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        Vol. XII
Nineteen Hundred and four
       ELL, bere's your L' Agenda.    We have tried to make it wbat the French
W        word signifies-" a memorandum book." While something more than
         a mere hodge-podge or diary of college happenings, chronologically told,
we have tried also to pnt into these pages a little of the spirit of the Class of
Nineteeu Five and better still, to give expression to that broad, all.prevailing
love for our Alma Mater which every undergraduate and alumnus feels his
rightful heritage.
........ "' ......
     Edward Ambler Armstrong.

E   DWARD AMBLER ARMSTRONG, was born December 28, 1858, at
       \Voodstown, in Salem County, New Jersey. In his boyhood the family
       removed to Camden, New Jersey, where he has since resided. He is an
attorney and counsellor-at-Iaw, and was admitted to practice in the Courts of New
Jersey, February, 1880; and is also admitted to practice in the United States
Supreme Court, and the other Federal Courts, and is IIOW actively eugaged in the
practice of his profession. He was elected a member of the General Assembly of
New Jersey for four successive terms-1884, 1885. 1886 and 1887, for two of
which, 1885 and 1886, when his party. the Republican, was in the majority, he
was elected Speaker. He was made Judge of the District Court of the City of
Camden in January, 1888, serving until April I, 1891.     He was appointed Presi-
dent Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Camden COUllty, and served for Otl~
term, from April I, 1897 to April I, 1902. For some years be was connected
with the National Guard of New Jersey, serving as Judge Advocate with the rank
of major all the staff of the commanding general of the Second Brigade until he
resigned. He married Miss Mellie M. Fortiner, June 15, 1881. who died March
23. 1883. leaving one son.       He is a member of the First Baptist Church of
        The honorary degree of A. M. was conferred upon him by Bucknell Uni-
versity in 1899. and he was elected a member of the Board of Trustees in 1899.
                                                -from the Editor.

       E have no menagerie to present, though we would proudly boast the owner-
W        ship and exclusive control of a few freaks. \Ve don't want you to think
          that we have robbed you, but you will not get your money back if you're
not satisfied. This is the catalogue of that Bucknell crowd, ~al1ed 1905. dealers
in general merchandise. You old, bald· headed fellows that made these parts your
haunts in former days, we have tried to list in onT catalogue the articles that
would interest you. \Ve have done this out of 110 love for you but that we might
buy chewing gum for onrselves. For you are supposed to have money and we
are penniless. You know how that was when you circled around the Seminary
and took girls to the games. This condition of affairs has given us the excuse
for the historical nature of the book.
       To those who are unfortunate enough to be working (?) in the place
known as Bucknell, we offer our sympathy. But here and there in our catalogue
we have receipts for college ills. One foHowing these receipts will be killed or
cured. In either case he won't bother us any more. If anything appeals to
you as somewhat unfit, causing a feeling of anger to begin to possess you, our
telephone number is 356 E. Call us up, inform us of your intention to fight and
we'll leave town as soon as possible. To the critical among you, we have but to
say that college students DO longer have time to be correct. Hence the mistakes ..
and shortcomings.
       Then, too, it is hard to pay the living expenses of as large a L' AGBNDA
Board as ours is and get out a good book.
        For the benett of the general reader, it might be said that we could find
no hitherto unpublished manuscript of Dickens, Thackery or Shakespeare. Mr.
Longfellow flatly refused to considt.-r our offers. So we had to get to work our·
selves. 1905 was inspired by her love for her college, How well or how poorly
she has done is for you to judge.

                        R. G       llos'nvICh:.

N.   E.   HE!'\RV,                                FERNE F. BRADDOCK.

                     BUSINESS MANAGER.
                       G. W.       CHEHSMAN.
                       ,V. A.      GRIER,   Assistant.

                         L. 1\1.    HAINER,
                         E. A. MORTON, t\ssi::tant.

V. N.     ROBBINS,                                  ANTHONY   STEINHILP!<:R,
NELLIE GODDARD,                                     C. V. WILI.IAMSON,
RUTH SHORKI.EV,                                     RAV P. BOWEN,
!\'lARGARE'I' FORGIWS,                              R. D. ROYER,
EDliR     KEU.Y,                                    P. G. SMITH,

                     ASSOCIATE EDITORS.
                       IJI.ANCHr.     STONI{lC
                       F. I... MCCAUI,EV,
                       R. B. MACKEY,
                        ROY     HAN:-"A,
                       P. G. HESS,
                       D. R. MCCAIN.
                        R. F.   SHEPPARD
     In view of the marvelous growth of the University
in all its departments. it is fitting that due acknowledg-
ment be accorded the one who has been most influential
in inaugurating the new regime. our honored President.

          JOHN H. HARRIS. Ph. D.. LL. D.

No one more enjoys the esteem of fellow professors and
of the students; his lifework has been one of self-sacri-
fice and untiring devotion to the cause of education.
The Class of Nineteen five expresses her regard.
The Faculty and Other Officers.

       JOHN    HOWARD HARRIS,       PH. O.,LL. D., President,
                 Professor of   Psycholo~y andEthics.

               * FREEMAN LOO""5, A. M., PH. D.,
          Professor of i\lodern Languages and Literature.

            GHORGE G. GROFF, M. D., PH. D"          1..1.. D.,
                    Professor of Organic Science.

              WII.I.IAM CYRUS BARTOL, A. 1\'1., PH. D.,
              Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy.

           ERANK ERNEST ROCKWOQI>, A. 1\'1., LL. D"
          Professor of the Latin Language and Literature,
                      and Dean of the CollE-ge.

                  \VILLIAM GUNDV QWRNS, A. M.,
                 Professor of Physics; and Chemistry.

                 ENOCH PERRINE, A. 1\1., LITT. D.,
         Professor of the English Language and Literature,
                    and Secretary of the Faculty.

               THOMAS FRANKI,IN HAMBLIN, A.          1\:1.,
    New Jersey Professor of the Grf'ek Language and Literature.

                 LINCOLN HULLEV, A. M., PH. D.
                        Professor of History.

                 WIl.LIAi\I Ei\I"IET MARTIN, A. M.,
              Professor of Sociology and Anthropology.

            MISS EVEI.INI<: JUDITH S'rANTON, PH. M.,
                    Dean of the College Women.

                  Nlil.!iON FITHIAN DAVIS, Sc. D.,
                        Professor of Biology.

                    EPHRAIM M. HElM, PH. D.,
           Professor of Economic and Political Science.

                 GUIDO CARl. LEO Rln"Il~R. A.M.,
                  Professor of Modern Languages.
         Lr,EWEI.I.YN PIIIU.II'S, A.     1\1.,
John P. Crozer Professor of RhetOric and Oratory.

        CAI,VIN AURAl."D HARE. A. 1\1..
   Professor of Christian Evidences and Logic.

    EI,VS8"; AV1RAGl."JIT, A. M., Mus. Doc.,
     Instructor in the Romance J..allguages.

       JOSHI'H M~IXF.LI. \\'01......: . A. 1\I.,
           Instructor in Mathematics.

    CHARI.l-.:5 ARTHUR LINI)Jo;:\IAN:-", A. 1\1..
      Instructor in Applied Mathematics.

       FRANK MORTON 51:\11'50:-", 5c.        1\'1.,
 Instructor in Mechanical Drawing and Ph)'sics.

     Fr,o"I) GHORGE BAI,I.I!l."TINI~, PII. D .•
                Instructor ill T.atin.

        PAUl, EMIl. Wi\ITHAASE, A. !'iL,
              Instrl1ctoriu German.

     MANSFmr,O FRI{NCH FORRI\I,I., A.            n.,
              Instructor in Oratory.

               As§istallt in Biology.

              MAR" UNGER, A. B.,
               Assistant in English.

               Assistant ill English.

  President Judge, Seventeenth Judicial District.
       Lecturer on Contracts and Practice.

       FREDERICK EVA:"'S BOWER, A. 1\1.,
        Lecturer 011 E\'idence and Equity.

       AI.BERT "·II.I.IAM JOlJl'SOS, A. M.,
     Lecturer on Real and Personal Property.

                                 WlI.I.IAM LY.ISER, M.  D.,
                                    Lecturer on Diagnosis.

                               WR81-;R L. GERHART, M. D.,
                                    Lecturer on Anatomy.

                          CHARI.ES AI.EXANDF-R GUNDV, M. D.,
                                     Lecturer on Surger.y.

                              LE:\IUEI. 1\1055, D. D., L1 .. D.,
                                Lecturer all Social Science.

                             BI:!:N'>'IAIf   I..    WHIT:'>IAN, I.I... D.,
                               Lecturer      011     Practical Ethics.

                             WAVI.AND HOYT,                   D.   0., 1,1.,.   D.,
                                 Leclurcr          011   Social Ethics.

                            WII.I.I,>,'" E:\IM IT l\IAKTI:"O, A. M.,

                        WII.I.I'>':'>I CHRISTIA:" GRIITZINGER, PII. B.
                                Registrar of the University.

                          HI,;v. CAI.VIX AURA!';"J) HAIO~, A.                     1\1.,
                                     Pinallcial Secretary.


                The Board of Trustees.
                              Chairman, HARR" S. HOPPER, ESQ.•
                              28 South Third Street. Philadelphia.

                     Secretary, REV. A. JUDSON ROWI.AND, D. n. LL. D.,
                               1420 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

                          Treasurer, REV. DAVID PORTER LI!AS. A. M.,
                             400 South Fortielh Street, Philadelphia.

HON. E. A. ARMSTRONG, A. M.,                            D. BRIGHT MII,I.ER, A. M.,
JOliN P. CROZER, A. M.,                                 GI~N. CUARI.I!S l\11I.I.ER, A. M.,
COl,. JOHN   J. CARTER,                                 GEORGE 1\'1. PHlI,IPS, PH. D.,
HIM.AM EDMUND Dt<:ATS,      EsQ.,                       A. JUDSON ROWl.AND, D. D.,        LL.   D ..
CAI.VIN GREENE, ESQ.,                                   LEROY STEPHENS, D. D.,
HON. Wi\1. B. HANNA, D. C. L.,                          JAMRS S.     SWARTZ,   A. 1\1.,
PRES. JOHN H. HARRIS, LL. D.,                           HON. JORN B. STETSON.,
HARRV S. HOI'PER, ESQ.,                                 HON. F. ]. TORRANCE, A. M.,
Rlw. DAVID PORTER LEAS, A. M.,                          ERNEST L. TUSTIN, A. M., ESQ.,
eRAIGR LIPI'INCOTT, ESQ.,                               JOSEPH K. WEAVER, A. M., M. D.,
HaN. HAROI.D 1\1.   MCCI.URE, A. 1\'1.,                 HENRY G.      WESTON,    D. D., Lt. D.,
                              HON. SIMON P. WOI,VERTON,   LL. D.

                              MEETINGS OF THE BOARD.
       The annual meeting is held on Tuesday of Commencement week, at Lewisburg.
       The semi-annual meeting is held on the second Thursday of January, at 1420 Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia.

                    University Calendar,

Second Term Ends,                                                        Friday, March 25. '904.

                                      SPRING RECESS.
Third Term Begins.                                                  Wednesday, I\'larch    30,  1904.
Sermon before the Christian :\ssociatiolls.                               Sunday, April    10,  1904.
Declamation of the Third Fonn, Academ)',                                Saturday, April    16,  1904.
Exercises of the Fourth- Year Class, Institute,                         Saturday, April    23,  1904.
Contest ill Elocution, Institute,                                        Saturday, May     14.  1904.
Exhibition of the Junior Class, ColleKe.                                    Frida)', May   '20, 1904.
EX3111il18tiollS,                                      Thursday to Saturday, June 16 to     18, 1904.
Exhibition, School of l'\'1l1sic.                                           Friday. June    17, 1904.
Junior Debate.                                                          Saturday, June      18, 1904.
Baccalaureate Sermon,                                                     Suuday, June      19, 1904.
Sermon before the Education Society,                                      Sunday, June      19, 190-1.
Examinations for Admission to College.                                   Mouday, June      '20, 1904.
Meeting of the AlulIlnae of the Institute,                                Monday, June     20, 190-1.
Oration before the Uterary Societies.                                     Monday, June     '20. 1904.
Annual Meeting of the Trustees,                                          Tuesday, June     21, 1904.
Anllual !\'leeting of the Alumni,                                        Tuesday, June     21,1904·
 r:xhibitioll of the Fourth Form, Academy, .                             'l'uesday, June   21, 1904.
Graduating ExercisE'S of the Institute,                                  Tuesday, June     21,1904.
Oration before the Alumni,                                               Tuesday, June     21,1904·
Annual COllllllenCeluent, the 54th,                                   Wednesday, June      22, 1904.

                               SUMMER VACATION.
Examinations for Admission to College,                          Wednesday, September,      21,1904.
First Term Begins,                                               Thursday. September,      22, 1904.
Reception by Christian Associations.                             Saturday, September,      24, 1904.
Introductory Address.                                              Monday, September       26. 190-1.
Matriculation.                                                     Monday, November        21, 1904.
Thanksgiving (recess of three days).                              Thursday, November       2-1. 190-1.
First Terlll Ends,                                                Thursday, December       22, 1904.

                                     HOLIDAY RECESS.
Second Term Begi liS,                                                  Tuesday, January 4, 1905.
Day of Prayer for Colleges,                                          Thursday, January 20, 1905.
Second Term Ends,                                                        Friday, March 25, 1905.

