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					                                                                    “Striving for excellence in education by building a respectful community of active life-long learners who care about the world.”

Sha Tin Junior School                                                                                                                                                Term 2 Issue 3

                                          Principal’s Newsletter
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                                                                                     7|               SJS Exhibition
                                                                                     8|               Year 3 Learning Journey
                                                                                     11 |             Year 2 Learning Journey
                                                                                     13 |             Year 6 Student-Led Conference
                                                                                     14 |             Pupil Council - Toy Shop
      Information Evening
                                                                                     15|              SJS Book Week
                                                                                     16 |             Peter Cain meets Year 6
                                                                                        Students’ Recognition
                       Year 6 Student-Led Conference
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                                                                                        Calendar of Events
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                                                             Address:        3A Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong.                    Phone:           2692 2721
                                                             E-mail:                                                  Fax:             2602 5572
Principal’s Message

                   Dear Parents,
                      Welcome to the first newsletter of the new half term. Chinese New Year seems a while ago now, but I
                      hope you enjoyed a restful break with family.

                      We are all hoping that the current cold-snap is the last of the winter. It has been a bit of a trial to
                      keep warm over the last few days! Whilst we do have a strict uniform code at SJS, the important con-
                      sideration is that the children remain warm, so please make sure they are well wrapped up when the
                      weather is this cold.

Please also remember that we are still in the peak period for the spread of the influenza virus and remember to adhere to the
advice from the Centre for Health Protection that was outlined in our previous newsletter.

As always, SJS is a vibrant and busy community. The following pages show photos from recent events including Y2 and 3
Learning Journeys, Y6 Student-Led Conference and our Pupil Council Toy Shop. We have also welcomed visiting teachers
from HK Baptist University Affiliated Primary and Secondary School and delegates from the 21st Century Learning Confer-
ence, all of whom are interested in the work we are doing at SJS. Still to come over the next few weeks are more Learning
Journeys, Book Week, Global Arts Fortnight and World Maths Day … busy times. Please see the calendar for details.

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Principal’s Message

Council of International Schools Accreditation Team Visit

 You will be aware that our CIS Team Visit is scheduled for the week of 7th March. The Chair of the team is Mr. Fred Wesson,
 Headmaster. Canadian Academy, Kobe Japan. He will be joined by a number of other international educators from the Asia
 region to carry out an evaluation of our programme.


 In order to enhance the safety of the children at school we are looking to review and update some of our security procedures.

Supervision of Students Before and After School

 The supervision of children outside of the formal supervision hours of 8:15am – 3pm. Before school, students who are
 dropped off before 8:15am will have no formal supervision and may be asked to wait in a designated space.

 If an after school activity is organized by SJS teaching staff (Orchestra, Choir, Netball, Football clubs etc) then the chil-
 dren will be supervised by the teaching staff. At the end of the activity parents are asked to make arrangements for their
 child‟s safe return home.

 If the activity is organized by an outside agency (i.e. ESF sporting activities, musical tuition, chess, art classes etc.) we
 ask parents to help minimize the risk to children by following the guidelines …

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Principal’s Message

After School Activities

 If the activity begins later then 4pm please arrange for the child to be supervised from 3pm-4pm. They must sit with the
 supervisor and not roam around the school grounds. They may be asked to sit quietly in a designated space.
 Students waiting for siblings at Sha Tin College will now wait in the reception area at the College.

 Students should not be told to play in school to be picked up after 3pm.

We Would Ask All Parents...

 To reinforce our advice to children that, if they are unsure about what to do at the end of the school day, they should report
 to a teacher or to the school office.
 That if your circumstances change and a child will not be attending an after school activity, OR not following his/her usual
 home arrangements, particularly those children using the school bus, then written information / permission from you, in
 advance, is essential.
 To inform the school office, of any „last minute‟ changes, who will pass a message on to the teacher or bus co-ordinator at the
 end of school.
 We would ask that all children, who are not attending after-school activities, should LEAVE SCHOOL AS SOON AS POSSI-
 BLE after 3pm as there is no school supervision. Students who are waiting for parents who are unavoidably delayed will
 be asked to wait in the school foyer. This should be under exceptional circumstances only. This will minimize the risk to
 those children who tend to „play‟ after school instead of going straight home.
 Thank you very much for your support.

