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									                                                                                              TAIWAN  CONTACT DETAILS

         Ms Zeny Huang
      International Manager
                                                                 K. C. DAT (TAIWAN) LTD. TAIPEI BRANCH
                                                                 3F, No. 170 Chung Shan N. Road, Sec. 2
                                                                 Taipei, Taiwan
                                                                 Tel      : (886-2) 2592 3899
                                                                 Fax      : (886-2) 2592 3155
                                                                 Email :info@asiantigers-taiwan.com
                                                                 Website : www.asiantigersgroup.com

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                                                                                        CUSTOMS INFORMATION

              •   Obscene or indecent materials (books and other publications)
              •   Articles and items originating from the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
              •   Items considered to be weapons (eg. hunting knives, air guns, toy guns, bows or firearms)
              •   Opium and poppy seeds, cannabis indica, cocaine and synthetic narcotics
              •   Soil, wild fauna & flora, dried flowers / animals from an infected area or animal hide
              •   Alcohol and intoxicating liquor
              •   Food items - such as rice , spices, soy sauce etc.

              1. If any prohibited items are imported without a legal permit they will be confiscated and the Taiwanese
                 government will indict a law suit against the shipper. Thereafter the shipper will be fined at least US$11,000.00
                 and imprisoned for at least 6 months.
              2. Used household goods must be shipped into Taiwan within 6 months of owner’s arrival. The owner should
                 be in Taiwan when the shipment arrives. The owner should complete the Declaration Form given to them
                 on board the Airline in transit to Taiwan, particularly item #15 under “Unaccompanied Baggage” to indicate
                 “Personal Household Effects”. This will avoid delay in processing of customs clearance.
              3. All wood packaging materials must be with ISPM stamped wood or fumigated. If Fumigated, need
                 fumigation certificate.
                 a) Passport copy - Photo and signature page
                 b) Copy of entry stamp inside the passport and the arrival card
                 c) Original signed customs entrusting letter (To be provided upon shipper’s arrival)
                 d) Copy of residence ID if holding of a Taiwanese passport
              5. Please declare on OBL/ AWB shipment as: “USED HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL
              6. AUTOMOBILES
                  Used automobiles may be imported into Taiwan with prearrangement for obtaining import permit issued by
                  Board of Foreign Trade before shipping to Taiwan. The car must be used more than one year and all relevant
                  documents must be under owner’s name. The car has to be using unleaded gasoline and only cars with Left
                  Hand Drive can be imported to Taiwan. The following documents are required to obtain an import permit.
                  a) Owner’s passport
                  b) Owner’s resident certificate
                  c) Working certificate issued by our Government / Ministry of Economic Affairs or the Overseas
                     Taiwanese Embassy
                  d) Original paperwork of the car
              7. PETS
                  The pets should have blood test and the result must be 180 Days thereafter before the pet can be imported
                  to Taiwan.
                  a) Photocopy of owner’s passport
                  b) Origin certificates of HEALTH & RABIES VACCINATION from government or state sponsored agency with
                      their seal. (Date on health certificate needs to be within 10 days of pet’s departure and date on rabies
                      vaccination needs to be over one month prior to pet’s departure)
                  c) Colour Photo of the animal - 6 copies 4” X 6”
                  d) Application form from the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine (issued by owner’s company
                      in Taiwan) To apply for an animal import permit to Taiwan, you will need to prepare the above documents
                      at least 14 days prior to arrival. Do not send pets here before obtaining the animal import permit.

                  Please show in the consignee block in OBL / AWB for every location in Taiwan as:
                  Shipper’s name (as in passport)
                  c/o K. C. Dat (Taiwan) Ltd - Taipei Branch
                  3F, No. 170 Chung Shan N. Road, Sec 2
                  Taipei, Taiwan
                  Tel: (886-2) 2592 3899
                  Fax: (886-2) 2592 3155

• Cambodia • China • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Japan • Laos • Malaysia • Philippines • Singapore • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam
                          DESTINATION RATES EFFECTIVE FROM JANUARY 01, 2011
              ORIGIN RATES
              Please request for details.

