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									                                                        California Rare Fruit Growers
                                                    San Diego Chapter Newsletter
                                                          Friday, December 15, 2006
                                               General Meeting & Elections: 7:00 – 7:45 pm
                                                   Holiday Dinner: 7:45 pm – 8:30 pm
                                                       Election Results: 8:30 pm
                                                          Gift Exchange: 8:45 pm

 Website: crfgsandiego.org

      Meeting Place
  Rm. 101, Casa del Prado,
 Balboa Park, San Diego CA
                                                      Holiday Party & Elections
                                              Come celebrate the holidays with us.
  Chair: David Silverstein                       Buffet style “potluck” dinner.
   chair@crfgsandiego.org                   The Chapter will provide ham and turkey.
                                                 Remember to bring your favorite
  Vice-Chair: Paul Fisher                        dish to share. We’ll have the
  Membership and Treasurer                       Election Results during dinner.
       619/ 440 2213                                Gift Exchange to follow.

      Facilities Team:
B arry Resetco 858/278-3732
                                The View from the Chair
                                         It is election time. And we find ourselves in an unusual position. Two
Jack Skeels 619/465-3312
                                important offices are actually contested. This does not fit into our usual political
   Librarian: Oscar Butler      model. The usual procedure is to beg someone to do the job, and to double up on
         858/458-3533           jobs when nobody will volunteer. The present situation is wonderful. The
  librarian@crfgsandiego.org    members are actually going to be able to make a choice between candidates and
                                the candidates are actually competing to show who will be better for the Chapter.
  Newsletter Editor: Cielo      This can only benefit the Chapter.
  editor@crfgsandiego.org                And I have to say this, even though all of you already know it. We are
                                voting for the best interests of the Chapter. The election is not a popularity contest.
    Program and Event
                                (And it sure is no beauty contest.) We candidates must not take any of it
 Jim Neitzel,, 619/262-8959     personally and we voters must not make it a question of who we like the best
Mike McCright 619/384-1989      personally. The question is also not one of who has done most for the Chapter,
                                though that is relevant. The real question, the ultimate question, is who is most
     Secretary: vacant          likely to do the best job for the Chapter in the office that they are running for.
                                         Alright, enough about elections. This may be my last "View from the
                                Chair", so I want to say thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the Chapter. It
Webmaster: Jose M. Gallego      has been fun. I hope that the Chapter is more vigorous and viable than it was four
 Director of National Affairs
                                years ago when I took it over. (I wish that I were as well.)
                                         I also want to tie up one loose end from a few months ago. Fittingly
                                enough, it is a pomegranate loose end, the Green Globe tasting results. As you
                                remember, I left you with several well formed fruits hanging on the tree and a lot of
                                conflicting opinions about the fruit. Well, to make a long story short, we (my family
  For membership, please mail   and I) ate the fruit. We found them to be delicious and definitely worth growing.
  your Application/Renewal &
                                The remark I heard a while back about "seeds hard enough to break your teeth"
           Check to
                                was not true but did have some truth to it. The seeds are noticeably harder and
   CRFG, San Diego Chapter      larger than those of Wonderful. But the hardness is not tough, fibrous or woody. I
       C/O Paul Fisher          would say that the seeds are crunchy and pleasant. The hard seed effect is also
   1266 Vista Del Monte Dr.     set off by the fact that the arils themselves are large, firm and juicy. They also
     El Cajon, CA 92020         have a pleasant pink color and a sweet flavor with a fruity aroma. I think that the
                                key to their best quality is to wait until they are really and truly ripe. We waited until
                                they started cracking. I'll bring some cuttings to the scion exchange.
December 2006                       California Rare Fruit Growers – San Diego Chapter                          Page 2

The View from the Chair (continued)                            Fruit Table
Take care, and I will see you at our Holiday Party.            Thanks to the following members for helping set up and
                      David Silverstein                        bringing offerings to our wonderful fruit table: David
                                                               Archer, Cielo, Paul Fisher, Sharon Hall, Belinda
                                                               Mandeville, Leo Manuel, Jim Neitzel, Jack Skeels
                                                               and Alice & Dick Snow. Did we miss anyone?
              At the Last Meeting
                                                               Holiday Potluck Sign-ups
The Nominations                                                Thanks to the following members who have signed up
The following members have accepted their                      to share their delicious main dish, a side dish, and/or
nominations for the following positions (in alphabetical       desserts: Barb Alvarez, June Andersen, Vivian
order). Each candidate running for contested seats was         Blackstone, Cielo, Jose Gallego, Ron Hurov, Phil
invited to participate in “Candidates Forum” in 250            Jackstill, The Krepak’s, Mike McCright, Jim Neitzel,
words or less discussing his top 3 goals for the Chapter       Alice Snow, Aaron St. John, and Janet Wanerka. If
and how he plans to achieve them. Candidates running           you miss the sign up list, we’d be happy to enjoy
unopposed were asked to write a short bio of                   whatever you bring!
themselves and why they’ve accepted their

