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									                                   Drupal Association
                                   Annual Report 2011
Front Cover Photo by Laura Scott
        he Drupal Association is a not-for-profit                Mission Statement
        organization dedicated to helping the
    open-source Drupal CMS project flourish by
    providing support to the Drupal community           T   he Drupal Association fosters and supports the
                                                            Drupal software project, the community and its
    with funding, infrastructure, events, promotion
    and distribution.                                   The Drupal Association does this by:
    The main focus of the Association is to create        1. Maintaining the hardware and software
    and maintain the ever-increasing Drupal                  infrastructure of Drupal.org and other
    community that drives the exciting changes and           community sites.
    additions that are continually being created to       2. Empowering the Drupal community to
    improve and grow the Drupal CMS project.                 participate in and contribute to the project.
    The relationship is very much mutual - Drupal         3. Protecting the Drupal project’s GPL
    community makes up the Association and the               source code of the Drupal project and its
    Association supports the community. The                  community contributions.
    Association does not directly affect the planning     4. Protecting the Drupal project and community
    or development of the Drupal open source                 through legal work and advocacy.
    project itself.                                       5. Organizing and promoting worldwide events.
    With a multi-talented staff of full-time and          6. Communicating the benefits of the Drupal
    contract employees, the Association continues            software.
    to grow and improve the support and services
    available to the Drupal community.

                                                                                          From the President
Photo by Chrys Rynearson

                                010 was a great year for the Association. I, along with
                                other talented folks, started the small organization
                           over four years ago because we needed a bank account.
                           That organization has since grown into a full fledged
                           Association with a quickly growing staff roster. We hired
                           our first three full-time employees in 2010 and we see
                           that staff continuing to grow in 2011 and beyond. This is
                           a sure sign of the legitimization of the Association and of
                           greater things to come.
                            The Association was instrumental in helping to complete
                             the redesign project and pushing forward the Git
                               migration. The Association also helped to create
                                 and partner with DrupalCon in the hiring of full-
                                   time events management, sponsorship support
                                     and a team dedicated specifically to growing
                                       the conference, pushing the Drupal project
                                         forward and, most importantly, supporting
                                           the Drupal community.
                                              2011 will be an amazing year for the
                                               Drupal project and I’m excited to
                                                 have the Drupal Association there
                                                   to support the community.
                                                       — Dries Buytaert

From the Executive Director                           downloaded my first copy of Drupal in 2005 as an                   In 2007 I volunteered with the Drupal Association,
                                                      experiment to replace my aging, custom CMS. The                    initially working to help at camps around the
                                                  interface was drab and a bit boring, the system a little               country and world. Fast-forward three years later
                                                  clunky and like every developer I was convinced that my                and we find ourselves in a flurry of growth and
                                                  code was far superior — at least I thought it was. It took             change. Drupal.org has undergone a redesign,
                                                  a year and an account on Drupal.org before I realized the              Drupal 7 was released, tens of thousands of Drupal
                                                  true value of Drupal: its community. I was living in New               projects were migrated to the Git platform and
                                                  York at the time and I started hosting the first New York              DrupalCon has grown from a small handful of folks
                                                  City Drupal group. Our first meeting had five people.                  to thousands of dedicated Drupalers.
                                                  In that small meeting I learned that Drupal not only has
                                                                                                                         All of this work has been created by the community
                                                  a powerful community, it also has an equally powerful
                                                                                                                         and supported by the Drupal Association, which
                                                  API. Now I was convinced: a great API and an awesome
                                                                                                                         has grown from an all-volunteer-run organization
                                                                                                                         to a fully staffed organization. This change has been
                                                                                                                         amazing for the Drupal project, its community, and
                                                                                                                         for Open Source.
                                                                                                                         I’m excited to be a part of this change and humbled
                                                                                                                         by the sheer amount of talented people that make
                                                                                                                         up the Drupal community. 2011 is going to be
                                                                                                                         an amazing year for Drupal. Drupal 7 will push
                                                                                                                         the project to new heights and the Association is
                                                                                                                         ramping up its staff and volunteer program to help
                                                                                                                         support this growth.
                                                                                                                         Thank you for being a part of the Drupal project
                                                                                                                         and for helping to push open source further.
                                                                                                                         — Jacob Redding
                              Photo by brmadore

