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					  Seattle Gay News        issue 48, Volume 38, november 26, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Dina Martina  Comedian delights,
            disturbs this season
                                                    by Shaun Knittel
                                                    SGN Associate Editor

                                                      She’s baaaaaack! Everyone’s favorite
                                                    Christmas turkey, Dina Martina, returns to
                                                    Re-bar, and I couldn’t be happier! Year af-
                                                    ter laugh-out-loud year, Dina Martina raises
                                                    the bar even higher with each holiday ex-
                                                    travaganza and 2010 promises to be her best
                                                    Christmas show yet!
                                                      I got the rare opportunity to interview Dina
                                                    just days before her November 26 opening
                                                    night at her home away from home – “Re-
                                                    bar’s place,” as she calls it. And if the hilari-
                                                    ous and outlandish way she answered even
                                                    the most serious of questions is any barom-
                                                    eter of just how ridiculously delicious The
                                                    Dina Martina Christmas Show is going to
                                                    be, then my advice is for you to hold on to
                                                    your seats, ladies and gentlemen, because
                                                    Dina is going to send us all on a rip-roaring
                                                    sleigh ride to happy land!
                                                      Dina, who just recently returned to Seattle,
                                                    the city she describes as “a real melting pot
                                                    of white people,” told me she is ready to pass
                                                    out jokes like ribbon candy.
                                                      “I’m a woman of the ‘90s with a ballpark
                                                    figure who loves to sing, dance, and act,”
                                                    Dina told Seattle Gay News. “You know
                                                    what they call that in show business? They

                                                                         see Martina page 11
                                                                                                        courtesy dina martina

                Dina Martina
                                                              speaks out       Gay icon releases new
                                                                               Christmas album and opens up about
                                                                               AIDS pandemic, Perez Hilton’s
                                                                               “vicious diatribes,” and her own
                                                                               sweet dreams for the world
                                                                       by Chris Azzopardi                              And so it is, as Lennox gets heated over
                                                                       SGN Contributing Writer                       issues dear to her heart: her opinion on the
                                                                                                                     current state of HIV/AIDS, feelings about
                                                                            Legendary status – earned through the bullying-prompted suicides, and why
                                                                         over three decades in the music busi- sexuality labels shouldn’t exist.
                                                                        ness – hasn’t changed Annie Len-
                                                                        nox.                                           Chris Azzopardi: Why release a
                                                                          Despite being a global superstar, Christmas album now, after all this time
                                                                       first making an impression as part of in the business?
                                                                       the Eurythmics in the ’80s before go-           Annie Lennox: It was just the optimum
                                                                      ing solo, she’s genuinely concerned moment. It’s something I’ve been longing
                                                                     about the human condition, as her tire- to do for many years, and when you do
                                                                    less work toward promoting HIV/AIDS anything in music it takes time. So every
                                                                   awareness – with her SING campaign, album that I’ve ever made has taken up
                                                                  established in 2007 – demonstrates. She’s most of the year that I’ve made it in. Then,
                                                                                          inspired the world finally, it came to the point where I was
                                                                                          through dialogue and out of contract and I was like, “What’s
                                                                                           travel and music, a my next step?” And then it just occurred
                                                                                            platform Lennox uses to me very obviously, “Ah, this is when
                                                                                            to fervently convey I do what I’ve wanted to do for years.”
                                                                                            her feelings on soci- [Laughs.] So it’s just perfect. It’s a labor
                                                                                             ety with her sterling of love, this whole thing.
                                                                                             voice.                    Azzopardi: It sounds like it, too, and
                                                                                                “ U n i v e r s a l it has some extra significance: Your 56th
                                                                                              Child,”        which birthday is on Christmas Day.
                                                                                              Lennox originally        Lennox: That is correct.
                                                                                               performed on Idol       Azzopardi: Did you ever get gypped
                                                                                               Gives Back earlier on gifts?
                                                                                                this year wearing      Lennox: When I was a kid, it was fine
                                                                                                a shirt that said – I used to get double, and I felt very good
                                                                                                 “HIV-Positive” about that. But I’m at a point where re-
                                                                                                 (even though she ceiving presents is not really the most im-
                                                                                                  isn’t), is yet an- portant thing to me. [Laughs.]
                                                                                                  other passionate     Azzopardi: Well, of course: You’re
                                                                                                   plea – this time, more about giving, right?
                                                                                                   to help heal the    Lennox: I prefer to. It’s very nice to get
                                                                                                    world. It takes a present, but I like to give. I do.
                                                                                                    on new life as     Azzopardi: I’m not surprised. How
                                                                                                    it rounds out does “Universal Child” fit on A Christmas
                                                                                                    Lennox’s new, Cornucopia?
                                                                                     first-ever holiday album,         Lennox: You know, it was a very inter-
                                                                     A Christmas Cornucopia, which also esting thing. Basically, Island Records, or
                                                                     includes traditional songs and uncon- Universal, who I’m signed to, just loved
                                                                      ventional carols. Its heart, however, is the song so much; they just kind of said,
                                                                        still intact.                                “You have got to put it on the album. We
                                                                          On the phone, as Lennox speaks to really, really want you to put it on the
                                                                      us from her Scotland home about the album.” So it was almost like their in-
                                                                     long-gestating collection, she’s com- sistence, because I wasn’t sure; I’d been
courtesy q syndiacte

                                                                   pletely grounded, initiating the conver- doing traditional Christmas carols [and
                                                                  sation by mocking how much time her thought], “I wonder if this fits in.” But
                                                                 people have given us: “This is your 15
                                                                minutes with Annie Lennox,” she opens
                                                               with a laugh.                                                            see lennox page 17

2                      Seattle Gay News   november 26, 2010                       Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!   november 26, 2010   Seattle Gay News   3
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4   Seattle Gay News   november 26, 2010   Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
Holiday albums hit the
                                                                                               anced number; “Gone to Shiloh,” a moving           her personality, but even with better-known
                                                                                               Civil War narrative, with Neil Young bring-        favorites like Frank Sinatra’s “All the Way”
                                                                                               ing an added ache; and quiet gospel closer         and Etta James’ “At Last,” she holds her
                                                                                               “In the Hands of Angels,” a song that Elton        own, reaching more for the song’s soul and

shelves alongside                                                                              lets his idol have at alone. It’s a testimony to
                                                                                               the brotherhood felt throughout, where both
                                                                                               artists extract each other’s individual best
                                                                                                                            and together, as
                                                                                                                                                  less for its vocal cartwheels. The soft-sound-
                                                                                                                                                  ing ease of it all could use more oomph, even
                                                                                                                                                  with the zing of “You Fascinate Me So,” and
                                                                                                                                                  is sometimes tediously muddied, but Con-