              DESTINATION RATES (In US Dollars Per 100 lbs Net Sea, Chargeable Air)
                  WEIGHT BRACKET (lbs)                                      P.O.E.: KEELUNG OR TAIPEI AIRPORT
                                                   Taipei / Keelung          Taichung / Miao Li         Kaohsiung /         Tainan / Heng Chun
                                                      / Hsin Chu                 / Changhua              Tso Ying                / Chia Yi

                    500     -  1,000                   35.00                      48.00                      53.00                 53.00
                  1,001     -  2,000                   34.00                      48.00                      53.00                 53.00
                  2,001     -  4,000                   33.00                      45.00                      49.00                 49.00
                  4,001     -  6,000                   30.00                      43.00                      47.00                 47.00
                  6,001     -  8,000                   26.00                      38.00                      43.00                 43.00
                  8,001     - 10,000                   24.00                      35.00                      39.00                 39.00
                 10,001         over                   22.00                      33.00                      37.00                 37.00

              P.O.E. Kaohsiung or Kaohsiung Airport
                     Due to complex customs clearance, shipments are not recommended to be imported to Kaohsiung Port / Airport.
                     All shipments via Kaohsiung Port as Port of Entry will be off-loaded into CFS Terminal Yard for inspection and will be
                     charged for CFS & customs terminal fee.
                     Please use LIFTVAN PACK for household goods if via port of Kaohsiung to reduce damaged and/or missing items.
                     If necessary to import shipment via Kaohsiung as port of entry, then destination rates are available upon request by
                     fax or email.

              DENSITY & MINIMUMS
              SEA            : Net volume if loose. LCL gross weight or gross volume whichever is greater minimum density 6.5 lbs/cft
              AIR            : Chargeable Weight or Gross Weight, whichever greater
              Minimum Weight : LCL - 1,000 lbs
                               20’ - 5,000 lbs           AIR -        1,000 lbs
                               40’ - 9,000 lbs

              SEA SHIPMENT
              THC for LCL Shipment                                    USD30/cbm gross
              THC for 20' / 40' FCL Shipment                          USD250/ USD350
              Customs Inspection fee                                  USD200/20’ ; USD250/40’
              Customs Clearance:                                      USD200/ Shipment
              Shuttle service fee                                     USD250/20’ ; USD300/40’
              Harbour construction fee                                USD50/LCL ; USD100/20’ & 40’
              Container Haulage (Only FCL Shipment)
              Keelung to Taipei Area:                                 US$ 300.00 / 20ft or 40ft Container
              Keelung to Taichung:                                    US$ 450.00 / 20ft or 40ft Container
              Keelung to Kaohsiung:                                   US$ 650.00 / 20ft or 40ft container
              Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung:                                 US$ 300.00 / 20ft or 40ft container
              Taichung to Taichung:                                   US$ 300.00 / 20ft or 40 ft container

              Document Handling Fee if via Consolidation Agent: US$ 50.00 / OBL
              AIR SHIPMENT
              Airlines Handling & Airport Terminal Charge: US$ 0.62 / kg. (based on chargeable weight per AWB)
              Customs Clearance: US$ 200 / Shipment
              Document Handling Fee if via Consolidation Agent: US$ 50.00 / AWB
              "Rate excludes - shuttle service fee, (all locations in taipei area need shuttle service due to
              small alley and lane.)"

              1) LCL Shipment: Keelung                                           a) Taichung for delivery to Taichung

              2) FCL Shipment                                                    b) Kaohsiung for delivery to Kaohsiung

• Cambodia • China • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Japan • Laos • Malaysia • Philippines • Singapore • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam
                          DESTINATION RATES EFFECTIVE FROM JANUARY 01, 2011
              RATES INCLUDE                                            RATES EXCLUDE
              • Delivery to single residence                           • Customs clearance, Import duties and taxes, Port storage
              • Normal Access                                            and demurrage, THC
              • Unloading, unpacking and placement of                  • Container haulage, customs inspection fee
                furniture                                              • Special heavy lifting or hoisting charges for pianos and/
              • Disposal of debris (plus one return trip)                or heavy items
                                                                       • Warehouse handling and storage if required
                                                                       • Document handling fee
                                                                       • 5% VAT chargeable to all services
                                                                       • Shuttle service fee (All locations in Taipei area need shuttle
                                                                         service due to small alley and lane).

• Cambodia • China • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Japan • Laos • Malaysia • Philippines • Singapore • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam

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