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									             HR Solutions Center


             Cluster 1 Modifications
                Cluster 2 Design

                September 2009
                  Next Steps
• To consolidate existing staff providing Human Resources
services and support to all “President’s Plus” Units (i.e.
UDAR, Public Safety, Legal, Public Relations/Affairs, SVP
Health) as well as the Registrar and ITS into Cluster 1 (i.e.
the OEVP HR Solutions Center).

• Create Cluster 2 by consolidating existing staff providing
Human Resources service and support to all units in
Central Provost (Undergraduate Admissions and Financial
Aid, Office of VP Student Affairs, Student Health, Athletics,
Senior Vice Provost for Research) into a second cluster
reporting into Cluster 1 Executive Director.

• Consider creating cluster 3 pilot of small school HR staff.

                 Why Cluster?
• Assures consistent application of HR policies, and
delivery of HR services

• Leverages efficiencies and economies of scale

• Avoids legal and financial risk

• Enhances ability to provide strategic HR services

• Provides seamless backup for team members’ vacations
  and other absences

• Delivers “high touch” support and service
                  Why Cluster?
• 71% of surveyed organizations have
  restructured HR within last 3 years
• Rationale cited for restructuring HR include:
     •   74% Better align HR with broad business strategy
     •   50% Changes in HR roles and responsibility
     •   29% Better serve global workforce
     •   19% Reduce HR budget
     •   12% Merger and acquisition activity
     •   10% Outsourcing

  HRSC Clusters As Colleagues To UHR
• Founded on the basis of shared resources, information
  and professional partnerships

• Partners and accesses the talent and expertise of the
  entire University HR team

• Expands the capacity of both groups to address more
  effectively employee concerns and University priorities

• Exceeds the HR service and support needs of the

Current Structure – HR Solutions Center – Cluster 1
                                    OEVP HR Solutions Center
                               984 Total Employees/ 1:109

                                         Barbara Cardeli-Arroyo
                                           Executive Director

                                                Dorothy Booker,
                                                Yvonne Forteau,
                                           Giselle Gillman, Ava Tseng
                                              HR Business Partners

                               Angela Banegas, Kyle DeJesus, Diana DeSalvo, Vacant
                                                   HR Manager
                                                    Code: 100

                                             Rashma Somwaru-Jailall
                                                 Blanca Weng
                                                 HR Generalists

                   Units Currently Supported by Cluster 1

     Controller/    Internal
                                            University HR                            Provost    Presidents
     Treasurer       Audit                                                                        Office

        FCM        Campus                     OEVP Chief                             Housing/   SVP Health
                   Services                    of Staff                              Res Ed

      Cluster 1 - Current Structure vs.
         Proposed New Structure
• Current Structure
  – Business Partners (4 FTEs)
  – Managers (3 FTEs)
  – Generalists (2 FTEs)
• Proposed New Structure
  – Senior Business Partner (1 FTE)
  – Business Partners (4 FTEs)
  – Generalists (4 FTEs)
• Rationale for New Structure
  –   Eliminates the “Manager” layer which is redundant to the “Generalist” layer
  –   Streamlines the lines of responsibility
  –   Adds greater control of the work product and enhances customer service
  –   Adds a Senior Business Partner who serves as the Cluster Team Leader
  –   FTE neutral while creating a more effective and efficient organizational
Current Structure – Possible Add-ons to Cluster 1
                                          Possible Add-ons to Cluster #1 –
                                                  OEVP Solutions

     HR/Admin Staff: 3.5   HR/Admin Staff: 1         HR/Admin Staff: 3       HR/Admin Staff: 2        HR/Admin Staff: 2
      266 Employees         28 Employees              352 Employees           124 Employees          150 Employees (200
                                                                                                      student employees
                                                                                                         not included)

                                                                                  UDAR                Public Relations/
            ITS                 Legal                 Public Safety
                                                                                   1:62                    Affairs
            1:76                1:28                     1:118

                                                                                                 *200 student employees not in
                                                                                                 total, if in total, ratio moves to:

                                               920 Total Employees

Current Structure – Possible Units for Cluster 2
                                               Current Central Provost Structure

        HR Staff: 2      HR Staff: 1              HR Staff: 1.5       HR Staff: 2     HR Staff: 2
      111 Employees     86 Employees             30 Employees       186 Employees:   70 Employees