Elton and Liza                                                                                                                                     fessions is still a mature and dignified way
                                                                                                                                                   to keep Liza’s 60-year career rolling. Hell,
                                                                                                                                                   we’d put a ring on it.
by Chris Azzopardi                           for, you know, singing,                                                                                 Grade: B
SGN Contributing Writer                      but it’s the only real
                                             coal in this collection                                                                                ALso out
  MAriAh CArey                               – one sure to make the
  Merry ChristMas ii you                     yuletide Gayer.                                                                                         the superions,
  Sequels usually suck, but Mariah Carey’s     Grade: B                                                                                              Destination... ChristMas!
not going down with that sleigh on her clev-                                                                                                         Something weird’s to be expected from B-
erly titled offshoot to her Merry Christmas    eLton John                                                                                         52s’ Fred Schneider, whose side project with
behemoth. That 16-year-old album spawned       And Leon rus-                                                                                      two other musicians – known collectively
“All I Want for Christmas is You,” a mod- seLL                                                                                                    as the Superions – is one strange, creepy,
ern-day classic, whose new “Extra Festive”     the union                                                                                          horny, electro-fused spin. The perverted
version is, well, extra-noisy or something.    In his illustrious                                                                                 “Santa Je T’aime” answers the question,
More obviously, the diva’s “Auld Lang four-decade career,                                                                                         “Why did ol’ Saint Nick favor Rudolph?”
Syne” sounds ready to ring in the New Elton John’s done                                                                                           And other novelty songs are just as wacky.
Year on a Gay disco ball, as its slow pref- it all: cut classics,                                                                                 If Christmas got punk’d, this would be it.
ace surges into an arms-up thumper. Beats inspired genera-
percolate on first single “Oh Santa!” too, tions of performers                                                                                      KAthArine MCphee
with its old-school bounce and school-yard and been one of the                                                                                      ChristMas is the tiMe
chant, but this wouldn’t be a Mariah album                                                                                                          … (to say i love you)
without big, goopy ballads – and                                                                                                                    Back to basics, and out from the trendy
Merry Christmas II You is padded                                                                                                                  trench, is where the American Idol loser
with them: “One Child,” one of two                                                                                                                lands on her simple 10-tracker. The songs
new tracks produced by Hairspray                                                                             Elton smoothes out                   on her third album, mostly made of classic
composer Marc Shaiman, builds to                                                                             the ruggedness of Russell’s          carols, are structured to conjure pre-fad-
a belting climax; there’s also opera-                                                                        drawl, sound like each other’s       following McPhee, who sings her little heart
singer mom, Patricia Carey, on “O                                                                             yin and yang. Their Union           out and, with sole original “It’s Not Christ-
Come All Ye Faithful” and a live,                                                                             isn’t simply a great story of       mas Without You,” pulls at ours.
chill-propelling “O Holy Night.”                                                                               enduring friendship, but one
But part two is no classic, especially                                                                         of the best albums of the             the puppini sisters
with the awkward Michael Jackson-                                                                              year.                                 ChristMas with
borrowed “Here Comes Santa Claus                                                                                 Grade: A-                           the puppini sisters
(Right Down Santa Claus Lane).” The                                                                                                                  What did Christmas sound like in the ’40s?
spirit’s there, though – and that goes a                                                                            LizA MinneLLi                 Like the Puppini Sisters third disc, with 10
long way.                                                                                                            Confessions                  tracks as fresh as new snow. The British trio
  Grade: B-                                                                                                          Even Liza Minnelli knew      (who aren’t really sisters) rework them with
                                                                                                                  her decision to embarrass       a retro twist, jazzing up “Let It Snow! Let It
   indiGo GirLs                                                                                                    herself, and her legend-       Snow! Let It Snow!” and putting the breaks
   holly happy Days                                                                                                ary career, with a “Single     on 1980s Wham! hit “Last Christmas.” Even
   That the Indigo Girls recorded                                                                                  Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”     Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”
their first holiday album in Nash-                                                                                  remake earlier this year      is revived – in boogie-woogie style.
ville is only appropriate – they’ve                                                                                 was a bad move – she
never sounded this downright                                                                                         sounded grossly awful,         WiLson phiLLips
country. “I Feel the Christmas                                                                                   like she was hobbling to the       ChristMas in harMony
Spirit,” a bluegrass sing-along,                                                                                finish line. Instead of push-       If you held on for one more day, then pay-
is a toe-tappin’ good time. What                                                                                ing the idea of older-diva-       off’s finally here: Wilson Phillips, the all-
follows is similar in style but                                                                                 does-younger-diva through         girl group who ruled the early ’90s, are get-
stripped to their much-adored                                                                                  to this studio album, her          ting into the spirit with their first holiday LP.
acoustic sound: “It Really Is (A                                                                               first since 1996’s Gently, she     The title couldn’t be truer – harmonies are
Wonderful Life),” written by                                                                                  embraces every day of her           their thing, especially on songs like opener
Chely Wright, adds a jazz twist,                                                                              64 years of age with a classy       “I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day” –
while “I’ll Be Home for Christ-                                                                               covers collection that plays to     but the album’s as safe as giving a gift card.
mas” is simple and understated,                                                                              her strengths and avoids em-
intertwining Emily Saliers and                                                                               phasizing her weaknesses. Her          Lizz WriGht
Amy Ray’s voices like holi-                                                                                  voice – more jeans than span-          fellowship
day magic (Janis Ian, Brandi                                                                                dex these days – doesn’t go for         Lizz Wright’s got some voice – a supple,
Carlile and Mary Gauthier                                                                                   flash, but is understated and         rich contralto that, on her new “secular gos-
add harmonies to the album,                                                                                 expertly suited for the quiet in-     pel” offering, could trigger chills through
too). But what’s really spe-                                                                               timacy that producer and long-            non-believers. After submerging it into
cial about the refreshing Hol-                                                                             time collab-                              jazz and blues, Wright honors her Geor-
ly Happy Days (besides the                                                                                                                           gia roots with emotionally stirring results
cool packaging with lyrics of                                                                                                                         – impressing with the glorious “God
the three new tunes written                                                                                                                           Specializes,” Eric Clapton’s “Presence
on ornament cut-outs) has                                                                                                                             of the Lord” and “Amazing Grace,”
more to do with the duo’s                                                                                                                              made into a minimalistic mover. With
rarely recorded song selec-                                                                                                                            help from Sweet Honey in the Rock’s
tion. One of those, Beth                                                                                                                                Bernice Reagon, and daughter Toshi,
Nielsen Chapman’s “There’s Still My Joy,”       great-                                                                                                  Wright’s fourth album is a transcen-
is stunningly bittersweet – just how we like    est Gay icons ever. For so                                                                              dent journey of life, spirituality and
our Girls.                                      long, though, the legend’s                                                                               deeply felt feeling.
   Grade: B+                                    admiration for Leon Rus-
                                                sell, a roots-country crooner,                                                                             shonteLLe
   Glee: the MusiC                              went untouched – until now,                                                                                 no Gravity
   the ChristMas albuM                          as the two marry their musi-                                                                                 Whoever Shontelle is seems ir-
   Before Glee conquers the world (because      cal geniuses into a masterfully                                                                           relevant on much of her sophomore
it will), it’s conquering Christmas – the Gay   written, produced (cut live by                                                                             set, where she’s a pop singer left to
way, with a dude duo doing “Baby, It’s Cold     tunesmith T Bone Burnett, no                                                                               imitate rather than initiate. Rihanna
Outside” together (aw, cute!). On the holi-     less) and performed duets LP.                                                                               comparisons – especially on the
day-themed release from the cast of TV’s        Trademark Elton sneaks in on                                                                                dancefloor punch of “Take Ova”
biggest, Queerest drug, Kurt (Chris Colfer)     the boisterous kiss-off “Monkey                                                                              – are inevitable, but the Barbadian
and possible-new-loverboy Blaine (Darren        Suit,” heartfelt ballad “The Best                                                                            23-year-old’s also doing her best
Criss) charm in a refreshingly Gay take on      Part of the Day” and snarling, pi-                                                                            Estelle impression on “DJ Made
the classic. Otherwise, Glee plugs carols       ano-licked “Hey Ahab,” perhaps                                                                                Me Do It.” Even then, and even
into the show’s formula for frothy bounc-       due in part to longtime co-writer                                                                             with a talented production team,
ers and over-the-top ballads: a jazzy, dance-   Bernie Taupin’s contributions. But                                                 orator         she can’t find a way to make it her own.
made “Jingle Bells”; pop fave “Last Christ-     the Rocket Man is still far removed                          Bruce Roberts is fetching. The       Shontelle sounds mostly outdated, cheap
mas” and a soaring “O Holy Night,” sung         from his signature classic-rock d a y s ,      14 standards are scaled back, never giving         and lyrically shallow, but the lead single,
by pipe queen Lea Michele (duh). Even the       falling closer in line with Russell’s ’70s     Liza’s now-husky alto more than it can han-        “Impossible,” shows she may still have a
show’s knack for mash-ups gets play on          Americana records. On The Union, craft         dle – no orchestras, no showstoppers – with        shot at defying Gravity.
this disc with “Deck the Rooftop,” a groovy     ranks over mainstream consumption, and it      its jazzy, dinner party arrangements. “Con-
romp. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” is        pays off remarkably with the sarcastic lead    fession,” originally from The Band Wagon     Reach Chris Azzopardi at chris@prides-
an odd fit, especially since Glee is known      single “If It Wasn’t for Bad,” a jaunty, nu-   and opening the set, perfectly complements

Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!                                                                      november 26, 2010                                    Seattle Gay News             5
6   Seattle Gay News   november 26, 2010   Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
Seattle favorite Anne Allgood
sings with holiday cheer in
by Eric Andrews-Katz
SGN Contributing Writer

  a ChristMas story:
  the MusiCal!
  5th Avenue theAtre
  noveMBer 26 – deCeMBer 30
  Anne Allgood is a familiar face to the
Seattle theater scene. Even before moving
to the Pacific Northwest, Ms. Allgood had
graced the Seattle stage in national tour-
ing companies. Last seen at the 5th Avenue
Theatre’s highly acclaimed production of       dide?
Candide, Ms. Allgood stole every scene she       Allgood: She was
was in as The Old Woman, the lady with one     fun! I had done a produc-
buttock. The Seattle Gay News interviewed      tion of Candide before,
this talented and versatile actress, currently and was in the chorus.
appearing as Mother in the premier produc-     The thing I figured out was
tion of A Christmas Story: The Musical!        that nothing ever surprised                                                                                    A Christmas Story marathon, so
                                               her. She’d seen it all, and so if                                                                        we got to watch it.
  eric Andrews-Katz: What was it that got something shocking happened, she’d be like, edies of life, and the rich banquet it offers.               Andrews-Katz: When you heard the film
you interested in musical theater?             “Oh, great.” I wanted to use an accent that           Andrews-Katz: You’ve performed in a         was being made into a musical, what was
  Anne Allgood: I come from a musical was Slavic and give an Old World European wide range of musicals from Candide and                          your reaction?
family. My grandmother was the church or- feel. David Armstrong suggested a Yiddish Sunday in                        the Park with George          Allgood: I thought, ‘What a fantastic
ganist in her town and taught piano, so pia- a c c e n t                                                             to Urinetown. Do you        idea! Why haven’t they done it before!’

                                                                                                                   curt douGHt
no lessons were a given                                                                                               prefer the classical       Then I heard the music and thought, “Oh my
in my family. I first sang                                                                                            musicals or the more       gosh! This is fantastic!” It was a great match
in church when I was 4.                                                                                               modern?                    – the music and songs are really a wonderful
I did a play in the 7th                                                                                                   Allgood: I don’t       pastiche of the ‘40s, and yet they have this

grade (not a musical),                                                                                                want to paint with a       modern synchronization, a jazzy, splashy
but I was always a show-                                                                                               broad brush, but just     part that gives it a contemporary sound.
off kind of kid and made                                                                                               because of where I          Andrews-Katz: What is your favorite
my neighbors friends                                                                                                   am with my train-         part about playing Mother in A Christmas
dress up and perform.                                                                                                  ing, I tend to prefer     Story?
  Andrews-Katz: After                                                                                                   the classical musi-        Allgood: That’s a hard one, too. I love the
performing several times                                                                                                cal in general (and      family. I love the fact that John Bolton is my
on Broadway, how did                                                                                                     this is a sweeping      husband (I have a showbiz crush). I love that
you end up in Seattle?                                                                                                   generalization).        the mother just never stops trying to have
  Allgood: Usually I                                                                                                     Composers before        some calm in her home and her life. On one
need a couple of hours                                                                                                    the era of elec-       hand she is the calm heart of the home, and
and a bottle of wine for                                                                                                  tronic music tend-     on the other hand she’s as wacky as the rest.
that story! I wanted a bet-                                                                                               ed to write more       They holler and don’t listen well, but they
ter quality of life. I wanted                                                                                              for singers that      love each other.
personal balance. I was                                                                                                    don’t need mi-          Andrews-Katz: What is it about A Christ-
getting known as a really                                                                                                  crophones. I like     mas Story that you think the audience will
good understudy in New                                                                                                      using my body        connect with the most?
York, and never got to audi-                                                                                                as an instrument,      Allgood: The appeal of the story is not
tion for non-musical roles.                                                                                                 but the more         that it’s from the past, but that we are reliv-
That was frustrating. I was                                                                                                 modern shows         ing and watching it now. All the characters
really attracted to the Se-                                                                                                  are written for     in the play are freaking out that it’s going to
attle theater vibe. I had been                                                                                               mics. Some of       be Christmastime. They are counting down
on tour with a show at the                                                                                                   the modern mu-      the minutes and everyone is thinking, “How
Civic Opera and I thought, “I                                                                                                sicals are really   am I going to get everything done?” and be-
could live here.”                                                                                                             funny, though.     ing panicky. But they love Christmastime
  Andrews-Katz: What was                                                                                                      I loved doing      with all the wrapping, and cookies, and all
your first production with the                                                                                                Urinetown.         the aspects. I think the audience will have
5th Avenue Theatre?                                                                                                              Andrews-        a blast with seeing something that most of
  Allgood: The first thing I                                                                                                   Katz: When        them have seen, but in a different form. It’s
did was Beauty and the Beast                                                                                                   was the first     not like the movie; it’s something different.
on tour. I was living in New                                                                                                   time you saw
York and it was during the big                                                                                                 the movie A         Before settling in Seattle, Ms. Allgood
musicians’ strike. Since we                                                                                                     Christmas        lived and performed in New York. Her
                                                                                                          e Hallum,
didn’t do shows for a week or                                          John Bolton, an
                                                                                        ne allgood, Clark                       Story?           Broadway career includes The Most Happy
                                                             top left)
two, we just hung out. I ended              (Clockwise from            s in A Ch ristmas Story: Th
                                                                                                   e Musical!                     Allgood: I     Fella (1992) and Carousel (1994). She’s
                                                   and Matthew lewi                                                    didn’t see it until I
up spending three months here                                                                                                                    performed with Audra McDonald and Mi-
and I got to know the city bet-                                           because of her Old was an adult. I was on tour with Beauty and         chael Berresse, among other Tony Award-
ter.                                           World sense. It basically became a Polish/ the Beast [in 1996] and I met my family for            winners. Her performances in Seattle in-
  Andrews-Katz: How did you develop Jewish accent with a touch of Norwegian. a skiing trip. We got snowed in and were                            clude The Women, Das Barbecü, and Can-
your character, The Old Woman, from Can- She embraces the absurdity, joys, and trag- stuck in a hotel in Reno. They were playing                 dide, among many other fine performances.

Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!                                                                      november 26, 2010                                   Seattle Gay News           7
    Holiday EVENTS
                                                                                                     piKe pLACe MArKet                                 bers from the 5th Avenue Theatre’s produc-
                                                                                                                                                       tion of The Christmas Story: The Musical!
                                                                                                     “Magic in the Market”                             6-7:15pm, caroling competition – vote for
                                                                                                     11/27, 1-5pm. Pike Place Market, 1st Ave          your favorite team. 7:15-7:30pm, Seahawks
                                                                                                   & Pike St, becomes a winter wonderland              Blue Thunder Drumline. 7:30-8:30pm,
       Compiled by Nick Ardizzone        “Winter Festival”                                         when the Market’s 20-foot holiday tree and          mainstage show & awards presentation. All
       SGN Staff Writer                  12/4 & 12/5, 10am-5pm. This is the neigh-                 thousands of lights on the Market’s buildings       donations benefit the Pike Market Senior
                                       borhood’s biggest holiday event! The Winter                 are turned on at 5pm. Starting at 1pm, Santa        Center and Downtown Food Bank. www.
         Arts & CrAFts                 Festival features two buildings filled with                 poses by the Market’s vintage farmtruck un-
                                       120 high quality, juried crafts booths, live                der the Market clock. Bring your camera and
         “Arboretum Foundation’s       entertainment on two stages, a quilt raffle,                take a family photo! The Dickens Carolers             FreMont Lenin LiGhtinG
         Gifts & Greens Galore sale”   a huge bake sale and lunch items. Phinney                   roam the market, singing traditional holiday
         12/11 and 12/12 10am-2pm. Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney                                                                                “Fremont Lenin Lighting
       Along with a great selection of Ave N, Se-                                                                                                        and Fremont Art Walk”

                                                                                                                                       david fosb
       fresh-cut greens, wreaths                                                                                                                         12/3, 5pm-9pm. Celebrate the lighting of
       and swags, the Arbore-                                                                                                                          Fremont’s Lenin statue at Red Triangle, Ev-
       tum Gift Shop will be                                                                                                                           anston Ave N & N 36th St. Santa arrives in

       offering an expanded                                                                                                                            Fremont, free Peet’s coffee and tea, Mighty-
       selection of gifts, plus                                                                                                                        O Donuts, and live bluegrass music by Rab-
       gift wrapping, seasonal                                                                                                                         bit Stew String Band. Grab your friends,
       refreshments, live music                                                                                                                        family, and neighbors and check out our fes-
       and more! Washington                                                                                                                            tive annual event! Fremont First Friday Art
       Park Arboretum’s Graham                                                                                                                         Walk runs from 6-9pm.
       Visitors Center, 2300 Ar-
       boretum Drive E, Seattle.                                                                                                                         Green LAKe
       206-325-4510; www.arbo-                                                                                                                           pAthWAy oF LiGht To
       donate fresh cut greens for                                                                                                                       “Green Lake pathway of Lights”
       the sale, visit the Arboretum                                                                                                                     12/11, 4:30-7:30pm. Join thousands of
       Foundation website for de-                                                                                                                      families, friends, and neighbors in this be-
       tails.                                                                                                                                          loved Seattle tradition and travel the 2.8
                                                                                                                                                       mile path around the lake, taking in the
         “Bastyr holiday Bazaar”                                                                                                                       warm glow of the luminaria. People are en-
         Looking to get all of your                                                                                                                    couraged to bring their own lights and can-
       holiday shopping done in                                                                                                                        dles to add to the ambiance. Local musicians
       one place? Come to Bastyr                                                                                                                       will perform at four sites around the lake:
       University’s annual Holiday                                                                                                                     the Green Lake Community Center on the
       Bazaar craft fair from 11 a.m.                                                                                                                  east side, the Green Lake Small Craft Cen-
       to 4 p.m. on 12/1 at the Bastyr                                                                                                                                          ter (the Aqua The-
       University Campus (14500                                                                    Market
                                                                                                                                                                                   ater) on the south
       Juanita Drive N.E., Kenmore).                                              Seattle Public                                                                                   side, the Bathhouse

                                                                                                                                                                             rod mar/sea
       Participating vendors will sell                                                                                                                                            Theater (Seattle
       such items as paper-bead jew-                                                                                                                                              Public Theatre) on
       elry handcrafted in Uganda,                     attle. Admission is $2 for PNA                                                                                             the north side, and

       locally crafted bead and silver         members, $4 for nonmembers, plus                                                                                                   The Arch on the

                                                                                                                                                                           le times
       jewelry, embroidered towels, lo-        a can of food for local food banks.                                                                                               east of side of the
       cally produced honey, quilted           Children 12 & under free. See web-                                                                                                community center/
       jackets, flower essences, shawls        site for list of artists & entertainment                                                                                          pool. Warm drinks
       and wraps, organic skincare, pho-       schedule. 206-783-2244; www.                                                                                                     and treats will be
       tographic art, magic tricks, and                                                                                                                available at those lo-
       much more. Bastyr’s whole foods                                                                                                                                          cations, as will dona-
       cafeteria will be open during this        GinGerBreAd viLLAGe                                                                                                           tion bins for non-per-
       time as well. A portion of the pro-                                                                                                                                     ishable food items for
       ceeds from this event go toward            “Gingerbread homes                                                                                                          Northwest Harvest.
       funding scholarships for Bastyr            for the holidays”                                                                                                           Admission is free.
       University students. Vendors in-           Sheraton Seattle Hotel, 6th Ave                                                                                   
       terested in hosting a table at this     & Pike St, presents their 18th An-                                                                                  
       event, contact crafts@bastyr.           nual Gingerbread Village, a ben-                                                                                              green-lake-pathway-
       edu.        efit for the Northwest Chapter of                                                                                             of-lights-is-decem-
       news.asp?NewsID=2150.                   Juvenile Diabetes Research Foun-                                                                                              ber-11/
                                               dation. Seattle’s top architectural
         “pratt holiday Art sale               firms will team up with Sheraton                                                                                                          seAttLe
         & opening night parties”              Seattle’s culinary staff to design,                                                                                                       Center
         Don’t miss this chance to find        bake and build elaborate gin-                                                                                                             WinterFest
       unique holiday gifts for all of your    gerbread displays and holiday
       friends and family. Featuring the       creations reflecting this year’s                                                                                         “seattle Center
       works of local artists in glass, jew-   theme. The display is free and                                                                                          Winterfest”
       elry, painting and sculpture, you       open to the public. Donations                                                                                           11/26-12/31. Connect
       are sure to find something for ev-      will be accepted. These gin-                                                                                         to the sights, sounds and
       eryone on your list! 12/1 Opening       gerbread houses are a delight                                                                                        spirit of the season at Se-
       Night Party, 6-9pm - $50; 12/2-         to look at! On display through                                                                                       attle Center Winterfest
       12/11 Holiday Sale, 10am-7pm            1/2.                                                                                                                presented by KOMO 4
       - free admission. 155 S Main St.                                                                                                                            TV: five weeks of FREE                             MACy’s hoLidAy                             the Great Figg
                                                                                                           y Pudding Stre                                          and affordable fun-filled
                                                 pArAde &                                                                 et Corner Caro
                                                                                                                                         ling Contest              activities and entertain-
          “south park Arts sixth                 stAr LiGhtinG With                                                                                                ment. Visit Center House
          Annual Art under $100 sale”            WestLAKe tree                                 tunes dressed                                                      – displaying its winter fin-
          12/4, 4-10pm. South Park’s             LiGhtinG                                      in beautiful Victorian attire. From 4-5pm, e s t                   – or explore the enchanting
       Old Fire Station, 8201 10th Ave.          CereMony                                      enjoy a holiday concert of classical music Winter Train and Village. The Ice Rink re-
       S. South Park artists will knock                                                        from the Seattle Chamber Brass Quintet on turns, along with music and comedy, jazz
       your socks off with original, edgy        Macy’s holiday parade &                       the stage set up near the Market clock.          and dance, cultural celebrations, ice sculpt-
       works not seen at a typical holiday       star Lighting”                                                                                 ing, fireside singing, student showcases and
       sale. What’s more, everything is          11/26, 8:45am parade, 5pm star lighting         GreAt FiGGy puddinG                            more. Seattle Center Winterfest is part of
       affordable, with nothing priced         and fireworks program, weather permitting,        street Corner                                  Holidays in the City, and is sponsored by the
       over $100. The event will show-         with tree lighting ceremony at Downtown           CAroLinG Contest XXiii                         City of Seattle, Seattle Center Foundation,
       case a diverse array of art includ-     Macy’s and Westlake Center, 4th Ave & Pine                                                       Seattle Weekly and KOMO 4 TV. With ex-
       ing painting, sculpture, neon, jew-     St. Considered Seattle’s official kick-off for    “the Great Figgy pudding                       tended dates for the Winterfest Ice Rink and
       elry, clothing, photography, glass,     the holiday season, The Macy’s Holiday            Caroling Competition”                          Classic Carousel from through 1/2. Visit
       letterpress, and more. FREE entry;      Parade will feature some 20 balloon floats        12/3, 5-8:30pm. It’s Seattle’s most heart- for com-
       art raffle every 30 minutes - raffle    and inflatables, local high school marching warming holiday tradition, attracting nearly plete details and schedule.
       tickets at $2 each or 3 for $5; en-     bands, 500 costumed characters, and com- 10,000 people every year. Immerse yourself
       joy an ever-changing atmospheric        munity drill teams. It concludes with San- in the holiday spirit as 40+ caroling teams             MusiC
       sound-scape throughout the event;       ta’s arrival at Macy’s on a balloon float un- sing their hearts out on downtown Seattle
       sip wine, feast on appetizers, enjoy    der a festive confetti snowstorm. Later that street corners in and around Westlake Cen-            november 27
       holiday shopping. All proceeds          day, the star lighting and fireworks program ter, 4th Ave & Pine St, on the sidewalks
       benefit South Park Art. www.            presented in concert with the Westlake Tree along Pine St between 3rd Ave & 7th Ave,               “Bach and Friends”                      Lighting Ceremony will cap a day of holi- and along 5th Ave near Pine St. 5-6pm,                   Four members of the Seattle Baroque Or-
                                               day festivities and Black Friday shopping pre-Figgy entertainment at the Figgy Main chestra will present an intimate program that
                                               events.                                         Stage by Captain Babypants and cast mem-

