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					                                   Belfast & Me
  I had to leave the “Heriot-Watt” University on Saturday because it was booked up for
the “Bank” holiday. So was Glasgow, so I took a train to the small port city of Stranraer
in order to take the ferry to Belfast.
    Now is a good time to issue a varning; I do not recommend anyone
                           traveling the way that I do;
                           as will be explained below.
   Whilst on the ferry, I learned that there was no transportation from the
dock to the city of Belfast. However listening and asking questions to my
fellow passengers, I heard that there was one private buss going to a
particular hotel and that possibly I could buy passage. There was such a bus
and I did purchase a ticket from the driver. I don’t know what hotel to
which it was headed, but I assumed that it would be expensive. On the way
I spoke to the bus driver and asked him if he knew where the tourist office
was. “Yes”, he replied, “I am going past it”, “good” says eye, “could you
drop me off”? “Yes” he answered.
   Well the tourist office was just a few blocks away; however it was closed
because of the “Bank Holiday”! Now this is one of the times that I just want
to sit down and cry. No, no I never give up! The spot was right across from
the huge city hall whith a circus going on that had a “Ferris Wheel. (I never
had time to go there as I only spent one day in Belfast). So I made a right
and started to walk to what looked like it may have had hotels. I then made
a left next to a large building that was be remodeled. There was a man, well
dressed, standing in the doorway talking on his mobile phone. Okay, you
may think that the next step is stupid, however in my travels I have learned
to trust people and ask for help. “Hello, would you happen to know of any
medium priced hotels or where they may be”? He hesitated and mentioned,
to him self, some places. There was a taxi in front. He said, “I will inquire
whith the driver”, the driver of the cab was apparently a friend oh his. “Get
in the cab” instructed the driver, “I will only charge you four pounds”.
“Okay” said I, (oh- boy what have I gotten myself into), so off we go.
“Let’s try this one” said the driver, “it is one of the main ones that are
reasonable”. I inter the hotel and enquire a little too high, me thinks. We
tried another one, same thing. “Well” says the driver, I know one that
should be a little cheaper, (less expensive). Upon arrival, he says, “you stay
here in the cab because you are probably tired”. (All this time I am carrying,
towing my “suit case” along whith my travel bag, (quite heavy). He then
parks in the front goes into the hotel, leaving me and the keys, (in the
ignition), in the cab. He returns whith the information that one night, whith
breakfast is, (if I remember), 69 pounds, (over a hundred bucks of U.S.
paper). He then insisted on carrying my luggage into the hotel as, again, he
indicated that I was tired. (Maybe I did look tired, as I had been going
through a rather stressful time and I was 65. This is the first time that I have
printed my age because I am still looking for “Miss Right”, even though I
still love Lady No, 1 and she knows my age).
  I fear nothing, (except *lady No. 1), however, if it wasn’t for some “outside help”, I
feel that I, (in several cases), would not have “made it”!------
  Dis short story has nothing to do whith Belfast; except everything is relative:
  “I always make the mistake that all, (most), people know the basics, but; a very quick
explanation of the “Passover”. You see when mosses was demanding that the king
release his people, (the Jews); his “god” did bad things to the Egyptian people. One
event was that one person in every household would die on a certain night. However, to
prove that you were a Jew, you would paint “Lambs Blood” over your “portal”, (door).
So when the “Angel of dearth came through and seen the blood, “it” “Passed over” the
house! [By the way, ever think of how these people were killed]? You know on some of
my latest rips, I would visit different churches. Some of the great churches of Europe
were beautiful, (magnificently), paintings all over, walls and ceilings. “I would light
candles, (just in case that they work), for lady Number 1”. There were always three
things at these churches’. A lady holding a baby, a man nailed to a telegraph pole and
men whith swords, (sometimes killing people!).

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