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					                             REDOND O BE A C H Y A C H T C LUB                         September 2010           RE
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                                  Sail Tales                                           Volume 4 Issue 7
                                                                                       February 2011

                                    Volume 1 Issue 3
                             Sail Tails                                                                         Sa
                                 The Redondo Beach Yacht Club
                          210 Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach, Ca 90277
                            F rom the Helm
                                                                                Judy Robelotto
                                                                                 E ditor
  Volume V Issue 1 & 2                                                      February 2011

  C alendar of E vents      !"##"$"%&'()#&((*+&                                       C alendar of E vents      !"

                            It is with a saddened heart that I must announce the passing of one of              It is
    Sept. 17th is
    party night at
                                            News From the Helm
                            +<:&$$3,=$>':"*'$,*$=):&$9?@.$!*$A"="()$BC .    th
                                                                                   Sept. 17th is
                                                                                   party night at
    the C lub. See                                                                 the C a courageous
                            For all that knew and loved Jeep, his passing came after lub. See                   For
    you there!!!!!!                                                 Craig fight! there!!!!!!
                                                 Commodore without aMiller
                            battle of illnesses and Jeep did not go                you                          bat
                            A memorial service is planned for September 18 and all details will                 Am
                            be posted in this newsletter. our 50th anniversary as a yacht club.
                                             This year marks                                                    be
         Board of Directors
  O ct. 2 O ktoberfest                    We were dedicated in 1961 as the PalosO ct. 2 O ktoberfest
                                                                                 Verdes Yacht
  Dinner and General        K athi Sheridan
                Flag Officers                                                   Dinner andin
                                          Club and then in 1981, when the current facilities General            Ka
  M eeting                  Commodore                                           M eeting                        Co
                                               King Harbor were completed, we celebrated our new
 Commodore                 Craig Miller        home with a new name; Redondo Beach Yacht Club.
 Vice Commodore            Patrick Shuss
 O ct. 17 M ystery C ruise Jill Lindsey
 Rear Commodore                                                                        premier ystery
                                               Over time, our Club has proven to be aO ct. 17 Msail- C ruise
 Jr. Staff Commodore Kathi Sheridan            boat racing club; allowing racers the opportunity to
 Treasurer                 Rick Aburto         enjoy a sailing program to learn and grow their skills
 Secretary                 Toni Denton         and become competitive sailors.

 Social Committee And                                                                 Social club
                                               In the recent years, we have rounded out our Committee
 B ruce Neighbors, K athi                                                              B fleet mem-
                                               benefits with a growing group of power ruce Neighbors, K athi
 Sheridan, Toni Denton,
                          Ana MacKenzie                                               Sheridan, Toni Denton,
 Dorian H ar ris, G ary Woody Johnston
  Port Captain                                 bers as well as a host of outstanding social events.ris, G ary
                                                                                       Dorian H ar
 LSail Racing Chair
   ehto, C raig M iller,  John Ellinwood                                             L ehto, C raig M iller,
 Jill L insey,
  Power Fleet             Carlos Perez                                          and insey,
                                         We will continue with these traditions Jill Leach of
  Sail Fleet              Rich McDaniel                                         PatrickShuss
                                         you, our members, can enjoy and be a part of what
  Historian              Bruce Neighbors shall, as time passes, be treasured memories.
                            MOVIE NIGHT/COOK YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!                                                  MO
 Donna Bardin, Patty                                                             Donna Bardin, Patty
 Cotta, Patrick Shuss                     This is your Club. Participate and enjoy it. I’m here Shuss
                 Directors Bring the popcorn, bring something to cook, just Cotta, Patrick watch
 Renee W arnacutt,
                                                                                  show up and
                                                                                 Renee W arnacutt,
                                          to help you achieve these goals. Let me know how to
             Thomas Bowling movie! Join other movie buffs at the club.
 Susan Neighbors,          the                                                   Susan Neighbors,               the
                 Jerry Edwards            make our Club and our Club experience better.
For more details/event Hofbauer                                                     For more details/event
Information, go to:Gary Lehto
                              SUNDAY,         SEPTEMBER 26TH
                                               Thank you all                        Information, go to:
www.redondobeachyachtclu                                                            www.redondobeachyachtclu             Ross Moore                                              
                   Mike Verla
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                                                                             February 2011

                                               Racing Stripes
                                               Vice Commodore Patrick Shuss

          The second race of the year was met with blue skies, flat seas, and enough wind for
  almost all of the competitors to finish the race. A fleet of 12 boats entered with two from Ma-
  rina del Rey.

