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Monthly Newsletter of the Monmouthshire Mental health User & Carer Network & Forum.   Issue 5   Oct/Nov 2007

          Updates in Monmouthshire and                         A recent report produced by
                         Wales                                 Hafal around housing in Wales
       A new Housing Association is being                     has shown that not enough
        set-up in Monmouthshire and all the                    needs assessments are being
        Monmouthshire      County      Council                 carried out by LA and LHB‟s.
        housing stock will be transferred to                   “My Own Home” is intended to
        this new association. It will be called                inspire positive development
        Monmouthshire Housing.                                 across Wales of Housing and
       There will be 4 teams in this housing                  Support Services. The full report
        service:                                               can be obtained from Hafal – or
            a) Housing Grants                                  copies from Jen or Tony. It is
            b) Housing       Strategy      and                 interesting reading.
            c) Housing options – housing
               advice and assistance                          Terence Higgins Trust have set-up 3
            d) Supporting People Team                          Lesbian,    Gay,    Bisexual    and
                                                               Transgender forums across Gwent.
        The teams can be contacted as                          They are now trying to set-up a
        follows:                                               forum in Monmouthshire and a
        Housing Grants–01873-735428                            meeting to discuss this development
        Strategic Services –                                   took place on 22nd Aug in
                         01633-644644                          Abergavenny. For more information
        Housing Options-                                       contact Mair Rigby on 029 2066
                         01291-635714                          6465.
        Supporting People:
       We will be looking at inviting a                     New Training Room in Sessions
        speaker from this new housing                                  House, Usk
        association to a Network and Forum                 The September Network and Forum
        Meeting in order to clarify the                    was held in the new training room
        situation.                                         which is connected to the Resource
                                                           Room. Future meetings will be held
                                                           in this room, which is also available
                                                           to other groups and meetings on
Gwent Patients Panel
In the September Network and            Mind Photography Exhibition
Forum, Rhian Lewis, Co-ordinator,       Abergavenny Mind Association are
and Nina Weaver Chair, presented        organising a photography project.
the group with information on the       Cameras from the Mental Health
Gwent Patients Panel. The Patients      Resource Room will be loaned to
Panel has been running for four         Mind drop-ins and housing in
years and is now a very successful      Monmouthshire and pictures will be
and     very    useful  independent     welcomed of images that portray the
resource. Patients from all over        concepts of recovery, self-esteem
Gwent attend 4 meetings a year in       and laughter. The cameras will start
Cwmbran to discuss issues around        going out to the drop-ins in October.
service provision in the NHS.           If you would like to get involved or
Currently there are very few Mental     would like more information on this
Health patient representatives on the   project then please contact Tony or
Panel.                                  Jen or speak to Heather Whittam at
       Due to the fact that mental      Abergavenny Mind.
health has been under-represented,
it has been suggested that a special                 Newsletters
mental health Patient‟s Panel           CONCUR is now a monthly news
meeting should be arranged. Rhian       sheet available in printed copy and
Lewis will look into organising this    by e-mail. Our next project is to help
meeting for Spring 2008. If you         develop a service user and carers
would like any more information         newsletter for Monmouthshire and
about the patient‟s panel, please       would like this to be led by you who
contact Tony or Jen on 01291            are receiving the services, supported
673728.                                 by us who have the equipment! If
                                        you have ever wanted to be an editor
         Big Lottery Bid for            or reporter then this is the chance.
          Monmouthshire                 Give us a call.
A bid for the Big Lottery „Mental
Health Matters‟ Fund has been            Resource Room at the Sessions
submitted with GAVO as lead                          House, Usk
applicant and Abergavenny Mind          The library of books, DVD‟s and
Association and Social Firms Wales      video‟s is available to you to borrow
as partners. The project is around      or play/read on site. Just call Tony
offering people with mental health      on 01291-673728.
problems access and support to
volunteering, training, employment      So also are the facilities of the IT
and community-based opportunities.      equipment,      plus    printers and
The money will fund one Project Co-     everything you would need to
ordinator and two Support Workers       produce news sheets, reports,
and one Partnership Co-ordinator        letters, protests and petitions.
who will look into developing Social
Firms across Monmouthshire.             There is room to sit comfortably and
Regular updates on the progress of      sit and talk with others about matters
the bid will be provided in this        that are important to you, and
newsletter but if you would like any    perhaps decide what to do about
further information please contact      them.
Jen Pearce on 01291 673728.
It is almost a question of „you ask        A catalogue of items that can be
and we‟ve got it‟ – don‟t be shy to tell   borrowed is being made and will be
us what you would like to try to do or     available soon. Come and help if
develop – and we will help. We can         you want.
also help with or advise you about
transport to Usk – let us know what           Network and Forum-October
you, or your group of friends, would       The most recent Network and Forum
like to work on.                           took place on Wednesday 24th
                                           October from 1pm – 4pm at
….and, we would be very pleased to         Sessions House, Usk. It has not
hear from young people with interest       been possible to print this issue of
in, or skilled in IT and who would like    CONCUR until now, so the following
to help with poster and website            are brief notes of the meeting.
design. If this is you, then please e-
mail to        The     Forum     concentrated    on
and we will get back to you.               producing a draft response to the
                                           Stronger in Partnership II document,
New:                                       and this has now been sent to the
                                           Assembly. If you would like a copy
Copies of a summary of the main            of the response, please contact Jen
points of the new Mental Health Act        Pearce. Other Forum work included
are available from the resource            an update from Bernard Boniface,
room, and also are online at               Joint Commissioner, on training
     SpeakEasy in Mons                     being made available for the MHA
                                           2007, and progress with the Primary
Information packs on the Mental            Care     (Psychological    Therapies)
Capacity Act are available in the          project, and some details of
resource room – if this is an issue for    Bernard‟s own move to developing a
you or your family, then these packs       Low Secure unit in South Wales at
will help you.                             the end of November.
                                           Details of future events were also
CD roms containing audio pods              provided.     The Network meeting
(talks) supplied by the Royal College      which followed watched „Pillar to
of Psychiatrist can be borrowed.           Post‟ – a dvd produced by Croydon
Ring or ask for details:      01291-       Mind dealing with the difficulties
673728                                     faced by people with dual diagnosis,
Professor Thorneycroft talking about       and had the opportunity for
Stigma and Discrimination makes            discussion.
you think.