                                                                                                     Photo by brmadore
    Drupal.org Redesign                                        now features a showcase that allows visitors to easily view
                                                               the newest and best Drupal sites along with an impressive
         he redesign of Drupal.                                world may and code statistics that illustrate the worldwide
         org was a community                                   breadth of the Drupal community’s activity.
    effort that utilized some of the
    talented developers from the                               Migration from CVS to Git
    Drupal community.
                                                                     esponding to community
    One of the highlights of the project was the creation of         needs, the Drupal Association
    a style guide from the ground up. The redesign also used   stepped in to migrate Drupal.
    UX research to customize the user experience. This UX      org’s version control system and code distributions tools
    research indicated that Drupal.org was largely used as     from CVS to Git, ensuring that Drupal.org remains the
    a search site. Armed with this information, the redesign   central repository for contributed Drupal code. Every Git
    task force made sure to include a large search index and   repository includes a complete history and full revision
    incorporate advanced Apache Solr features.                 tracking capability that is not dependent on network access
                                                               or a central server. Developers on Drupal.org now have
    Other new features include dashboard, a new “Getting       some of the best and greatest tools available to collaborate,
    Started” page, a newly redesigned community and support    share and write innovative new code.
    page, new module categories and a thorough review and
    redesign of the individual project pages. The homepage

                                                                                                                               Photo by Laura Scott
Highlights               Drupal Marketplace

                                                                                                                                   Photo b
                                                                            Photo by
                                he Drupal Association is always on the

                                                                                                                                          y czrizzir

                                                                                     Andrey Ps
                                lookout for new ways to make the site

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by
                            increasingly useful for the community. Right

                              now, the Association is in the process of
                               creating the Drupal Marketplace. This portion
                                 of Drupal.org will create the opportunity
                                  for Drupal Service Providers to publish

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Philip
                                    and categorize themselves for easy
                                     Keeping with the community spirit,

                                      the Drupal Association turned

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by
                                       to users for an idea of what the

                                                                           Photo by

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Steve Krue
                                        most important categorizations
                                          are. This effort is on-going and


                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Laura Sco
                                           the Association is very much
                                            looking forward to meeting the
                                                      community’s needs.

                                                                                                                                                        Photo by
                                                                                                                                                                 Laura Sc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ll Schulz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Isabe

                                                                                                         Photo by
                                                                                                                  Scott Had

  Photo by Laura Scott


                                                                                                                                                                                                       o by

                                                                                                                                                                               Photo by
                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Michael Schmid

                                                                We have two different membership options:
                                                                Individual:                                  Organization:
                  he Drupal community supports                  For 22 euro (approximately US$30)            Organizations that want to help support the
                                                                a year, you can support the Drupal           Association and show their Drupal pride can
                  the Drupal Association through a              Association and watch your dollars go to     do so for only 73 euro (roughly US$100).
              membership program that in turn, makes it         fund events, programs and other activities   This contribution provides many promotional
              possible for the Association to create and        that enable the Drupal community to          and networking opportunities while helping
                                                                grow and strengthen. As a thank you, we      to pay for the infrastructure needed to
              maintain initiatives that support the Drupal      list your participation on your Drupal.org   keep the project alive. Membership benefits
              community.                                        profile and the Association website.         include subscription to a bi-monthly
                                                                                                             newsletter, advertising, a Drupal.org profile
              This model has created a flourishing Drupal                                                    page, early notice on upcoming programs,
                                                                                                             access to the Drupal.org Marketplace and
              ecosystem.                                                                                     connections throughout the community.

              Anyone can become an Association member.                                                       Be on the look out for other membership
                                                                                                             programs in 2011.

