Two small congregations close
is open. Among the special guests is The
Rev. W al ter W angerin, Jr., internation-        Grace, Massaponax, a mission congrega-
ally known author. The event scheduled            tion in Spottsylvania County, and Mes-
for July 14-16, 2011 is sponsored by the          siah, Virginia Beach, a congregation
Virginia Synod, ELCA in partnership with          formed in 1974, have closed and their pas-
Roanoke College Office of Church Rela-            tors have accepted calls in other synods.
tions, Center for Religion and Society.           P astor P aul Walters, formerly at Grace,
                                                  has moved to a congregation in Michigan
Registration materials are available in our       and P astor Robert Vogl, formerly at Mes-
narthex.                                          siah, moved to Staten Island, N.Y.
   March, 2011                            M essenger                              page 10

                                                  The Youth are planning a fellow ship out-
                                                  ing in the near future. An afternoon of
                                                  Pizza and bowling is sounding good. Exact
                                                  date will be discussed during an up com-
                                                  ing Sunday school class so be there or.

                                                  The Sunday school class is preparing a
                                                  basket to be raffled off at the “Chili
Munchkins update                                  Cookoff” the basket dubbed “I pod and Ice
                                                  cream” w ill be tailored for a youth. Watch
                                                  for it at the cook off
Adam Dw orak is planning his Eagle Scout
project. (see article on page 7)
                                                  The Annual RALY “Hunger Rumblings” will
                                                  be held on March 11-12. This is an event
Adam Dw orak, Andrew Addair and Andy
                                                  coordinated by the Richmond area youth
Arnol d attended Winter Celebration. This
                                                  leader involving youth from all area con-
is one of the events that is supported by
                                                  gregations. There are educational ses-
the Youth fund raising. It is a Synod event
                                                  sions to enlighten the youth on the need of
that allow s for the youth to receive Chris-
                                                  others. Saturday there are service pro-
tian education and fellowship. The Satur-
                                                  jects designed to expose the youth to the
day evening w orship service with 550
                                                  needs of others.
youth involved w as aw esome.
                                                  Breaking news on March 27 at 4:00pm
                                                  there will be a special youth event with the
                                                  Bishop at Epiphany. More details will fol-
                                                  low .

                                                  The youth are looking forw ard to leading
                                                  Gospel Fun Time during Lent this year.
Thanks for your support of the youth an-
                                                  This is a great opportunity for our older
nual Souper Bow l of Caring project. This
                                                  youths to mentor the younger children.
year they raised $223.20 for Freedom
                                                  Sometimes they all learn more about what
House (homeless ministry) and collected
                                                  the season is all about.
226 items for MCEF (local food bank).
This w as a joint effort with the Messiah
                                                                  - Geoffrey Honan
youth group and the School students.
                                                                    Youth Advisor
(Reports on the national level are still be-
ing tabulated. You can learn more at

 “Ziti with your Sw eetie” on February 13         For the impatient
after the late service w as a “huge success.
Our youth (all 4 of them) assisted by Chris       Above all, trust in the slow w ork of God ….
and Dianna Sondor and Jenn and John               Give our Lord the benefit of believing
Drazenovich served 80+ folks. The menu            that his hand is leading you,
included 2 types of pasta and sauces, a           and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
Caesar salad with Red Velvet cake for de-         in suspense and incomplete.
sert. The recipe for the cake came from           Above all, trust in the slow w ork of God,
the 1993 edition of the MLC cookbook              our loving Vine-dresser.
given to Geoffrey Honan by Thel ma An-
thony.                                                           - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
   March, 2011                             M essenger                                page 11

With Heartfelt Sympathy
We extend our heartfelt sympathy to our
sisters in Christ, Liane DiGrazia and
Nellie Davis. Liane’s brother and Nellie’s
sister both entered the Church Trium-              Richmond Hill This Lent
phant recently due to illness.
                                                   Since Sunday, March 5, 2006, congrega-
Please keep all those who mourn these              tions throughout metropolitan Richmond
great losses in your hearts and prayers.
                                                   have been praying for our community – for
We extend to both families our deepest
                                                   transformation and healing, for our insti-
                                                   tutions, schools, for those in need, those
                                                   in leadership, and for one an-
                                                   other. Messiah has been involved since
                                                   2008. T ogether, we pray for the more than
                                                   one million people who live in this historic
                                                   capital city of Central Virginia, in all of its
                                                   jurisdictions -- Chesterfield, Hanover,
                                                   Henrico, Richmond, and the surrounding
                                                   counties and towns. This effort is sup-
                                                   ported by Richmond Hill, an ecumenical
                                                   community and ministry in Richmond.

                                                   If you w ould like to learn more about their
                                                   special offerings during Lent or any other
Erw in and Nancy Moser are moving to               programs, call 783-7903 or visit
Greenville, NC to be closer to their family.
They extend their w armest wishes for Mes-
siah’s future, and they expressed their
deep thanks for the peace-filled and sup-
portive community found here. Please pray
for them as they venture into this new
stage of their lives together.

                                                   Blessings upon
                                                   Living Water Lutheran Church
                                                   Living Water Lutheran Church is a
Congratulations!                                   "church under development" (mission
                                                   church) of the Virginia Synod in Kilmar-
Kristi Burch is now Kristi M cNeil. She            nock, VA on the Northern Neck. Former
has successfully relocated near Glasgow,           Messiah members, the Simonovich fam-
KY. She w orks with a Christian pregnancy          il y, helped start this congregation. The
center, and (as she said, “hold onto your          congregation celebrated the installation
hat”) she got married on October 16, 2010.         and commissioning of their first called
She sends her love and thanks to all her           pastor, Rev. John Ericson, on Sunday,
family of faith here at Messiah for your           February 13th. You can learn more at
love and support.                                  http://www.livingw
 March, 2011                             M essenger                                page 12

                                                           The DEADLINE for the
                                                            April, 2011 edition of
                                                             The Messenger is
                                                            Sunday. March 20th
          Inclement Weather                                Please call me with your
                                                   written submission, place your written
                                                  submission in the “New sletter” mail slot
If inclement weather, Messiah will attempt
                                                     OR email
to announce any closing or delay on our
phone message,, Channel 8
news (w, and our Facebook and
Twitter accounts once a decision is made.
Even if w e open, please alw ays err on the               Join Messiah on Facebook!
side of caution. Our members travel from
a w ide area around metro-Richmond, and
you are the best judge regarding your own
risk. Your safety is important to us!
                                                            Recycle your newspapers
                                                            in the container next to the
                                                            garage and recycle aluminum
                                                            cans in another container near
                                                 the garage to benefit Habitat for Human-

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church
8154 Atlee Rd
Mechanicsville VA 23111

                                                                              M arch 13th

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