          1. Chair              Jose Miguel Gallego                          Candidates’ Forum
        (contested)              David Silverstein
       2. Vice Chair                Paul Fisher                                       1. Chair
        (contested)               Mike McCright
       3. Treasurer                Zhenxing Fu
       4. Secretary                Barb Alvarez
                                                               J   ose M. Gallego (for Chair)
                                                                             I have been a member for about 12 years,
                                                                    and during this time held elective positions of Chair
                                                     – 4 years, Vice Chair – 2 years, and a CRFG Inc.
                                                               member of Board of Directors – 2 years. Some of my
The Program: Pruning of Deciduous Fruit Trees                  notable accomplishments were Festival of Fruit 1998,
          Our speaker for November was our own                 first Chapter and Fruit Festival with approved domain
member, Tom Del Hotal, who gave us an exceptional              name and a web site (since1997), a collaborative effort
demonstration and slide show on how to properly prune          with the North County Chapter to renovate the sub-
fruit trees. Here are a few things that I gleaned from his     tropical garden at Quail Gardens, and organized many
talk.                                                          field trips.
          Do not "top off" your trees, not even fruit trees.             I have a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. I work
Leaf mass helps produce fruit. The tips have a hormone         for the City of San Diego for the last 17 years where I
that stimulates root development – especially necessary        am a Laboratory Quality Assurance/Data Manager, and
for bare root trees. Yes, this is contrary to what many        supervise a group of scientists. I have published two
others teach. But to tell you the truth, it makes much         computer books, hold two patents and written many
better sense to me.                                            scientific articles in the areas of chemistry, physics,
          To reduce the size of a tree, prune a long           computers and physiology. I enjoy toiling in my garden,
branch to a lateral branch. If there is no lateral branch      where I grow over 120 fruit trees.
yet, do not prune. Wait until next year. Proper pruning                  I am running for your Chair because I truly
will cut the time it will take you to prune in future years.   believe what our Chapter and parent organization stand
          Prune with the 4 D's in mind: dead, damaged,         for. Here are my top 3 goals:
diseased, or dysfunctional branches.
                             Prune:                            1. Create Charter Rules to define roles and
1. to the top of the collar of a branch to give light to the   responsibilities of all elected and appointed positions,
fruit for structural strength bottom branches – the down       2. Establish a yearly operating budget,
turning stem of a branch. angles that are 30 degrees or        3. Continue to educate our members and share our
less.                                                          knowledge of rare fruits to benefit our community.
2. co-dominate leaders for better fruit production to
open the center in a vase shape. Mid December to                      I endorse Mike McCright for Vice Chair to help
early spring. Summer pruning can invite bores.                 me implement these goals. We will make a great team
          Tom invited us to take a pruning class which he      to do better for our Chapter. Please visit my website
teaches in January through the ROP program at                  where we document our schedule of action items
Southwestern College. There is no cost.             by Barb    www.JoseforPresidente.losgallego.com
December 2006                     California Rare Fruit Growers – San Diego Chapter                        Page 3

Candidates’ Forum (continued)                              1. Successful 2007 Festival of Fruits. I have led the
                                                           Event Committee in helping design and implement the