                                            To join, visit: drupal.org/membership
    Staff                                                                   Board of Directors                General Assembly
    ❖ Jacob Redding, Executive Director                                     ❖ Dries Buytaert, President       ❖ Khalid Baheyeldin
      Jacob combines his expertise in internet technologies (specifically   ❖ Angela Byron, Secretary         ❖ Ronan Berder
      open source) and background in finance in his Drupal Associa-         ❖ Tiffany Farriss, Special        ❖ George DeMet
      tion responsibilities. These responsibilities include overseeing        Projects Manager                ❖ Robert Douglass
      all worldwide activities to support and foster the growth of the      ❖ Larry Garfield, Legal Affairs   ❖ Neil Drumm
      Drupal open source software project as well as managing three           Director
      worldwide conferences, multiple software projects and growing                                           ❖ Jeff Eaton
                                                                            ❖ Cary Gordon, Director of
      the staff of the organization to meet the needs of the Drupal                                           ❖ Bill Fitzgerald
      software development and business community.                                                            ❖ Fernando Paredes Garcia
                                                                            ❖ Gerhard Killesreiter,
                                                                              Infrastructure Manager          ❖ Greg Knaddison
    ❖ Megan Sanicki, Sponsor Wrangler
                                                                            ❖ Kieran Lal, Director of         ❖ Boris Mann
      Megan combines her love of software sales and community ser-
                                                                              Business Development            ❖ Michael Meyers
      vice in order to foster the business community and raise capital
      for the Drupal Community.                                             ❖ Jacob Redding                   ❖ Earl Miles
                                                                            ❖ Laura Scott, Director of        ❖ Narayan Newton
    ❖ Neil Kent, Events Manager                                               Community Benefits
                                                                                                              ❖ David Norman
      Neil joined the Drupal Association team to help create “mo-
                                                                                                              ❖ Steven Peck
      ments” — as he’s been doing since 1989. Neil produces events
      that are built around a results oriented environment that is con-                                       ❖ Jeff Robbins
      ducive to learning and has brought his knack for creating events                                        ❖ Nedjo Rogers
      that “fit” — whether they’re elegant receptions or raucous                                              ❖ Zack Rosen
      bashes — to the Drupal Association. Neil works tirelessly to put                                        ❖ Bevan Rudge
      together DrupalCon events that are always a hit.
                                                                                                              ❖ Isabell Schulz
                                                                                                              ❖ David Strauss
                                                                                                              ❖ Kristof Van Tomme
                                                                                                              ❖ James Walker
                                                                                                              ❖ Moshe Weitzman
                                                                                                              ❖ Peter Wolanin

                                                                                          Drupalcon Inc.

                                                         Revenue                                                       US $                  %
                                                         DrupalCon Tickets                                          397,413              53.15
                 Drupal Association VZW                  DrupalCon Sponsorships                                     350,351              46.85
                              2009                       Total Revenue                                             747,764              100.00
Revenue                                  Euro        %   Expenses
DrupalCon                              44,091    45.59   Rent                                                        60,252              13.17
Affiliate/Advertising/Royalties        31,687    32.77   Food and Beverage                                          142,682              31.18
Individual Memberships                  3,427     3.54   A/V                                                         62,276              13.61
Organizational Memberships              4,307     4.45   Management                                                  66,835              14.61
Donations                              13,197    13.65   PR/Marketing                                                 1,035               0.23
Total Revenue                         96,709    100.00   CC/Merchant Fees                                            10,297               2.25
                                                         Professional Fees, Insurance, Etc.                          30,608               6.69
Expenses                                                 Printing                                                    10,069               2.20
Drupal.org                              6,362    14.12   Internet                                                    24,225               5.29
CC/Merchant/Bank Fees                   1,042     2.31   Scholarships                                                16,182               3.54
DrupalCon                              20,095    44.60   Website Development                                         26,213               5.73
Professional Services                  16,997    37.73   Miscellaneous                                                6,868               1.50
Insurance                                 546     1.21
                                                         Total Expenses                                            352,008              100.00
Miscellaneous                              12     0.03
                                                         Net Income (Loss)                                         290,222
Total Expenses                        45,055    100.00
Net Income (Loss)                     51,654                                                      2010
                                                         Revenue                                                       US $                  %
                                                         DrupalCon Tickets                                          542,471              39.33
                              2010                       DrupalCon Sponsorships                                     769,555              55.80
Revenue                                  Euro        %   Training Sales                                              64,150               4.65
DrupalCon Tickets                     268,129    41.95   Goods                                                        1,231               0.09
DrupalCon Sponsorships                180,388    28.22   Other Income                                                 1,748               0.13
Affiliate/Advertising/Royalties        90,819    14.21   Total Revenue                                          1,379,155               100.00
Individual Memberships                 14,220     2.22
Organizational Memberships             31,794     4.97
                                                         Rent                                                        87,111              10.67
Donations                              53,813     8.42
                                                         Food and Beverage                                          124,000              15.19
Total Revenue                        639,163    100.00   A/V                                                        131,300              16.09
Expenses                                                 Management                                                 132,232              16.20
DrupalCon                             345,357    51.48   CC/Merchant Fees                                            31,186               3.82
Drupal.org Redesign                   134,933    20.11   Professional Fees, Insurance, Etc.                          36,955               4.53
Git Migration                          60,508     9.02   Printing                                                    21,814               2.67
Staff                                  47,395     7.07   Internet                                                    32,775               4.02
Professional Services                  28,938     4.31   Scholarships                                                30,337               3.72
PR/Marketing                           14,389     2.15   Website Development                                         30,161               3.70
Server Costs                            4,150     0.62   Staff                                                       84,831              10.39
CC/Merchant/Bank Fees                   5,429     0.81   Official Party                                              33,438               4.10
Forex. gain/loss/bad debt              22,236     3.31   Graphics                                                     5,532               0.68
Miscellaneous                           7,483     1.12   Keynote                                                      6,412               0.79
                                                         Miscellaneous                                                1,302               0.16
Total Expenses                       670,819    100.00
                                                         Total Expenses                                            816,237              100.00
Net Income (Loss)                    (41,548)
                                                         Net Income (Loss)*                                        562,918
                                                         * Includes ticket and sponsorship sales for expenses to be incurred in 2011.
               2 0 07                    Sean Effel              Joshua Schroeder                Ben Buckman                    John A. Fratamico, Jr.   Roger Leigh
               Michael Anello            Aaron Ellison           Bill Seremetis                  Randy Burgess                  Benj Fredrick            Gregory LeRoy

