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									                         Why Study Canadian History

1. Recall what you know about Canadian history….

2. Describe Canada at this very instant (people, government, laws, industry,

       Could you do so without mentioning history once? Why or why not?

3. What is Canada’s identity?

4. Why would foreign countries associate with Canada?

Assignment 1
Is it true that Americans and Canadians are the same? (Defend your answer)

   Similarities                         Differences

Mrs. Richards                                                                  2008
                            Why Study Canadian History

   It’s the story of our past. The peope of Canada. Your relatives, your
   grandparents, your ancestors. Having an idea about what your family has
   been like for generations and generations and what life was like for them.

   If you didn’t know anything about the past or recall any of your memories, how
   would you know sho you are? How would you determine what to do or where
   to go… What motivation would you have to live?

   History is the study of the past: it comes in the forms of legends, myths,
   artefacts, writings and photos.

   Just like others, we must learn from our experiences and mistakes. A country
   tries to do the same thing. It is important for those to understand the past to
   understand where to go and what to do in the future.

   Assignment 2

   Listen/view the “I am Canadian Speech”. Brainstorm what being Canadian
   means to you, and then write a cohesive paragraph to that effect.


   Points to a cohesive paragraph
      1. topic sentence (eg. I like summertime for many reasons)
      2. Use your brainstorming to have 1 sentence per item (eg. The beach in
          the summertime is a fabulous place to go)
      3. Have a concluding sentence (eg. I love summer!)

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Mrs. Richards                                                                   2008

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