; Aarkstore Enterprise ||Emerging Markets for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Other Nations) || Global Market Reasearch Report 2011
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Aarkstore Enterprise ||Emerging Markets for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Other Nations) || Global Market Reasearch Report 2011


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									Aarkstore.com announces, a new market research report is available
in its vast collection:

Emerging Markets for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD in
Brazil, Russia, India, China and Other Nations)



There is much discussion about emerging markets in in vitro diagnostics,
especially the BRIC nations - Brazil, Russia, India and China. Which
companies have been successful in these markets and how have they
accomplished it? What kind of realistic growth can marketers expect by
selling products in these areas? This report is intended to provide an
overview of trends and developments in the in IVD industry as it applies to
emerging markets and the BRIC countries in particular.

A Realistic Look at the Market for IVD in New, Emerging Markets

A good number of reports on the BRIC and emerging markets have been
published. Most of these focus on quantitative data such as number of labs,
hospitals, product registration regulations, and import taxes and conditions.
Too many of them perhaps present merely a growth scenario without
presenting the challenges the nations face and the challenges the countries
face entering the market. This report provides much of this information
because it provides an objective overview of the market for in vitro
diagnostics in selected countries. This report also explores the opportunities
that specific developing countries offer to IVD companies.

Company also attempts to add some realistic aspects of working in a foreign
country that are more qualitative in nature. Thus the report explores some of
the cultural aspects of how the market for clinical diagnostics may evolve in a
selection of emerging markets including the BRIC countries.

Useful Information for Business Planning

The discussion of each of the BRIC markets begins with a short introduction
to the country and follows with a SWOT analysis of the market for IVDs. The
SWOT analysis provides positive and negative aspects of market conditions.
The author has decided to include positive and negative aspects of certain
factors in the same SWOT category. The factors are classed positive or
negative according to the strength of current market conditions. This is done
to make the analysis comprehensive and easier to read. The report covers
data trends and issues, including:

      Healthcare trends and metrics in each country
      Physician Office Testing (POL) in BRIC Countries
      Disease Trends ( Diabetes, Cancer, Allergy, Emerging Viruses )
      Lab Systems in BRIC Countries
      SWOT Analysis for Each BRIC Nation, Including:
          o Strengths - factors that make the country attractive for IVD
          o Weaknesses that form barriers to entry and success such as
            health insurance coverage, regulatory affairs and distribution
          o Country Elements that Provide Testing Opportunities
          o Threats - a look at the competition and incumbents

Table of Contents :


      Scope and Methodology
      Emerging Market Trends
      World Demand for Diagnostics


      Background
      Population Trends and Disease Demographics
      Disease Trends
         o  Diabetes
          o Cancer
          o Allergy
          o Emerging Viruses
      Market Segment Opportunities
          o Physician Office Testing (POL)
          o Lab Systems
          o Research and High Technology
      Insurance Trends
      Medical Tourism
      Recession Effects


      Background
      The BRIC Metrics
         o Available Market
         o Culture of Paying for Healthcare
         o Capacity to Serve
      IVD Spending
      China and India - The BRIC Engines


      Introduction
      Strengths - Factors That Make the Country Attractive
      Weaknesses - Factors That Offer Barriers to Market Success and Entry

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