        The boat Ono bested the field in the very competitive "A" fleet. The "B" fleet was
  shown the way by Hope II. Many thanks to Paul Iden for allowing the club to use his boat for
  Race Committee.

           Director Steve Hofbauer brought the Sea Scouts of SHIP 11 - SSS Spartans. They ea-
  gerly volunteered to help on the committee boat and to join some of the racers. Thanks to the
  racers who lent some of their expertise to these young sailors. We look forward to another
  visit from these fine future mariners.

    After the race, the Vice Commodore
    hosted the seminar, “How to Race Your
    Cruising Sailboat for Fun.”
    For those of you who missed it, Patrick
    said he would likely repeat the seminar
    some time in March before the beginning
    of the Tuesday evening racing series.
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                                                                                                                                                                           February 2011
  !   -.50%&%80$9!:-4&%.1$!;<=>!.69!,?$!*%1$!4&%*&4!%&!=@AA!?*4!%.+!0%4&4!%823&!@!?*49!B$$!C=D$
  !  2.$!J(K!*%1$9!:-4&%.1$!-4!L9M!'!>!.6!$%1?!*%1$9!J%1$!N=!4&%*&4!%&!=@AA!?*49!B$$!C=D!
  !   %.+!*$&3*.9!:-4&%.1$!-4!Q<=>!.69!J%1$!4&%*&4!%&!=@AA!?*4!%.+!0%4&4!%823&!@!?*49!!B$$!C=D$
  !   :-4&%.1$!-4!=A!<!=;!.69!,?$!*%1$!4&%*&4!%&!=@AA!?*4!%.+!0%4&4!%823&!@!?*49! !!B$$!C=D$
  !   UV3**-1%.$!W301?X9!YT$*R2.$!4%-04!L@!.69!Z22.!4&%*&!5*26!S!6%*O9!B$$!C@A![0%&$\!C@]^$
  IHRH.4$!"$K$P3O2$LI%W7%$D7D3%5IF$K$G4$4!%.!-.50%&%80$!23&4-+$!25!B9!:-4&%.1$!                                                                                                                           !
  !  -4!;!<!=D!.69!S&%*&4!%&!S!6%*O!%&!=@AA!?23*49!"823&!L9]!?*49![_34-1!%&!J#HK^!B$$!C=D!
  !   c5!@!$.&*-$4!6IFE!"$[123*4$4!25!;'=M!.6^\!2*$DI%E!X!$[LO%8E*$123*4$4^\!2*!! !
  !   DI%527%$[.2.'4F-..%O$*!10%44\!123*4$4!25!;'=M!.6\!1*3-4$*'%+d34&$+!*%&-./9^!
  !   e!PVJB!Yf3-F6$.&![K%&$/2*R!M!*%1$^9!Yg1$F&!)?$*$!I\!34$!"*$%!J(K!*%&-./49!327$
  $   N7.5R2$10%44!*30$4!%.+!4%5$&R!$f3-F9!%FF0R9!DI%527%.Z!.$$+!1*$)!25!Lh\!%.1?2*\!
  !   1?%-.!%.+!*2+$\!.2!5*$$'50R-./!?$%+4%-0\!.2!)?-4O$*!F20$!a!=9Mi\!6%R!%++!1*3-4$*!%+d49!
  !   J%1-./!J30$4!25!S%-0-./![26-&!JJS!@]\!>>^l!*30$4!-.!&?-4!ZEJ\!-.!&?$!*%1$!ZEJ!%.+!Sc\!
  !   *30$4!4&%&$+!%&!$.&*R!2*!?%-0$+!3.+$*!F$50%/9!c5!&?$R!12.50-1&\!0%&$4&!*30$49!
  !            &?24$!)?2!4&%*&!%00!83&!%&!624&!2.$!*%1$!25!&?24$!126F0$&$+9!E&?$*4!4?%00!8$!*$62T$+!5*26!&?$!4$*-$4!
  !            4F*$%+4?$$&\!%.+!&?$!4$*-$4!$.&*%.&4!*$412*$+!34-./!JJS!(2)!P2-.&!S12*-./!%.+!JJS!";!%.+!"Q9!
  !            Y%1?!$.&*%.&!4?%00!&?*2)!23&!2.$!)2*4&!412*$!5*26!126F0$&$+!*%1$4\!%.+!&?$!&2&%0!25!?-4!*$6%-.-./!
  !            412*$4!4?%00!8$!*%.O$+9!S$*-$4!&*2F?-$4!)-00!8$!%)%*+$+!-.!:$1$68$*j$2.$!-5!@'M!-.!10%44\!&)2!-5!]<>9!
  !            ,?$!)-..-./!82%&!25!$%1?!10%44!)-00!8$!-662*&%0-m$+!2.!&?$!J$+2.+2!#$%1?!S$*-$4!P$*F$&3%09$
Page 4
                                                                              February 2011

