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					Brief Information about CITY OF DEER Merauke

Merauke regency is one of regencies in Papua Province, Indonesia. The
capital of the district is located in the city of Merauke. This district
is the largest district, and most eastern of Indonesia. In this district
there is a tribe Marind Anim.


Sea Port: the port of Merauke Wharf is where all the ships dock both
ships and cargo ships pnumpang lean or anchored. types of passenger ships
PT.PELNI is KM.Dorolonda, KM.Tataimalau, KM.Dobonsolo
Airport: Airport Airport Mopah.Jenis Merauke is the incoming aircraft at
airports is mopah Boing 737 aircraft dove water company with the goal
lane of Merauke to Jakarta where the transit made the city of Jayapura,
reproduce, makasar, Surabaya, with flight schedules carried out 4 days a
week ie on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Boing aircraft in
addition there is also a Twin Otter aircraft with flight routes inland
merauke.pesawat Merauke-twin is also owned water company dove lane. and
also belong to the Air Force Hercules aircraft

Geographic Location

Judging from the geography, history, economics, culture, city of Merauke
has several features compared with other cities in New Guinea.
Geographically, the town of Merauke is one of the most easterly city in
Indonesia, as well as bordering countries (Papua New Guinea).

In the town of Merauke there is a monument which is a twin of the
monument located in Sabang, Sabang-Merauke the monument. This monument
was built as a symbol of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia from
Sabang (Aceh) to Merauke (Papua). Sabang-Merauke monument can we meet in
the District Sota, which is an area that lies east of the town of
Merauke. To go to Sota we could use four wheel drive vehicles or

Before the division of Merauke regency has an area of ??119,749 Km2 (29%
of the area of ??Papua Province). After the current expansion of Merauke
regency has an area of ??45,071 Km2 oversees 20 districts, 8 and 160
Kampung Village.

Merauke regency is one of 29 districts / cities which are located in the
southern province of Papua, which has the largest area among the
districts / cities in the province of Papua. Geographically, the location
of Merauke regency lies between 1370 - 1410 BT and 50 00'9 00 'LS. The
easternmost Merauke archipelago with boundaries as follows:
North side with the District and District Digoel Mappi
East of the State of Papua New Guinea
South bordering the Arafura Sea
West bordering the Arafura Sea
State of Merauke Regency Topography is generally flat and swampy along
the beach with a slope of 0-3% and towards the north, beginning from the
District Land Italic, Jagebob, Elikobel, muting and Ulilin topography is
undulating with a slope conditions 0-8%. Geographical conditions Merauke
relatively unspoiled, a challenge and an opportunity for the development
of Merauke Regency masis save a lot of economic potential to support

Then based on the base map Merauke region is visible most of the plateau
area located at an altitude of between 0-60 m above sea level. Areas
totally flat is located mostly in south and central regions. The area is
a center resident who started the business use of land for cultivation
and the concentration of settlements.


The economy in the town of Merauke including the developing world. The
vessels containing the basic needs of residents of Merauke regency came
from Java, but to return to the Island of Java these ships do not load

Occurs also commercial transactions between residents of Merauke with
neighboring countries PNG resident who came to the Merauke district
(border crossers) specifically for the everyday shopping needs. AI
problems are often heard in the media as invisible Indonesia on New
Guinea, especially in eastern Indonesia town terujung this. This could be
due to the lack of transportation access to this area terujung eastern

Merauke District Tourism


Wasur is a protected national park area the extent of 413,810 ha, north
south distance of time Wanggo Arafuru Sea East Village shoe Ndalin-PNG
Papua New Guinea border 89 km with a height of 00-90 m above sea level.
Distance from the town of Merauke varied between 30 s / d 90 minutes
depending on the distance traveled.

Wasur very interesting scenery and in the parks / regions Wasur there are
different types of flora and fauna. In Wasur you can see flora such as:
Forest Sabana, Wilderness, shrubs, Mangrove, Anggre, Swamps, Lily
Flowers, lotus type, while the fauna such as mammals, kangaroos, deer,
pigs, reptiles, crocodiles, Komodo, Snakes, Birds Cassowary, Pelikan,
Kokaburas, Cenderawasih, Eagle, Stork, Parrot, Mambruk, etc. The current
recorded 239 species and 164 species are protected.


Asmat art ukirnya well known in the country and abroad. Asmat carving has
a special meaning because it contains symbols carved motives that depict
human form. Besides, the function symbol with confidence dikatikan
ancestral spirits and have influence in human life. There are several
functions of the Asmat carvings, among others:

- It symbolizes the presence of ancestral spirits

- To express a sense of sadness and happiness

- As a symbol of trust (motif manusia0

- Animals, plants and other objects

- As a symbol of beauty that influence the attitudes of family and

- To illustrate the memory of ancestors.

The functions mentioned above are symbols of the elements in the Asmat
carving is coupled with the psychology of religion. Besides, the Asmat
people also carve masks to put on special party occasions. The purpose of
the Asmat carving is to meet basic needs as a basic human need to look
more detail that their final goal is the continuation of life and human
happiness. This is a basic motivation for people to carve Asmat, because
the art of carving treated to fill the happiness of human life.

Asmat: is derived from the U.S. AKAT, which according to Asmat people:
HUMAN EBTUL. There is a saying that ASMAT derived from the word meaning
OSAMAT MAN FROM TREE. Another of neighboring tribes in the western part
of the tribe who mentions the Mimika ASMAT: "MANUE" meaning MAN TO BE
EATEN or man-eaters. People Asmat art and culture has a unique and very
high in value, among others:

a. Sculpture

b. Art of dance

c. Crafts such as: bags, bags, custom clothing made from the bark.

d. Traditional ceremonies such as:

The party making the Statue of MBIS (ie MBIS statues of people or
ancestors who have died)
His mother-Cem party (Mother of Bone House) which is an initiation
Sago Worm party, etc..
Who have this is to honor and fulfill the wishes of the ancestors or the
spirits and ancestors who have died.

To achieve the Asmat have to go through small-sized aircraft such as Twin
Otter or even with the charter boat from the town of Merauke. In Asmat
every tourist who comes to visit is always welcomed with joy and with the
customary ceremonies.

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