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					Andrew Gautier                       Credible sources

I learned a lot in class about what sources I should and shouldn’t use. I used to depend on
Wikipedia a lot in the past and it has helped but I know that it is not the most dependable
source. The best sources that I was taught to use in high school were databases. I was actually
forced to use databases most of the time and I had to use the specific ones that they gave to us.
Now I have a lot more freedom to pick my sources and I would still depend on databases a lot.

 In class we talked about several sources that were good, bad, and just average. There were
some sources that you could use that may help but may not be one hundred percent reliable. I
think it is extremely important to learn to use reliable sources because depending on your job in
the future, using the wrong source could be dangerous. If someone was researching brain
cancer and worked for a famous university then people would believe a lot of what they would
say but if that person accidentally used the wrong source and put some crazy number down
such as one hundred percent of people having brain cancer then there could be chaos.

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