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									                               FOR THE TEACHERS
Towards the end of the year and especially after end-of-year tests, I always find it harder to keep
my students motivated; so I’d been thinking about how to avoid wasting lessons on DVDs or
other meaningless time fillers.

If you have an interactive whiteboard then you should be able to hook up a Nintendo Wii and
then set it up in Spanish so your students can play videogames whilst still learning new vocab and
practising their language skills.

Ideally you will have 4 wii controllers (with fully charged batteries) and 4 teams of 4-6 students
for an hour lesson. Before you use it, enlist the help of an IT technician if you’re not sure about
how to set the console up, and arrange your classroom so that 4 players can easily move around
in front of the whiteboard without causing each other any damage.

As far as most Wii games go, there aren’t many which have a good amount of potential for
language learning; however two that I have found are both fun and educational are Wii Brain
Academy and the one I’ve used in this example Wii Party.

Wii party
Party/dp/B003O6DZSQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313404520&sr=8-1 offers a series of silly
but entertaining games which can be played in teams. If you watch the video I made you’ll be able to see the different language
content that appears in the game and get an idea of how to manage playing it with a class. The
game costs about £15 from Amazon at the moment; although you’ll find this will continue to

Please watch the video for the gameplay and email me if you have
any questions. It’s definitely worth a try as it’s great fun and as you can see from the worksheet
below, the amount of vocab learnt is at least as much as a normal lesson. I’ve used it as an end-
of-term treat but next year I’m going to try to incorporate it into a scheme of work related to

As a quick guide again, this is how I would go about using this in the classroom…

   1.) Before the lesson: Get all the equipment needed (4 remotes, batteries, wii party/wii brain
       academy game) If you don’t have 4 controllers, ask someone to bring one of their own in.
   2.) Do a test run in your classroom setting up the equipment including allowing enough space
       at the front (the players should be fine sitting or standing)
   3.) Arrange 4 teams and have a running order so that a different player plays each game. Have
       the game and controllers all set up before students enter (get to the same stage as my video
       at 2:02)
   4.) In the lesson: Ask students to sit in their teams, hand out worksheets and go through the
       top 3 lines of vocab from ‘La consola’ to’Abajo’
   5.) Ask students to match up the verbs in the 2nd part of the sheet – they can have dictionaries
       to help.
   6.) Begin the game – 1 player from each team comes up and the class helps them understand
       the rules and controls before they play using the verbs they have just matched up. Whilst
       not playing, the other students should try to fill in the last part of the sheets. Every time a
       game finishes, another member of the team comes up until there is a winning team.
                                                     en español
Hoy vamos a jugar el Nintendo Wii en español – para empezar vamos a aprender un poco de

La consola             El mando                  El mando                   Los rivales / Los jugadores
                   (posición vertical)      (posición horizontal)

  Ganadores                   Perdedores                    Las reglas              Los controles

          ←                       →                                ↑                               ↓
   A la izquierda             A la derecha                     Arriba                            Abajo

Esta es una lista de los verbos que vais a necesitar para entender los controles y las reglas de los
minijuegos. Encontrad los verbos españoles que correspoden a cada verbo inglés.
Evita                                                Move around
Busca                                                 Point/Aim
Agarra                                                Get help from
Agita                                                 Shake
Sujeta                                                Jump
Apunta                                                Ring / Sound
Desplázate                                            Search for
Pulsa                                                 Hold
Cuenta                                                 Arrive / Reach
Salta                                                  Tilt
Dispara                                               Avoid
Inclina                                               Press
Coge                                                 Count
Llega                                                  Pick up
Hazla sonar                                            Shoot
Ayúdate                                               Grab
Ponte                                                 Place yourself

Mientras jugéis los juegos, intentad escribir el sentido de estas palabras/frases que encontraréis durante la
Adelante! ______________________________ Se acabó! ____________________________
Victoria! _______________________________ Un punto ____________________________
Minijuegos _____________________________ Batalla ______________________________
Ronda _________________________________ Buena suerte _________________________
Veamos/ A ver __________________________ Practicar _____________________________
Comenzar ______________________________ Decidido! _____________________________

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