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Crispy Tofu Cake by jlhd32


Tofu is a recognized nutritional food. Tofu cooking, not only the natural health and taste can be light can be concentrated. And tofu, "both food and medicine", with Qi, tonic, and many other functions, eat tofu can protect the liver, increase immunity, and there are detoxification, especially for spring health principles.

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									                    Crispy Tofu Cake

Our crispy tofu cake is made in-house specially to capture the natural
taste and essence of tofu. With a closely guarded concoction of
beancurd and seaweed, the resultant crispy texture truly raises the
standards of meatless dining. 

Versatile in character, you won’t believe it’s tofu!

Mango Tofu Cake $12.80

Prepared with fresh Thai sweet and sour sauce

Tamarind Tofu Cake $13.80

Prepared in spicy tamarind sauce ladened with

lemongrass and fresh chilli

 Awakens your palate with a wide array of

 Southeast Asian spices

                                                                            Prices subject to 10% service charge

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