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Principal’s Message

Facebook Accounts

We are aware that many students at SJS have their own Facebook accounts. We will not comment on home
use, but at present we do not allow children to use Facebook at school for the following reasons;

      Users must be 13 years old to use Facebook

      Students may release personal information to strangers or even the open Internet

      There are a number of applications in Facebook which may expose pupils to bullying

                                                                       You Might
                                                                       Want to     More Info

Best regards,

Perry Tunesi

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CIS Accreditation Visit Information

 All parents are welcome to attend an information session on the CIS (Council of Interna-
 tional Schools) accreditation visit which is scheduled to take place in March. Ms. Dun-
 stan, Mr. McGuire and Mr. Eastwood will discuss the main findings of the SJS self-study
 process and outline the accreditation visit. This information session will take place in the
 school hall at 6.30pm on Monday 28th February.
                                                                                                Information Evening

 Please    Register   here for your attendance.

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SJS Exhibition

 Dear Parents of Year 6 Students,

 The SJS Exhibition is fast approaching. This is the second year we have had
 an Exhibition and we are keen to share information with you about the pur-
 poses behind the Exhibition, the type of learning that will take place for your
 child and also your role in the process.

 There will be an information evening on Wednesday 23rd February from
 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm in the Sha Tin Junior School Hall. The Exhibition is an
 important event for your child and the culminating project of his/her primary
 years programme. I hope you can join us.

 Please click to   Register   , Thank you.

                                                                                   Year 6 Exhibition from Last Year

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Year 3 Learning Journey

                                                     Photo Gallery

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Year 3 Learning Journey

                                                     Photo Gallery

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Year 3 Learning Journey

                                                 Photo Gallery

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Year 2 Learning Journey

                                                 Photo Gallery

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Year 2 Learning Journey

                                                 Photo Gallery

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Year 6 Student-Led Conference

                                                       Photo Gallery

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Pupil Council - Toy Shop

                                                              Photo Gallery

                  The Pupil Council
                 Toy Store operated
                 during all 3 snack
                 times in the morn-
                 ing and lunch times
                 in the afternoon.
                 The Pupil Council
                 Reps were the
                 „Shopkeepers‟ help-
                 ing in the store.
                We raised $11,300.

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SJS Book Week

Monday 28th February- Friday 4th March

       Book Character Parade,                                              DEAR - „Drop Everything and Read‟
        Friday 4th March                                                     is something that we will hear
            Dress up as your favourite                                      throughout the week. When you
             book character                                                  do, stop what you are doing, grab
                                                                             your book and read!                    You Might
                                                                                                                                 The Official National D.E.A.R.
            Meet on the Playground                                                                                 Want to
                                                                                                                                 Day is the birthday of beloved
                                                                                                                                 author Beverly Cleary.
             at 9:00                                                                                                Know
                                                                                                                                 For more information:
            Students hold the book                                                                                    

             their character stars in
                                                                            Year 3-4 collaborative Competition: read as much as
       Lunchtime Teacher Reading in the library- enjoy a story              possible throughout the week, complete the log in
        told by a teacher.                                                   booklets (available from Ms. Hill in the library), take
                                                                             your booklet to Miss Hill to check. Sticker will be put on
       Poster Competition                            A4 or A3 size
                                                                             the poster at the end of the day if the quota is met. We
            Whole school competition                                        want the poster complete by the end of the week.
            Motto- „Read Every Day. Lead A         Read Every Day.
             Better Life.‟                         Lead A Better Life.
            A4 or A3 accepted
            All entries to 6.3 by Friday 4th
             March 2011

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Peter Cain’s Visit

                                                                                                                      Tommy Tan and the Bowl of Time
                                                                                                                       Peter Cain got the idea for Tommy Tan, his first
                                                                                                                       novel, many years ago when he used to go to late-
                                                                                                                       night showings of Chinese films in London's Leices-
                                                                                                                       ter Square with friends who were students from the
  Peter Cain
                                                                                                                       Far East. As the cinema was right next to China-
    The book author Peter Cain will be visiting Year                                                                   town, he believes they showed Chinese films so that
    6 students on Tuesday 22nd Feb.                                                                                    the waiters from the restaurants, who finished work
                                                                                                                       late, would be able to go and see something from
                                                                                                                       home (usually Hong Kong). One animated film in
                                                                                                                       particular, entitled "Monkey-God Meets the White
                                                                                                                       Bone Demon", set Peter thinking that it would be an
                                                                                                                       idea to use the monkey-god in conjunction with
  About the Book
                                                                                                                       modern day characters. He had previously been
    It is a children's story which begins and ends in a Manchester suburb,                                             aware of Monkey through a Japanese series which
    but takes in a scary visit to Ancient China to save the pandas.                                                    was shown on UK television in the 1970s, an adaptation of "Journey to
                                                                                                                       the West". Peter then wrote Tommy Tan Time Traveller in the 1980s;
                                                                                                                       he is amused that all the references to jobs being scarce and money
                                                                                                                       being tight were as relevant then as they are now. Peter was living in
                                                                                                                       the Isle of Man when he finished the novel, and had several locations
                                                         Check out the Young Haven Book List 2011                      on the Island in mind were it ever to be filmed. Strangely enough, the
                 School Order Form
                                                         and the School Delivery Order form.
                                                                                                                       Island is now extensively used for filming (though not back then),
                                                                                                                       doubling for locations throughout the British Isles, and for the Carib-
                                                                                                                       bean in a remake of "Treasure Island" with Jack Palance!

