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									                           ‘Animation’ a Brief Look

Animation is a well known and frequently used term now-a-days. This is due to
increased usage of animation and visual effects in all fields and industries.
Computer animation is a branch of study in the area of computer graphics and
animation technologies. It is a creative field that involves creating moving
images (individual characters or real-life scenarios or both) by using various
software and other animation tools. All these images are normally created on a
computer and then can be converted into movies for big screen shows. Cartoons
and animation pictures are an apt example of computer animation. 3-D
animation that involves the use of three-dimensional effects is widely preferred.
It makes the animated image look as natural as a real-life image.

It is divided into two broad categories, computer-generated animation and
computer-assisted animation. In the former category, the animation is solely
created on a computer system. In another type, an already created animation is
computerized by adding various effects.

There are many different types that have their own distinctive features and
characteristics. Scripting Systems are one of the oldest systems of such
technology that focus on controlling movement of images. The animator had to
identify and code very movement depicted in the storyboard for the animation.
Thus, knowing this computer language was a prerequisite for every aspiring

Apart from scripting animations are done by using some softwares like Maya,
3Ds Max, etc.

Animation Studies are getting more familiar, and it is a great opportunities for
the students those who have sketching talent inbuilt.

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