8   Seattle Gay News                           november 26, 2010                                                     Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
celebrates the musical camaraderie between      December 4                                        from 1930 features the Chorus with a cham-          “Medieval Women’s Choir’s
J. S. Bach and his favorite contemporaries.                                                       ber ensemble of woodwinds, soloists, and            noel, noel”
Ingrid Matthews (violin), Byron Schen-          “A Cathedral Christmas:                           four-hand piano. Three outstanding soloists         Medieval music that enriched
kman (harpsichord), Nathan Whittaker            through a Child’s eyes”                           join: soprano Christina Kowalski, mezzo-          Christmas celebrations at the
(cello), Jason Fisher (viola). 11/27, 8pm, at   The Seattle Choral Company’s 29th sea-            soprano Kathryn Weld, and tenor Stephen           magnificent cathedral of Notre
Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave. Tickets $40, $35 son begins with the third annual “A Cathe-              Rumph. Other pieces on the program retell         Dame in Paris can now be heard
seniors, $25 side sections, $15 under 25. dral Christmas.” The concert theme this                 the story in the voice of composers from          in Seattle’s beloved Saint James                      year is “Through a Child’s Eyes,” and is            many ages. Music of Michael Praetorius,           Cathedral (804 9th Ave.) 12/11 at
                                              geared toward the young and the young at            Gustav Holst, Benjamin Britten, and Moses         8pm. Notre Dame is known as the
   “Christmas in england:                     heart. The renowned Seattle Girls Choir will        Hogan are included, as well as another audi-      birthplace of Western Polyphony,
   A Ceremony of Carols”                      appear with us in John Rutter’s “Mass of the                   ence favorite – the carol sing-        a sumptuous new sound intro-
   Back by popular demand, the Renaissance Children” along                                                   along. 12/4 7:30pm at Phinney          duced by French composers Le-
Singers will kick off the Christmas                                                                          Ridge Lutheran Church (7500            onin and Perotin. The cathedral
season with their annual                                                                                      Greenwood Ave. N.) and 12/5           square would also have been alive
Christmas program in the                                                                                      3pm at Plymouth Congrega-             with dancers and carolers sing-
intimate acoustical set-                                                                                      tional Church (1218 6th Ave-          ing popular songs of the season,
ting of Trinity Episcopal                                                                                     nue). www.northwestchamber-           such as the foot-tapping “Noel
Church (609 8th Ave.) on                                                                                                       nouvelet.” Baritone David Stutz
11/27 at 7:30pm and 11/28                                                                                                                           performs some of Perotin’s most
at 3pm. The program will                                                                                          December 5                        beautiful solo songs, as well as a
feature various types of                                                                                                                            Cantiga set in Clairvaux, the Bur-
English Christmas carols                                                                                          “holiday Glee”                    gundian monastery made famous
and motets, including music                                                                                        Seattle Men’s Chorus Holi-       by its brilliant founder, Bernard
by John Rutter and selec-                                                                                        day Concert. 12/5 at 7:30pm.       of Clairvaux. Tickets $22, $17
tions from Benjamin Brit-                                                                                        (See 11/27 listing for details.)   seniors, $13 for those under 25.
ten’s A Ceremony of Carols.                                                                                      Benaroya Hall, 3rd Ave & 
Suggested donation $17, stu-                                                                                      University St. Tickets: $25-
dents and seniors $12. www.                                                                                       $65. 206-388-1400; www.             “seattle Mandolin                                                                                                  orchestra’s
                                                                                                                                                      Annual holiday Concert”
  “holiday Glee”                                                                                                     “handel’s Messiah”               12/11, 2-3pm. Ballard Branch,
  Seattle Men’s Chorus                                                                                                Presented by Orchestra        Seattle Public Library (5614 22nd
Holiday Concert - 11/27 at                                                                                         Seattle & Seattle Chamber        Ave. NW), Seattle. Greetings! It’s
8pm with special guest Kelli                                                                                       Singers. 12/5 at 3pm. First      time for the Seattle Mandolin Or-
O’Hara at the 11/27 & 11/28                                                                                         Free Methodist Church,          chestra’s annual FREE holiday
concerts only. Gleeks and non-                                                                                      3200 3rd Ave. W. Tickets:       concert at the Ballard branch of
Gleeks alike will flock to Ben-                                                                                     $20 general; $18 senior;        the Seattle Public Library. The
aroya Hall for SMC’s homage                                                                                          $10-student; FREE-youth        library’s performance space is
to Glee. The show’s unofficial                                                                                       (7-17 with accompanying        one of our favorite places to play.
anthem, “Don’t Stop Believin’,”                                                                             adult). 1-800-838-3006; www.os-         We’ll present Christmas and Ha-
has been re-worked as a parody,                                                                                      ; www.        nukkah favorites from here at
with holiday-themed lyrics. In- dividual                                                                                                            home and around the world. We
Chorus members will represent several of                                                                                                                     may even invite the au-
the main characters. Benaroya Hall, 3rd                                                                                                                      dience to sing along on a
Ave & University St. Tickets: $25-$65.                                                                                                                      few selections. Bring the
206-388-1400;                                                                                                                          kids! We look forward to
                                                                                                                                                           seeing you there.
  november 28                                                                                                                                    

  “Christmas in england:                                                                                                                                    December 12
  A Ceremony of Carols”
  (See 11/27 listing for details.) 11/28 at                                                                                                                “holiday Glee”
3pm. Trinity Episcopal Church (609 8th                                                                                                                    Seattle Men’s Chorus Holi-
Ave.). Suggested donation $17, students                                                                                                                 day Concert. 12/12 at 7:30
and seniors $12. www.therenaissanc-                                                                                                                    pm. (See 11/27 listing for                                                                                                                                          details.) Benaroya Hall, 3rd
                                                                                                                                                      Ave & University St. Tickets:
  “holiday Glee”                                                                                                                                      $25-$65. 206-388-1400; www.
  Seattle Men’s Chorus Holiday Con-                                                                                                        
cert - 11/28 at 2pm, with special guest
Kelli O’Hara at the 11/27 & 11/28                                                                                                                       “Joy!”
concerts only. (See 11/27 listing for details.)                                                                                                        Join the Rainbow City Band for
Benaroya Hall, 3rd Ave & University St. with soloists Jen-                                                                                          a holiday celebration the whole
Tickets: $25-$65. 206-388-1400; nifer Ceresa and Jason Brittsan. Eric                                                                      family will enjoy, as they lift spir-                                   Whitacre’s evocative snowscape, “Winter,”         brown-                                            its and make merry with the clas-
                                                will be performed for the first time in Seattle                                 sics from your childhood and new
  December 3                                    with guest sitar soloist, Josh Feinberg. Pre-                                                       music sure to delight at 12/12 at
                                                sented this year at Bastyr University Chapel        “northwest Chamber                              3pm at the Edmonds Center for
  “Claudio Monteverdi:                          (14500 Juanita Drive, Kenmore) on 12/4 at           Chorus: Laud to the nativity” -                 the Arts (410 4th Ave. N., Ed-
  1610 vespers”                                 2pm, and at Saint Mark’s Cathedral (1245            12/5 at 3pm. (See 12/4 listing for full de-     monds). There’ll be something
  In celebration of the 400th anniversary 10th Ave. E.) on 12/10 and 12/11 at 8pm,                tails.) Plymouth Congregational Church            for everyone as they fill ECA with
of Monteverdi’s immortal masterpiece, and on 12/11 at 2pm. The 12/11 matinee is a                 (1218 6th Avenue). www.northwestcham-             such timeless works as Leroy An-
Early Music Guild and Seattle Baroque Family Concert especially for families with                                           derson’s “A Christmas Festival,”
Orchestra will present Seattle’s first period children. At the 12/11 matinee performance,                                                           and energize the hall with the
performance of the “1610 Vespers” in over each ticket for a child 5 to 12 will be free              December 10                                     contemporary sounds of Man-
30 years. Presented in partnership with St. when purchased with a general admission                                                                 nheim Steamroller. At the heart
James Cathedral, Stephen Stubbs directs ticket. These tickets must be purchased in                  “A Cathedral Christmas:                         of the holiday concert will be a
Pacific Musicworks, an all-star ensemble advance. Tickets $27, $22 seniors, $12 un-                 through a Child’s eyes”                         brand-new piece for the band sure
of vocal soloists and instrumentalists, with der 25, $2 off all tickets purchased in ad-            12/10 at 8pm. (See 12/4 listing for details.)   to make your heart sing, “Today’s
special guests, Europe’s premiere cornett vance.                     Saint Mark’s Cathedral (1245 10th Ave. E.).       the Gift,” a celebration of the life
and sackbut ensemble, Concerto Palatino.                                                          Tickets $27, $22 seniors, $12 under 25, $2        and work of Rosa Parks. Tickets
The vocal soloists for this performance           “Claudio Monteverdi: 1610 vespers” -            off all tickets purchased in advance. www.        $10-$25.
include sopranos Terri Richter and Yulia 12/4 at 8pm. (See 12/3 listing for details.)   
Van Doren and tenors Ross Hauck and Ja- Saint James Cathedral (804 9th Ave.). Tick-                                                                   December 18
son McStoots. 12/3 and 12/4 at 8pm. Saint ets $40, $35 seniors, $25 side sections, $15              December 11
James Cathedral (804 9th Ave.). Tickets youth under 25.                                                                       “Christmas With
$40, $35 seniors, $25 side sections, $15                                                            “A Cathedral Christmas:                            seattle pro Musica”
youth under 25.          “holiday Glee”                                    through a Child’s eyes”                            Enjoy traditional carols, holi-
                                                  Seattle Men’s Chorus Holiday Concert -            12/11 at 2pm and 8pm. (See 12/4 listing         day favorites, and an audience
  “holiday Glee”                                in Everett. 12/4 at 8pm. (See 11/27 listing       for details.) Saint Mark’s Cathedral (1245        sing-along for children and fami-
  Seattle Men’s Chorus Holiday Concert - for details.) Everett Civic Auditorium, 2415             10th Ave. E.). The 12/11 matinee is a Fam-        lies in this one-hour performance.
in tacoma. 12/3 at 8pm. (See 11/27 listing Colby, Everett. Tickets: $18-$38. 206-388-             ily Concert especially for families with chil-    Bring the whole family! 12/18
for details.) Pantages Theatre, 901 Broad- 1400;                              dren. At the 12/11 matinee performance,           at 3pm. Phinney Ridge Lutheran
way, Tacoma. Tickets: $39 & $52. 253-591-                                                         each ticket for a child 5 to 12 will be free      Church (7500 Greenwood Ave.
5894; 800-291-7593; www.broadwaycen-              “northwest Chamber Chorus:                      when purchased with a general admission           N.). http://www.seattlepromusi-                                          Laud to the nativity”                           ticket. These tickets must be purchased in
                                                  This Christmas season, Northwest Cham-          advance. Tickets $27, $22 seniors, $12 un-
                                                ber Chorus presents the radiant “Laud to the      der 25, $2 off all tickets purchased in ad-           see HoliDay CalenDar
                                                Nativity” by Ottorino Respighi. This cantata      vance.                                  page 14

Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!                                                                        november 26, 2010                                    Seattle Gay News      9
Music makes a
                                                                                               Man),” but it actually works, Carrie Under-      son. The Take That alum, a superstar in his
                                                                                               wood gets the coveted opportunity to sing        native England and several European coun-
                                                                                               “You’re Lookin’ at Country,” and Lynn her-       tries, releases a greatest hits package span-
                                                                                               self collaborates with Miranda Lambert and       ning his 20-year career. In total, 39 tracks

hip holiday gift                                                                               Sheryl Crow on the title number.