                        Graduate Students.
ARCHIBALD MERRII.L AI,I.IS0N, f\. B .                              Spring Mills.
CHARLES PAYETTE ARMOUR, PH. B ..                                          Gimrd.
CALEU BAIOU~I'T AYARS, SC. B.,                                      Salem, N.J.
LYKDO~    ERNEST AVRHS. A. B.,                                      Jenkintown.
EDNA LORINE BACO=-, A. B., .                                    Bridgeton, N. j.
CHARI.J:o;S FRANKI.IN BlDJ:o:r.sPACHER, A.         0..            Williamsport.
BENJAMIN PRANKI.IN Bl(lBl~R, A.           n.,                         Pottsgrove.
G£ORGli: RIPf,EY Buss, A. B.,                                 Washington, D. C.
HARRY SIl.VERWOOD BOGAR, PH. B.,                                        Herndon.
CHARLF.s ISAIAH BOVER, PH. B.,                                          Wyncote.
PERCY MYRON BULt.ARD, A. B.,                                      Williamsport.
CHARLES \VOI.V,,;RTON CI.E:.mNT, Se. B ..                             . Sunbury.
Er.vA SARAH    COI.EMAN,    PH. B.,                              Re)'lIoldsville.
JOliN BIII.MOK'f COOK, Se.    B.,                                  Factoryvillt-.
E:o.IMANUEL \VII.50N COIJER,       Sc. B.,                         Philadelphia.
GEORGE T. COOPER, SC. B.,                                            Lewistown.
GEORGK MORGAN DAVIS, 1'11. B.,                                     Elwood City.
MARY PROTHEROI;; l"'lAVI":S,      Se. B..                               ScmntOll.
JOHN DAVIS, A.    n.,                                                 Nanticoke.
FRANK WEBKR DILLION, A.            B.,                                      Erie.
EM:\-IA REBEKAH EULING, A. B.,                                           Dan\,jlle.
MINNI"; GERTRUDE ECKElS, 1'11.            8.,                          Edinboro.
CAI.VIr\' HAVES   ELLIOT, Se. 8..                                      Hartleton.
DAVID HAYES ELI.rOTT, A. B.,                                    Sftn Diego, Cal.
CHARLES FRED EISENMENGER, A.                 8.,               Rochester, N. V.
ANDRJo:W NEBINGER EVANS, A, B..                                     Chicago, III.
LEVI TRUCKJ!N),IILLER FI::."TZER, PH. B..                       New York Citro
AMZI 'VILSOX GEARV, PH. B.,                                          Carbondale.
CARRIJo; [.QUISg CgARV, PH.         n.,                              Carbondale.
I\.IARIA MAUDE; GODDARD, A. B.,                               Washington, D. C.
CIIARI.ES EOWARI) GOODALL, PII. B.,                                      Chester.
SARA l\·IAUEI. GRIER, A.    8.,                                     Salem, N.].
BPot'o"JAMI:"" W. GRIFFITH, PH. R ..                               Lock Ha.\·ell.
AURAM CVRUS GUNTER, A. B.,                                        Nyack, N. Y.
CARRIE JF.ANNJ':TTE HAI.FI'J':NNV, SC.          8..                       Milton.
CIIARI.ES ELl,SWORTH HANKEV, A.              8..                     Kittanning.
EI.I PJo:TI£R H£CKI!RT, A. B.,                                   Mauch Cblmk,
Er.OJo;RT HUFF,   Sc. B.,                                            Stonington.
JOHN THO),IAS HVATT, PH.          8.,                             jersey Shore,
HENRV JOSEPH JOHNSON, PH. B.,                                  Rochester, N. Y.

K   THARINE MOTT JOH:SSO:S, A. B.,                         ,     Lewisburg.
J MES LI.OYD K ... LP, PH. 8.,                                    Saltsburg.
,VILLI ... :o.1 J..... WRENCE KALP, A. B.,                      Mt. Plesant.
W ... RRRN Lfo:SI,IR KAUPFMAK, PH. B.                     Yonker.;, N. Y.
CUARI,ES DISOK KOCH, PII. B ..                                  Philipsburg.
RAI,PH FREDERICK Koo:ss, PH. B.,                               Conyngham.
DAKI!!I, HORATIO KRISE, PH. B.,                                  Galeton.
THOMAS PBlLLlPS KYI.E, PH. B.,                          . Brooklyn, N. Y.
SARAH EsTHER LEE, A. B.,                                              jerm}'n.
DANII'U. El,WooD LRWIS, PH. 8.,                            West Pittston.
MARY Ln.A Ltn"G, A. B.,                                        Williamsport.
IDA EVAI,INE LUCHSI:SGER, A. B.,                           West Pittston.
WII.I.IAM NOCJl;I. MARSH, SC. B.,                            Ann Arbor.
HARRY SILl. MAUSER,         SC. B ,                        McEwensville.
JOHN WII.I.IAM MCCRACKEN, A. B.,                               Kermoor.
Cn ... R.I.ES FRANK!.IN !\'lcMANN, A. B ,               Rosedale, Kansas.
HOWARD CURTIS MESERVE, A. B.,                              Milford, Conn.
JOHN HENRY NEUHAUSER, A. B.,                            Springfield, Ohio.
ANNA EI,IZ"'UETH NO... KF,R, PH. B.,                               Milton.
BorTH LIm PHII,LIPS, A. 8.,                                    l\H. Pleasant.
WII,I.I ... r.1 CAREY PURDY, Sc. 8.,                       Slippery Rock.
FRANCHS ANN ... R ... c!!:, A. B.,                                   Scranton.
      RI~Ir.t,Y, A. B.,
PHII,It'                                                       Philadelphia.
\VAI,TER KREMUR RHODES, PH. B.,                                    Fairplay.
GRACI! BROWNING ROIJERTS, PH. n.,                              Williamsport.
,VII,I.IAM S",WYER ROBINSON, PH. n.,                                 Centralia.
DAVID HOWARD ROBUlNS, A. B.,                                 Philipsburg.
FIUWERICK W. ROBUtNs. Ph. B.,                                 Betblehem.
CHARITY MARGARET RUNYAN, A.                  n.,        Wasbington, D. C.
FRANCKS GKRTRUDK SCOTT, Sc. 8.,                               Lewisburg.
HEf.EN AGATHA $fo;I.INGER, Sc. B.,                                   McKean.
EDGAR THOMAS SUIEI.DS, A. B...                               Philadelphia.
TUORNTON MOORH SHORKLEY, PH. B ,                             Philadelphia.
AMANI)US MERKLE SMITH, A. B.,                                  Kutztown.
ARTHUR ANSON SMITH, PH. 8.,                                 Williamsport.
SAMUItL CAININ S:'IITH, Sc. 8.,                              Philadelphia.
JOHX McKISSICK SKOW, A. B.,                               Ottawa, Kansas.
jA),IES WH,SON SNYDER, A. B.,           '                        •    Berwick.
HARRV THOMAS SPRAGUE, PH. B.,                                   Philadephia.
CI.OVD NJI,I.IS STIUNINGER, SC. B.,                              Lewisburg.
ERNEST LAUNCELOT TAYLOR, SC. B.,                                      Luzerne.
ROBERT JOSIAH TERRELL. A. B.,                            New York City.
l\'IARY BONA THATCHER, Sc. B.,                           Elizabeth, N. J.
CARt. \VAVI.AND TIFFANY, A. B.,                             Factoryville.
GEORGE STEPHEN TILLEY, A. 8.,                           Hyde Park, Mass.
HARt.AND A. TRAX, PH. 8.,                                     Meadville.
LeVI JOSEPH UL:\IER, $c. B., .                             Williamsport.
MABEL ESTELLH WHHELER, PH. 8.,                                      Erie.

AUGUSTA GK:SRVI!';vE "'HIT!!, Sc. D.,                           Ann Arbor, Mich.
AMOS THOMAS WILLIAMS. PH. B.,                                            Ridgway.
HOWARD Kt:SG \VII.LIA:\IS, A. 8.,                                    Philadelphia.
JOHN' E. WILLlA:\IS,                                                    Olyphant.
RUTL!!I>GF. THORXTON \VII.TRANK. PH. B., .                         Hollidaysburg.
CHARLES \VAGXER \VOLFE, A. R .•                              ~ewton Centre, May.
JENNY MAY WOOD, A.      B.,                                        . Factoryville.
JOHN ADAM YOUNG, PH. B.,                                              Centre Hall.
\VtLI.IAM   D. ZERBY, A. R.,                                            Bellfonte:.

                                    GRADUATE STUDENTS, 97.
                            Senior Class.
President.                                                     WII.T.IA),I EDWARD ROBERTS.
Vice-President.                                                JOUN EDWARD HRIDI!NRHICH.
Secretary,                                                     OUVR SHILI,INGER.
Treasurer,                                                     JOHN LKVI!IUNG LIVI£ZRY.
Poet,                                                          BLANCHE AI.J,VS BANE.
Historian,                                                     BENJA:'of1N FRANKLIN \VOITE, JR.
                                                              FRANK GARFIELD DANIBLS,
Orange a"d Situ Representatives,                            { COARLES R. MVERS.

                              Colors: Purple and Lavender.

                                      flower:     Violet.

                               Molto; .. Unut Summu,:'


                          PRIX!     PKAX!      PRICKI!TV QUACKS!
                              KILL!!!      KI7.2AII!   KIZ7.ANG!

                                   B. U.,o-4!    R. U.,o-4!
                                    ZIP!    BING!      BANG!
TH~nf;r;hf::t~~n~:~ ~~: ~~I~ding spray,
    And one white sail on the distant line.
     Where the dull green grows to gray.

The sting of the blinding spray-
  Ita taste is as salt as tears-
And it dims Illy eyes as they strain to see
 The waste of the lonely years.

Asail 011 the distant line,
 And ever there comes to me,
With the constant taste of the whirling spray,
 The sombre rime of the sea.         .

The dull green grows to gray-
  What matters a wish of mine?
And I turn again to the beaten shore
  For the ship has crossed the line.             B. A. B.


    OUR ye:ars have past; fOUT summers, with the length of four long winters!
F      Now it is all over; we have fought a good fight, we have finished the
       course. Henceforth-
        This being the last time the History of 1904 will appear in our beloved
anuual, it were well to review our mighty deeds in order that coming generations
may have a model to imitate and an ideal to strive after. The historian, however,
will forbear to relate, how, in our first year, we defeated the Sophs in the annual
scrap, how we held our Banquet unmolested by cowardly Sophomores, how Igo4
men ate their rivals' feast of baked beans and sandwiches, how our base-hall team
played eleven games aud was 1I0t once defeated, for all these events are matters of
general knowledge.
        As Sophomores, 1904 lived up to all the fond expectations that her Freshmen
year had excited. 1904 with thirty of the bravest of the brave met treble their
number on the new terrace. III foot·ball, our game with the Freshies was a tie,
but in basket·ball-Oh, ho! how they were going to wipe up the floor with '04 !
When the day was won, "Andy," "Pat," and" little Griff" realized that they
were not a match for" Mack" and John. Our Banquet could not well have been
a greater success, the crowning feature being the appearance of ,. Sister Lizzy"
in the midst of the evening's festivities.
        \Ve reach our Junior year. Perhaps the thing most deserving of credit
that year was our L' Agenda. \Ve refer especially to the extra fifty cents attached
to the price, an innovation which won the grateful thanks of business managers
and the blessings (?) of subscribers. Our Junior" Prom" was voted by delighted
town girls the nicest" dance of the year. If you have failed to hear our Junior

men debate, see if Prof. Martin has not the speeches filed away in the library,
and study them carefully in connection with any work of like character you may
          Of au original gallant band of eighty, but forty-three now answer to the
roll cl'lli. Some of the dear departed are buried in the great mtlropolis, some
are building bridges, some are lassoing cattle, and others are married. New
recruits, however, have joined the ranks, and we now number fifty·five. As
Seniors we have guided the affairs of, and dictated the law to undergraduates,
and gracefully acted our role of model for Freshmen and" preps." We have had
our share of social life, entertaining and being entertained. Some of us find
.. affaires du coeur" more pressing than" affaires de l'ecole," but that is aU as it
should be.
          And DOW: Finis.

                                 The Senior Class.

EsTEJ.I.A MAY AI.BRIGHT,                                   Mifflinburg.
FORD DoRRASCE BACO:"/",                                    Harveyville.
BLANCHE         Au.vN    BANE,                             ~orristown.
P";RCIVAL DJ:o;WEF.S RROWXING,                                Orbisonia.
GAUL CARRIER,                                            SUlllmen,ille.
CARROI,I. CARUTHERS.                                               Irwin.
HAI.nV MIl.J.f·;R CHRIST,                                  Millersville.
RALPH n";NNIE COOK,                                          \·icksbllrg.
THOMAS EOWAKD CULF.,                                          Plymouth.
FRANK GARI-1IEI,D DANIEI~'i,                                 Nanticoke
ANNA ZOE DAVIS,                                                  Carlisle.
GII,BERT MASO!" DEATS,                                Pittstown, N.].
JA"'Il~S   G.   DURA":'.I,                               \VatSOlltown.
CIIAKLHS HODel!: EAI,V,                                   Schellsburg.
RACHAEI. EDNA EDDI,IDIA:\',                          Greensburg, Ind.
ROGER SAUNDl!RS EDWARDS.                                     Lewisburg.
ELWOOD F. GILBERT,                                     l\'Iotltoursville.
\V"I.I.ACE WrLMHR FETZER,                                  l\'lontandon.
EDWIN PATTERSON GRIFPITHS,                                     Pittsburg.
MARGARlrr GROFF,                                             Lewilburg,
VELor,A     Eo   HALL.                                           Sharon,
JULIUS ROIJ";RT HAVES,                                 Montoursville.
JOHN EDWARD HEIDENRIUCH,                               Mahanoy Cit}'.
JOFfN ER.B HUNSBERGER,                                          Ephrata,
CLARJ;;NCf; MII.LER HURSH,                                 l\liminburg.
JOHN C. JOHNSON,                                             Red Top.
AI.al!RT GEORGE KARGf:,                                 Camden. N.].
ROVAI. IVAN KNAPP,                                         L"nioll City
JOHN ARTHUR KKUPP,                                          Penbrook.
CURTIS COOK LESHER,                                        Lewisburg.
JOHN LI!VERING LIVEZEY,                                  Philadelphia.
WII.1.I,\:\1 MUENCH l\Lo.RT'L,                                  Crowl.
HARRY EDWARD MCCORMICK,                                  Philadelphia.
EBENRZER EDWARD MORRIS,                                Mahanoy City.
CHARI.ES R. MYERS,                                         Lewisburg.
HAROI.D PHRRINE,                                           Lewisburg.
ELlZABIITH EVA REED,                                       Lewisburg.
CHKSTI':R BENJAMIN RENN,                                   Unityville.
\VILLIAM E'nWARD ROBERTS,                                  Frackville.
LoUIS \VILLIA:\! ROBEY,                                Baltimore, Md.
DAVID WAI.LACR ROBINSON,                                  Mooresburg.
Ol,lVE; SCHILI.INGHR,    ._                         Martin's Ferry, O.
IRA SANKRV SIIEI'PARD.                                 Newport, N. J.
HARRIS ALVIN SPOTTS,                                           Muncy.
JOliN HF.;NRY STAHl.,                                          Milton.
EDGAR TAFT S'l'RVIiNSON,                                     Franklin.
AI.II~   STEI'HJtNS,                                       Lewisburg.
DEAN MARVIN SUTTON,                                       Union City.
CHARI.ES MII.TON TEUFEL,                                       Milton.
ROBERT \VII.I.IAM TlIO;\IPSON,                                  Irwin.
LI.OVD WE8STI.-;K,                              Bast N~w l\larkd, Md.
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WHITE, JR.,                                Bradford.
WAI.TER SAMUEl. WILCOX,                                       Canton.
EI.IZABETH AI.VINA \VILLIAMS,                                Lansford.
CI.YOl·: DAI.E WOI.FE,                                     Lewisburg.