D    avid Silverstein (for Chair)
                 I’m an Environmental Attorney with the
      Navy; and I've been Chair of our Chapter for the
                                                           format, speakers, tours, and food and festivities. I want
                                                           to continue to help steer this festival toward success!
                                                           2. Contribute to the Community. This can be done by
last four years.                                           bringing our horticulture knowledge to the youngsters of
           I've stepped up our public relations /          our community. Having an improved financial outlook
advertising relative to what it was prior to my term.      now allows us to begin donation of time and materials
Examples: regular announcements in Union Tribune           to our new outreach program, featuring all methods of
(UT) and Reader; major article by an important garden      growing fruits and vegetables, to schools and
writer in the Sunday UT last year; and two                 institutions of our choice.
presentations to outside garden clubs.          This has   3. Maintain the Club’s financial health. Money in
brought many visitors and kept membership numbers          itself is unimportant; however, it will provide us options
very robust.                                               for furthering our mission.
          I added the Labor Day Plant Sale to our                        
Calendar. Treasury is at 8,000 dollars and we've added
a computer and projector to bring our capacity to
assemble presentations and host speakers. We've had
great speakers some of which I arranged personally.
          I've also maintained a relationship with the
                                                           M     ike McCright (for Vice Chair)
                                                                           In the last newsletter, our chair, David
                                                                 Silverstein wrote that our Club needed some
                                                           change. Two-three months ago a few people called me
USDA germplasm repository system, which has
                                                           and were trying to understand some of the
assured us access to rare cuttings and a case of rare
                                                           developments that had occurred and also expressed a
pomegranate varieties for tasting last year.
                                                           desire for some changes in our club. I agree that we
          Everything "I" did was done as part of a team,
                                                           need some changes in the way we do business,
as is all I will do if elected. These are my goals:.
                                                           indoctrinate new members, dispense club funds and
                                                           interact with our own members as well as outside
1. By-laws. A board approved draft in the Newsletter
                                                           chapters. When discussing potential changes in people
by March.
                                                           and policy, with some of our members, I was asked if I
2. Community outreach. Craft a proposal for high
                                                           would accept a nomination for office.
schools. More outside speaking dates by more of our
                                                                    This is a crucial year for our chapter. The Fruit
experts. Better staffing of the various fairs and shows:
                                                           Festival is coming in 9 months and there is much to
an award system for participators.
                                                           prepare for. The chair and vice chair positions will be
3. Expand relationship with germplasm preservation
                                                           stretched thin. I brought up Jose Gallego as my
system by contributing more material, data and political
                                                           recommendation for this year’s Chair. Jose was Chair
assistance to repositories and botanical gardens to
                                                           for four consecutive years and led Fruit Festival 98.
further the preservation of germplasm, knowledge about
                                                           After much discussion with Jose and other seasoned
rare fruit, and our access to the rare plant material.
                                                           members, I agreed to be vice chair, covering Jose’s
                                                 back and covering all the bases. I am now retired and
                                                           have more time to devote to the needs of our Club. I
                   2. Vice Chair                           look forward to developing the by-laws for our Club,
                                                           developing a consistent disbursing program and also
                                                           beginning a new member mentoring program.
P   aul Fisher (for Vice Chair)
              I've been a CRFG member since 1998. I
      am the current vice-President, Treasurer, and
                                                                    I am currently the Events Coordinator along
                                                           with Jim Nietzel, I was also the Editor and the Vice
                                                           Chair before Paul Fisher and David took office.
Membership Director of the San Diego Chapter along
with being the 1st Vice-President of CRFG Inc., our                      
Chapter’s parent organization. I am the CEO and CFO
of one of San Diego's premier health club chains,                               3. Treasurer
Fitness World and Women’s Fitness World. I also run
my own nursery, Merritt Mountain Nursery where I own
and manage a collection of over 600 different varieties
of fruiting plants and trees. I have helped grow our
                                                           Z   henxing Fu
                                                                        I have been a CRFG member since 1998
                                                               and had served as newsletter editor for two years. I
treasury from almost nothing to over $8000 through         have a Ph.D in biomedical science and have been
plant sales, improved advertising and promotion, and
                                                           working at UCSD medical school as a project scientist
increased membership signups. At every meeting, I am       since 1990. I am married with two kids in their
the first one there to set up our meeting room, and also   midteens. I would be very glad to accept the nomination
provide fruits from my own nursery to our tasting table.   as a treasurer for the Chapter since I think I am young
My top three goals are:
                                                           and energetic, and most importantly, I love our Chapter
                                                           and want to do something which I can do for her.
December 2006                    California Rare Fruit Growers – San Diego Chapter                         Page 4

Zhenxing Fu (continued)
                                                                                   Gift Exchange Ideas
        I had been the treasurer of San Diego Hua Xia
Chinese School for three years (2000-2003) when my                              If you plan to participate in the Gift
kids were enrolled in the school, so that experience                            Exchange,      here      are    some
should help me serve our Chapter well.                                           suggested gift ideas to take the
                                                                     stress out of gift-giving: horticulture
                                                                           or garden books, a fruiting tree or
                                                                       flowering plant, a bag of bulbs (tulips,

