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									                 Atlantic Littoral Intelligence Reconnaissance
                         and Surveillance Experiment
The Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre (CFEC) has been conducting Concept
Development and Experimentation related to the employment of Uninhabited Aerial
Vehicles (UAVs) and their potential contribution to national surveillance requirements.
The next event in this process, the Atlantic Littoral Intelligence Reconnaissance and
Surveillance Experiment (ALIX), is designed to integrate tactical, operational and
strategic decision makers within the Department of National Defence (DND) as well as
other interested government departments. The primary tool to share information will
be the Canadian Maritime Network (CANMARNET) which is an unclassified data
network maintained by DND but accessible by various departments.

ALIX will be focused around three experimental scenarios: a Sovereignty Operation in
the Arctic; a United Nations Peace Support in the vicinity of the Gulf of St Lawrence and
the Canadian Forces Base at Gagetown New Brunswick; and a Marine Security
Operation over the Grand Banks. In each case a Medium Altitude Long Endurance
(MALE) UAV will conduct a mission of about thirty hours duration and provide
information from sensors such as electro-optical, infrared and multi-mode maritime radar.
The UAV data will be shared across the network and integrated with information from
several other sources.

As a result there is potential to support the needs of other departments with respect to
surveillance requirements that coincide with the ALIX geographical areas. It is
anticipated that this support would be delivered via the CANMARNET in response to
specific requests for information submitted by a given department as part of the overall
planning for one of the three scenarios. ALIX is planned for August 2004.

For specific information about the experiment details please contact Mr. Allan Shurson,
Experiment Manager, at (613) 990-7506 or shurson.am2@ For regional
issues and details on how other departments may become involved please call Lieutenant
Commander Ian Anderson, Maritime Forces Atlantic, at (902) 427-0550 ext 3203 or

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