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									                                           How to Organize a
                                           Successful  Booth    at
                                           Edmonton Trade Shows

Edmonton Trade shows present a huge opportunity to businesses,
helping them build their brand, gain product exposure and generate
business. Besides this, participating in trade shows also keeps a
business in tune with industry trends, be alert to what the competition
is up to and cultivate contacts while connecting with new and existing

To make your participation in Edmonton Trade Shows effective, it is
important to ensure that your booth is organized properly for success.
Here are some tips you can implement right away:

     Begin by including trade show participation in your overall
      marketing plan since it involves attracting customers and staying
      with the process until the sale is closed.
     Create marketing materials that you can hand over to your visitors
      at the Edmonton Trade Show. Ensure that you clearly mention
      limited period offers to solicit quick action.
     Booth layout is a critical part of the planning as you need to make
      a strong impact, carry it to the venue and set it up easily. The
      booth must be an attention grabber with visuals that appeal.
     If you need power outlets, audiovisual equipment and a computer
      to make your presentation and other items, make sure you have
      them ready well in time.
     If there is more than one person participating in the Edmonton
      Trade show from your company, don’t leave anything to chance.
      Get your things together before packing, so that nothing is
     Dismantle your booth only after the trade show is declared
     When the Trade show is over, ensure that you follow up with
      qualified prospects right away since you will still be fresh on their
     Carry plenty of business cards, flyers, stationery, giveaways and so
      on with your business logo, since a majority of people visiting your
      booth will expect to take home a memento.
     Where feasible, organize gift certificates, discount vouchers and
      special offer coupons that visitors can redeem if they take action
      within a specified period.
     Organizing a contest and a prize draw is an attractive idea,
      preferably with a prize that relates o your business for the
      Edmonton Trade Show. Get your visitors to sign a guest book and
      request them for their business cards so that you can follow up
     Keep testimonials, product details, details of completed projects
      and other company information arranged in a binder that visitors
      can browse easily.

Your booth must be adequately staffed so that you can visit other
booths and have the time to interact with prospects. If it is an
international show, it is a good idea to have someone multi-lingual on

The most important thing about organizing a successful booth at an
Edmonton Trade show is to be amicable and welcome visitors,
interacting with them and being prepared with your presentation.
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