                                 SENIORS. 55.

                            Junior Class.
President,                                                     CLIFFORD VERNON WrI4 LJAMSON.
Vice-President.                                                 ROBERT BRUCf! MACKEY.
Secretary,                                                         RUTH   A"'EUA   SHORKI.KY,
Treasurer,                                                      HAROLD EDWARD TJIIFANV.
Pod,                                                            EDITH HI<;DGF,S KELLY.
Historian,                                                      \VILI.IAM ANDREW BARTOI,_
                                                               ROm';RT FRANCIS SHEPPARD.
Orange and Blue Representative.,
                                                               FRANCIS LEROY :MCCAULEV.

                                   Colon: Cherry and White.

                                   flower:    Lily of the V.lIey.

                                   Kf!  VI! CHICK-A-LING!
                                        So BUCKS VA!
                                     B. V.! NAUGHT-FIVE
                                      RAH!     RAH!     RAH!


WE ~;::)~~ :~::~~:~:~::n c~~s:~
Our coll~ge days too soon will pass,
  Dellr, dear days for nineteen five.
Too soon tbe happy times pass by,
  Too swift receding memories 8y,
But love for thee shall never die-
 Thee-the class of nineteen five.

Of fUll so far we've bad our store,
  This our class of nineteen five,
If not we still have oue year more,
  Senior year for nineteen five,.
or brawn and brains we have no lack,
  \Ve're first ill foot.ball, base-ball, track;
Of learoinK too we have the knack,
   Brave, wise class of nineteen five.
When (rom old Bucknell's storied halls-
  Famous boys of nineteen five,
When (!"Om old Bucknell's classics walls-
  Famous girls of nineteen five.
Into tbe world, cold, bleak and drear.
  We go witbout thy guidance near,
Come back, our fainting hearts to cbeer-
  Nineteen five-O nineteen 6\"e.-

     HREE years of college life nearly gone and from one hundred five merry
T       academy, institute and high-school graduates who entered the first Fresh-
        man class of the twentieth century at Bucknell, there have developed some
seventy-five cheerful idiots. all worthy of graduation next year. This brief sketch
will endeavor to show bow in three years this evolution has occurred and how
1905 has made herself worthy of note.
         By her record on the athletic teams, the college publications, and in all
other departments of college endeavor, 1905 has helped materially to make Buck-
nell one of the leading universities. With Cockill, captain of the foot-ball team,
Smith, captain of the base-ball team, Pearse, captain of the track and relay teams
and Anderson and Cheesman, captains of the '03 and '04 varsity basket· ball teams
respectively, '05 is contributing more than the other classes toward the athletic
victories of the college. Assisting these able leaders of athletic sports are more
'05 wearers of the varsity" B " than there are from all the other classes now in
college. As manager of the athletic teams, '05 has Marsh of the foot-ball team,
Goodman of the base-ball team, Sheppard of the track teams and Bittenbender of
the basket-ball team.
        There are enough '05 members on the staffs of the Atirror and Orange and
Blue to edit either publication as a class paper. The literary and religious socie-
ties, the Shakespeare and other organizations have not been deserted by '05.
Many of these societies are directly under the control of our class members and
the rest have a largely increased attendance because of the spirit of 1905.
         A good time? Well yes. And laurels? Certainly. 1905's history is
full of them. When we, as Freshmen, came up the college hill one morning early
in September, recently from the green fields and more recently fro111 devotional

services, ,. Coxey's I I army was foolish enough to think that the wind was from
the \Vest and that all was favorable for an attack. But they misinterpreted the
direction of the weather-vane. Our plucky" scrappers" struggled to the top of
the hill where the finish came. The Sophomores were sorely defeated, and the
doctor as well as the tailor, was called upon to do some hurried patching_
        There was" something doing" at the class banquets too. One week after
'05 had cleverly slipped to the Park Hotel at \Villiamsport and there banqueted
sumptuously in peace, we Freshmen followed the Sophs to Sunbury to furnish
music for their little feed. A combat upon the street, after the arrival of the
classes, resulted in the Sophomores retiring to their hotel, where they secluded
themselves for the remainder of the day. They could only gaze wistfully out of
the windows with their hands in their pockets, while 1905 was entertained in regal
style by the people of Sunbury. Brave 1905. one and all! Bob Sheppard stopped
a runaway horse on that eventful day. Since the Sophomores held religiously to
their spot of seclusion, these good times could not last forever. So we shipped
back to Lewisburg one venturesome Soph, who stepped out of the hotel door,
perfumed the banquet hall, and left.
        This incident was the subject of college conversation for quite a time, but
the attention of all was soon drawn to the basket-ball game between the Seniors,
till then undefeated, and the Freshmen, as yet untried. The Freshman team
appeared upon the gymnasium floor, in new uniforms with cherry numerals across
the breast of each wbite jersey. This display may have been responsible for the
Senior defeat, but certain it is that 1902 was no match for 1905 that night. Since
the year of that memorable game, '05 has remained undefeated at this sport. The
basket-ball" five" which WOIl from the previously ever-winning team of 1902 has
brought the class cup to 1905 for two seasons.
        There are other incidents concerning 'OS which might be noted here. In
the spring of 19°3. the track team of the graduating class was defeated by 'OS.
This defeat was the first 1903'S team had suffered. This brought the track
cup to 1905.
        During the present year, the Junior Prom. under the management of an 'OS
committee, was one of the most pleasant functions ever given under the auspices
of a Junior class.
        Partly from lack of space, and partly out of respect for the feelings of
rival classes, many other triumphs incident to OS's eventful life are not mentioned
here. Suffice it to say that because of the few incidents mentioned, the class of
 l905 will be long remembered at Old Bucknell.                      HISTORIAN.

            Junior Class Individuals.

COT'l'lfo; Gunl"" AI.IIKIGHT,                             I.ewisburg.
                   .. She is jlrclty Lo walk ",ith"

Prepared at Bucknell t nSlitute; College Girl's Mandolin and
Guitar Club: Zela; Latin Philosophic:!.l Course.

                                        JERI':~11AH ST..H IIW AUSHERMA:-> • .1 0 y                             Duffield.
                                                                    "Jerelll), "
                                                      "'canllot lell ...hat lhe   I)ic:kell~   hisllRme is:'

                                        Prepared at Cumberland Valley Slale Normal School; Theta
                                        Alpha: SeC)'. (2); \'ice-Pres. (3); Globe Shakespeare
                                        Club; Alpha Sigma: Finance COlllmittee; Olpnpiac Tennis
                                        Club: Vice· Pres. Chemical Ph)'sicaJ Soc. (2); C)lIssica!
                                        Course: Preparillg for Law; lnter.society D~bate (2):
                                        Chosen for Junior Debate and entered; Junior Prom. Com-
                                      WU,I,IAl\! ANDRliW BARTOl" <I> I{                 ..y. ,\ 1'; A,    Lewisburg.
                                                         "Still a1l10tous-nnd fOlld of billing
                                                          I.ike Willalld :'olnty 011 n shi11iu/{."

                                      Prepared at Bucknell Academy; Euepia Literary Society;
                                      Class Track Team (I), (2); Sec'y of Tennis Association
                                      (2), (3); Minstrel Club (t), (2): College Band (3); l\Ian-
                                      doHl! and Guitar Clltb (I), (2), (3); Vice-Pres. (2); Pres.
                                      (3); Glee Club (3): General Literary Editor 011 Orange and
                                      Shu StafT (3-lst term); Preparing for Journalism j Cla~s
                                      Historian (3): Medal for Horizonlal Bar, Gymnasium (3);
                                      Latin Phil. Course; 1St Preliminary Junior Debate; Canoe

RAL,PH LK<;HER BEI,VORD, 1; A E, .                          Milton .
                 ., A mothet'S pridt:, a fathet'sjoy."

Prepared at Millon High School; Euepia Literary Society;
"T" Square Club; Latin Philosophical Course  j Preparing
for Law.

                                      E:'oIORV OJ.IVER BICKEl"                                           West Milton.
                                                " Mnll ddights 1I0t     lilt:;   110, 1I0r womall neither."

                                      Prepared at Milton High School; Theta Alpha Literary
                                      Society; Chosen for Junior Debate; 'Preparing forTeaching;
                                      Classical Course,
JOSEPH   S. BITTENBENDER, K r, e 6 T, 4>        ~   I,    Nanticoke.
                             "Joe "
           "Man,f:L1semnn; smilinl'(',destructivel11l11I,"

Prepared at Bucknell Academy; Euepia; Globe Shakeli-
peare Club; Bucknell Acad Club; Canoe Club; Chairman
Junior Prom, Committee; Asst. Manager Varsity Basket
Ball Team (3): Manager (4); Class Historian (2); Toast at
Banquet (I); Class Executive Committee (I), (2); Prepar-
ing for Civil Engineering; Latin Philosophical Course.

                                         Rov   GRIEK          BOSTWICK, 1\ :£,06 T, '1'.1 r,        Du Rois.
                                                                          .' Katze"
                                                                         "I must have li\)erly
                                                         withal. as Inrge a charter as the wi lid
                                                         To blow OIL wholll [ please."

                                        Prepared at Dll Bois High School; Euepia; Stratford
                                        Shakespeare Club; Alpha Sigma; Commencement News
                                        (I), (2); General Literary Editor 011 Orange and BIlle (2,
                                        3d term); Editorial writer 011 same (3); Toast at Banquet ([):
                                        Class Executiv<:: Committee (1), (2); Winner Inter-society
                                        Debate ([); Chose II for Junior Debate; Sophomore Decla-
                                        mation Prize; Junior Prom. COlllmittee; Editor L' AGENDA;
                                        Canoe Club; Pedestrian Club; Preparing for Law; Latin
                                        Philosophical Course.

RAY PRgSTON BOWI':N,                                      Wellsboro.
              "What shall I do to be fore\'er known,
               And make the age to COllie my own?"

Prepared at Wellsboro High School; Euepia: Vice-Pres.
(3); Stratford Shakespeare Club; Associate Editor of
Afirror (3); L' AGENDA Board; Preparing for Teaching;
Pedestrian Club.

                                                  MAR\' ISAIlF.J. BOWI\K. II II "', j "', C E A,                              Lt:wi~bllrg,

                                                     .. I lUll rc-soh·td to grow fat Rll<lluok yOllng till forty."

                                                  Prepared at Bucknell Institute; Zeta Literary Societ)'.
                                                  Sect')' (2); College Girl's Mandolin und Guitar Club;
                                                  Scientific Course; Preparing for Teaching.

FI~RNE   FRICK BRAI)I)OCK, II II 'I', C E A,                   :\It. Pleasant.
             .. To   be~ ..ilt   mally. and he l:lf:guiltd by Ollt."

Prepared at I\11. Pleasallt High School; Zeta. Executh·e
Commitlee (t): Dramatic Club; Girl's Basket-hall Team:
Girl's M:l1ldolill and Cuitar Club: !l/iIl'Ol- Stall (3); 11lsti-
tnte Reporter Omng/! alUl flllff! (2), (3): Orlil/ltl! filld Rlif/!
Board (3); Class Treasurer (I); L'ACI\NDA Board; 'foastal
Banquet (I); Sect'y College Girl's Associatiotl(2); Classical
Course; I'reparing for Domestic Ellgineeriug.

                                                  LA\'f!RI)A ADf!I.IA BUKGART .                                                 Altool1a.
                                                                .. I   ,,-as   IIOt horn   under a   rh~'lIlillg   planet."

                                                  Altoona High School; ColIt'ge Girl's :\Jalldolin and Guitar
                                                  Club: Class Poet (2) ; Classical Course.
\VIl.I,IAM   FRA::\'K   CARUTHIO{S, 6 T 6,                              Irwin.
               . I am" feather for each wind that hlows:'

    Prepared at \V. and J. Acadeuly; Chemical and Physical
    Society; "T" Square Club: Scientific Clnb; Preparing
    for Civil Engineer.

                                            GI!OUGE         WASHtNnTO" CHEI'.s~lAN,                   ..'!. 0 v,   Philadelphia .
                                                                                       .. I'at"
                                                   .. r h(<<1 r;lll".,r than rorty   shilJ;llg.~   I had my hook or Songs aIHI
                                            SOnnets      h~re."

                                            Prepared at South Jersey Institute; Theta Alpha: Stratford
                                            Shakespeare Gnb; Minstrel Club (2); Glee Club (3);
                                            Cltapel Choir (J): Social Editor 011 Orange Gnd BIII~{J-Ist
                                            tt'rl11): Varsity Basket-baU Team (I), (2), (3); Capt. (3);
                                            Class Foot-ball Team (2): Class Ba!>ket-ball Team (I), (2),
                                            (3): Reserve Base-Ball Team (2), (3); Business l\'Ianager
                                            L'AC";"DA; Preparing for l\'1inistry; Greek Philosophical

GEORGI.; WA51-IIN"GTOX      COCKILl., I':    ~:,   O..'!."I', 'I' T,
                          "Put "                              Glen Carbon.
         "Oh, it isexcellcnt to have a giall\·sstrength:
          And rortunate is he who has the skill to usc it"

Prepared at Kutztown State Normal School; Varsity Foot-
ball Team (I), (2), (3); Varsity Base-ball Team (I), (2),
(3): Varsity Ba~ket-ball Team (2), (3); Captain Varsily
Foot-ball Team (3); Class Fool-ball Tetlin (I), (2), (3);
Class Base-ball Team (1), (2), (3): Class Basket-b..1.11 Team
(2), (3): Captain (3); Class Track Tealll (2): Class Vice-
President (2); 'roast at Banquet (2); Executive COlllmittee
(I), (2); Junior Prom. COlllluittee; LHtill Phi\. Course;
Preparing for Law.
                                         Cl.AIRH MARIE CONWAY,                                                Greenville.
                                                      ,.   l'Toud~r   than rustlillg ill unpaid_for silk."

                                         Prepared at Thiel College; Classical Course.                            Entered

CHAlI.l.l!S D. COOPER,   r   X,                           Adamstown.
                             •. Happy"
              .. lie doth nothing bUl ride his hOT'"'."

Prepared alMillersvilleState Normal School; Theta Alpha;
Var!>ily Foot-ball Team; (2), (3); Reserve Base-ball (2);
Preparing for Law; Scientific Course.