                                                                                                                                              (Information from )
            Other works by Peter Cain                               Information from
You Might
Want to        British Imperialism, 1688-2000            
Know           Peter Cain : the Los Angeles pictures
                                                                                                                                   This Author Visit is organized by Young Haven and SJS.
               Peter Cain : more courage and less oil
               Hobson and Imperialism: Radical, New Liberal-
                ism and Finance, 1887-1938

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Students’ Recognition

I am delighted to congratulate:

         Tiffany of class 2.5 who came 2nd in 25M Board-Kicking and
         Breast Stroke for the 6 y.o. age group in the Shatin Jockey Club
         Swimming competition, and came 4th in the 25M Back Stroke
         (Tiffany and the other 3 medalists all broke the club record.)

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Students’ Recognition

I am delighted to congratulate:

          Issac of class 5.4 who was the 7th runner up in the “Student
          challengers Chess Tournament January 2011”, organized by the
          Hong Kong Chess Association.

                                                                             You Might   The top 3 players from each age
                                                                             Want to     group will also receive prize money:
                                                                                         1st   $300

           Congratulations to all our students for their achievements.                   2nd   $200

                                                                                         3rd   $100
                We are very proud of you - keep up the good work.

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                If your child has achieved something special, we
                would happy to feature their efforts in the newsletter
                if we can. Please send the details to my Communi-
                cation Officer


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February’s Calendar

                                              Calendar of Events

                February                           Event                        Links              Time
                10    Thu           Year 3 Learning Journey                Photo                      -

                15    Tue           Year 6 Student-led Conferences         Photo                      -

                17    Thu           Year 2 Learning Journey                Photo                      -

                18     Fri          Pupil Council - Toy Shop               Photo                      -

                                    CIS Information Night for Parents
                21    Mon    Hall                                                                     -
                                    (Postponed to 28th Feb)

                22    Tue           Year 5 Learning Journey                 Info     Sign Up          -

                                    SJS Exhibition
                23    Wed    Hall                                          Sign Up             6:30pm - 7:30pm
                                    Parent Information Evening

                24    Thu           Year 1 Learning Journey                 Info     Sign Up          -

                                    SJS Book Week                                                     -
                28    Mon
                             Hall CIS Information Night for Parents        Sign Up                 6:30pm

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March’s Calendar

                                        Calendar of Events

                    March                              Event                    Time
                                        Year 4 Learning Journey                  -
                1           Tue
                                        World Maths Day                  Info    -

                3           Thu         World Book Day                   Info    -

                                        Global Arts Fortnight                    -

                7           Mon
                                  SJS   Visit from Council of International
                                        Schools (CIS)

                                        Parents as Partners
                8           Tue                                                  -
                                         A Transdisciplinary Programme

                14          Mon         Year 5 Market Day                Info    -

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Contact Us

                               To Remove Your E-Mail Or
                           To Change of Your E-Mail Address

                                     Please Contact

                Address:    3A Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong.
                Phone:      2692 2721
                Fax:        2602 5572

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Year 5 Learning Journey

The Year 5 team would like to invite you to visit SJS on           The session times for your child‟s class are as follows:
Tuesday 22nd February.
                                                                       Session 1       8:45am - 10:30am           5.1, 5.2, 5.3

                                                                       Session 2      10:45am - 12:30pm             5.4, 5.5
The students will be participating in an exciting new event
called a Learning Journey. The Learning Journey is a child-
led experience, in which you will be guided to eight different
Learning Stations around the school. At each Learning Sta-         We hope to see all parents or guardians at the Year 5 Learn-
tion, you will experience some of the activities students par-     ing Journey.
ticipate in at school.