Individual Members
               Benjamin Birkenhake
               Ivan Boothe
               Ezra Gildesgame
               Fredrik Jonsson
               Antti Kettunen
               Dan Morrison
                                         Randy Fay
                                         leo fishman
                                         Tomas Fulopp
                                         Bernhard Fürst
                                         Deborah Fuzetto
                                         Robert Garrigos
                                                                 Alexandr Shvets
                                                                 Antony Simmonds
                                                                 Jen Simmons
                                                                 Dan Smith
                                                                 Ryan Smith
                                                                 Iztok Smolic
                                                                                                 Jeff Burnz
                                                                                                 Freddy Cahuas
                                                                                                 Timothy Cain
                                                                                                 Pedro Cambra
                                                                                                 Ward Campbell
                                                                                                 Luiz Henrique Canet Filho
                                                                                                                                Pieter Frenssen
                                                                                                                                Sean Fuller
                                                                                                                                Daniel Fylstra
                                                                                                                                Jérôme Gabriel
                                                                                                                                Manuel Garcia
                                                                                                                                Jeff Geerling
                                                                                                                                                         Pierre Lesbazeilles
                                                                                                                                                         Ryan LeTulle
                                                                                                                                                         Josephine Liang
                                                                                                                                                         German Licon
                                                                                                                                                         Laco Ligárt
                                                                                                                                                         Paul Lindemann
               David Norman              Tom Geller              David Stoline                   Roxann Caraway                 Justin Geeslin           Aidan Lister
               Alexander Pas             Dietmar Gigler          Jake Strawn                     Alice Carback                  Christopher Gervais      Burton Lo
               Harry Reinhardt           Antoni Gil              Dylan Tack                      Marco Carbone                  Jamie Giberti            Carsten Logemann
               Richard Sheppard          Ron Golan               Jack Taranto                    Clint Carlson                  Hans Gijsbers            Ron Lops
               Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg   Randall Goya            Jesús Tramullas                 Miquel Carol                   Philip Glatz             Antje Lorch
               Aaron Winborn             Niels Gründel           Angelo Turetta                  Rob Carr                       Duran Goodyear           Elijah Lynn
                                         Jürgen Haas             Mario Valencia                  Karyn Cassio                   Julian Granger-Bevan     Susan MacPhee
               2008                      Johannes Haseitl        Joachim Van der Hoeven          Richard Castera                Adam Gregory             Daniel Macpherson
               Sebastien Atoch           Dorien Herremans        Klaas Van Waesberghe            Christopher Chadwick           Chris Griffin            Sabine Maennel
               Dave Beall                Markus Heurung          Doug Vann                       Chris Christensen              Anton Gross              Tushar Mahajan
               Richard Burford           Tim Hobert              Nick Veenhof                    Justin Christoffersen          James Gross              Nick Maloney
               Joe Chellman              Kyle Hofmeyer           Tom Verdoodt                    Sharon Clapp                   John Grubb               Philippe Mané