                                         HARKV      At.I.RN     COIl\'I!LI.,                          Shamokin Dam.
                                                                              II   Hac"
                                                      ,. Tlu' "ilc    $QtI~akillg of   a wry-lJttked fife."

                                         Prepared at Bucknell Academy;- Orchestral ~ader of
                                         Minstrel Club (I), (2); MaadoHn and Guitar Club (I). (2),
                                         (3); Orchestra (I), (2), (3); Preparing for Law; Latin
                                         Philosophical Course.
WILLIAM LUTHER DI~NTLER,                            'Vatsontowll.
            "Pets"it of knowledge under difficull1e!l."

Prepared at Watsontown High School; Theta Alpha; Pre-
paring for Engineering; Scientific Course.

                                       JAMES EDWARD El.Llo·rT,                            New Castle.
                                                                        ., Endued
                                                            With sallctityof rcasoll.'·

                                        Prepared at Mt. Pleasant Institute; Stratford Shakespeare
                                        Club; Varsity Track Team p); Class Track Team (2); Class
                                        Fool-ball Team; Vice-Pres. Athletic Association (3); Re-
                                        ligious Editor Orange a/ld BIlle (3); Classical Course;
                                        Preparing for the Mini,try.

l\'lARGARI~1' F'ORGIWS.                             Huntingdon.
                                  "ThoseabOllt ller
          Prom her shall read the perrect ways or honor."

Prepared at Buckllcll Institute; Zeta; L'AGI!r~DA Board
Classical Course.

                                            CI.ARF.:'\"CF.   LVNN   FKV, ~ X, 0 .1 T. '1'.1     ~,         Harrisburg.
                                                                      "Pele" t. Buzz"
                                                                    "Turnovl'ra new leaf."

                                            Prepared al PerkiollJE'1I ~lllil1ar)' and Williamsport High
                                            School; Euepia; Class Foot-ball Team (I), (2). (3), Class
                                            Base-ball Team (I), (2). (3); Oronge and Blue 190-1; Pre-
                                            paring for Civil EngiIlPt:r: Latin S('ielltific Course.

EnMUNIl   Rov   G.~Rn:'\"F.R, 4- r~,                      McKeesport.
                          ,. Gard"
          .. (;in: me another !u... rse; hind 11\' my wOlll1ds:'

'J'heln Alpha; Globe Shakespeare Club; l\lallager Class
Basket-ball Team (2); i\lin.!ltrel Club; Mandolin and Guilar
Club; Chapt:l Choir: Junior Prom. COllllllittee; Classical
eourse; Preparing for Business.

                                           WII,l.IA:\J   S.   GIL),IQRF.,                             Monlgomery.
                                                          "True il is Ihal we Itn'"e setn better dn)'!."

                                           Prepared at Lycoming County Normal snd Susquehanna
                                           Uiliversity: Euepm: Globe Shakespeare Club; Class Base-
                                           ball Team, (2), Latin Scientific Course.

NEI.l,II·;   MAV GODDARD.                                       Lewisburg.
                 "Happy ill litis she is 1101 yel so old
                  Hutsh" m"y learn."

Prepared at Bucknell Institute; Zeta; l\Ialldolin and Guitar
Club: Girls' Glee Club; Oralfge and LUlle Board (2); Class
Secretary (I); L'AGI,;",DA Board: Toast at Class Banquet
(2); President College Settlement Association (3).

                                           I.. VNN SUMNliR          GOOI)1I1A"',    ~ 1\ I':, (I j,   '1', '1'   j, ~,   Loganton.
                                                                 .. Hiscog-itati\',-, frlenlties immersed
                                                                  111 CQgihlllldity orcogitatioll "

                                           Prepared at Lock Havell High School; Ass\. Base-ball l\'1gr.
                                           (3). Manager (4); i\linstrt:l Club (1); College Band (2), (3);
                                           Orchestra (t), (2), (3); Glee Club (3); Onlllj(e ami lillie
                                           BoaI'd (I); Class Base-ball :\Igr. (I); TOilst at Hal1qu~l (I).
                                           (2); Chosen for Junior Debate; I.-atilt Phil. Course; Pre-
                                           paring for Eleclrical Engineering.

\VII,I,IAM A"IOS \VAI~REN GRIJiR, ", 1\ +,0 j, '1',
                              "Kid"                        Salem, N.       J.
                           .. Ilrlil fellow well md."

Prepared at South Jersey Institute; Varsity Basket-ball
Team (2), (3); VlI.rsity Tellnis Tealll (2); TellnisChampioll
(doubles), (2); Class Tellnis1'eam (I). (2); Class Base·ball
Team (I)j Ciassical Course; Preparing for Law.

                                      JOHN CHARLES GROFF. <I' 1\ Y,                       Lewisburg.
                                                      .. Small I,atin and less Greek."

                                      Prepared at Bucknell Academy; Varsity Basket-ball Team
                                      (I); Class Basket-ball 'feanl (I), (2); Capt. (2); Bucknell
                                      Academy Club; Preparing for Law; Scientific Course.

LUVI MORRILL    HAINf!R,   I~ ~, t\ I~ A,        Norristown.
                     .. Infirm of Purpose:

Prepared at Norristown High School; Manager Class Track
Team (2) ; j\·Jinslrel Club (2) : Mandolin and Guitar Club
(I), (2), (3): Vice-President Glee Club (3); Canoe Club;
Chemical and Physical Society; Artist for L'AGENDA;
Preparing for Ministry; Classical Course.

                                      Rov HANNA,                                           Bradford .
                                                 ., Curses on him thaI moves my hones."

                                      Prepared at Bradford High School; Stratford Shakespeare
                                      Club: Mandolin and Guitar Club; Orchestra; Glee Club;
                                      l:AGI!NDA Boarp; Classical Course: Preparing for Medical

PRF.DERICK 8. HAIU)I:-;'G, rAE,                                    Milton,
         .. 1 hR\'C 1I0t lo\'cd Ihc world, 1I0r Ihc world mc, ,.

Prepared at i\'Ii1ton High School and Dickinson College;
Preparing for Medicine: Classical Course; Entered Sopho.

                                            NOR:\IAN EI.WooD HE~R",                                   WilliamsporL
                                                            .. Done to dcalh hy   slandcrOIl~ tongues:'

                                            Prepared at Williamsport High School; Secretary Euepia
                                            (2); Stratford Shakt'speare Club; l\'lanager Class Basket-
                                            ball Team (I); Class Track Team (2); Pedestrian Club;
                                            Mirror I~ditorial BOl'lTd (I), (2), (3); Assistant Editor of
                                            Ora"g~ and Blue (3); Preparing for Teaching; Classical
                                            Course; Assistant Editor Comllli!nc:ement News (I), (2);
                                            Sopholllore Essay Prize; Assistant Editor L'AGKt'D ....

PHARES GROSS HF:SS,                                             Manheim.
            .. Th(" lion is 1I0t so ficrce as the)' pnillt him:'

Prepared at Perkiolllen Seminary; Treasurer Euepia (I);
Globe Shakespeare Club; Prt'S. of "The Forum" (3):
Olylllpiac Tennis Club; Chemical alld Physical Society;
Chosen for Junior Debate; Class Treasurer (2); Toast at
Bau4uet (I); Vice·President Y, M. C. A. (3); Classical
Course; Preparing for Medicine.

                                        CI.ARA !\tAUIlt': Hl"~Dmr.,                                          Kratzcrville.
                                                  "In years that      bring   Ih..   Ilhilosophic mind"

                                        Prepared at Central Penllsylvania College;                               Scientific
                                        Course; Entered Sophomore.

CI.MER AZl:\1A 1-luZ<DIIH.,                       Krat1.erville.
                       .. Deeds 1101 word

Prepared at Cenlral Pennsylvania College; Theta Alpha;
Preparing for the l\linistry; Classical Course; Entered

                                        LAUR .... MAV HUMMEl.,                                              KratzervilJe.
                                                .. Think   yOll,   I alll no stroll",.. r thall   Illy   sex?"

                                       Prepared at Central Penn5)'lvania College; Preparing to be
                                       a Missionary; Scientific Course; Entered Sophomore.

LEWIS COl,Ul\IBUS HVI.BltRT,                     Clarksburg, W. Va.
                  "Not tothe s,,·ifl is   lh~   Race."

Prepared at Broaddus Institute; Euepia; TreaslUer (I), Vice-
Presidellt (3), Critic (2); Stratford Shakespeare Club; "The
Forum" Oratorical Club; Y. M. C. A. Treas (2) Corres-
ponding Sect'y (2), Pres. (3); Latin I'lli\. Course; Prepar-
ing for the Ministry.

                                                              "BcncdiclIIlC:I1I:'1rried   m:ln"

                                           Prepared at Lycoming COllnly :-.'ol'lllHl and l\fontgomery
                                           Classical Schools: Theta Alpha; Treasurer Theta Alpha (2);
                                           Stratford Shakespeare Cluh; Preparing- for Ci\ il Eng-ineer;
                                           Scientific Course: Secretary of L)'coming Count)' Normal

NEI,I.II£ ESTELLE JOHNSON,       n   B 'I', C E A,       i\H. Cannel.
            "0. mistress minc. whc:rc are you roaming?
             0, slay and heRr; your lrue lo\,e's coming,
             That ean sing   both high and      low."

Prepared at !\it. Carmel High School; Zeta; Vice-President
(I), Treasurer(3\; Girls' Dramatic Club; Girls' Mandolin
and Guitar Club; College Girls' Association: Class Secre-
tary (2); Preparing for Domestic Engineerillg; J....aUn
Scientific Conrse.
                                                EDITH HEDGfl.5 KF.LI.\',              n     R 4>, C E A.         Lewisburg.
                                                                         "All that   xlill~rs is   not ,"old."

                                                Prepared at Bucknell Institute; Zeta i Girls' Dramatic
                                                Club; Girls' Mandolin and Guitar Club; Girls' Glee Club;
                                                Class Poet (3); Prep,llTing for Teaching; Latin Philosophical

HAROLO      VOXI';IOA    LESHER,                       Norlhumberland.
      "   \V~   know ",Jmt   w~ .r~,   but know 1101 whllt   w~   IIllly be,"

Prepared at Northumberland High School and BucklleJl
Academy i Thela Alpha; Varsity Poot·ball Team (3); Class
Foot-ball Team(l), (2); Class Track Team (I), (2); Scientific
Course; Preparing for I..aw,

                                                ROBF.RT BRUCl<: MA.CKaV, ~ A E,                                   Waverly,
                                                                                       II   Bob"
                                                                     "   Tilll~ ~1.bor.t~ly   thrown away."

                                                Prepared at Bucknell Acadelll)'; Preparing for Medicine;
                                                Latin Philosophical Course; Vice-President Class (3);
                                                Fraternil)' Editor r:ACE:"iDA ; Junior Prom. Committee,
CRARLF.s   STRI'IH:1'O   MARSH, <I> 1\     +,            New Bethlehem.
                         .. A happy yOllth "

Prepared at Kieskiminetas Spring's School; Varsity Track
Team (I), (2); Class Foot-ball Team (2); Class Base-ball
Team (I), (2); Class Track Team (I), (2); Assi5tant Mgr.
Foot-ball Team (3) Mgr. (4); Latin Phil. Course; Preparing
for Engineering; Junior Prom. COlllmittee; Records ill 440
Yd. dash (52 Sec.) and 8So Yd. run (2 Min. 41 Sec.).

                                                              "And   InI~ !ih~   is, as sh~ hath   prO~'~d   herself:'

                                                Prep.'ued at Bucknell Institute; Zeta; Girls' Mandolin and
                                                Guitar Club; Classical Course.

BARL AUSTIN MORTO:",4t          I'~,   0   ~    T, 4'   ~~,    Dravosburg.
                             .. i\Iort"
               .. "'or Satan finds SOI1l~ mischid s.till
                  For idle hands to do."

PrepllTed at McKeesport High School; Chosen for J ullior
Debate and entered; Junior Prom. COlllmittee; Freshman
DeclanlatiOI1 Prize; Toast at Bauquet (I), (2); Executive
COlluuittee (I), (2); Jurisprudence Course; Preparing for

                                       Dol"Af.ll ROCKEFEI,I,HR :'\ICCAfS, 'I' l\ 't, O..l T, 'I'..l~, ,\    I,   A,

                                                                       " Kill"                   Philadelphia
                                               "'],heclc,'il hath \lowcr toa!'S\1111Ca plca,;illgshaj)C."

                                       Class Base-ball and Foot·ball Teams (I), (2); Class Tennis
                                       Team (2); i\'1anllKer Mandolin and Guitar Club (3); Manager
                                       elee Club (3); lJ/i"rOl' Staff (3); Society Editor Orange (/1Id
                                       Illue (2); L' AGJo;NDA Board; J tllJior Prom. COlllmittee;
                                       Preparing for Engineering; Engill(.--ering Course.

FH":"CIS Lr.HO" l\!CCAUI.r.y,                I forseheads, N. Y.

Prepared at Horseheads Hi~1J School; Theta Alpha, Sec'y.
(2-2nd terlll). Stratford Shakespeare Club; DeUiosthellian
Cluh: Presidl'llt Athletic Association (3); Pr{"sidellt Oroll,ffe
find HIlle Board (3); Chosen for Junior Debalealldentered;
L'A<.:Io:NOA Board; Prep<trillg for the Ministry; ClaS5ical

                                       J":SSll~ !\ICFAHI.AXD •                                   \\·atsollloWll.
                                                      .. ,,'as e\"er womnn in this h"mor wooed?
                                                         Wa" e\'er woman in this humor WOll?"

                                       Prepared al Watsontown Hig-h School: Zeta; Scientific
INEZ En:"A ULOS,                                                Lewisburg.
                                   "A   lightlo~lIille.
              A roll to check the errill~ and   repro\'~   "

Prepared at Keystone Academy; Girls' Mandolin alld Guitar
Club; Orchestra: Preparing for Teaching: Latin Philo-
sophical Course.

                                           ARTHUR JUUTO!' PEARSE.~· "..)"              :\ '"   .t. 'I> T •
                                                                     .. Art"                        Ashtabula, Ohio.
                                                       •. !"rom her fayrc C)'CS h~ took commandment
                                                          Ami c\'cr by her looks conceh'«l her intcnt "

                                          Prepared at Erie and Ashtalmla High Schools: Globe
                                          Shakespeare Club; Varsity 'frack and Relay Teallls(I). (2),
                                          (3): Class Track Team (1). (2), (3); Class Foot-ball 'ream
                                          ~2); J\'linstrels(I), (2), Glee Club: Chapel ehcir (1), (2), (3);
                                          Junior Pram, COlllmittee; Records in220 Yd. dash (22! Sec,)
                                          and broad jump (21 flo 9 1f in,): Indoor high jUlllp record;
                                          Equaled record in 100 Yd, rlash (10 Rec.)