B    arb Alvarez (for Treasurer)
     I am a San Diego native, returning seven years
     ago. I am thrilled to finally have my Lemon Grove
                                                          narcissus, daylilies, etc.) small garden tools – gloves,
                                                          knee pads, and pruning shears. Give what you would
                                                          like to receive – but be reasonable. Keep a budget --
home where I can attempt to grow plants of a food         $5 minimum.
bearing nature. A CRFG member since 2003, I used to
think the group just grew strange exotic things, but I
have learned so much while being a member. I have
even eaten a fruit which I have successfully grafted to   December Garden Tips
my own trees!
          To my friends I am a fanatic about plants, so   Gardening must-dos are minimal this
to be around others who also have this same love is a     month, giving you more time to focus
wonderful thing. I am also a grower of Epi hybrids and    on the holidays!
have served on various positions for other boards.
                                                               Don't fertilize or water roses this month. They
                                                                need to harden off for winter. However, in
                                                                desert areas you may want to give them an
                                                                occasional drink if you think they need it.
                          Election Ballot                      This month is a great time to transplant. Just be
                                                                sure to keep new transplants well-watered if the
                 Please sign in at the Greeter’s                weather is mild and dry.
                   Table to receive your ballot.               Finish your planting of pre-chilled spring bulbs,
                     Present your December                      such as tulips and hyacinths.
                    Newsletter – showing the
             membership expiration date on                Planting Bare-Root Trees, Shrubs, and Roses --
     your address label. This date must be                Finish planting bare-root trees, shrubs, roses, and
                                                          vegetables. But hold off planting tropicals until next
         December 31, 2006 or later.
                                                          spring. It's still too cold.
 If your December Newsletter is not available, please
            check at the Greeter’s desk to
                                                          Smart Pruning -- Prune deciduous fruit trees once
            verify your membership status.
                                                          they've gone dormant and dropped their leaves.
                                                               Cut back dormant grapevines. A bonus: The
         Welcome New Members!                                     cuttings make great wreaths!
       1.   Sharron Hall                                       Stimulate wisteria by cutting it back now. Cut
       2.   David F. Long                                         back the long, thin branches that appeared this
       3.   Belinda Mandeville                                    season alongside or entangled with the older
       4.   Eugene Marley                                         wood. Leave two or three buds at the base of
                                                                  the branch.

              Opportunity Table                           Set out a nice big basket to hold all those garden
Thanks to the following members for contributing to our   catalogs that have started arriving already so you can
Opportunity Table:        June Andersen, Vivian           read them after the holidays, at your leisure.
Blackstone, William Chow, Mike McCright, guest
John Prince, and Alice Snow.         There will be no     Vegetable Garden -- Keep up with the harvest in the
Opportunity drawing at the December meeting. We’ll        veggie garden and plant more, if desired. You can plant
have our Gift Exchange, instead. Thanks to all the        artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, Brussels
members for their year-long support! Jack Skeels          sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, greens,
                                                          kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, peas, potatoes, and radishes
December 2006                      California Rare Fruit Growers – San Diego Chapter                      Page 5

      Calendar of                                                         Announcements
                                                            Principles of Pruning Fruit Trees & Vines
                                                                         Instructor: Tom Del Hotal
                                                                        Southwestern College
Master Gardeners Hotline                                        6 - 8pm Thursday or 3:30 - 5:30 pm Saturday
Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm,                                 Class begins 1/18/07 and Ends 3/3/07.
The Master Gardener "Hotline" will answer your                              Saturday Class Meets:
questions on home gardening and pest control. FREE!                     1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/24, 3/3
 Info: 858/694-2860 or www.mastergardeners                       Not for College Credit – No fees required.
sandiego.org                                                           www.swc.cc.ca.us/index.asp or
Quail Botanical Garden’s Holiday Garden of Lights
 Dec. 7-10, 14-23, 5 – 9 pm: “Garden of Lights,”          December 10-25: Enjoy the holiday festivities on
After the sun goes down, the Gardens are transformed       Christmas Card Lane!          Life-size greeting cards,
into a dazzling winter wonderland with 90,000+             cartoon characters, hay-rides and good cheer await you
sparkling lights illuminating the plants and trees for a   in Rancho Penasquitos.. Park your car near Oviedo
magical holiday experience. Enjoy numerous activities,     Street and Black Mountain Road 92129 between 6pm
including holiday crafts, marshmallow roasting, visits     and 8pm. Walk west on Oviedo and then turn left on
with Santa, musicians and refreshments. And the            Ellingham. If you wish, knock on the door of the
Garden of Lights will take on a new hue this year and      Nutcracker house and be our guest. Pizza and cheer is
years to come thanks to a gift of LED lights from San      never a problem in our kitchen! - Richard & Sue Frost.
Diego Gas & Electric. Cost of admission: $8 Adults; $6
Members, Seniors, Active Military and Students.; $3
Children Ages 3-12; Children under 3 Free. Info:           Subscribe to Leo & Betty Manuel’s “Rare Fruit News
760/436.3036 x206 or www.qbgardens.org                                             Online!” FREE! send email
 Tours every Saturday at 10 am, Free with                                         to: rarefruit@san.rr.com
admission.      Meet at Visitor’s Center.        Info:                              with your name, city, email
760/436.3036 x206 or www.qbgardens.org
                                                                                     address, fruit trees you’re
San Diego Floral Association
                                                                                   growing, and what fruit trees
December Nights Celebration in Balboa Park                                              you’d like to grow.
Fri., Dec. 1 – 5pm to 9pm
Sat., Dec. 2 – noon to 9 pm
Room 101 of Casa del Prado will be transformed by                   Merritt Mountain Nursery
San Diego Floral Association and its affiliated garden     10% Off to all CRFG Chapter Members on all fruiting trees
clubs and societies into a holiday wonderland of                       By Appointment Only - Paul Fisher
“Celebrations Around the World.” Free.  Info:                        619/322-4141 or mageethor@aol.com
619/232-5762 or www.sdfloral.org