                                      Race Chair Report
                                                    John Ellinwood

                                We ran our first race on Jan 15. It was the Gail and Frank Hine
                                Regatta. Gail had led PVYC twice and rescued our trophies
                                from the Lady Alexandra as our clubhouse was sinking. Frank
                                had led us a year also. The turnout was four in A Class and five
in B Class. We never get three Mariners on weekends. The format was new - one windward-
leeward race followed by a race with a reach and a finish at the harbor entrance. The corrected
times were added. This format appeals to me (and others) so we will use it also for the John
Walti Memorial Raegatta on March 12.

        We ran our second race on Feb 5. This was the first race in our Redondo Beach Series of
six races and had nine boats in class A and three in Class B. All but one boat had kudos despite
the light wind (5 - 6 kts). The one was Meimi with a handicap of 275 who could not finish and
report by 5:15. Everybody else finished by 4:31. There are two ways to avoid this next time - fly
a spinnaker or get two more boats to race nonspinnaker, then I can give Meimi and them a
shorter course than the class B course.

        This Feb 5 race had one other problem. It needed a temporary mark out near the PV Pt.
bell, so I planted an inflatable using a concrete block and heavy cotton twine as ground tackle on
Friday. The buoy floated into shore Friday night, so the committee boat (with Paul Iden skipper,
Patrick and I, and five sea scouts) had to sit at the specified mark location for two hours instead
of lunching in the harbor. No big deal. I have recovered the inflatable and replace the cotton
twine with heavy sisal (comes from an agave plant so is also biodegradable). Anyway, we want
to thank Paul for helping with his boat for both races. Next race we will be helped by Staff Cmdr
Carlos Debonis who also has a powerboat.

        Our neighbor KHYC is also beginning the racing season with Spinnaker Series #1 (2/
12), the SCYA Midwinters (PHRF and Cal 20 classes) on 2/19 and 2/20, and Spinnaker Series
#2 on 3/26.

        But the big event in March is 3/22 when RBYC begins its famous Tuesday evening races
that run weekly until mid September. These not only provide for two spinnaker classes, they also
always have a Mariner nonspinnaker class that this year will start at 6:30. So, get your crew to-
gether and leave work a little early if necessary, because even better than the one-hr race is the
rowdy party (with burgers or a hot alternative) that follows.

All of these races (Notice, Sailing Instructions and Results) and social events are posted a few
weeks in advance on our website at
Page 5
                                                                                                      February 2011

Race Results for the Second Race in the 2011 Redondo Beach Series

   !"## $%&'()                            *&+,-                ./01/230145   6                       789:5   *&;           !"#$
  $<=+2&2>                            ?@A1B,5 ##            22222C8B/09D,5 ##E" ./01/,:20/ #FG"*                 3245 678
   &(9:0&;         <"9-            (=:44,>         &&801?       &&@*A&BC4,   &324    D:$:+#B:E,   &F00"G9$/, H094+IF00"G    &J-+
   KLMMN     )')             O900"G9CPD"0=E9$     Q3R8        )0+"$&ST     SU       NMVKWVSM      TVTUVSU     LVLKVMW        #
     NLX     Y9>=&Z&(-">EC   F0:/:9&@:$9$9        Q3R8        3,$2,>+$KT KX         NMVK[VM[      TVTWVTX     LVLSVSW        !
   SLWMW     B:AA,>          D>,2P(1\&8"-->,00    Q3R8        !&KK         US       NMVSWVSX      TVNMVLS     LVLWVLM        F
   S[KUT     F],-            81>-&!"#$+"$         8R8         !IUT        NTU       NMVMUVKU      TVNXVSU     LVKKVMT        S
   SLKTN     (:2,=:/=        <:00&^,?+-,>         Q3R8        !&KW         WM       NMVMSVMS      TVNKVSM     LVK[VTX        M
   M[NK[     <,009&_:-9      @9>-C&<1>=,          Q3R8        <,$&K[`W     UN       NMVMXVTS      TVNSVMN     LVKXVNK        [
   MWXXT     3"-&61E         89+-:00"$PJ9>0,--,   6<R8        8D&KK       NNW       N[VTWVSU      TVLNVLW     LVSNVLN        W
   M[MMT     !9$:$9          @9>=&Q,00,>          6<R8        (-9&8>1\&KU NKU       N[VLKVSX      TVLMVNU     LVMKVKN        U
     [WX     Fa19?,009       Y9$&@/O9>-C          8R8         !INTM        WL       N[VNKVLT      TVNKVNL     LVMMVTU        X