                                                                                                 Greatest far!
                                                                                                                                                are offered to fans on three discs, including a
                                                                                                                                                brand new single titled “Shame” co-written
                                                                                                                                                by another UK hotshot Gary Barlow, plus a
                                                                                                                                                grouping of B-sides and rarities, all bound
by Albert Rodriguez                            blues-tinged ballad “I Should Have Sent           If anyone has the right to put out a great- in a 20-page book package.
SGN A&E Writer                                 Roses.”                                         est hits CD, it’s Pink. The pop singer has
                                                                                               produced smash single after smash single            love Me baCk
   Let them buy their own sweaters. Instead,   siGh no More                                    in her 10-year run, including “There You            JAzMine suLLivAn
fill their stockings and entertainment shelves MuMFord & sons                                  Go,” “Get the Party Started,” “Just Like a          She’s back, and thank goodness! R&B
with new CDs, DVDs, and books this holi-       If there is such a thing, UK hillbilly mu-      Pill,” “So What,” “Trouble,” and “Glitter in sensation Jazmine Sullivan, a Best New
day season. Here are 15 music-related sug- sic is doing just fine thanks to English folk       the Air,” all included on this disc. Although, Artist-Grammy nominee two years ago, re-
gestions, including a jewelry item currently quartet Mumford & Sons. Appearing out             there are some noticeable omissions, such as turns with her sophomore album Love Me
being sported by a famous pop star, to shop of nowhere, the London-                                       “Most Girls” from her first album Back. The collaborators on this CD are top-
for or to add to your personal wish list.                                                                 and “Lady Marmalade,” a joint notch – Missy Elliott, Ne-Yo, Salaam Remi,
Most of these are already released,                                                                        effort with Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Leslie. “10 Seconds” appears to
but a few will appear on store shelves                                                                     Mya, and Lil Kim that won Pink be the leadoff single, although the singer-
in the coming days.                                                                                         her lone Grammy. Still, you get songwriter’s website is currently allowing
                                                                                                            15 solid hits on this baby, and fans to download another track, “Holding
  Glee: the CoMplete                                                                                        there’s more where those came You Down.” Selected to receive Billboard’s
  first season                                                                                              from.                               2010 Rising Star Award in early December
  (the GLeeK edition)                                                                                                                           is further evidence of Sullivan’s musical
  TV’s runaway hit of the 2009-10                                                                               the sounD of MusiC - climb, and that she’s here to stay.
season is captured in its entirety, in-                                                                         45th anniversary
cluding the “Power of Madonna”                                                                                  eDition                            olyMpia
episode that finds McKinley High’s                                                                               (ColleCtor’s set)                 BryAn Ferry
glee club covering “Like A Virgin,” “4                                                                           JuLie AndreWs                     20 years have gone by since Bryan Ferry
Minutes,” and “Vogue.” The Golden                                                                                And CAst                       released his first solo hit “Kiss and Tell,”
Globe and Screen Actors Guild-win-                                                                                The hills are very alive with off 1990’s respected Bete Noir album. The
ning series, helmed by Nip/Tuck creator                                                                        the sound of this treasured Roxy Music ex-frontman is at it again with
Ryan Murphy, is more than weekly ear/                                                                          musical film, celebrating its his newest CD Olympia, featuring the ini-
eye candy; centering on issues like ho-                                                                         45th anniversary. The combo tial single “You Can Dance.” There are bet-
mophobia, teen pregnancy, discrimina-                                                                           set includes a Blu-Ray/DVD ter tracks, however, like the club-infused
tion and promiscuity, it’s an entertaining,                                                                     copy of the classic presented “Shameless,” the mysteriously sounding
at times emotional glimpse into the lives                                                                        in HD quality, a gorgeous “Alphaville,” and the slow-paced “Me Oh
of young people with lots of great music                                                                         restoration even from its My,” where his shivering vocals purr against
performed by the actors themselves. “The                                                                         previous makeover. Com- a dramatic background.
Gleek Edition” includes all 22 episodes of                                                                        mentary by director Robert
season one, plus two full hours of never-                                                                         Wise, and also by co-stars       revolution
before-seen extras. Emmy-winner Jane                                                                              Julie Andrews and                              MirAndA LAMBert
Lynch and Emmy-nominated Chris Colfer                                                                                                                            Aside from Lady Antebel-
are two publicly out actors who star on                                                                                                                        lum, no one had a better 2010
Glee.                                                                                                                                                          in country music than Miran-
                                                                                                                                                                da Lambert. The Texas native
  burlesque (oriGinAL Motion                                                                                                                                    won Album of the Year and
  piCture soundtrACK)                                                                                                                                           Top Female Vocalist/Artist
  ChristinA AGuiLerA                                formed group burst onto European and                                                                        of the Year at both industry
  And Cher                                     American charts with their proper debut,                                                                          awards that honor the genre’s
  We don’t yet know if Christina Aguilera      Sigh No More. Songs like “The Cave” and                                                                           top brass, ACMs and CMAs.
can act, but there’s no doubt she can sing –   “Little Lion Man” have an organic ring, as                                                                        Her third album, Revolution,
actually, she belts it out quite wonderfully   if they were plucked from an open meadow                                                                          is her best yet – “White Liar”
on this soundtrack from her cinematic de-      in the Bible Belt – a fantastic mix of string                                                                      is a spunky, vengeful num-
but, Burlesque. The disc includes new ma-      instruments and heartfelt vocals makes each                                                                        ber with a modern, strong
terial and approving remakes, like a sultry    track sound timeless. With an almost Celtic                                                                         woman in mind, while “The
version of Etta James’ “Something’s Got a      twist, this collection of smooth folk-rock                                                                          House That Built Me” is a
Hold On Me” and a strutting rendition of       tunes                                                                                                               beautifully written song
Mae West’s “A Guy What Takes His                                                                                                                                   that could become Lam-
Time.” Meanwhile, Gay icon Cher of-                                                                                                                                 bert’s signature hit. Expect
fers her first released single in seven                                                                                                                             this CD to notch several
years, “You Haven’t Seen the Last of                                                                                                                                Grammy nominations in
Me” written by movie theme queen                                                                                                                                    December – deservingly
Diane Warren. Take a loved one to see                                                                                                                                so.
the movie, opening this weekend, and
then surprise them with a copy of the                                                                                      Christopher            look at what
soundtrack.                                                                                               Plummer, and sing-along tracks          the liGht DiD now
                                                                                                          for those who want to release           Indie darling Feist did the next logical
  FiGht For                                                                                               their inner Maria, are just a few     thing following the success of her debut
  equALity pendAnts                                                                                       of the special features included      solo album; she made a documentary about
  Be cool, be supportive. The most                                                                         in this limited-edition package.     said debut solo album. The result is Look at
important bling this holiday season is                                                                     But it’s the sweeping numbers,       What the Light Did Now, a rare peek into the
Fight for Equality pendants (www.fight-                                                                     like “My Favorite Things” and       Grammy-nominated artist’s thoughts during, designed by jewelry arti-                                                                 “Do-Re-Mi” – set against an         the recording process and preparations for
san Carlos Antonio and worn religiously                                                                     Austrian countryside – that         her live performances. Much like her music,
by pop star Jason Mraz – he was spot-                                                                        ensure The Sound of Music          Feist appears soft-spoken and unhurried in
ted with them earlier this year at Staples                                                                   will outlive any modern mu-        this bio-doc, allowing the camera and her
Center, the night he won two Grammy                                                                          sical (are you listening, Bur-     songs to do the talking. Commentary is pro-
Awards. Proceeds from the sterling sil-                                                                      lesque?)                           vided by video director Patrick Daughters,
ver, hand-polished pieces – available as                                                                                                        collaborator Chilly Gonzalez, and several
a necklace or lapel pin – will be given to                                          will          q on proDuCinG                                other cohorts who contributed to her rise,
Cyndi Lauper’s “Give a Damn Campaign” surely delight the indie fan on your gift list.             quinCy Jones                                  circa The Reminder. Look at What the Light
and also to help raise the overall awareness                                                      He’s a musical legend, largely responsible    Did Now will soon be released on DVD, and
to have equal rights for same-sex couples.       Coal Miner’s DauGhter:                        for the biggest album of all-time, Michael       anyone familiar with Feist’s work – even
Forget about Tiffany’s; this year, Fight for     a tribute to loretta lynn                     Jackson’s Thriller. He’s worked with count-      those who know her from Broken Social
Equality!                                        vArious Artists                               less musicians, from jazz to hip-hop, assem-     Scene – will adore it.
                                                 Country music trailblazer Loretta Lynn is     bling many of them on his Grammy-winning
  the union                                    feted fittingly by a group of today’s A-list    project Back on the Block, not to mention       the suburbs
  eLton John And Leon russeLL musicians on a tribute album with some of                        co-helming the ‘80s mega hit “We Are the        ArCAde Fire
  A friendship that began 40 years ago gave the most noted material from her catalog.          World.” Seattle native Quincy Jones shares      We expect great things from Arcade Fire,
way to the teaming of two music greats, El- The White Stripes turn in a fantastic cover        his production skills and musical teachings and they always go way beyond the call of
ton John and Leon Russell. Long admirers of “Rated X,” not surprising since Jack               in the book Q on Producing, a vital tool for duty. On this year’s gem, The Suburbs, the
of each other’s work, the men finally shared White has always been a Lynn fan. Lee Ann         aspiring artists of every genre.              Montreal ensemble uses its everything-but-
their talent – and piano benches – on an ex- Womack submits a sumptuous cover of “I’m                                                        the-kitchen sink style on a marvelous set of
traordinary 14-track disc appropriately titled a Honky Tonk Girl,” Steve Earle and Alison         in anD out of ConsCiousness - tracks, highlighted by the punkish “Ready to
The Union. Produced by T Bone Burnett Moorer duet on “After the Fire is Gone,”                    the Greatest hits 1990-2010                Start” and the danceable “Sprawl II (Moun-
and featuring guest vocalists Neil Young while another pair of industry heavyweights              roBBie WiLLiAMs                            tains Beyond Mountains),” the latter featur-
and Brian Wilson, the CD is full of savory – Alan Jackson and Martina McBride – join              Former boy band member Robbie Wil- ing the sassy vocals of Regine Chassagne.
pop-rock fare like “A Dream Come True,” forces on “Louisiana Woman,” “Mississippi              liams has never caught the attention of U.S. If your list includes young colleagues for an
“If It Wasn’t For Bad,” and “When Love is Man.” Interesting is Paramore’s rendition            audiences, unless you count the warped ver- office gift exchange or nephews who listen
Dying,” though nothing comes close to the of “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My               sion of “Angels” gargled by Jessica Simp- to KEXP, Arcade Fire is sure to please.