San Diego Horticultural Society
                                                           Next Newsletter Issue:
                                                           1. Tom Del Hotal shares his pictures of the Pitaya
Dec. 11, 7 pm: Bonsai/Tray Landscapes by Bonsai
                                   th                      (Pitahaya) Festival held in Cal-Poly Pomona in October
Master Phil Tacktill and 12       Annual Cookie
Exchange at the Surfside Race Place at the Del Mar
                                                           2. The Chapter Survey Report by Richard Frost
Fairgrounds on Jimmy Durante Blvd. in Del Mar             3. An article on “The Importance of Worms in the
Info 760/730-3268 or www.sdhortsoc.org                     Garden,” including how to make “worm tea.”

Water Conservation Garden
 Dec. 16, 10 am – 12 pm, “Designing Landscapes
with Native Plants” taught by Greg Rubin.         $7
member; $10 nonmembers. Register Early.           10
student minimum to hold class.
 Sat. 10:30 am, Sun 1:30 pm: Docent tours of the
Xeriscape garden. Free.  Info: http://thegarden.org
or 619/660-0614 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. West,
El Cajon
December 2006                         California Rare Fruit Growers – San Diego Chapter                                  Page 6

                                          Membership and Renewal Application
                                   San Diego Chapter of California Rare Fruit Growers

                        First            Middle Initial           Last
City_____________________________________State______________Zip__________ Phone____________________
Email Address____________________________________SD Chapter Newsletter delivery: Email or US Post Mail
                                        (Please Circle Your Choice. If there’s no selection, the default is by Email.)
        Special Gardening Interests_____________________________________________________________
        Current member of the CRFG Inc. Yes____No___ Member Number/Exp. Date_______________

New Members: CRFG Inc. Membership Dues + San Diego Chapter Membership Dues. You must join both!
Renewal Members: Your CRFG Inc. Membership must be current.
Membership Term CRFG Inc. Dues                  + SD Chapter Dues = Total Dues             California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG
  Single Year       $30                               $13             $43                  Inc.) is a parent organization of SD
  Three Years       $87                               $38            $125                  Chapter. Membership to CRFG Inc.
                                                                                           includes Fruit Gardener, a bimonthly
magazine distributed to current members and contains articles about fruits and vegetables of general interests. For more information
on CRFG Inc., please visit www.crfg.org
                                                                                                               Mail to:
Complete this application and mail with your payment Or Bring to the December Mtg.                           Paul Fisher
                                                                                                      1266 Vista Del Monte Dr.
For more information: 619/440-2213 or                                                                    El Cajon CA 92020
email: vicechair@crfgsandiego.org

                    Cut Here                      

CRFG San Diego Chapter
Cielo, Newsletter Editor
c/o 4722 Coronado Ave.
San Diego CA 92107

                       ***Do you have something to share?
                       Articles must be received no later than
                       the 10 th of the month.
                       ***Save a tree and sign up for the E-
                       Newsletter by email. Send your request
                        to editor@crfgsandiego.org

Friday, Dec. 15: Holiday Party & Elections

    Please bring your December
   Newsletter showing your Membership
 Expiration Date – on your address label – to the
 Greeter’s Table to receive your Election Ballot.
In order to vote, your Membership must be good
        thru December 31, 2006 or later.

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