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Bali Paradise of Indonesia by nurlinaidris


									Bali – Paradise of Indonesia

“Glorious Bali Island” – that’s the official   motto of this paradise
island, well known to the entire world since   World War II. Bali is the
most famous tourist destination of Indonesia   and preferred location for
sun lovers from the west, so undoubtedly the   next choice of had to be

Beach lovers can have a wonderful time in Bali, since day time they could
enjoy the sun and at night enjoy the dances and cultural shows on the
beach. On a full moon day the Balinese people organize special beach
games…. and guess what even a funeral is a procession and an event where
people enjoy themselves. Opt for a candle light beach dinner and we
guarantee you that the experience will be something that you will cherish
throughout your life, the Balinese dancers and singers will add icing to
this special moment.

If you are planning your trip to Bali, then its best to have some
information about its climatic conditions. Since Bali has a tropical
climate, the temperature throughout the year is not more than 26 degrees
Celsius. The dry season starts from April till September and the wet
season from October till March, and the best time to be there is from May
to August, when the sun shines bright and the uninvited drizzle keeps the
climate cool.

Water sport lovers, just should miss this place. Bali offers world class
scuba diving experience, there are special schools where one could learn
scuba diving. The coral reefs are purely untouched and display a wide
range of sea life, never seen before even on Discovery Channel. If you
like to see the corals, then make sure that you take a trip to Nusa
Penida. This beach also offers various other water sports options. For
people who are more adventurous, can go rafting in the Ayung river or try
some mountain cycling. Walking in rice paddies is also a wonderful

Bali is one of very few places of Indonesia dominated by the Hindus, who
celebrate all Hindu festivals and have retained all Hindu traditions.
Coming to the food options, Bali offers all cuisine right from Indian,
Chinese, Malaysian, Moroccan and even Mexican. One should not forget to
try the sumptuous Grilled Lobsters specially served with a typical
Balinese sauce.

For those who are not so adventurous type and like being spoilt and
pampered, then Bali is where you should head to. Apart from the beautiful
resorts like any other beach destination, you will also find beach
villas. These villas are well equipped, some with private pool, trained
cooks, maids and house boys, who just don’t leave any effort to pamper
you. Hiring a private villa could be a much cheaper and cozier experience
for those who are on a honeymoon and need some intimacy. Just like
Mauritius and Maldives, getting married in Bali is also possible.

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