C'.ARE:-;'CE IKA PIlIJ.LlI'S,                                  Turbotville.
      .. III lifc'!> morning march. whcu my bosom was young."

Prepared at Turbotville High School: Ellcpia, Sec'),. (2);
College Band; Orchestm ; Chemical and Physical Society:
Scientific Course; Prepariug for Teaching,

                                          LEE RUSSKJ.I. RAUCK, ..\         a   Y,                              Lewisburg.
                                                      .. Write me atone who         lo~'es   his   fellow~lIlen,"

                                         Prepared at Bucknell Academy; Theta Alpha, Sec'y (2);
                                         Stratford Shakespeare Club; Olympiac Tennis Club; Re·
                                         ligious Editor Orange alld Blue (2); Chemical and Ph}'skal
                                         Society; Chosen for Junior Debate; Latin Phil, Course:
                                         Preparing for Medicine.

VI~RNON   "'I!LSON ROBBINS,                        St. Paul, Minn.
          " A mind not to he changed by lime or plllct'.'·

Prepared at Pillsbury Academy, OwatOllua j\'linu., and
St. Paul High School; Euepia: Presidenl Stratford Shakes-
peare Club (2), (3); Demoslhenian Club: Class Foot-ball
Team (2); Class Track Team (2); Class Basket·ball Team
(3): Chosen for Junior Debate and Entered; L'ACENDA
Board; Preparing for j\'linistry; Classical Course.

                                         ROBERTS      DAI.I':   ROYER, 4' r~,         ."   .1 ~,             Huntingdon.
                                                                           ., Red"
                                                                .. I'm nOlhing if not critical.. ·

                                         Prepared at Huntingdon High School; :Uillll;trds (I), (2):
                                         College Band (I), (2); Glee Cluh (3); Chapel Choir (I),
                                         (2), (3); JlfirrorStaff (3); Junior Prom. Commiltee; Pre·
                                         paring for J...lW ; Latin Philosophical Course.
JOHN CAl,VIN     SANI)!<:RS,                                    Vicksburg',
           ,. And pUI5 himselr ll\lOll his good behavior:'

Prepared at Lewishurg High School and Bucknell Academy;
Theta Alpha "!'reas. (3); Globe Shakespeare Club; Prepar-
ing for Teaching; Classical Course.

                                             CUARI.ES       J-IEXR .... SCHRICK,                         UUlontown.
                                                            " Bid me discourse-. I will enchant thine ear."

                                             Prepared at Nit. Pleasant Institute; Theta Alpha; Strat-
                                             ford Shakespeare Club; 1st Preliminary Junior Debate;
                                             Toast al Banquet (2); Classical Course; Preparing for the

BLAINE \VAI.TER SCoTT, h: !,                              Monongahela.
     .. Uberty I!'xi>its ill IJroportion to wholeliOlt1e restrnillt."

Prepared at l\Ionotl«ahela Academy; Ellepia; l\lenuaid
Shakupeare Club; Orange al1d Blue Board (3); Junior
Prom. Committee; Preparing for :\Iedicine; Scientific

                                            SA)IURI. MAJOR SEIBERT.                                              Coudersport.
                                                                               " Deolosthenes.'·
                                                        "I ha\'C' 1101 forgotlC'1l what Ih~ illsid., of a church is made of."

                                            Prepared at Kutztown Nonnal School and Dickinson
                                            Seminary; Theta Alpha; Cll'ss Foot-ball Teal11 (I); Reserve
                                            Foot-ball Team (I), (2), (3); Track Team (I); Scientific
                                            Course; Preparing for Law.

ROl.lERT FRANCIS SHEPPARD.                                  Cedarville, N. J.
                            " Bob"
                   .. Ld   th~   world   slitl~   ...

Prepared at South Jersey Institute: Theta Alpha; Class
Trnck and Ba.!ket-ball Teams (I). (2); Varsity Track Team
(I); Assistant Track l\'1anager (3), l\Ianager (4); Orange
aNd /Jlue Board (3); Chemicnl and Physical Society (I),
(2); Captain Class Track Team (2); Preparing for Law;
Scientific Course.

                                            RUTH AMHI.IA SIIORKI,I<;V,                                             Lewisburg,
                                                                .. The lad)' Iloth prolest 100 I1Illch, IIIdhillks .,

                                            Prepared at Bucknell Institute: Zeta, Sec')' (2): Class
                                            See'y (3); L'AGF.:~D" Boprd; Toast at Banquet (2); Classi-
                                            cal Course.
JOHN   Bt;;IS~I.      SMII.l':V, ,I, K Y, 0 A '1', ,I,   j,   r,          Titllsville.
                                    .. Hen"
       ..   Se~'en   hundred !)(Jullds and IlOS5ibilities is good gifts."

Prepared at Titulwille High School; Ellepia; Everett Ora-
torical Club: Varsity Foot-ball Team (I), (2), (3): Capt.
Class Base-ball Team (I); l\Hnstrel Club (I), (2); Glee
Club (3); Chemical alld Physical Society; "'I''' Squar~
Club; Toast at Banquet ( r); Class Track Team (2): Scien-
tific Course; Junior Prom. COlllmittee; Preparing for Civil

                                                  PAUl, GAKFfEI.n SMITH,                   -j>   K +,0.1 T,   -1'.1~,   Harrisburg.
                                                                                          .. Dippy"
                                                                   .• I drillk   to the ~eneral joy of Ihl' whote table."

                                                  Prepared at Harrisburg High School and Shippensburg
                                                  Normal School; Euepia; Chapel Choir; Class President
                                                  (2); Toast at Banquet (I); Executive COllimittee (1), (2);
                                                  Varsity Foot-ball Team (I). (2), (3); Varsity Basket-ball
                                                  Team (2), (3): \'arsity Base-ball Team (!), (2), (3), Capt.
                                                  (3); Class Base-bnll Team (I), (2), (3): Class Basket-ball
                                                  Team (I), (2), (3); Junior Prom. Committee; Studying for
                                                  i\linistry; Classical Course.

PHAIU. Lots SMITII .                                                              Erie.
                     .. Her blue c)'es sought Ihe Wesl afar.
                        Ifor lo~'ers 10"e the Western slar:'

Prep.'l.red at Youngsville High School; Zeta; College Girls'
Glee Club; Declamation Prize for Girls (I), (2); Preparing
for Teaching; Scientific Course.

                                      C'.ARK SNYDER,                                        Bloomsburg.
                                                           "Lay on. MacDuff,"

                                      Prepared at Bloomsburg State Normal; Euepia; Preparing
                                      for Law; Latill Philosophical Course.

ANTHON V S'fEINHIl.I'ER,                         Burlingame
                 "I'll not budg.,all inch,"

Prepared at South Williamsport High School; Euepia;
Treasurer Athletic AS50.; Stratford Club; Demosthenian
Club; Varsity Track Team (2); Classical Course. Class
Base-ball Team, Capt. (2).

                                      EVA Bt.ANCH S'J'ONER, II B <I"                          Alverton .
                                                  .. Sighed and looked and sighed again,"

                                      Prepared at Scottdale High School; Zeta, Sec'y. (I);
                                      Girls' Basket-ball Team; Mandolin and Guitar Club, Sec'y
                                      (2); Girl's Glee Club; Orang~a1td Blu~ Board (3); Toast
                                      at Banquet (2); Class Treasurer ((): Class Vice-President
                                      (3); Preparing for Domestic Engineering; Latin Philo-
                                      sophical Course.

JAMES   S'rRIMPLIi;,   JR"   '                  Pedricktown, N. J.

          "Failed the bright promise of your early day."

Prepared at Pedricktown High School; Euepia; Scientific
Course; Preparing for Law,

                                          JAMES TAGGART, <I> I'd, 0 d '1', '                             . Frackville,
                                                    <0   Nalllro: hath frll.f1ll'd stronge fdlow$ in her time."'

                                          Prepared at Frackville High School; Theta Alpha; Class
                                          Foot-ball Team (I), (2); Class Basket-ball Team (I), (2).
                                          (3); Captain Class Foot.ball Team (2); Preparing for
                                          Medicine; Scientific Course.

NEf.r.K THOMAS,                                           Philipsburg.
             "I'll speak ill a monstrous little \'oke."

Prepared at Philipsburg High School; Zeta; Girls' Man-
dolin and Guitar Club; Preparing for Teaching; Latin
Philosophical Course.

                                               .. There was II little mrm, amI he had a little soul,
                                                  Aud hes.'lid,' I,ittlc Soul, leI \IS try, try, try!'"

                                       Prepared at Keystone t'cademy; Theta Alpha; Globe
                                       Shakespeare Club; Class Base-ball Team; !\Iandolill and
                                       Guitar Club; 1'reasur(:r Chemical and Physical Society (3);
                                       Class Treasurer (3); President Keystone Club; Prepadllg
                                       for Chemistry; Scientific Course.

                       ..   Banle~'"

                "So wc'll go no mon a-roving
                 So lale into lhe nighl ..

Prepared lit Bucknell Academy; Capt. Class Foot-ball Team
(I); Varsity Poot-ball Team (2). (3); "'1''' Square Club;
Executive COlilmittee (I), (2); Civil Engi1leering Course;
Preparing for !\Ietallurgy.

                                       Cr.IFFORD YERXON WII.I.I..\:\150x, .1 0 \'.             Salladaysburg.
                                                     .. The mde sea   gf~'wci\'il at   hissollg."

                                       Prepared at Lycoming Coullty Normal; Secretar)' Euepia
                                       (I); Stratford Shakespeare Club; Alpha Sigma; Class
                                       Track Team (2); Manager Tennis Association; l\Iillstrels
                                       (I), (2); Glee Club (3): Chapel Chllir (I), (2), (3): Chosen
                                       for Junior Debate; Class Toast (2); Tnter-socidy Debate
                                       (I); Class President (3); Latin Philosophical Course.

            .. A good behavior, and a f1UCI11101lgue."

Prepared <tt Bucknell Institute; Scientific Course; Entered

                                        TI~OMAS WOOD, -I'       I'.!, 0 .! T,                          Muncy.
                                                           .. Though 13!!'I, not lea!!'! 111 IO"e ..

                                        Prepared at Muncy High School; Euepia; Globe Shakes-
                                        peare Club; Class Foot-ball Team (2); Class Track Team
                                        (2); Chapel Choir: Latin Phil. Course; Junior Prom, Com-
                                        miuee; Preparing for Law.

                       Sophomore Class.
President,                                                           \VII.loIA1\! THO:'>I.-%.5 COVERDAI.E.
Vice-President,                                                      LUCRETIA GARFIELD SXVDF.K.
Secretary,                                                           i\IARV Er.IZAHETll SEA:'>IAN,
Treasurer,                                                           ARDIS C ..... IR THOMI'SO:-<.
Poet,                                                                EDITH E. L.-I. .... ".
Hi!lorian,                                                           FI.ORENCF. LOUISE BACON
Orange olld Blue Representative,                                     AUGus'rus SHERlJ)AN KEeH.

                                 CoIOI"s:   Yale Blue and White.

                                        flower: C.l'nuion.


                      BOOM-ARAJ.:A, BOO;\I-ARAKA, llOO:>I-ARAKA-KIX
                      RII'I-ZlI'l, RIPI-ZII'I, RII'I-ZII'I-ZIX
                      BUCKXELI. 501'1101\l01/:I:-:S, XIl'\TEK .....SIX.


A   VEAR ago we gat1ll~red.
     A Fr~shlllall Cla~s so green;
Bul what a change a year has wrOuRht,
  By everyone is seen.

\Ve boasted thcn of maidens
  \Villi wholll IIOlle could compare;
But DOW thtse, even, seem to liS
  A little bit more fair.

And we have llIell so g.. l1l1l1t.
  So lIoble and so true,
\Ve lIIust not fail to lIotice
  lmprovelllcut ill them too.

'Tis rutllored through the college,
  We've been n little rough
011 the tin)' baby Freshmen
  Who thillk lhey've hud enough.

\Ve believe 'twas through mistake
  If we have been so cruel
As to feed lite hahies beef-steak
  When they should have had grueL

Am] is it ally wouder
  That wc're a little proud,
Since we have been the leaders
  Tn the jolly Bucknell crowd?

Then may we llever Calter
  I.u our purpose high and true,
But still be ever faithful to
 The white and old )'ale blue,          E. E. L.


    o   our readers the class of 1906 is well known, so much so that it is almost
T      unnecessary for the historian to record the events in our life. \~Je are well
        known among our" fellow" classes; though our history were 110t written,
it would live and be handed down to future classes as a record worthy of imitation.
However, for the satisfaction of OUT friends we will try to give, ill the brief space
allowed. a short account of our eventful and victorious life.
        September 19.1902 saw the largest Freshmen class in the history of Bucknell.
That morning the capacity of the chapel was taxed to its limit to accolllodate these
Freshmen and those who came to see them. 1\'la11y, little thinking how soon such
feelings would give way to admiration find fear, scorned and pitied us. \Ve passed
quietly out of chapel and started for the hill. There in advance of us were the
Sophomores, howling and yelling like a pack of wolves. Dowl1 they rushed all
us with threatening cries, and we met them. We met lhem as they deserved, but
scarcely as they expected. Charge after charge they made, but ill spite of their
fierce attacks we made our way lip the hill and won our first victory.
        September 23rd, we met for the first time as a class, and this time that we
might organize. Soon after organizing the poster war \vas on and both classes
fought hard. But, as might have been expected, the Freshmen have the honors
or that exciting time.
        Tl'e time arrived for the annual root-ball game between the Sophomores
and Freshmen. The Sophomores wellt au the field confident of all easy \'ictory ;
the Freshmen, determined that their opponents should work hard for a victory.
At the end the Freshmen had scored 18 points, and the Sophomores went meekly
home, feeling that those Freshmen were not quite such babies as had been thought.
If any of our readers wonld like to kllow the score of the Sophomores in this game,
ask 1905.
        Lest we seem to praise ourselves too much we shall hastily pass over the
next two months, noting only the most important events. December loth, we
matriculated. January 23rd, we held our bar.quet 3t \Villiamsport. That night,
while we feasted, the •. Sophs." crept secretly away and hid themselves until the
next night when they, too, banqueted at \Villiamsport. After this the Sophomores
felt that they had had enough of the Freshmen, and our first year in college was
soon euded with a celebration. This celebration came after the June examinations
and marked our entrance into a more glorious year - if such is pos."iible.
        Never in all the history of Bucknell did a greener clas.'i take its place in
chapel than the class of 1907 this past September. After chapel everybody except
these Freshmen prepared for the usual scrap. \Vith much urging on the part of
the Juniors the Freshies ventured against us. But alas for their feeble, half-
hearted attempt, 1906 was victorious.
        \Ve then tried our hauds at posters and soon the town was filled with the
proclamations of 1906, while the Freshmen gazed at them with open mouth.
They were too surprised and frightened to move. Proclamation after proclama-
tion appeared but no reply came from the Freshies for many long weeks.
        The foot-ball game betwet:I1 1906 and 1907 was played October 24. It is
needless to tell how ea~ily we won. During these weeks we had also beeu striv-
ing to rid the Freshmen of some of their greenness and timidity. But it was well
nigh impossible. \Vhile these events were transpiring, banquet seasou again
claimed the attention of all. It is well known to all that the Freshies had to steal
away when they were supposed to be in Rhetoric class, and while all other classes
were at work. But how did we Sophomores go? \Ve publicly announced the
time of our departure and our destination. When \ve left the Freshmen stood
meekly aside to let us pass. We arrived ill Harrisburg undisturbed.
        Such has been our history, perhaps it lacks in interest because of its same-
ness, for it is a series of victories. But to us it is an interesting history, and the
memories of these two years will always be pleasant to tbe class of 1906.

