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Learn about hibernation with this worksheet.

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Directions: Read about animals that hibernate. Answer the questions. Then color in the animals in the picture that hibernate.
Some animals spend all winter sleeping. This is called hibernation.Animals get their warmth and energy from the food they eat. Some animals can not find enough food to eat during the winter. Because of this, they eat large amounts of food during the fall in order to build up a large storage of fat in their bodies. In the winter the animals hibernate, Because they are not active, their bodies do not need as much energy. Their bodies use the stored fat in order to survive without the animal eating all winter long. Some animals that hibernate are: bears, snakes, turtles, chipmunks, and bats. 1. What is hibernation?________________________________________ 2. When do animals hibernate?__________________________________ 3. Where do animals get their warmth and energy? __________________ 4. Do animals need more or less food while they are hibernating? ________ 5. What are 2 animals who hibernate?____________________________

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