It is very important that all children have a parent or guard-
ian to host at their Learning Journey. This is a personal 1-1
experience with your child and all teachers and students           Hugh Beames
have prepared at length for the event. The activities will         Perry Tunesi
cover eight main curriculum areas. These are:

         English                 Art
         Mandarin                PE
                                                                                                                   Sign Up Now
         Maths                   Music
         Inquiry                 ICT

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Sign Up for Year 5 Learning Journey

                                            RSVP to the Year 5 Learning Journey

Child’s name: _____________________________ Child’s class ____5 .________

□ I will be participating in the Year 5 Learning Journey on Tuesday 22nd February

□ Unfortunately, I cannot participate in my child’s Learning Journey, but have nominated _______________________ to take

my place on the day.

Parent’s name: _____________________Parent’s signature: ___________________

                       Please print out and return to your child’s teacher by Monday 21st February 2011

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Year 1 Learning Journey

The Year 1 team are delighted to welcome you to visit SJS on       It is very important that all children have a parent or guard-
Thursday 24th February.                                            ian to host at their learning journey. This is a 1-1 experience
                                                                   with your child.

The children would like to share their learning journey with
you. They have been working hard at preparing the learning         We hope to see all parents at the Year 1 Learning Journey.
activities they will share with you and are very excited about
the experience. The learning journey is a child-led event.
Teachers have resourced the activities, and the children will
guide you through them independently.

The learning journey will take place for your child‟s class as

  Session 1       8:45am - 10:15am             1.4, 1.5

  Session 2       10:30am - 12:00pm          1.1, 1.2, 1.3

The activities your child will share with you cover many dif-
ferent curriculum strands including PE, music, ICT and Man-
darin. The specialist teachers will all be part of the learning
journey.                                                                                                          Sign Up Now

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Sign Up for Year 1 Learning Journey

                                                  Year 1 Learning Journey – 24th February 2011

Please print out and return to your child’s teacher by Monday 21st February.

Child’s name: _____________________________ Child’s class: ________________________________

       (Please indicate your option by ticking in the following box)

     □ I look forward to being part of my child’s learning journey.

     □ 1 Parent coming □ 2 Parents coming

     □ I cannot come to participate in my child’s learning journey.

Parent’s name: _____________________________          Parent’s signature: __________________________

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Year 5 Market Day

 On Monday 14th March, Year 5 will be holding a School              MDB. Any profits made will be used to fund a project at
 Market Day in the undercover area of the main playground.          school OR donated to a charity of the students‟ choice.
 This will be the culminating activity to our current unit of
 inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. The students‟ task
 will be to set up a market stall and sell to the Sha Tin Jun-      Suggestions for Products and Services
 ior School community a product or service. The aims will
                                                                     Second-hand goods, eg., books, soft toys.
 be to offer a product or service that is as sustainable as
 possible, as well as make a reasonable profit. Any support          Handmade items, eg., badges, friendship bracelets,
 from parents for this unit would be appreciated.                      school bag labels, origami decorations.
                                                                     Plants, eg., seed packets, small potted plants.
 Details                                                             Some food items, depending on the hygienic nature of
 Companies will consist of six members (this can be negoti-            the food (to be negotiated with teachers).
 ated with the teachers).                                            Hand-made toys, eg, finger puppets, kites, paper
 Companies will be offered a start-up loan of up to $200               planes.
 from our Market Day Bank (MDB), at a 5% interest rate.             Busking or shoe shine.
 This loan must be paid back to the MDB by the end of the
 Companies will be issued with an envelope to store money,          Mentors
 which will be safeguarded by class teachers. ALL receipts          Students may wish to find an adult mentor to help them
 for any purchased items need to be kept.                           set up their business. Mentors will be invited into Year 5 to
 To apply for this loan, companies must provide a company           talk to individual groups and give advice on their progress.
 plan. This will include:                                           This will happen on Wednesday 16th February OR
                                                                    Thursday 17th February. If you have business experience
 1. a product design;   2. marketing strategy; 3. costings.         and are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, please
 Students will complete a company spreadsheet to monitor            fill in the form below and return to your child‟s teacher.
 Students will conduct a market-research survey, to find out        Regards,
 what products/services consumers want.                             The Year Five Team
 Each company will be required to pay back the loan to the

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