10   Seattle Gay News                          november 26, 2010                                                  Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
Martina                                          the ‘hat’ stage, so now the process is a little
                                                 more streamlined,” joked Dina.
continued from cover
                                                   At a Dina show, the comedian sings,
                                                 dances, and shares stories with the audience
                                                 about anything and everything imaginable.
call that a ‘threat!’”                           Joining Dina onstage is accompanist Chris
  When I first saw the advertisements for        Jeffries. Re-bar has been home to Dina and
her 2010 Christmas show, I must admit (as        her fans for years.
with most Dina promotions) I was a bit con-        “Re-bar’s place is like a big, welcoming
fused, yet intrigued as to why she would         mud room,” she said. “It’s loaded with free
use the styling of the Rocky Horror Picture      radicals, which coat your skin and save it
Show – complete with Dina Martina lips –         for a later date, and just walking in the door
as a poster for a holiday show. What is with     is like getting your own personal beer bat-
the Rocky Horror theme?                          ter facial. It’s also the only place I can think
  “There isn’t one. Isn’t that neat? I just      of where you don’t feel too bad if you spill
liked the way it looked on the posters and       your drink.”
flyers,” she said. “I try to avoid themes, be-     So what is Dina Martina’s idea of a per-
cause they encourage the audience to culti-      fect Christmas? “Every year, my daughter
vate expectations. But isn’t it wonderful that   Phoebe and I prepare a gorgeous feast at
all the shows on TV are doing Rocky Horror       home – just the two of us,” she explained.
episodes? Glee and … wasn’t there anoth-         “Phoebe’s adopted, so we usually start with
er one? I think Hoarders is doing one. The       Top Ramen, but I’m a foodie, so it gets pret-
Rocky Hoarder Picture Show!”                     ty wild from there – graham crackers, cock-
  Oh, come, all ye faithful! Dina says she       tail onions, you name it. I try to eat a diet
absolutely loves the fact that each holiday      rich in sodium to give my face that ‘bigger
season, her legions of loyal fans return to      than life’ look, and I think it’s working. I’ve
Re-bar to see her show. When asked about         been tryin’ to eat more brie, too, but it’s hard
her fans, she quickly answered, “OK, now         with my schedule. Then, to make room for
you’re gonna make me cry – I love those          dessert we put on bigger clothes.”
guys. There are two “F” words that are so          The song content is always a treat because
important to me, and one of them is ‘fans’ –     you never know what holiday tune Dina is
the other is ‘Funyuns.’”                         going to butcher. “Asking me what my fa-
  Always one for nostalgia, Dina told me, “I     vorite Christmas song is is like asking me
started doing Christmas shows in Las Vegas       which of my children is my favorite! It’s
in the early ‘70s – I think 1971. Then a num-    hard to choose one over the others,” she ex-
ber of years in rural Las Vegas, then a cou-     plained. “Did you see Sophie’s Choice? It’s
ple of years in outer rural Las Vegas, then      like that. I’ll just say that two of my favorite
a short stint on Easter Island, then I started   artists are Anna Maria Alberghetti and Van-
here in Seattle at Re-bar’s place in ’97.”       gelis.”
  Have you been to a Dina Martina show?            This year, Dina said she has some very
Confusion and laughter is the recipe of the      important news to share with Seattle Gay
night. I’ve had the pleasure of watching         News readers: “I’d like the ladies to know
Dina on more than one occasion and found         that depilatory creams eradicate protein,
myself wondering how she comes up with           which is not only the main ingredient in hair
this shit. Don’t lie – so have you!              and skin, but also meat. So they should re-
  “Well, I used to write a bunch of random       ally store their Nair away from any lunch-
words on little pieces of paper and then pull    meats they may have. And I’d like the men
them out of a hat and then go from there,        to know that I’m single.”
but a friend showed me how to eliminate            Oh jeez. How I love Dina Martina!

Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!                                                           november 26, 2010   Seattle Gay News   11
                                            Seattle’s Largest Fleet of Taxi Cabs!
                                                                                      (425) 455-4999
                                                                                      S. King County
                                                                                      (253) 872-5600

                                                 (206) 622-6500               24-Hour Dispatched
                                            • Time Calls
                                            • Metro Scrip
                                            • Door to Door                    $28.00 Flat Rate
                                            • Express Airport Service         From Downtown
                                            • Courier / Package Delivery         Seattle to
                                            • Corporate Accounts              Sea-Tac Airport.
                                            • Clean, Comfortable Cabs

                                                         (206) 282-8222

12   Seattle Gay News   november 26, 2010              Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!   november 26, 2010   Seattle Gay News   13
        HoliDay                                baritone vocalist Everett Green of the Count    in association with Theatre Off Jackson.    fine dining establishment - great location,
                                               Basie Orchestra plus alto vocalist Nichol       Funds raised will go directly to support ourexcellent ambience, highly skilled staff, a
        CalenDar                               Eskridge, tap-dancer Alex Dugdale, and the      mission to produce and develop new works    fancy French name. Only one thing seems
        continued from page 9                  Northwest Chamber Chorus presented by           by women. Tickets $10, $7 in advance.       to be missing: the chef! How long can the
                                               Earshot Jazz Sunday This concert sold out         maitre d’ and wait staff keep the patrons
                                               all 900 seats in 2009, so early ticket pur-                                                 entertained in the absence of a delectable
                                               chase is recommended! This special concert        “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”            meal? A Feast of the Senseless is a joyous
          “illumni                             honors Ellington and what he called “the          Stone Soup Theatre presents their adapta- celebration featuring acrobatics, tightwire,
          Men’s Chorale”                       most important music he’d ever written.”        tion of Dylan Thomas’ exquisite and magi- unicycle, aerial art, and juggling. 12/11 at
          The Illumni Men’s Chorale will       12/26-7:30pm. Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave.          cal memoir of his childhood Christmas. 3 and 7pm and 12/12 at 3pm. School of
        premier two new works by Edwin         Tickets: $15-$34. www.brownpapertickets.        runs 12/3-12/24. Stone                             Acrobatics & New Circus Acts (674
        Wendler and Neil Anderson-Him-         com/event/121675; www.earshotjazz.                                                                 S. Orcas St.). Tickets $19, $14 for 12
        melspach, as well as three new ar-

                                                                                                                                                   stone soup
                                               org.                                                                                               and under. www.brownpapertickets.
        rangements of old Christmas                                                                                                                com/event/138053
        standards by mem-
        bers of Illumni itself.                                                                                                                                           “A tuna Christmas”

        They will once again                                                                                                                                              Spend the holidays with your
        be joined by regular                                                                                                                                            favorite citizens of Tuna, Texas
        guest artists resident                                                                                                                                          and make some new friends while
        soprano soloist Jen-                                                                                                                                             you’re there. Two fabulous per-
        nifer Ceresa and the                                                                                                                                             formers, along with some split-sec-
        Region 13 Award-win-                                                                                                                                             ond costume changes, portray all
        ning LiveWire Quar-                                                                                                                                               22 citizens of Texas’ third-smallest
        tet. They will also be                                                                                                                                            town, where the Lion’s Club is too
        joined by Cora Reuter                                                                                                                                             liberal and Patsy Cline never dies.
        Foster on violin, Chris-                                                                                                                                           It’s the day before Christmas and
        topher Spencer on string                                                                                                                                           all comic hell is breaking loose as
        bass, and Tealah Hill on                                                                                                                                            the delightfully eccentric char-
        harp. 12/18 at 7:30pm.                                                                                                                                              acters attempt to cope with sea-
        Emmanuel Episcopal                                                                                                                                                   sonal traumas such as a disaster
        church, 4400 86th Ave                                                                                                                                                prone little theater production of
        SE, Mercer Island. This                                                                                                                                               A Christmas Carol and a yard
        year, Illumni is working                                                                                                                                              decorating contest that is be-
        on a very special project.                                                                                                                                            ing sabotaged by a mysterious
        They are giving away 8%                                                                                                                                               Christmas phantom! Bring the
        of the tickets to both hous-                                                                                                                                           family and join in the holi-
        es to injured U.S. veterans                                                                                                                                            day fun! runs 12/1-12/24.
        and their families. When                                                                                                                                                      ArtsWest, 4711 Cali-
        you purchase your ticket,                                                               istmas in Wal
                                                                                                                                                                                      fornia Ave. SW. Tickets
                                                                                   A Child’s Chr
        you can choose to sponsor                                                                                                                                                    $32.
        a set of tickets for an in-
        jured U.S. soldier and his/                                                                                                                                                             “An improvised
        her family. Tickets at http://                                                                                                                                                          Christmas Carol”
        www.illumnimenschorale.                                                                                                                                                                Unexpected Produc-
        com/tickets.html                                                                                                                                                                     tions takes the Charles
                                                                                                                                                                                            Dickens classic and re-
          “Magical strings                                                                                                                                                                  plays it based on sugges-
          Celtic yuletide”                                                                                                                                                                  tions given by the audi-
          The Celtic Yuletide con-                                                                                                                                                         ence throughout the play.
        certs are an enduring favorite                                                                                                                                                     A holiday favorite for over
        among holiday events each                                                                                                                                                          20 years. runs 11/26-
        year. For the 2010 Celtic Yule-                                                                                                                                                    12/3. Market Theater, Pike
        tide concerts, Magical Strings                                                                                                                                                    Place Market, 1428 Post
        will be joined by the Raney                                                                                                                                                       Alley. Tickets: $10. 206-
        Irish Dancers and the Tara                                                                                                                                                        587-2414; www.unexpect-
        Academy of Irish Dance, vo-                                                                                                                                             
        calists Mark Colleen Raney,
        Irish fiddler extraordinaire                                                                                                                                 “Black nativity”
        Dale Russ, percussion-                                                                                                                                      Directed by Jacqueline
        ist Matt Jerrell, and more.                                                                                                                               Moscou and choreographed
        12/18, 7:30pm at Town Hall                                                                                                                                by Donald Byrd of Spec-
        (1119 8th Ave.). http://www.                                                                                                                             trum Dance Theater, “Black                                                                                                                                   Nativity” is a celebration of
                                                                                                                                                                          cHris bennion