               Stephane Corlosquet       Emma Jane Hogbin        Rick Vugteveen                  Chris Clarke                   Wilhelm Guggenberger     Ralph Manis
               Jeffrey Dalton            Gábor Hojtsy            James Walker                    Scott Classen                  Vielliard Guillaume      M E Manning
               Sandro Di Giusto          David Holmlund          Heinz Wegener                   Philippe Clerc                 Tahiche Guillem          Christian Marquardt
               Nils Ehnert               Nik Hurwood             Eric Weik                       Peter Cliff                    Chris Haller             Davide Marzaloni
               Jose Fernandes            Dave Jackson            Brad Weikel                     John Coleman                   Daniel Hanold            Alessandro Mascherpa Guinot
               Heather James             Stephan Jaeger          Greg Wheatley                   Trenton Colley                 Dave Hansen-Lange        Andrei Mateescu
               Ben Jeavons               Mark Jarrell            Alexander Wilde                 Trish Collier                  Stefan Happer            Jörg Matheisen
               John Jones                William Kabutu          Art Williams                    Pat Collins                    Robert Hartl             Märt Matsoo
               Steve Karsch              Leow Kah Thong          Peter Wolanin                   Sergio Contreras               Jeff Haug                Michael McAuliffe
               Samuel Lavoie             Uday Kale               Aaron Wolfe                     Andrew Conway-Hyde             Andrew Hawks             Mike McCaffrey
               Florian Loretan           Victor Kane             Murray Woodman                  Anthony Costa                  Steve Hayden             John McCormick
               Bruce Martin              Ariane Khachatourians   Tim Wooten                      Paul Couture                   Kevin Hayes              Cindy McCourt
               Jerry Martin              Arjen Klein Poelhuis    Steven Wright                   Mark Cox                       Gregory Heller           Damien McKenna
               Robin Monks               Lucas Koorneef          2 010                           Bob Crandall                   Pete Herbst              Peter McMillan
               Thomas Moseler            Frans Kuipers           Aaron Abraham                   Gilberto Creque                Nathaniel Hoag           John Paul McNeal
               Gabe Ormsby               Vojtěch Kusý            Vito Abrusci                    Luca Curella                   David Hochhausen         Hiron menon
               Stella Power              Kieran Lal              Doug Adderley                   Dustin Currie                  Kitt Hodsden             Michal Minecki
               Thomas Sherlock           Andrea Lemon            Zareef Ahmed                    Tancredi D’Onofrio             Matthew Holford          Syne Mitchell
               Mark Shropshire           Valerie Loebach         Derek Ahmedzai                  Don Day                        Frank Holldorff          Carlo Mogavero
               Marek Sotak               Shannon Lucas           Viren Ahoy                      Kim Day                        Bob Hollis               Richard Moger
               Lev Tsypin                Chris Maiden            David Alley                     Gianfranco De Angelis          Daniel Honrade           Stuart Moles
               Davy Van Den Bremt        Stefano Mallozzi        Cláudio Alves                   Maarten De Block               Daniel Horn              Adam Moore
               Nuno Veloso               Ralph Manis             Ricardo Amaro                   Dominique De Cooman            Rich Horn                Brian Moore
               Hoi Sing Edison Wong      Kathy Marks             Luan Anastacio                  Daniel de Segovia Gross        Bradley Horstman         Joel Moore
                                         David Metzler           Robert Anders Wetzlmayr         Bram De Smet                   Leo Horthy               Rob Moore
               2009                      Jochen Meyer                                            Dena DeBry                     Andrew Hunt              Joe Mooring
               PJ Abode                  Giuseppe Milo           Darko Antic                     Caleb Delnay                   David Hunt               Marco Vito Moscaritolo
               Robertson Adams           Fredric Mitchell        Natalya Apasthukhova            Aaron Deutsch                  Simon Hutchison          Arjan Mossel
               Chris Aranha              Joe Moraca              Wayne Atkinson                  Goutam Dey                     Joe Hyde                 Pat Murphy
               Suzanne Arnold            Ronald Mulero           Miguel Angel Avalos Fernandez   Simpson Diarmy                 Katin Imes               Christian Nally
               Ronald Ashri              Abhishek Nagar          Bjørn Axelsen                   Boris Doesborg                 Wilbur Ince              Robert Neve
               Tony Aslett               Maurizio Naso           Peter Bailey                    Karu Donaldson                 Marc Ingram              Nancy Nicoles
               Stefan Auditor            Samir Nassar            Andy Baker                      Kris Donovan                   Andy Inman               Roberto Opazo