Others are being collected from            Mental Capacity Act.
different sources for people to listen
to in their own homes.                     The resource library now has a copy
                                           of the dvd (20 mins or so) produced
A dvd player can be borrowed (free)        by the Office of the Public Guardian,
so you can watch dvd‟s from our MH         dealing with the Mental Capacity Act.
& Carers library at home. Ring or          This can be borrowed or watched in
ask for details.                           the    resource    room.       Other
                                           information on the Act is also
                                        Future Meeting
Mental Health Act 2007.        Mind
Cymru is organising a series of         To give plenty of warning, there will
events for service users and carers     not be a Forum meeting in
this autumn. When details arrive we     December as most people are
will publish them.                      overloaded with things to do at that
                                        point.   However, there will be a
                                        Forum and Network on

                                           Wednesday 23rd January

                                        If you get a new diary, please write it

November Forum and Network will
be at The Sessions House Usk on
Wednesday 28 November at 1.30
                                                            Thank you
pm.    This is the final Forum and
network meeting of this year.
                                         Some members of the network and forum are
                                         unable to make the meeting on 28th November,
Forum 1.30 – 2.30
                                         but want to acknowledge the considerable
This will be Bernard Boniface‟s last
                                         practical support and commitment given to
Forum before moving on, and it is
                                         service user and carer involvement by Bernard
hoped that as many as possible will
                                         Boniface over the past two years, and to thank
try to attend. On the agenda will be:
                                         him sincerely for that encouragement. We all
                                         wish you well in the new challenge, Bernard,
   the draft leaflet about mental
                                         and you will be missed – but then we still have
   health in Monmouthshire – for
                                         the place mats!
   your comments and suggestions.

   Gwent Patient‟s Panel – some
                                                               Registered Charity No
   of you volunteered to become                                1113558
   involved, and Rhian Lewis now                               Company Limited by
                                                               Guarantee: 5590517
   wants to take up those offers.

   Any Other Business on the day.

Network 2.45 – 3.45
An opportunity to see a short video
(15 mins) about the Mental Capacity
Act, and for discussion. If there is
time we will also show the last two
speakers in the video “Listen to Me”
- part viewed in September.
Dear colleague,
I have attached details of a forthcoming event to which people who
use social care services are invited.
Would you please circulate this to anyone you feel may wish to
The paragraph below explains a little more about the day.

The event is hosted by Monmouthshire's M1 partnership:
Monmouthshire‟s MI training partnership believes that people
should receive social care support, which promotes their recovery
and independence.
When receiving social care, individuals should have the
opportunity to exercise choice and control in relation to the
services they require.
Public, Private and Voluntary Services continue to work together in
Monmouthshire to ensure that all social care staff receive the
highest quality training.
We need to know that this makes a difference to those that use our
Service users and carers are invited to join us at this special
event to let us know what else we can do to involve service users
and carers in planning and delivering training for employees and
make Monmouthshire‟s Social Care Services the best they can be.

Many thanks,
Louise George
Health and Social Care Facilitator
Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations
Holly House
Llancayo Court
Usk NP15 1HY
01291 672352
                                      What Difference Does It Make?
Public, Private and Voluntary Services continue to work together in Monmouthshire to
ensure that all staff receive the highest quality training. We need to know that this makes a
difference to you? You are invited to join us at this special event to let us know what else
we can do to involve service users and carers in the planning and delivering of training for
employees and make Monmouthshire’s Social Care Services the best they can be.

Friday 7th December 2007
 10.00- 1.00 Bridges Community Centre, Drybridge Park Monmouth

                                 LUNCH PROVIDED


                                                                        Success Stories
                                                                        Opportunities for Feedback
                                                                        Summary & Evaluation

Who should attend                        Booking your place
Anyone who is willing to offer                Please fill in the booking form below and return to –
comments or suggestions about what
we can do to make sure that service
users and carers can rely on high                  Annabelle Arnold, Training Organiser
quality services delivered by well                          Training unit, Coed Glas
trained and qualified employees                     Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP75LE
                                                   Tel: 01873735410        Fax: 01873735447

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