        event/132172                                                                                                                                             faith, expressed through exu-
                                                                                                                                                                berant performances of song,
          December 19                                                                                                                                           story and dance, reaching
                                                                                           Black Nativity
                                                                                                                                                                audiences of all ages, back-
          “holiday Glee”                                                                                                                                        grounds and beliefs. The first
          Seattle Men’s Chorus Holiday           January 2                                      Soup                                                            act of “Black Nativity” re-
        Concert. 12/19 at 7:30pm. (See                                                          Theatre, 4035 Stone Way N. Tickets: $18          tells the     Christmas story through the
        11/27 listing for details.) Benaroya      “vivaldi Folia”                               general; $16 per person for groups of four or    words of the great American poet Langston
        Hall, 3rd Ave & University St.            Violinists Ingrid Matthews and Tekla more people). 206-633-1883. www.stone-                    Hughes. This year’s production will feature
        Tickets: $25-$65. 206-388-1400;        Cunningham, cellist Nathan Whittaker,                                            actors Earley Dean, Josephine Howell, Pas-                   lutenist John Lenti, and harpsichordist By-                                                       tor Alphonso Meadows, and Pastor Patrinell
                                               ron Schenkman celebrate Vivaldi and his            “A Christmas Carol”                            Wright in the leading roles. The production
          December 20                          Venetian heritage with evocative works by          ACT Theatre’s annual presentation of           features gospel performances by the Total
                                               Salamone Rossi, Biagio Marini, Francesco Charles Dickens’ classic, adapted by Grego-              Experience Gospel Choir and the Black
          “holiday Glee”                       Cavalli, and of course Vivaldi himself, in- ry A. Falls. Gather your loved ones and join          Nativity Choir and modern and traditional
          Seattle Men’s Chorus Holiday         cluding the scorching “Folia” for two vio- us for the 35th Anniversary production of a            choreography performed by an ensemble of
        Concert. 12/20 at 7:30pm. (See         lins and continuo. Venice was the birthplace true Seattle holiday tradition: a ripping good       dancers. runs 12/9-12/26. Moore Theatre,
        11/27 listing for details.) Benaroya   of virtuoso violin playing, and this is Vene- telling of the story of Ebenezer Scrooge,           1932 2nd Ave. Tickets: $35-$55. 877-784-
        Hall, 3rd Ave & University St.         tian virtuosity at its fiery best! 1/2 at 3pm at the miserly businessman who requires the         4849;
        Tickets: $25-$65. 206-388-1400;        Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave. Tickets $40, $35 intervention of a few ghosts (and a bit of                   seniors, $25 side sections, $15 under 25. time-travel) to understand the true meaning               “the dina Martina Christmas show”
                                                              of Christmas. Well over a century after its        O Come, all ye faithful! It’s that time, once
          December 26                                                                           writing, Dickens’ classic tale of hope and       again, to see if the ever-girthful Dina Mar-
                                                  theAtre                                       redemption continues to remind us what’s         tina can actually raise the bar even higher
          “sacred Music                           & dAnCe                                       really worth celebrating – at the holidays, or   than she has in past holiday extravaganzas.
          by duke ellington”                                                                    any time. Starring Sean G. Griffin and Mark      A tall order to fill, no doubt, but when con-
          Inspired by the civil-rights            “2010: A space holiday”                       Chamberlin as Ebenezer Scrooge. runs             sidering the fact that Miss Martina’s already
        movement of the 1960s, Elling-            Join Live Girls! Theater for their an- 11/26-12/26. ACT Theatre, 700 Union St.                 talent-stuffed presence will be once again
        ton’s wonderful “Sacred Music” is      nual holiday fundraiser cabaret on 12/6 at Tickets: $22 to $47. 206-292-7676; www.                augmented by the otherworldly talents of
        both serious and swinging, a rev-      7:30pm at the Theatre Off Jackson (409                                             accompanist Chris Jeffries (first-ever win-
        erent and hip body of jazz compo-      7th Ave. S.). Come out for a night of music,                                                      ner of The Stranger’s Genius Award for The-
        sition for jazz big band, vocal and    comedy and outta-this-world fun as we rock         “A Feast of the senseless”                     ater), you have quite the recipe. “Recipe for
        instrumental soloists, gospel choir,   in the holidays, future style. Live auction        Presented by the School of Acrobatics &        what?” you ask? Just ask any of Miss Mar-
        and tap dancers. The 23rd annual       includes dozens of irresistible items. Don’t New Circus Arts (SANCA). The tale begins             tina’s ardent fans, the likes of which include
        Duke Ellington Sacred Music con-       miss the chance to do your holiday shopping with the opening of a restaurant. L’assiette          John Waters, Matt Stone, Jennifer Coolidge,
        cert, featuring the SRJO with guest    all while supporting a great cause. Presented Vide has all the elements necessary for a           and Margaret Cho, and you’ll find that it’s a

14   Seattle Gay News                          november 26, 2010                                                   Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
recipe for a hilarious and smart evening of    contemplates ending his life, he finally real-     “Land of                                                                “red ranger Came Calling”
holiday entertainment you’ll never forget.     izes what a difference he makes in the lives       the sweets” -                                                           Book-It’s musical holiday fa-
runs 11/26-12/31. doors open one hour          of others. runs 12/3-12/12 at 7:30pm. Ke-          the Burlesque                                                         vorite, Red Ranger Came Calling,
before show time. Re-bar, 1114 Howell St.      nyon Hall, 7904 35th Ave. SW. http://www.          nutcracker                                                            by Berkeley Breathed, is based on
Tickets: $20. Must be 21 or over. 800-838-                       A spectacle of ecdysiastic pageantry,                                 the true stoy of the author’s father
3006;                                                         “Land of the Sweets” sets the Nutcracker to                             who, at age nine, insisted on be-
event/130957                                     “the Judy Garland                              a swing-era soundtrack and gives the ballet                             ing addressed as the “Red Ranger
                                                 Christmas special”                             a bawdy makeover. The perfect mix of sing-                              of Mars.” Christmas 1939, the
  “ham for the holidays:                         Open Circle Theater is pleased to an-          ing, acrobatics, glamour and smutty jokes,                              Red Ranger was sent to Vashon
  Wham Bam,                                    nounce the return of the hilarious holiday       featuring an all-star cast from Seattle’s bur-                          Island to spend the holiday with
  thank you ham”                               disaster The Judy Garland Christmas Spe-         lesque A-list. runs 12/9-12/24. The Triple                              Aunt Vy, where his encounter
  Seattle favorites Lisa Koch and Peggy        cial. It’s 1963 and the producers of Judy        Door, 216 Union St. Tickets: $25-$40. 206-                              with an ancient man named Saun-
Platt (aka Dos Fallopia) celebrate 20 years    Garland’s TV show have decided she needs         838-4333;                                            der Ciös left an indelible mark on
of comic togetherness with “Ham for the        a nice Christmas special with the whole fam-                                                                             the landscape still visible today.
Holidays: Wham Bam, Thank You Ham.”            ily; lovely Liza, cutie Lorna and little flam-                         “nutcracker”                                      runs 11/23-12/23. Book-It Rep-
“Wham,” the 10th incarnation of the ever-      boyant Joey.                                                           The Pacific Northwest                             ertory Theatre (Eve Alvord The-
popular “Ham” series, is a                                                                                          Ballet’s “Nutcracker” has                           atre at Seattle Children’s Theatre,
daffy concoction of                                                                                                 been dazzling the young                             Seattle Center). Tickets: $20-$42.
dysfunctional, screw-                                                                                               and the young-at-heart                              206-216-0877;
ball characters: country                                                                                            each holiday season for
superstars The Spudds                                                                                                27 years. Treat your fam-                            “scrooge reading
perform “Spuddacus”;                                                                                                 ily and friends to the                               with ishbel dickens
the game show “Deck                                                                                                  memories and magic of                                and todd Moore”
the Pauls” features Ru                                                                                                PNB’s inimitable “Nut-                              This event is the Displace-
Paul, Rand Paul, and                                                                                                  cracker.” Created by                              ment Coalition’s most important
Paula Abdul, with host                                                                                                PNB Founding Artistic                             fundraiser, and they depend on it
Sir Paul McCartney;                                                                                                    Director Kent Stowell                            to make it through the year. The
choral music meets the                                                                                                 and world-famous chil-                           reading will be held on 12/12 at
undead in “Night of the                                                                                                dren’s author and illus-                         8pm, with a social hour begin-
Living Glee”; granola                                                                                                  trator Maurice Sendak                            ning at 7pm, at the Madrona
duo Mud share their eco-                                                                                                (Where the Wild Things                          home of Ishbel Dickens and Mar-
friendly invitation; and the                                                                                            Are), “Nutcracker’s”                            cus Krueger (3306 E. John St.)
tiny Sequim Gay Men’s                                                                                                    brilliant blend of cos-                        If you cannot attend, please con-
Chorus sing with Pride.                                                                                                  tumes, sets and cho-                           sider a tax-deductible donation
runs 11/26-12/24 with                                                                                                    reography creates a                            of $25, $50, or $100. Check can
pay-what-you-can on 12/2.                                                                                                magical storybook                              be mailed to the Seattle Displace-
Theatre Off-Jackson, 409                                                                                                  world enjoyed by                              ment Coalition, 5031 University
7th Ave S. Tickets: $15 to                                                                                                children and adults                           Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98105.
$23. 800-838-3006; www.                                                                                                   alike. PNB’s master-                          The Displacement Coalition is                                                                                                    ful holiday produc-                           dedicated to providing housing
                                                                                                                           tion is the highlight                        opportunities to low-income and
  “homo for the holi-                                                                                                      of the holidays.                             homeless people.
days”                                                                                                                       runs 11/26-12/27.                   
  An unforgettable all-star                                                                                                 Marion Oliver Mc-
cast brings you innovative                                                                                                  Caw Hall, 321                                 “sherlock holmes and
burlesque and cabaret perfor-                                                                                                Mercer St. Tick-                             the Case of the
mances to help you beat the                                                                                                  ets: Call or check                           Christmas Carol”
holiday blues. “Homo for the                                                                                                                                              The year: 1894. The date:
Holidays” is a hearty holiday                                                                                                                                           Christmas Eve. The location:
fruitcake packed with dancing                                                                                                                                           221B Baker Street. Can three un-
                                                                                                                                            pacific nortH

reindeer, sexy sugar cookies,                                                                                                                                           expected callers save Holmes and
ghostly visitations, a Hanuk-                                                                                                                                           his world from a dire end? runs
kah pageant for dummies, and                                                                                                                                            11/26-12/30. Taproot Theatre,
new ways to define coming home. It’s not                                                                                                                                204 N. 85th St. Tickets: $20-$35.
                                                                                                                                                          west ballet