  $<=+2&2'                            ?@A1B,5 H             22222C8B/09D,5 HE"      ./01/,:20/ #FG#"             3245 678
   &(9:0&;         <"9-            (=:44,>         &&801?       &&@*A&BC4,   &324    D:$:+#B:E,   &F00"G9$/, H094+IF00"G    &J-+
   XW[NN 3"4,&..             F0?,>-&("0?,+        6<R8 BF6BF'&KT NUT N[VLNVMX TVLWVTT LVSSVMX                                #
   M[WUL @:2$:A#-&61$        !"#$&Y,9$            Q3R8 89-&KLT   N[M % N[VKNVSU TVLSVSM LVMWVTK                              L
   M[KUS @,:E:&..            @:=,&Y,]:$,          6<R8 8)7&83F77 LWM % Y'D                                                   S

      Winnng Skippers of the 2nd Redondo
      Beach Race (left) PHRF-A, on the
      boat ONO, an Olson 40, is Skipper
      Galloway. (right) winner of the
      PHRF-B on the boat Hope II, a Tartan
      30, is Skipper Albert Solbes.
                (photo by Craig Miller)
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                                                                            February 2011

   Polynesian Holiday Take-out--Commodores Stew
        King Harbor Christmas Boat Parade
         “Best Execution of Theme” Award
  For the third year in a row the Redondo Beach Yacht Club scored a trophy with its entry in the
  King Harbor Christmas Boat Parade: Polynesian Holiday Take-Out--Commodores Stew.
  The Skipper, RBYC Director Mike Verla, created the clever script for the judges saying, “After a
  hard day racing, there is nothing like getting back to shore for a cool Polynesian drink and some
  hot Commodore’s Stew at the Redondo Beach Yacht Club. A crew travels on its stomach and it
  looks like this crew will be well fed for Christmas.” The judges said RBYC was one of the few
  entries that nailed the theme.
                                                                                  Credit where Credit’s Stew:
                The Crew                                                          Creators and Decorators:
  The Skipper: Mike Verla                                                                Toni Denton
  The Boat:       Voice of Reason                                                        Bruce Neighbors
  The Stew:       2010 Commodore                                                         Susan Neighbors
                  Kathi Sheridan                                                         Renee Warnacutt
  The Cook: Julie Schulte                                                                Bert Hunter
  The Drummer: Bert Hunter                                                               Jill Lindsey
                                                                                         Gary Lehto
                                                                                         Julie Schulte
                                                                                         Bob Warnacutt
                                                                                         Kathi Sheridan
                                                                                         Ginger Clark
                                                                                         Tom Bowling
                                                                                         Mike Verla
                                                                                         Patty Cotta

Bruce Neighbors
        Page 7
                                                                            February 2011

Eight Bells                                                         Join The Social Committee

