NS by ilmu99


									   1. Open Cheat Engine > Select your browser (i.e. firefox, flock, IE, Chrome) as process
   2. Setting 'Value Type : Text' and "ASROM" (it seems to work better for me when i do NOT
      tick unicode. Give it a try)

   3. Go to Ninja Saga
   4. Do mission level 13 Escape criminals (if the criminals will Drop Healing Scroll, Scan
      item11 ( HEALING=item11 CHAKRA=item10)
   5. 1-2 address will be found. if more than 2, just change everything.
   6. Change there Value to wpn198(Shuriken Season 3 Clan reward)
   7. Back to Ninja Saga, click ok to receive the Scroll, > then finish the Mission.
   8. After finishing the mission. refresh. Now you will see your item.

Other items:

Read more: http://www.pwnthis.net/2010/08/ninj-saga-cheats-clan-reward-

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