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									            How to Assess and Increase Social Intelligence
Renowned psychologist E.L. Thorndike, who formulated the theory of social intelligence, said
that the term means having the ability to “act wisely in human relations.” There are
innumerable methods of examining social intelligence. However, not all the tests can assess
the social intelligence appropriately, as some of them have a heavy reliance on expressions
and words. Such tests are more appropriate for estimating abstract intelligence. Few social
intelligence testing tools measures the same by the social age.

Utilizing Social Intelligence to drive Business

However, Social Intelligence has acquired a greater and wider significance in the business
and commerce scenario. It is a doorway to people behavior. With the heightened level of
internet and online innovation, social commerce and social gaming provides an unusual
scope for enterprises to understand, observe and analyze various aspects of consumer
activities, demographic profiles and other mass behavior.

Social media intelligence is vast, intriguing and a mind-twisting subject. It is instrumental in
deriving organizational as well as consumer psychology and their disparities. Interesting as
it might seem but if not attempted with adequate guidelines and methods, it can be very
misleading. Therefore, to make the process easy for you, today there are renowned
companies that offer innovative social intelligence application solutions that help their users
by tracking information across numerous social platforms. This is churned out from the
expanding social media data.

Most service providers follow the strategy of focusing on a wider marker for social
commerce and getting actionable, valuable user insights on a real-time basis with the social
media analytics applications.

Benefits of Social Intelligence Applications

Let us have a look at the benefits of using the social intelligence solutions available today:-

       It accurately measures the effectiveness of acquisition campaigns and carries our
       funnel analysis on viral promotions and features
       Easy to set up and operate
       Helps in monitoring virtual currency monetization and other trend metrics such as
       ARPPU, ARPU, payment type, conversions and many others
       It understands the trending metrics such as ARPPU over the last thirty or sixty days
       or drill down by payment types
       Users are able to attain predictive insights into their application features that are
       used most and on what drives monetization make smarter, faster operating decisions
       It helps to create user profiles in order to target and customize application content to
       the most-engaged and valuable users, such as frequent visitors or frequent
       Users are able to derive deeper and useful insights into the demographics of users
       with information provided through Facebook’s Social Graph API

Today, eminent companies’ offers advanced social media analytics tools to various clients
and users. These tools have transformed analytics into an automated business procedure
that works towards continuously enhancing the customer’s reach, revenue and retention
campaigns. All these are aimed to increase the social intelligence.

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