      Undergraduate                                                Student Health
                      VP Student Affairs        SVP Research                          Athletics
       Admissions                                                      Center
                            1:86                    1:20                                1:35
          1:56                                                          1:93

                                           517 Total Employees

                       Proposed New Structure
                                     HR Sol Center Exec Director

      HR Sol Center Cluster 1 Staff                        HR Sol Center Cluster 2 Staff

Units Supported by Cluster 1 HR Sol Center Staff:    Units Supported by Cluster 2 HR Sol Center Staff:

                •Internal Audit
               •University HR
             •President’s Office
                                                                   •Undergrad Admissions
            •OEVP/ Chief of Staff
                                                                      •VP Student Affairs
                                                                    •Student Health Center
             •Campus Services
              •Housing/Res Ed
                  •SVP Health
                                                                   •Central Provost (Bobst)
                •Public Safety
              •Public Relations

Total # of Cluster 1 employees supported: 1824         Total # of Cluster 2 employees supported: 665
HR to employee ratio: 1:166                            HR to employee ratio: 1:110
                              Proposed New Structure
                                                       HR Solutions Center
                                                        Executive Director

                Cluster 1                                                                         Cluster 2
                          Sr. Business Partner               Assistant       Sr. Business Partner
                            Cluster 1 Leader                                   Cluster 2 Leader

Business      Business           Business            Business       Business        Business
Partner A     Partner B          Partner C           Partner D      Partner E       Partner F

Generalist    Generalist           Generalist         Generalist    Generalist      Generalist          Generalist
   A*            B*                   C*                 D*            E**             F**                 G**
             * Generalists ABCD function as a pool                               ** Generalists EFG function as a pool

  Total # of Cluster 1 employees supported: 1824                     Total # of Cluster 2 employees supported: 665
  HR to employee ratio: 1:166                                        HR to employee ratio: 1:110
                                                                         Central Human Resources Division

                                                                                           Catherine Casey
                                                                                  Vice President for Human Resources
                                                                                                                                                       Mirta Salomon
                                                                                                                                                     Admin Assistant Code:
                                                                                                                                                                                             Jeanette Nardella
                                                                                                                                                                                          Communications Specialist
                                                                                                                                                                                               PT Code: 100

                                                                                       Talent, Learning and Org                                                  HR Applications &                        OEVP Solutions Center
                           Benefits                      Compensation                                                    Employee Relations
                                                                                            Development                                                              Projects
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Adjunct Employee Relations