It is with great sadness that we announce that one of our           This lively group has already planned
long-time members, Lane Marlin DeSilva, passed away on              and run some terrific events this year.
Jauary 25, 2011, at his home in Austin, TX.                         They meet at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Wednes-
         Lane DeSilva and Gary Tingstad raced together for          day of the month at the Clubhouse.
three years on the Equinox and brought trophies home to the
RBYC - Look for them in our trophy case.                            Bruce Neighbors - Chairman
                      Jr. Staff Commodore Kathi Sheridan            Toni Denton
                                                                    Jill Lindsey
                                                                    Patty Cotta
                     Lane Marlin DeSilva                            Susan Neighbors
                               Lane Marlin DeSilva (1942-           Donna Bardin
                     2011), 68, passed away unexpectedly at         Renee Warnacutt
                     his home in Austin, Texas on January           Leslie Lunsford
                     25, 2011. He was born on August 8,             Bob Warnacutt
1942, in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma to Marlin and Magdalen (Nihill)
DeSilva. His family moved to the Los Angeles area in 1945.                 And Don’t Forget
He graduated from San Jose State University with a bache-              First Fridays at the Club !
lor's degree in aeronautical operations. During the Vietnam
War, he served in the U.S. Navy as an Anti-Submarine War-
fare Patrol Plane Commander of a P-3 model aircraft and
Nuclear Weapons Delivery Pilot. Lane joined the FBI in
1973 and served in Albuquerque (1973-78), Los Angeles
(1978-81), and Redondo Beach (1981-95). He served on the
L.A. SWAT Team (1978-92), worked on the City of Los An-
geles Rampart Independent Review Panel and was a Fire-
arms Instructor. Lane was a true outdoorsman and his many
hobbies over the years included fishing, sailing, camping,
target shooting and astronomy. He moved from the Los An-
geles area to Austin, Texas in 2004 and enjoyed family and
home renovation projects. Survivors include: his wife of 44
years, Kay; his daughter and son-in-law Cheri and Mariano
Bonilla; his son and daughter-in-law, Darren and Ying De-
Silva; his daughter Danielle DeSilva; his 4 grandchildren;                          Editorial
Nico Bonilla, Ben and Alicia Rodriguez and Nina Zhou; and
                                                                     Web Master: Don Laverty
his sisters, Ruth Page, Marsha DeSilva, Odette Balette and
                                                                                   Patrick Shuss
their families. He will be greatly missed by all.
                                                                     Editor Sail Tales Ginger Clark
(If you have any stories about Lane that you’d like to share with
the Club, please contact the editor and we can put them in the                        310-378-7894
March edition of Sail Tales.)
                                                                     Proofreader       Toni Denton
  Page 8
                                                                        February 2011

                                                          Great Membership Perks!

For Donations that are making our                             With a RBYC membership card, you
     Clubhouse feel like home,                        can enjoy the privileges of yacht club mem-
                                                      bership from San Diego to Channel Islands.
           Thank you!                                 What is it worth to be able to walk into the
                                                      Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, in Newport
Thomas Bowling   Large-Screen Television Set          Beach, the Long Beach Yacht Club, and the
Gary Lehto       Surround Sound for our new           Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club in
                   Large-Screen T.V.                  Marina del Rey.
Bob & Renee Warnacutt                                         Those are just a few of the recipro-
                 Outside Heater                       cals we have to date--and it’s still early in
Gary Lehto       Desktop Apple Computer               the year. If you haven’t yet joined, now’s a
Carlos Perez     Ping Pong Table                      great time to do it before the sailing season
                                                      kicks in. Check the website for an applica-
             Thank you!                               tion form or contact Jr. Staff Commodore
                                                      Kathi Sheridan (818-326-1433) with your
                                                      membership questions.

                                                            Reciprocals (to date)

 American Legion Yacht Club         215 East 15th St., Newport Beach          949-673-5002
 Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club        1601 Bayside Dr., Corona del Mar          949-644-9530
 Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club          211 West 22nd St., San Pedro              310-519-1694
 Channel Islands Yacht Club         4100 Harbor Blvd., Oxnard                 805-985-2492
 Corsair Yacht Club                 P.O Box 14777, Long Beach                 714-968-4401
 Hurricane Gulch Yacht Club         P.O Box 425, San Pedro          
 Little Ships Fleet of Long Beach   P.O. Box 3943, Long Beach                 626-287-6755
 Long Beach Yacht Club              6201 Appian Way, Long Beach               562-598-9401
 Mission Bay Yacht Club             1215 El Carmel Place, San Diego           858-488-0501
 Navy Yacht Club, Long Beach        223 Marina Drive, Long Beach    
 Oceanside Yacht Club               1950 Harbor Drive North, Oceanside        760-722-5751
 San Fernando Valley Yacht Club     P.O. Box 173, Van Nuys                    818-845-5158
 Santa Monica Windjammers Y.C.      13589 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey        310-827-7692
 Silver Gate Yacht Club             2091 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego        619-222-1214
 South Shore Yacht Club             P.O. Box 1174, Newport Beach              949-646-3102

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