                      The Sophomore Class.
FI,OKENCE I,OUISE BACON,                                               Canton.
JAMES RII.HV B"'II.I:':\',                                       Greensburg.
G.,:NUS ElJlHtT BARTJ.IITT.                               Webster, W. Va.
AMOS ETIIAS BAR-TQX,                                                  . Vilas.
EOWI'" ANTI-lOXV BRAV":R,                                       Huntingdon,
SAMUEl. JM.II~S BI.ACI<:.                                            Franklin.
EI,IlERT I.ITTLE BI,,\KI·sr.I..; B,                                 l\'1ontrose.
SOI'IIIA    LOUISA BOlll,IUI.,                                     Germania.
NORRIS LEns BROWN.                                            West Chester.
JOHN IRA CATHERMA1\".                                             Le..... isburg.
JOSHPH LHIGIfTON CIIALLlS,                                       , Waverly.
BURI.EIGH CI.AVI'OOI .•                                          Kittanning.
FI.uRH!\·CI~ JEANNI~1"I'H eoua,                                 Coudersport.
HAROl.l) NI~:WTOX COl.E,                                              Du Bois.
CI.ARI';NCI~ BURNAP CO;\lSTOCK.                                         Grover,
\VSU,IA;\1 "f1-IOMAS CO\'ERDAI,E,                                 Lewisburg.
WILLIAM EUGRNJo: O ..:MHLT.                         South \Vesterlo, N. V.
JOliN GROVIlK DENNINGER, .                            Greal Valley, N. Y.
GEORGE LEWIS OEW.o\1,I),                                       Hartley Hall.
LINN CI.ARK        ORA."':,                                  Tunkh!lnnock.
EKI :\lADlSO:-: FAKK.                                                   l\luncy,
ANDKEW CURTIS FJo;INOUR,                                          Lewisburg.
FluiJ) VORIS FOI.1.i\IER,                                               i\liltOll.
SARA CYRF.:"OA FURMA:"',                                          Wellsboro.
1h-:N.-\JAli j.\CK GARllNEK,                                    Factory\'ille.
GF.ORGE MCCRACKEN GASKIl.l.,                                Newport, N. J.
MAURICE FlUNK GOLDSMITH,                                             Carnegie.
JOIlS WAI.I.ACJ:o: GRlmNE,                                       Norristown.
HESSI),: EI.I.A )-)AJ.lN·:L,                                     Mt. Carmel.
GI!ORGE B"'IJ.!~\' HARRIS,                                        Lewisburg.
ROI\I.HNE HASSRICK,                                                     Muncy.
ARMEl..     BOLTZ HEFIII,I!\"G,                                Mt. Pleas.1nt.
JOliN FRANKI..Y"" HI!:-;'""ESS\',                                          Irwin.
Lt!ROY \\1. Hoo"",                                          . illonongabela.
CUARI.ES :\ICCAI.I.U!o1       HOWI-:I.I.,   JR ..      . l\'"orthumberland.
EONA A""",, I:SNES,                                                    Canton.
Eowl"" GII,MORE JACK,                                                 Berwick.
\VAI,TER JJ\RRETT,                                                   Sunbury.
HRNRY JONES,                                                       Plymouth.
RACHEl. Al.LlE KAN.\RR,                                            Lancaster.
AUGUSTUS SUI-;RIDA"" Kl':CH,                                     Snow Shoe.
CI.YDI!    TREON    Kmss,                                       Hughesville.
OSCAR      J.   KINGSBUR\',                                       l\'"anticoke,
ClI."RJ.ES AARO!\' KNI'I'!',                                       Peubrook,
EDITH E. LANr~,                                                       Ulysses.
ROBERT BHNJ'\MIN LEIGHOU,                                  Northumberland.
H~!,,{V   J0I1:-1S0:-; LOSE,                                  Williamsport.
JOS!:!!'H CIPRIANO ~IACRO,                                    Reynoldsville.
FLORI':NCE A. l\lCCASKIH.                                  Short Hills, N. J
CI,AV MONTGOMERV MCCORMICK,                                     Gock Haven,
GI{ACl~ LENORF MI';":K,                                       Reynoldsville.
HE",RV 'l'AVI,OR i.\!EVHR,                                       Rebersburg.
J·L\RI{V LYMAN M".I.I~R,.                                         Wiconisco.
C,\IH. Lvo:-l 1\lll.I,WARD,                                    i\H. Pleasant.
1\1 A R V l\"IoN'n:OR'f l'iIou.,                             I\lahanoy City.
CHAHl.J:o:S CLYDE il\!ORI{[SON.                                Mt. Pleasant.
I-IENRV CI,A\, MUNRO,                                            White HalJ.
ARTHUR IRWIN f-,IURPHV,                                             Pittsburg.
A UGUS'fUS NEII.I"        .                                   Monongahela.
DAVID NOIJL\!, jR.,                                        Brooklyn, N. V.
JAMES THI·;ODORE PAHK.                                           Montandon.
0.,>15V VAN SVCKEr, I'ARSOl"S,                                        Canton.
HOMER DERIAI, PEA~H':'                                              Scranton.
BENJA;\lIN EARr. I'HIl,I,II'S,                                   RrinkerlOIl.
\VI!.I,IAM \VAl.l,,·\CI'. PORT5ER,                               Greensburg.
THO;\IAS BE.'\"JAMIN POWEl.I.,                                      Scranton,
I-II\I.E.'\" EUZABE'l'H RICKABAUGH.                                  Altoona.
EnWIN \VARREN RUMSEV,                                             Lewisburg.
l\IARV ELD'_ABI.;'fll 5";A"IAN,                                   Allentown.
PENROSE HERR SlIELLl';V,                                         Fort Royal.
HORACE JONI-:S SHI':l'l'ARIl,                               Cedarville, N. J.
JAMES I,ElGH SIIIEI,DS.                                           J,ewisburg.
FRANK C,\Rl{IER SIlIRl.EV.                                            Clarion.
JOHN DANIEL PECK S"IITI-lG,\J,I"                                  Trout RUll.
LUCRIiTIA GARFrt~I.D SNVDEH,                                       DU1l1llcre.
DICKSON SU,\W STAUFFER.                                        ML Pleasant,
HARR\' THO"IAS STEVENSON,                                             Sharon.
FRA:-IK LATON STI·:W,\RT,                                        Vandergrift.
AI,F]{l\n I,OOMIS       TAVl,ClR,                                       If\\·in.
CH,\RI.I·:S I-10WAI{[) ·L\VI,OH,.                                       Irwin.
JA;\lli5 :-1,1F1':R 1'HATCHI':R.                                  Lewisburg.
EnW,\!(D DW1GI-l'I' THOMM'.                                         Lansford.
AI{I)15 CI,AIR THO;\Ii'SON,                                         Franklin.
SAR,\11   EU,A      l!.'\"GER,                                Union Comer.
ABRAHAM 1'11':RCl~ \VAI,TZ,                                        Elilllsporl.
COUKTNEV       A.    WIIEEI.I!R,                                   Titusville.
GEORGE LIDV \VHIT,\KJo;R,                                      Curwensville.
ATHOl, VERN \VISE,                                            New Millport.
CUEs'tER LVJ.E \VVNNE • .                                           Warwick.
CAHI. SCHUI;rz VINGI,ING,                                 Jersey City, N. J.
FRANK J.,.ANDIS VOST,                                          Lock Hav~lI,
                                      SonIOMORI·;S. 91.

                                 Freshman Class.

President,                                                                LoUIS ROHERTS.*
Vice.Presid~l1t,                                                         JAMES ELI,IOTT, JR
Secretar)'.                                                               V";RA EI.I.JCfo; DUNCAK.
Treasurer,                                                               CHESTER H .... Ror,1) GODSUAI.r..
Poet,                                                                    JULIA MAUD REES.
Historian,                                                               CHARI.ES AUS'fl:-; LEMMON.
OYll1lge a~ld    IJt~e   Representative,                                  ESAU HERBERT LOOMIS.

                                           Colors:   Red and Blue.

                                              flower:    Violet.

                                      Motto; A Minima ad Maxima.

                              Cl,rCKFnv!     CI.. ACKETV!     CI,ICKETY CI.AX   !
                               RICKETY!     RACKI':TV!      RICKETY R,\x!
                              Hur.r.ABr,OO BEr.EvEN!        HUI,l,ARLOa IlIH,EVEt" !
                              BUCKNELl, FRESHMI~N NINETEEN-SeVEN .

   • Deceased.

WE look beyond the bounds of what we are,
       We dream of what we alwa),g strive to be;
Across the uarrow plain we see to-day,
 There comes the prayer, the longing to be free.

We look upon the night, the stars,
  We long for that which is Ilot here'
The power to seek and find ourseh'es
  Beyond our world, beyond our sphere.

\Ve would Ilot have our yearning lips be dumb,
 \Ve know the worth of great infinity,
And yet we fail within OUT daily range,
 Still praying on forever to be free.

Still here we linger ever praying 011,
  That t11ro' lo-day to-morrow will be found.
\Ve know 110t what we ask, for once again
  We fall and feebly reach {or firmer ground.

Beyond OUT grasp of present things,
  There lies the great and vast und<.lIe,
It is for us to play onr part
   And pass away, as a song that's sung.

We work and strongly hope for larger things,
 Our hope is vast as night, as deep as sea.
And while we blindly work we feel the wish,
 That is within us throbbing, to be free.
                                                   J. l\L R.
      N the 19th of September, Bucknell for the first time saw what a few days
O        later became the class of '907. Our advent was perhaps similar to that of
         all other classes before ours, with the exception of the class immediately
preceding.      Much has been said concerning the greenness of J906, a quality
happily, 110t found to ally great extent among the members of 1907.
       The first important advent in our history took place before we weTe a class,
before we had become acquainted in the Sophomore "Rush". Although we
were greatly outnumbered we fought the Sophomores to.a standstill and have
reason to believe that many of them were very thankful when the faculty inter-
fered. If we follow the chronological sequence of events, the" hall scrap" comes
next. After overlooking for some time the \'arious petty annoyances to which we
were subjected by the Sophomores, we finally decided to put an end to the trouble
once and for all. We accomplished our object on that memorable night and haz-
ing became a thing of the past.
        In the foot-ball game with '06 we met our first defeat, although it was a de-
feat in which there was no disgrace. It was a most interesting game throughout,
the result being in doubt until the very last minute. If we lost in foot-ball, how-
ever, we more than balanced our account with '06 when we posted our" procs"
just before Christmas vacation. Some of their number boastingly declared, pre-
vious to the occasion that the posting of the .. procs" was i:npossible, but we
didn't find it difficult, to say the least. The way in which we carried out our plan
was a surprise to all, the Sophomores included.
        Next came the crowning success of the year for us, the banquet at Wil-
liamsport. It was conceded by members of the faculty and upper classlllen that
 1907's banquet was the most successful one held for years. The train stopped for
us back of Bun.nell hall, and away we went under the very noses of our friends,
the enemy. The smoothness with which this affair was carried off clearly demon-
strated the superiority of brain over brawn.
        Such has been our record during our first year. A yeH of which we may
indeed be proud. May the years ahead of U!:i bl;: as successful as the one we have
just passed through,                                                HISTORIAN,
                    The Freshman Class.