                   Margaret Meagher                   Michael Camuso                                                                                               Alfredo Braza
                                                                                             Kathryn Zukof                  Jo Katcher
                    Senior Director                       Director                                                                                                    Director                           Barbara Cardeli-Arroyo
                                                                                             Senior Director               Senior Director
                      Code: 100                          Code: 100                                                                                                   Code: 100                             Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Code: 100
                      Ron Devine
               Director of Service Delivery              Tara O’Boyle                        Kate Gaffney
                                                        Marina Kartanos                                                     Jennifer Goldman                        Mary Obermeier
                        Code: 100                     Compensation Manager
                                                                                            Deputy Director                 Amy Wright-Para                    Manager of HR Applications &                    Dorothy Booker,
                                                           Code: 100                          Code: 100                 Manager Employee Relations                      Projects                               Yvonne Forteau,
                                                                                                                                Code: 100                              Code: 100                          Giselle Gillman, Ava Tseng
                                                                                                                                                                                                             HR Business Partners
                      Christine Gould
                                                         Andrea Williams                       Eric Loffswold                                                                                                      Code:100
                Manager for Wellness Programs                                                                                                                        Monica Williams
                                                    Senior Compensation Analyst               Sharon Chavez                                                            Supervisor
                          Code: 100
                                                             Code: 100                 Manager Learning & Development                                                  Code: 100                        Angela Banegas, Kyle DeJesus,
                                                                                                 Code: 100                                                                                                 Diana DeSalvo, Vacant
                   Susanna Hollnsteiner
                   Claudine Canizzo (PT)                                                                                      HR Staff: 3                                                                        HR Manager
                                                                                              Heather Wexell                                                            Lana Dai                                  Code: 100
                                                       Bernadette Gallagher                      Manager
                                                                                                                               1:1422                         Data Manager, Adjunct Employee
                       Code: 100/110
                                                          HR Assistants                         Code: 100                                                               Relations                           Rashma Somwaru-Jailall
                        Eve Garadis                         Code: 106                                                                                                  Code: 100                                Blanca Weng
               Manager, Absence Management/                                                                                                                                                                     HR Generalists
                                                                                               Christa Miller                                                                                                     Code:100
                      Global Benefits
                                                                                                 Manager                                                             Helen Likanje
                         Code: 100
                                                                                                Code: 100                                                            Reports Analyst
                   Carrie Lee, Kerri Fata                                                                                                                              Code: 100
               Tammy Calicchio, Steven Reyes                                               Beth Strumpen-Darrie
                    Benefits Specialists                  HR Staff: 5
                                                                                                 Manager                                                             Lubica Kvietik,
                         Code:100                          1:1001                                Code: 100                                                          Ayobami Hercules
                                                                                                                                                                     Janet Murphy
                      Samantha Fudge                                                                                                                                Cynthia Whitfield                         HR Staff: 10
                    Senior Benefits Analyst                                                  Eric Vanhouten                                                           HR Assistants
                          Code: 100                                                        Employment Specialists                                                      Code: 106                                1:130
                                                                                                 Code 100
                         John Kelly
                  Benefits Financial Analyst
                                                                                                Crystal Scott
                          Code: 100
                                                                                          Learning and Development
                      Charlene Hamblin                                                            Code: 106                                                         HR Staff: 8.5
               Asst to Benefits Financial Analyst
                          Code: 100                                                                                                                                    1:589
                    Margaret Beattie (PT)
                     Benefits Coordinator

HR Staff: 14          Janice Williams                                                          HR Staff: 9
                   Senior.Benefits Assistant
  1:886                   Code: 106                                                              1:556

                  HRSC Service Provider
                    Roles & Responsibilities Overview
         STRATEGIC                                  TACTICAL

     Business Partner                             HR Generalist

Help business leaders identify and build    Advise supervisors and employees on
    climate, capabilities, behaviors,      routine to moderately complex employee
 structures, processes to support unit        relations issues, escalating highly
                strategy                          complex issues as needed

                                                  Assist Business Partners
Help managers forecast and plan talent
                                                in recruitment, performance
  pipelines in line with unit strategy
                                              management, AMI processes, etc.

                                             Assist, interpret, and communicate
  Resolve complex employee relations,
                                             University policies and regulatory
 collective bargaining and performance
  issues, escalating where appropriate

Help business leaders align performance
                                           Manage payroll processes and tracking
 metrics and evaluation processes with
                                                        of HR data
  OEVP units and University strategic

                    HRSC Service Provider
                      Roles & Responsibilities Overview

     Business Partner                               HR Generalist

                                             Strategizes and manages recruitment
 Strategizes and manages recruitment
                                                   for Grades 13 and below
       for Grades 14 and above

Communicates with Manager and assist        Communicates with Manager and assist
  in Performance Review process for           in Performance Review process for
         Grades 14 and above                         Grades 13 and below

Collaborates with the management team
to roll out AMI process and ensure that
                                                  Implements AMI processes
  it is align with University guidelines,
    business results and performance

 For On/Off Boarding, will partner with      For On/Off Boarding, will partner with
   management to ensure business               management to ensure business
  continuity for Grades 14 and above          continuity for Grades 13 and below

• Total Existing Staff      • Projected Needed Staff
        33                               17

                 Approximated savings:
              16 FTE @ $65,000 per head =

Implementation To Do List
• Identification of clusters’ location and space
• Budget creation
• Redistribution of non-HR duties:
    –   Unit budgeting; purchasing / invoice processing
    –   Coordinating requests for facilities / telecom service
    –   Coordinating maintenance on unit copiers
    –   Coordinating IT requests (requests for service, upgrades, etc.)
    –   Unit fire safety
    –   Fleet safety
    –   Site inspections / risk management
    –   Employee newsletters and communications
    –   Managing seasonal employees and other non-HR employees
    –   Other administrative tasks (managing calendars, etc.)
• Talent management of staff, i.e., recruitment, orientation, team-building


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