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					       Tofu Facts
Tofu                               Types of Tofu                         Four ounces of tofu provides:
                                   Three main types of tofu are
Tofu, also known as soybean        available in American grocery                             Firm
curd, is a soft, cheese-like       stores. Firm tofu is dense and
food made by curdling fresh        solid. It holds up well in stir fry                 Calories – 120g
                                                                                        Protein – 13g
hot soy milk with a coagulant.     dishes, soups, on the grill, or
                                                                                     Carbohydrates – 3g
Traditionally, the curdling        anywhere you want tofu to                                Fat – 6g
agent used to make tofu is         maintain its shape. Firm tofu is                     Saturated – 1g
nigari – a compound found          higher in protein, fat, and                         Cholesterol – 0g
naturally in ocean water or        calcium than other forms of                          Sodium – 9mg
calcium sulfate. Curds can         tofu.                                                   Fiber – 1g
also be produced by acidic                                                            Calcium – 120mg
liquids such as lemon juice or     Soft tofu is a good choice for                         Iron – 8mg
vinegar. Normally, these           recipes that call for blended               % of calories from protein – 43
                                                                            % of calories from carbohydrates - 10
curds are then pressed into a      tofu or in Oriental soups.
                                                                                 % of calories from fat – 45
solid block.                       Silken tofu is made by a slightly
Tofu was first used in China       different process that produces                           Soft
around 200 B.C., but the           this creamy, custard-like
discovery of the process for       product. Silken tofu works well                      Calories – 86g
making tofu is lost to the         in pureed or blended dishes. In                       Protein – 9g
ages. According to Chinese         Japan, silken tofu is enjoyed as                   Carbohydrates - 2g
legend, the first batch of tofu    is, seasoned with soy sauce                              Fat - 5g
was created by accident. A         and topped with chopped                              Saturated – 1g
                                                                                       Cholesterol – 0g
Chinese cook used nigari to        scallions.
                                                                                        Sodium – 8mg
flavor a batch of pureed,          Tofu is rich in high-quality                            Fiber – 0g
cooked soybeans and the            protein. It is also a good source                   Calcium – 130mg
combination produced the           of B-vitamins and iron. When                           Iron – 7mg
curd we know today as tofu.        the curdling agent used to                  % of calories from protein – 39
Today, tofu is a dietary staple    make tofu is calcium salt, the            % of calories from carbohydrates – 9
throughout Asia. This delicate     tofu becomes an excellent                      % of calories from fat – 52
food is made fresh daily in        source of calcium. While 50%
thousands of small tofu shops      of the calories in tofu come                             Silken
to be sold on the street.          from fat, a 4-ounce serving of
                                                                                        Calories – 72g
In recipes, tofu acts like a       tofu contains just 6 grams of                        Protein – 9.6g
sponge. It has the miraculous      fat. It is low in saturated fat and              Carbohydrates - 3.2g
ability to soak up any flavor      contains no cholesterol.                                Fat – 2.4g
added to it. Crumble it into a     Generally, the softer the tofu,                      Saturated – 0g
pot of spicy sauce and it          the lower the fat content. Tofu                     Cholesterol – 0g
tastes like chili. Blend it with   is also very low in sodium,                         Sodium – 76mg
cocoa and sweetener and it         making it a perfect food for                            Fiber – 0g
becomes a double for               people on sodium restricted                         Calcium – 40mg
                                                                                          Iron – 1mg
chocolate cream pie filling.       diets. For low-fat diets, reduced
                                                                               % of calories from protein – 53
Cubes of firm tofu can be          fat or “lite” tofu is available.         % of calories from carbohydrates – 17
added to any casserole or                                                         % of calories from fat – 30
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Description: Tofu is a recognized nutritional food. Tofu cooking, not only the natural health and taste can be light can be concentrated. And tofu, "both food and medicine", with Qi, tonic, and many other functions, eat tofu can protect the liver, increase immunity, and there are detoxification, especially for spring health principles.