HOi\II~R   HASTIr;GS ADAMS,                       Grange.
ANNA !VIgRTlI': ALEXANOER,                       Marietta.
PEKe\, CIIESTHR ANDRI~WS,                 New Be:thlehem.
CARI.ETON GII.FII.EN At>p.                     Lewisburg.
W£1"OI<:I.I. MC\lINN AliGUST,              Brockwayville.
CIlAIU.ES DA1{CIE n"HR,                     COllnellsville.
JOHN MICHAEl, BANZIIAP,                            Muncy.
CI.ARENCJo; ANTHONY BER?\AKD,                        Hoyt.
FRED Wi:\BER nll.GER,                       Curwenn·ille.
CI,ARA Bl.ACK,                                Union City.
FREDERIC RUSSELl. BoWER,                       Lewisburg.
\VAI:rloR BURNKT1'E BR1NKEK                 l\H. Pleasant.
CHAUNCEY EUGI':NI~ BROCKWAY,                       Sharon.
ERNF-:ST SABIN BURROWS,                    Picture Rocks.
PETER GARFIl·;J.O COIJHR.                       Pine Hill.
MURRAY ALVIN COI.LI!"S,                        Allenwood.
MALCOM PURDY       DAns,                       Allenwood.
V1LRA ELI,ICE DUNCAN,                         Cross Fork.
RAJ,PH B. EnDER'f,                                 Milton.
WII.L1AM WElJSTl~K EIST£k,                       Sunbur}'.
JAMES El,LloT, JR .•                       Chestnut HilL
\VII.LIAi\1 l<'REOJo:RICK El.SESSHR,        Philadelphia.
GORDON EVANS,                                    Scranton.
ELI,ISON II,-IcLEAN FASSUTT,                       Canton.
BOYD MORSE FRE":\IIRH,                       \VaIF.OutowlI.
MABI.J·: C. GIBSON,                                Ulysses.
MAllEI.. Er.1ZABIITII GI.EASON",                   Canton.
CHI-;STER HAROI,D GonSHALL                  Philadelphia.
HAVARD GRIFFr'fH,                                  Wayne:.
CUARI,ES GRE\IMINGEK,                             Altoona.
\VII-ON GROOVER,                               Lewisburg.
HOKACB LEROY HAI.L,                                Sharon.
SI'IlNSER TtLI.INGllAST HARRIS,                Lewisburg.
GHORGE WlI.LIAM HAWK,                         Tower Cit)'.
F. LUTHgR HillNZE,                                Ashland.
HOMER \VII,BERT HENDERSON,                            Day.
AMMON GROSS I'IESS,                             Manheim.
WAI,TER BUDD HtLTON.                         Philadelphia.
\Vt1,L1AM OUDt.HV HINMAN, .                    MODroeton.
COIT ROSCOlt HOECHST,                            East Berlin.
THEOOORl~ BI,AND HOY,                           l\'lontandOIl.
ELK"'N"'H       I-IULl.EV,                       . Chester.
FRANK \VII.I,IAM HUTCHISON,                New Bethlehem.
esTELLA BELLE JOHNSON,                             Emlenton.
RUTH CUSIIMAN JONES,                         Mahanoy City.
KATHARYN MAY KING,               •            Reynolds\'ille.
LULU ETHEl. KLINE                                    Winfield.
PAUl. LEVAN KNORR,                                    Reading.
FRANK JOSEPH KRAE:\IF;K,                           Frackville.
GEORGE \VASIIINCTON LEAClI,                New Bethlehem.
CHAKL£S AUSTIN LE:\DION,                      Honey Brook,
aNA F,STHI.I,K LII,I.IBRtDGI~,                 Coudersport.
THOMAS BEIW~K I,OCKARD,                      r-.lontours\'ille.
CI. KENCE EDWARD LONG,                        Shippensburg.
Es u    HEIOJEKT LOOMIS,                   Wilmington, Del.
JORN OGDEN LU:'oDIlS,                       Bridgeton, N. J.
FRED MANKEY,                                   Williamsport.
L"'WRENCE OSCAR MANLEY,                                Canton.
NOR:>JAN EDWARD McC ... L1., .                   FAIIl. Creek.
ANN'" L. MCGIN!\"IS,                           Eleven ).Iile.
ARTHUR EVRlI. MC~I!\"CH.                           Lewisburg.
CH.-\RI.l'-S Mf!... DE!\" MII.I.EK,                  l\1a}'field.
JOHN LA:'ollmR MINOR,                            Kittanning.
MARC ... RHT E:'oll\lA MYERS,                  Wiiliamsport.
CA!.VI!\" OnERDORF,                                  Sunbury.
URSUI.A DAWES PAR;\ILEv.                     Mahanoy City.
WARR!';!\" HAKPER PETTIWONE.                 . Dorranceloll.
IRA EDWI;>; PETERSON,                        Millville, N. J.
CHAKI,F,S FRANCIS POTTER,                   Marlboro, l\Iass.
WII.L1Al\I WF,SI.I~Y RAKER.                       Trout RUll.
CAROLY;>; M. REED.                                 Slate Run.
HARRY DEI.ROV REESE,                              Lairdsville.
HARRY SINE RICE, JR.,                               Siegfried.
GEORGE A. RIGGS,                              New Brighton,
LEO LA WRENCH ROCKWELl., .                        Monroeton.
Er.IZ.-\BI!TH    1\1 A E   ROBKRTS,              Cochranton.
* LEWIS    ROIIHRTS,                               Frackville.
MAKGARET ADAI.IA ROWI,ANDS.                       Homestead.
EDWIN     Wn,oH       SAVI,OK,               . Philadelphia.
MARION ELl,SWORTH SAVRE,                      New Brighton.
JACOB HAKRY SCHUCH,                          Cogan Station.
TlIO:'olAS \VAYNE SCHULT'/.,                       Penusdale.
\VIJ.L1AM JOSEPH SCHur:r.l,                        Pennsdale.
FRED RAYMOND SCHWEIT'I.ER,                         Trevorton.
FRANK HENRY ScHWEIT'I.ER,                          Trevorton.
JAMES W£$r.EY SHIPE,                              . Sunbury.
F. REBECCA SHOVE,                                  Wellsboro.

HOWARD SIEGFRIED,                                                Hughesville.
LILA i\'lABBL SILl..                                               Bradford.
R081':RT JACOBI SIMINGTO:S.                                      Mooresburg.
FRA:-i'K S:mGEI.SKV,                                              Mt. CarDIel.
SYO:SF.\· HOMER S:\IITH,                                          Turbotville.
HARR\' GARFIELD SNA\'ELY,                                            Ellhaut.
EDISON ARlO STEINMETZ,                                               Centralia.
WII.L1AM RANKIN STEVENSON.                                          Pittsburg.
PAUL GEORGE STOLZ,                                               Philadelphia.
RJ-:I:"1I01.0 STOI.Z,                                          . Philadelphia.
JOII:S HOWARD STOVER.                                                  Altoona.
jOHX   D. STRAIN.                                              . Philadelphia.
HOWARD GEORGE \VASCHER,                                            Frackville.
Guv LAWRENCE WEBSTr;R.                                            Vienna, Md.
MAR\' SAIIINE WEDDLE,                                           \Vest Newton.
JOS":I'H N";LSON WEDDI.E, JR.,                                  West Newton.
MELLIE ARMSTRO:SG WF.STCOTT.                                    Camden, N. j.
AI.FRED MATTHEWS WHIT8V,                                            Pittsburg.
EAIU. WAVNR WHITNR\',                                              Wellsboro.
\Vll.I.IAlII HORATIO \VIGNAI.I.,                                     l\1a)·field.
FRANCI~S ESTRI.l.A \VII.l.l,\:\IS,                                . Olyphant.
CECil. i\lERI~DITH WINHIGLER.                               Washington, D. C.
RAI.PH E"'lr;RSON \VINllIGLER.                              Washington, D. C.
JONATHAN \VOI.FE,                                                 Lewisburg.

                                     FRJ.:SI-I:\IEN, 111.


MARm ATKI!"SON,                                                Lewisburg.
El.LA BIlALt::,                                      Pelham Manor, N. Y.
LII.UAN BEALE,                                               Philadelphia.
ELBINA LAVINA BgNI)ER.                                         Lewisburg.
JOHN   H    V.     BROWN,                                         Reading.
HARRV WII.SON BOVARD,                                         Kittanning.
CHARI.IlS DAVID COOI'HR,                                      Adamstown.
\VILI.IAM   1...   DONEHOWER,                                  Lewisburg.
EDWIN WINGERT GUNDV,                                           Lewisburg.
MARY HEISHR,                                                   Lewisburg.
WILLIAM CURRIl! HUI.I.EY,                                      Lewisburg.
ADDU': ELl.liN JOHNSTON,                              Scotch Plains, N. J.
WILI.IAM CARPENTER KEI.LY,                                     Lewisburg.
HARRY BAINE MAGI~I~,                                               Clarion,
GHORGE MA'rTlS,                                               Millersburg.
CARRIE MAY MCCASKII!,                                    Short Hills, N. J.
ARTHUR JUDSON" PEARSE,                                 . Ashtabula, Obio.
MAUD REES,   •                                             . Philadelphia.
FREDERICK A. RlI:iGEo:I.,   .                                  Lehighton.
GERTRUD"; STANNERT,                                            Lewisburg.
WU.soN WII.I.ARD ST.-'VER,                                   Williamsport.
LEWIS AI.BRIGHT \VANNER, .                                     Fleetwood.
FR":D RUSSlU. ZUGSCHwER'r,                                    . Carnegie.

                                  SP..; CIALS, 22.
   The Academy.


  JOliN HOWARD HARRIS,       PH, D.,   LL.   D.,
           President of the University.

  THOMAS A. EDWARDS, A. 1\'1.. Principal,



     MARTIN Ll,NNAIWS DRUM, PH.         It, .

     FRANK EUGENE BURPI:\E,         A. M.,

            Sciellce aud History.

   MANSFI.HI.n FR(iNCH FORBEI.f.,      A. B.,

        Registrar of the University.

                  Fourth Form Class.

President,                                            RAJ.l'lI L. TIIO~IAS.
Vice-President,                                       WlI,l,lAM C. SPROUT.
Secretary,                                            CI,AtJDE G. MOOR!!.
Treasurer,                                            FRANK McDoNAI.D.
Historian,                                            OA\'II)   J.   HAWK.
Prophet,                                              \VARIU!:X      T.   \Vn.soN.
Poet,                                                 CUARI.l:;:>ofAGNE T. WOLFE.

                         Colo"'l; Gn'"Oel and Gold.
                     MOllO: Abeunr nudi, in mores.
                             flower:    Violet.

          Senior Academy History.

     LTHOUGH we have not scaled the lofty pinnacle of attainment on wbich
A      our worthy predecessors sat in blissful content, we are glad to report steady
       progress in classical as well as athletic pursuits.
       Educationally our work of course has been the foundation for college
success.   We are convinced furthermore that the foundation is capable of
receiving a very substantial super-structure. For this we thank the efficient
 Faculty of Bucknell Academy.
       Our Foot-Ball Team suffered much in that it had 110 coach. But adversity
is the mother of prosperity. Shamokin High School prided herself in the fact
that no team for IUany years had scored against her on the home ground. The
Academy TeaRl this year broke the local record.            Games were played with
Williamsport High School, Watsontown High School, the Sunbury Buffaloes and
other teams. In most of these games we were victorious.
       While sorry to forsake the associations of the Academy. we are happy in
the prospect of college life and trust to bring honor to our worthy Alma J11aler.

                          Academy Students.
                                          THE fOURTH fORM.
WIl"FIEI.D ScOTT         BOOTH,                                       Philadelphia
JOSEI'll    WEJ.I,s HENDERSON,                                        Montgomery.
GeORGE WASHISGTO:-;            KERSCHNER,                              . Trevorton.
RALPH      Lr.EWEI.L\'N     TAOMAS.                                      Lewisburg.
WARRJ:o;N TVSON WIL.sON,                                                   DuBois.
CHARI.,IIMAGN'E TOWER 'VOLFE,                                           Lewisburg.

                                              LATIN SCIENTIfiC.
CHARI.ES CRAWFORD HINDMAN,                                                  DuBois.
ISAAC CRQUSK          MARTIN,                                          Huntingdon.
CJ.AUOf~ GRAVI~S !\lOORE,                                         East Stroudsburg.
Kl~NDRICK LUCIAN           OS80RN,                                     Clyde, N. Y.
EnwlN LV-ROV ROVER,                                                     Rebersburg.
WIl,r.    CARI,HTON SPROUT,                                          Piclure Rocks.

MORRISON       BIJ.I.IIEIM,                                           l'urbolsville.
JAMES ANDRHW           GROFF,                                            Lewisburg.
CLYDE      HItNRV     H""Nf.o:5, .                                         Winfield.
DAVII)     jACKSO:X    HAWK,                                            Tower City.
HAROl-D      BURROWS l-h';NDERSO:-:,                                  Montgomery .
JOliN    RAYMOND       KERR,                                           Mooresburg.
EDW'=-:    ISLAND LAWSHE,                                                Lewisburg.
BURTON      RUNYON       5:\\'100£, .                                 Turbotsville.
WILLIAM      !\IcCr.El"ATUAN         SL\IIKGTON,                       Mooresburg.
DONAl,n A. STHELE, .                                                  Washington.
SI'ENCER     BARBER TAYLOR,                                           l\Iifflinsburg.

                                       THE THIRD fORM.
JOHN    WIl.r.IAl\t    GRANFIELI).                          Clarksboro, N. j.
\VILI,IAM      LEISER,                                            Lewisburg.
WAI.LACE ]\'1CLAUGHI,IN,                                        Philadelphia.
CHAI{I.ES NYUERG,                                            New York City.
CHARI.E.S STII.I.wEI,I. ROUSH,                                      Willfidd.
ALBERT \VAJ'Fr.H OWENS,                                           Lewisburg.
\VALTER       EARL '1'1\A51).... LE,                             Lewistown.

                                        LATIN SCIENTIFIC.
JOHN    J.    WILl.lA;\'S,                                       ?I'll. Carmel.

S.   \\·OOI)S CALDWru.l..                                       \Vatsontowl1.
JAMES WILSON          FHRRELL,                                New Preeport.
\VII.L1A'"     EI)WAI{I)     FOWLER,                           l\lontgomery.
\\'AL'nW      SYLVANUS       FRIO';,                              Lewisburg.
'fl-IOMAS FAY GEAR, .                                              1{l1oxville.
NORMAN BUCKI.ANn GARDNER,                                           Sunbury.
IVAN    E.    KELTS.                                                Knox\·ille.
LARUf~       KNOX,                                                  Knoxville.
CHARI,ES AUGUS'fUS NICELY,                                      \\·a1sontowll.
RAV ARTEMUS OSGOOD,                                               Rose, N. Y.
GI:.ORGE      E.   ROBERTS,                                        Lewisburg.
KLEIN        HARLAND ROVER,                                      Rebersburg.
JOHN    OAKI.EV SIMINGTON.                                       Mooresburg.
JOHN    ARCHiE \\'RiTE,                                            Knoxville.
                                                 THE SECOND FORM.
FREDERICK        B!.ASER.                                             Philadelphia.
NED LoGAN         BROW!'\'.                                         Pleasant Unity.
"'II.I,IAM    VICKI!\' toxEV,                                             Sunbury.
TUKODOIO! DAVIS. JR .•                                                     Donora.
NORMAN        ROIII!KT      D.-\VIS,                                    Allenwood.
\\'II.I.IAM   RAI.PII      DF-I'PEN,                                     Treverton.
CHARI.KS FURMAN DUNKLE,                                                 J.ewisburg.
Scon     PARnOE        HILI.IARD,                                     Montgomery,
FRANCIS       HARPER            HUTCIIIl\'SOS.                            Sunbury.
ARTHUR        \VII.LIAM KING,                                         Philadelphia.
EOWARO N.         MCMuI.I.EN,                                       Newark, N. Y.
HOWARO        MCCLURI;; NEFF,                                             Sunbury.
HI!Rllf;KT MURRA\' OSBORN,                                                  Milton.
EnwuJ JOHN RADCI.IFFR,                                                      Patton.
CI.VIlI\ SANIH;RS,                                                      Schreiners.
DxLos       HI~RRICK THOMAS,                                               Canton.
PIIII.I.II' C.   THOMAS,.                                                 Scranton.
RIWBEN NmJ\lAN             VOGI.F.,                                        DuBois.
MAX    C.     WIANT,                                                 COllnellsville.