Christmas in July, it’s Pride in December!                                                                                                                              781-9707; www.taproottheatre.
Light your menorah, stuff your stockings,                                                                                                                               org.
and join your chosen family in celebrat-
ing our favorite wintry holiday. Featuring                                                                                                                                “short stories Live:
local sensations: Ben DeLaCreme, Ms.                                                                                                                                      Christmas Classics”
Honeysuckle Hype (via satellite), Fuchsia                                                                                                                                 In a holiday celebration of liter-
FoXXX, ilvs strauss, Paris Original, and                                                                                                                                ature and theater, professional ac-
Cherdonna & Lou, with special guests.                                                                                                                                   tors from ACT Theatre will read
runs 11/25-11/17, 12/2-12/4, and 12/24                                                                                                                                  excerpts from Christmas classics.
at 8pm. Tickets: $15-advance; $20-at the                                                                                                                                An afternoon of delightfully un-
door. West Hall, Odd Fellows Building, 915                                                                                                                              conventional Christmas stories,
E Pine St, 2nd Floor. www.brownpapertick-                                                                                                                               poems, and musical cheer, includ-                                                                                                                                                    ing Grace Paley’s lovely “The
                                                                                                                                                                        Loudest Voice” in which a Jew-
  “irving Berlin’s                                                                                                                                                      ish girl’s vocal stamina makes her
  White Christmas”                                                                                                                                                      the ideal narrator of the school
  Based on the beloved film, this heart-                                                                                                                                Christmas play; Ron Carlson’s hi-
warming stage adaptation features sev-                                                                                                                                  larious and moving “The H Street
enteen Irving Berlin songs and a book by                                                                                                                                Sledding Record” - about a fa-
David Ives and Paul Blake. Veterans Bob                                                                                                                                 ther who tosses horse manure on
Wallace and Phil Davis have a success-                                                                                                                                  the roof every Christmas Eve to
ful song-and-dance act after World War II.                             The Pacific Northwe                                                                              keep the spirit of Santa alive; and
With romance in mind, the two follow a                                                     st Ballet’s Nutcrac
                                                                                                              ker                                                       Grace Paley’s delirious “The Ser-
duo of beautiful singing sisters en route to                                                                                                                            aph and the Zambesi” - in which
their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge,       But where the hell is Judy? When                                                                                         an argumentative angel visits
which just happens to be owned by Bob          she finally shows up, can the producers keep     website for ticket prices. 206-441-                                     a misbegotten colonial Christ-
and Phil’s former Army commander. The          her on the set and off the booze? Based on       2424;; in person at the PNB                                mas pageant. Featuring actors
dazzling score features well-known stan-       the actual, infamous 1963 TV special and         Box Office, 301 Mercer St; 206-292-ARTS;                                Frank Corrado, Julie Briskman,
dards including Blue Skies, I Love A Piano,    including a “special feature” after the main                                                    and Jean Sherrard, with special
How Deep Is the Ocean and the perennial        show, Judy promises to put the fun in dys-                                                                               guests Paul Dorpat and steel gui-
favorite, White Christmas. runs 11/26-         functional. Come make the yuletide Gay             “plaid tidings”                                                       tar master John Owen. 12/19 at
12/19. Tacoma Musical Playhouse, (7116         with the most hysterical comedy this Christ-       The Plaids are back! Forever Plaid: Plaid                             4pm. Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave. at
6th Ave.). Tickets $27, $25 senior/student/    mas. runs 11/26-12/18, Fri-sat at 7:30pm,        Tidings is the best of Forever Plaid’ tied up                           Seneca St. Tickets: $13-advance
military, $20 children 12 and under. http://   sun at 4pm. Tickets: $14, except opening         in a nifty package with a big Christmas bow                             general/$10-Town Hall mem-                   night, which is FREE. Open Circle Theater,       on top! Filled with Christmas standards that                            bers, seniors & students; $15/$13
                                               2222 Second Ave, 2nd Fl. 382-4250; www.          have been “Plaid-erized,” our boys are back                             at the door. 800-838-3006; www.
   “it’s a Wonderful Life –          ; www.brownpapertickets.            to do their Christmas Special. A phone call                   
   A Live radio play”                          com.                                             from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets
   Twelfth Night Productions presents the                                                       them know they’re needed to put a little har-
classic 1946 Frank Capra film comes to                                                          mony into a discordant world. runs 12/3-
life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. The                                                       12/18. Renton Civic Theater (507 S. 3rd St.,
ensemble of characters bring the town of                                                        Renton). Tickets: $25, $20 for students/se-
Bedford Falls to the stage, and George Bai-                                                     niors. 425-226-5529; www.rentoncivicthe-
ley to the fateful Christmas Eve when, as he                                          

Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!                                                                        november 26, 2010                                                       Seattle Gay News      15
16   Seattle Gay News   november 26, 2010   Happy Holidays from the seattle Gay news!
lennox                                              ran Africa where you have 22 million who         flicted about their sexual orientation that         ping away from it is a travesty. What we
                                                    are infected with the virus. Twenty-two mil-     they feel suicidal? This bullying on cyber-         need to do is to take ownership of the word
continued from page 2
                                                    lion! And when you have so many deaths – I       space, uncontrolled, and this horrible result       “feminist” and we need to reinvent it so that
                                                    think it’s 27 million – it’s a figure that you   of nasty, vicious celebrity bullshit that you       people embrace it again. It’s a travesty that
                                                    cannot get your head around.                     get on the internet – an individual like Perez      feminism is looked on as something that
                                                       Recently, I was in Berlin and I went to       Hilton coming out on The Ellen DeGeneres            they should recoil from.
actually now, on reflection, I think it really      visit the Jewish Holocaust memorial right        Show and saying, “I’m sorry, I’ve seen the             Azzopardi: If you had a genie in a bottle,
does fit in.                                        in the center of former East Berlin, and it’s    light,” let’s make sure that he walks his talk      what would be your three wishes for the
   It really belongs because the focus of all       very, very powerful – all kinds of people        and now that he apparently has seen the             world?
of the songs goes to the nativity. It goes to       who perished in this Holocaust. The figures      light, stop all this bullying – stop it!               Lennox: Healing. The genie would have
the birth of a child into the world – even          are staggering. And then you look at the HIV        It’s disgraceful. It always was disgraceful.     to take all the extremists in the world that
if you’re not Christian, which I am not a           issue and it’s even more.                        It should never be, and he of all people who        leaped immediately to arms and to war-
Christian – in a way that I was able to iden-          We were all celebrating the Chilean min-      have benefited so much from his vicious             fare and get the opposing forces to get
tify with it in a metaphorical way, because I       ers, including myself, and I was so happy to     diatribes and his vicious putting down of so        their mindset changed so that their priority
was thinking, “Well, this is a symbol. This         see these men emerge one by one – 33 men,        many individuals, he now needs to take re-          should be only about finding solutions, only
is a child. It’s all of us. It’s about humanity.”   out of the earth – and yet I know the price of   sponsibility and go forward and say, “I will        peaceful solutions. Unfortunately, we’re
So there was a thread of connection that ran        human life in many places is worthless.          now take responsibility and work for the            stuck in places like the Middle East, into the
through all the songs, you see.                        Azzopardi: What does being a Gay icon         other side.”                                        perpetual catch-22 of someone being killed,
   Azzopardi: How did the song come                 mean to you?                                        Azzopardi: You’ve said that wanting              someone killing someone else – and then it
about?                                                 Lennox: [Laughs.] It means lots of Gay        to resist being perceived as a girly-girl           goes on and on and on and the bloodletting
   Lennox: I hadn’t intended to write a song        men and women like me! It’s a funny thing:       prompted your androgynous phase in the              goes on and on and on, and there seems to
for the album, but one day I had this idea          I don’t wake up in the morning and think,        ’80s. Why didn’t you want to be seen as             be no solution.
for “Universal Child” and I just started play-      “Oh my goodness, I’m a Gay icon!” Not            ultra-feminine?                                        I don’t ever know if it’s going to be possi-
ing around with it while we were recording          at all. But you see, I’m not part of the Gay        Lennox: I wanted to be perceived as a            ble because we’re human beings and we’re
something. And basically, I was like, “Ohhh,        community myself, so it’s not part of my di-     person with my own rights who is not going          incredibly odd, but it would be wonderful
wow, there’s a really interesting thing hap-        rect experience. But I’m certainly a liberal-    to be simply understood through my gen-             to see peace. All these divisions that occur
pening here.” So we stopped recording what          minded person, and I actually really almost      der, through a certain limitation. Nowadays,        ironically between religious beliefs – Chris-
we were recording and we carried on with            resent all these labels.                         women are so sexually explicit and they use         tians, Muslims, whomever – are the biggest
“Universal Child” and finished it in the same          I was watching on YouTube the other day       this as a tool to get popular, and I find it very   tragedy on the planet. And then, of course,
evening. Sometimes it’s so strange like that:       a man – or a woman, I should say, now –          one-dimensional. When I see, like, with the         the sustainability of the planet – who knows
You write a song and it all comes at once. So       who was saying, “Please don’t label me as        rap music, hip-hop girls just being overtly         where we’re at; we talk about global warm-
that was one of those.                              Transgender. I don’t want to be labeled. I’m     sexual, it bores me. I just think, “Oh, the         ing, about pollution, and we do a lot of talk-
   Azzopardi: You merge a lot of your pas-          sick of all these labels.” And I’m thinking,     same old gag.” Surely we could’ve evolved           ing. But I’d like to see the government re-
sion for activism into your music, particu-         “I’m with you.” I mean, OK, you’re sexual-       further than that.                                  ally taking more responsibility on a global
larly as it pertains to children and AIDS.          ly oriented one way, this way or that way or        I’m all for sexuality being free and liber-      scale.
Why do you think music is such a good plat-         another way, but I want to get rid of labels.    al, but I feel so sad that it’s like a one-trick       And then I’d like to see a real sort of de-
form for these issues?                              I think we want to get to the point of evolu-    pony. That’s all I see are bum, ass, and tits       velopment in preventable disease: Access
   Lennox: Music is a great vehicle of com-         tion, where it makes no difference if you’re     – and it’s sad. It’s a sad thing because people     to medicine that can prevent the deaths of
munication; everybody loves music – I               straight, Gay, Transgender, whatever – just      fought so hard to liberate us and to give us        millions of people, I’d like to see that. I’d
never really met anybody who didn’t like            be inclusive. We need to see ourselves as ab-    the vote and to give us more equal oppor-           like to see healthcare systems fully staffed.
music. And music tells stories and commu-           solutely human beings, first and foremost.       tunities, and it looks sometimes to me like         I’d like to see access to treatment. I’d like
nicates ideas, and people are interested in            In the ’70s, when I was a teenager, it was    we’re really going backward.                        to see healthcare systems that are on their
music and musicians.                                the first time I discovered that anybody was        Azzopardi: So you’re still very much a           knees, in some way becoming effective. I’d
   Sadly, in our culture we’re obsessed with        Gay. I had never met a Gay person before I       feminist.                                           like to see the end of corrupt governments.
celebrity – celebrity is the thing – and we         came down from Scotland, and the changes            Lennox: I am feminist. I’m utterly femi-         I’d like to see transparency of governments.
spend so much money on magazines; we’re             that have happened so far are huge. I think      nist, and I’m very disappointed when people         I’d like to see all of these corrupt systems
so interested in other people’s lives, so-          there have just been huge steps. Gay people      are afraid of the word and step away from           that are functioning, and all of these people
called celebrities, and it’s a bit dishearten-
ing because we’re a big world and there’s so
many things we could change and put right.
                                                    1015 Olive Way, at the base of Capitol Hill at Oliv
                                                    have come out, and they’re powerful and
                                                    working in banks, in clinics, as doctors,
                                                    teachers, everywhere. It’s just a natural evo-
                                                                                                     the word. I told you I don’t like labels, but
                                                                                                     this is an important label. This is very im-
                                                                                                     portant, and the fact that people are step-
                                                                                                                                                         who have scooped up so much money, tak-
                                                                                                                                                         ing accountability. It’s things like this that I
                                                                                                                                                         think a lot about.
But we’re so consumed by our own consum-            lution, in a way.
erist culture that very often we don’t see it.         It does worry me very much when I hear
   I had a bit of a turning point when I had an     about very extreme homophobia arising in

                                                                                                                                              HONDA OF
opportunity to go to places that I wouldn’t         places. I think of my friends who, if they
have had a chance to visit before, and it blew      went to certain countries, would be ostra-
my mind. I thought I knew what poverty was          cized or – it’s unbelievable to think that
about. I thought I knew, and actually I didn’t      these extremes do exist, but this is the world

know until I saw it for myself.                     we live in. We’re living in a time where you
   Azzopardi: Right – back in 2003 when             have fundamentalists who are so extreme –
you participated in the launch of Nelson            either the Catholic Church or in the Muslim
Mandela’s HIV/AIDS foundation. How has              areas – and I just think, “Where’s the toler-
seeing the devastation caused by poverty            ance?”
and AIDS affected you as a person?                     Azzopardi: How do you feel about the re-
   Lennox: I don’t think anybody could              cent string of Gay youth suicides, then?
grasp the scale of the HIV/AIDS pandemic               Lennox: In this day and age, how come a
as it is played out, especially in Sub-Saha-        young teenage boy or girl is feeling so con-

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