                                                 THE FIRST FORM.
\VIl.I.IAM    ROBf;RT BAKER,                                             Tamaqua.
J... EON EI.I.IS KO!'\'KLE,                                          Montoursville.
CARl. ROBBINS,                                                           Scranton.
ARTHUR S.        \\".0.1-11.,                                             Reading.
ANDREW        WOLFS, .                                                 I.ewisburg.

                              STUDENTS PURSUING SELECT STUDIES.
ALBERT        DANIEl, BARTON,                                          Philadelphia.
CHAN;LES       RODMAN        BARTON,                                   Philadelphia.
\Vn.I,IA;'.1 Ar.l.ltN BLAI R,                                              \Vellsboro.
\VAI,TER      CAMPBEI,r"                                                        Kane.
NED F. CHURCR,                                                             Glen Irotl.
\VILI.IAM      STEWART DUNCAN,                                           Duncannon.
ENRIQUE        ECHANOVJ<:,                                       Progresso, Yucatan.
AMOS     ROBERT       EDGCOMB,                                                Galeton.
AUGUSTUS DUNBAR EI'I'LER,                                                Mt. Carmel.
HOWARD CI.DY!)             FI.F.MING,                                     Trout Run.
JRA    CI.YD!! GASS,                                                         Sunbury.
JOHN    GIUNE\',                                                          Coatesville.
JAcon OOGEN GROOVER,                                                      Lewisburg.
\VII.LIAM      I..K<;LIE   HORAN,                                         Lewisburg.
WU.I.lAM CURRIE HUJ.I.EV, JR ..                                           Lewisburg.
WIUIIER C. JOHNSON,                                                   Downingtown.
HERMAN         HENRY       KLERX,                                            Sunbury.
THEODORE           KAMENSKY,        •                               Clearwater, Fla.
GIRTON        KI:n.I.~R L":NHART,                                         Lewisburg.
HARVEY        R.    MARTZ,                                               . Sunbury.
EDWARD HJ:!NRY             !'o'IAHER,                                    Tower City.
JAMES EDWARD McKEIWr£R.                                                         Irwin.
CHARLES        EDWARD        l't'1JCHENER,                                    Dewart.
\VII.tIAM      EMMRT l\'lARTIN,                                             Saltsburg.
EMORY      LEDRUl~ MII,I.HR,                                                 Sunbury.
FRA"'K     McDONAJ.D,                                             New Orange, N. J.
HENRY      SNEDEKER Mrl'CHEI.L,                                                  Troy.
\VII.L1AM      PROSSER,                                       Black Diamond, \Va~h.
\Vn.LIA:'o1    HENRY REESH,                                                 Scranton.
\VII,I.IAM     A.SHIPP,                                                   Shamokin.
HARRY      BENJAMIN SCHRIRER,                                       . Mahanoy City.
OIJDULIO SUROS,                                                    ManzaniJlo, Cuba.
JOSEPH R. 'fANNENU.O\UM,                                                  Nanticoke.
DANn;L        RlSHli;I,    WEUER,                                         Sykesvitlt".

           The Institute.
        JOHN HOWARD HARRIS, PH.             D.,       LL.   D.,
 President of the UI1i\'ersity and Instructor in Ps)'c:bology.

     EVEI.I:-:a JUDITH STAKTO:i, PH. M., Principal,
           and Instructor in English Literature.

         EL\'Slm AVIRAGNh'T, A. M., Mus. Doc.,
Vocal and Inslnunenlal i\lusic alld the RODlance Languages.

            MAUl) El,lZAHE1'll HANNA, A. M.,
                     I.'1tin and German.

                       jUl,nIT Au",:",
                    Instrumental Music.

                      CAX"DACE \\"000,

                  GRACE: SLlI~HR. A.   )1..
                     Latin and HistOf)',

            MAlt\' ANN HURSH UNGER, A. B.,

                    Instrumental Music.           .

                   EDITH SCHII.I.IXGER,
                 Elocution and G)'mnastics.

                  Vox LEE GOOI)XOGGH.
               Vocal and Instrumental Music.

                 HARRIET TAI.I.A-NT 'f1{ACY,
                    Instrumental lI.lusic.

               FRANK    i\1.    SIMI'SON, Sc.   ),1.,

            MARTI'" LI~~AEUS ORU:'>I. PH" It,

       \'"H.I-IAM CHRiSTlA.-'" GRIM'ZIZ'GE.R. I'll.          n,
             Seniors in the Seminary.
President,                                                        MARY STANTON,
Vice·Presidenl,                                                   HI':I,EN COOKl':.
Secretary                                                          II{ENI~   B,\RTON.
Treasurer,                                                        NIXA PI.All".
Historian,                                                        ),IARV ST..., z''-''ON.
Poet,                                                             EDITH MC~I='CI"

                              COlON: Red and White.
                              flower: C.rnalion.

   History of Senior Institute Class.

    OUR years ago the slow find monotonous life of Bucknell Institute received
F      a terrible shock, caused by the entrance of a class familiarly styled" The
       Kindergarten", destined, however, to astound faculty and upperclassmen
socially and intellectually by inaugurating a period of change and reform.
        The class numbered originally fourteen members-now reduced to seven.
The seven girls who have left the class are doing honor to Nineteen Hundred
and Four. One has entered the Freshman Class of \\Tilson College and deserves
great praise for her work in that institution. Another has faced the wilds and
Mormons of Utah. Of the remailli;:g fi\'e, three are living strenuous society lives
in Philadelphia and the other two are completing their education, one in \Vashing·
tou and the other in Pittsburg.
        \Vhy need I relate thl! deeds 01 the faithful seven? Are they not already
        Who has forgotten the successful Soiree given last year and the delightful
change frol11 the usual dull essay reading to that of giving all interesting and up
to date play, " Lovey Mary?"
        \Vho has forgotten Ollr valiant deeds last September when we assisted the
shy and faillt·hearted Freshmen to remove the Sophomore posters?
        And surely no one has forgotten our bravery in painting the bridge when
the Freshmen remained hidden in their rooms. Despite the taunts of the Sopho·
mores, we have traveled steadily 011 inspiring the weak Freshmen with hope and
the cowardly Sophomores with fear.
        The height of our glory, however, was reached when we held the Senior
Reception which fully measured up to the class standard and was a success in the
fullest sense of the word.
        Since tbis is only the first chapter in our history. may we not confidently
expect a much more glorious history in the future? And for whatever we ac·
cornplish, let us give all the honor and glory to dear old Bucknell.

                      GIRLS Of NINETEEN fOUR.

                            No fairer maids have graced
                             The halls of famed Rucknell;
                            The classic lines are traced
                             On brows we know full well.

                            Wh'lt tho a few belong-
                             To sollie rraternit)·?
                            To each we're true ano strong
                              With bouds of unity.

                            The boys upon the" Hill "
                              We have lIot sought to please:
                            Yet hold for them good will
                             And waft it on the bree7.e.

                            Tho parting will be hard.
                              The thought-we soon may meet,
                            Should lea\'e our healts unscaTred
                              And mem'ries will be sweet.
                                   GRADUATE STUDENTS.
SARAH    ETHEl, JUDD,                                            Lewisburg.
RACHEL MAV KUNKEl ..                                            . Bucknell.

                                     THE SEN lOR CLASS.
IRIiNI~ EMMA       BARTON.                                      Torresdale.
jOSI';I'HI:-IE BROWN,                                           AlIenwood.
HELl';N IRENE COOK I';,                                        Denver, Col.
LII.I.IAN KA'(Ul\R.INE GREGORY,                               Luthersburg.
EDITH SARAH        L.   McNINCH,                                Lewishurg.
NINA AOAMSEN Pr,I,\N,                                       Bangkok, Siam.
l'\L\RY Gl~ORGIANA ST,\NTON,                                    Chinchilla.

                               THE FOURTH YEAR CLASS.
EI,IZAIII';TlI BAKER,                                            Lewisburg.
JULIA   PAR.THI\NIA BROWN.                                       Rochester.
l\'1ARY GUDEKUNST BROWN,                                         Allenwood.
BINA MAE CARR,                                                  North East.
MARY el.HANOR HALFI'HNNY,                                        Lewisburg.
KATHERINE HAI.FPI,;NNV,                                          Lewisburg.
HELEN HERING,                                                       Dewart.
NELLIE FI.ORENCr,: HOOD,                                         Lewisburg.
EI.Sl r,; OWENS,                                                 Lewisburg.
LAURA SHARI',                                                  Philadelphia.
MARGARI';T i\'IARIA STOUGHTON,                                   Lewisburg.
DoROTHY     \VALl.S,                                             Lewisburg.
JE'\NETTE KEI';N WOLIi!!,                                        Lewisburg.

                                   THE THIRD YEAR CLASS.
KATHERINE llECKl.EY,                                             Lewisburg.
!\'1ARY EDNA   BUH;;,                                           Allenwood.
MARY :\1A'I'11,I)A BKOWN,                                        Lewisburg.
SADIE E:'IERSON BURGliSS,                                    Sadieville, Ky.
LUCII,I'; i\IARIE COOK",                                       Dellvt:r, Col.
NANCY HALl. FINLEY,                                        Georgetowll, K.\·.
LOIS KATHRYN GE:'IMIJ.l"                                        Allenwood.
FRANCES GROFl~,                                                  Lewishurg.
EDITH HAI.FI'ENNV,                                                   i\1ilton.
CHARI,OT1'E HUI.I.I;;Y,                                          Lewisburg.

EDITH MAl': KUN"KEL,                                                Bucknell.
CAROLIxE Lvox OSLER,                                             Hughesville·
LOUISH EssiCK SAVIOGJ-;,                                            Sunbury.
HELEX :\IARIY. S:\lITH,                                          . Cle\Telalld.
MAR\.' EMMA SNYDER,                                                 Winfield.
MARY ELLEN SWARTZ,                                                   Altoona.
AMRUA l\IARGARltT WI~NSEI..                                        Lewisburg.

                                   THE SECOND YEAR CLASS,
HARRIJ:o:T KREMER BoWEW,                                          Lewisburg.
RUTII VOUZ"G CHAol'I:",                                               Milton.
HEU';=-- HARE, .                                                  Lewishurg.
EMILV HEATO:"',                                                       Milton.
MARY HEATON,                                                          Milton.
HI.O.EN LUCIZ"I)A LEO:"AWI),                                      Ansonville.
E:'>IMA IWENH NOI,I.,                                            West Milton.
i\.I11.11RED JESSIE SIIAFI:EW,                                    Lewisburg.
FLORENCE El.lzAln;TH SHDII':R,                                        !\lilton.
MAWIA:,>I CATlIJ';RINE SHIMEW,                                        Milton.

                                      fiRST YEAR CLASS.
A_NNA KAI.Hlt DRI';ISHACI-l,                                       Lewisburg.
ERNESTINE SUSAXNA HV,n'T.                                          Lewisburg.
HIlI,I';N ABIGAIL OVERl-lOl:r,                                    . Scottdale.

                                   PURSUING SELECT STUDIES.

JOSEPHINE          BASSIITT,                                       Lewisburg.
PAUI,I:-iE GRESS BERGER,                                         \VatsontowlI.
EVA MARIE BIIli:\I.5I'ACI-lI!R,                                    Trout RUll.
SUS/\N REHI~CCA Bllml"                                                 Lochiel.
RUTH ANGEl,ENE B01"roWl·"                                              Lemont.
RACHEL AI.ICIi BROOKBANK,                                          Driftwood.
N ..:I.I,u.:   LOUISI~ BROW:--"                                . Cedar Ledge.
T'U{SSA SEATON BROWN.                                                   Milroy.
GERTRUDE DEXTER CA:\II',                                                Milroy.
FANNY DRRR,                                                        Lewisburg.
MARGARET POI.I,OCK DoUGAl"                                              Milton.
l\IIXNIJ! LotHS!! FESSENI)I{N,                                      Glen Iron.
ETHEl. :\'IAI1 FI.ANIGAN,                                     Tuckahoe, N. Y.
BI~SSIE        l\'f..\!{ FARNEY,                                  RUllchtowll.
l\IAR\' JANE FRITZ,                                                 'trevorton.
LII,I,IE FROMI-IAGEN,                                            Philadelphia.

FAKNIB MAE GETZ,                                  Lewisburg.
ROSA      Gr.UCK,                                  Lansford.
EsnU':R BRI.I,E GOOCRARLF:S,                             Milton.
NINA KRAUSER HACJ.:ENBURG,                               Milton.
[,UI,U EI,IZAur';TH HAINES,                        Winfield.
MINNIE AMANDA HOKANSON,                            Pittsfield.
HARRlg-r MAV HOI,I.. INGsnEAO,                           Milton.
A""NA UTlllU, JOHNSON.                                Gordon.
NHI.I.IH    r·..leKENzIE   KOUGH.                   Newport.
NEI.I.IE EVKRICTT I... KA:'oIING,        Cape May City, N. J.
;IVRA LEIBER"IAN,                                        l\Iilton.
FANNIE DKUH LOGAN,                                 Sunbury.
rD....   MAE MAINE.                                  Dimock.
!\lABEl, G. :\IAI·RI!R.                            Bucknell.
E;\IMA Ror.HTT.\ MeCI.URE.                      McKeesport.
:\Lu; MORGAN,                             Penh Amboy, N. J.
AM\' RV.IIl~CCA NICELV.                         \Vatsontown.
AI.TA LORlnTA 1'\ICKEI..                        Marion, Ind.
EsTflo: MIRIA:\I OcKEK,                           Lewisburg.
FI.055II<; EDiTII PETHTEl...                   ~ew Freeport.
MARV PIHKCf, POETH.                               Le .....isburg.
:\IAKTIIA ESTHEK 01'1',                                      Opp.
ALICE EJ.lZ,\IlI·;TH RAIKE,                         Doylestown.
Ll-;NORA l\'IAv 5I1A;'III',                           Lewisburg,
M(NNII~ CARI'UNTER SHeRRICI'.                  i\IOlillt PleAsant.
OLIVE S:\l lTH ,                                         Sunbury.
ANN11': SNVOEK,                                      Turbotville.
KATI-IRVN SNVOER,                                     Lewisburg.
i\'1ARGAKI!'r JOHNSTON STu.uer,                   State College.
]l-.:sSlJ:o: FI.ORliNCH SWARTZ,                          Altoona.
ELlZ.... lmTII   LAURA TAVLOR, .                  Williamsport.
Lucv      \VOI.FR,                                  Montandon.

May-day Views.


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