               Louis B. Rouffineau       Arabela Navarro         Laura Banks                     Matthew Dorman                 Alex Jarvis              Jason Pamental
               Tobias Bähr               Thomas Nilsson          Gabriel Barba                   Ken Douglass                   Eric Johnston            M Parker
               Marcelo Baptista          Daniel Nolde            Cleaver Barnes                  Stephen Downey                 Lawrence Jones           Chris Parsons
               Jacob Bell                Dave Nugent             Aaron Bauman                    Katherine Druckman             Soren Jones              Michal Pazdersky
               Jerad Bitner              Stefan Oertel           Euan Bayliss                    Ashe Dryden                    Steve Jouflas            Lance Peet
               Boris Böhne               Alberto Paderno         Juanjo Bazan Casado             Ramona Dsouza                  Jayson Just              Richard Pelletier
               Stefan Borchert           Justin Powell           Shaun Befort                    Darrell Duane                  Anna Kalata              Andrea Perazzi
               Adam Boros                Stewart Pringle         João Belchior                   Olivier Dubois                 Tim Kamanin              Psicomante Pesando
               Rain Breaw                Virginia Pruitt         Kelly Bell                      David Dunning                  Victor Kareh             Lars Peters
               Juergen Brocke            Amy Qualls-McClure      Andrew Berry                    Gary Ebsworth                  Andreas Kasoulides       Erik Peterson
               Chris Burgess             Emanuele Quinto         Gary Betz                       Israel Elizarraraz             Bob Kayne                Manning Peterson
               Alan Burke                Suryanto Rachmat        Andy Billington                 Joshua Ellinger                Dave Keays               Stefan Petrov
               Angela Byron              Karim Ratib             Adrienne Bing                   Jonah Ellison                  Tommy Keswick            Zachary Pfeiffer
               Conor Cahill              Dave Reid               Carson Black                    Kai Eysselein                  Sean Killen              Jim Phelan
               Jeremy Caldwell           Jose Reyero             Daniel Blanes                   Adam Fabry                     Mike King                Justin Philpott
               Peter Carrero             Yann Rocq               Jacques R. Blier                Robert Fahy                    Eileen Klees             Chris Pomeroy
               Matthew Clark             Joshua Rogers           Christina Bliss                 Ian Fairbairn                  Aaron Klump              Francis Pomliane
               David Colburn             Steve Rogers            Rene Böhler                     Adam Fairhead                  Matt Koglin              Sudhir Porwal
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               Geoff Davies              Bryan Ruby              Alessandro Bonelli              Pedro Faria de Miranda Pinto   Sander Koning            Shawn Price
               Janette Day               Bevan Rudge             Evan Borden                     Brian Fending                  Wim Koorenneef           Gary Pryde
               Paddy de Búrca            Dirk Ruediger           Jonathan Brace                  Chad Fennell                   William Koplitz          Rob Purdie
               Ivan Dementiev            Steffen Rühlmann        Dan Braghis                     Emil Flatz                     Aruna Kulatunga          Eric Quigley
               Alan Doucette             Wanderson S. Reis       Kieran Briggs                   Nigel Fletton                  Cindy Lancaster          Maxime Rabot
               Gabriel Dragomir          Ishmael Sanchez         Eric Broder                     Aimee Maree Forsstrom          Enno Langelotz           Joel Raedeke
               Pieter Duijves            Sten Sandvall           Chad Brokaw                     Ruggero Forte                  Andrew Larcombe          Shyamala Rajaram
    10         Greg Dunlap               Dan Schaller            Tristen Brown                   Johnnie Fox                    Enoch Lee                Nathan Rambeck
               Steve Dykman              Michael Schratz         Stuart Broz                     Ivo Franich                    Pierre Paul Lefebvre     Jaume Ramonet
                                                                 Chris Bubny
Marc Ray                  robin van emden             Orson Bradford         Andre Gelderblom          David Lee                 Troy Schneider
Dave Ream                 Ivo Van Geertruyen          Gerrit Brands          Saji George               Randall Leurquin          Jeff Schuler
Javier Reartes            Jan Vandenbussche           James Brann            Simon Georges             Amnon Levav               Laura Scott
Graham Reed               Fabio Varesano              Jean-Luc Bretton       Erin Germ                 J.R. Logan                Sdfsd Sdfsdf
Lisa Rex                  Gergely Varga               Jonathan Brown         John Giannopoulos         Dave Long                 Massiaux Sebastien
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Arrieta, Joseph        Green, Doug              Preble, Douglas M.         Bickell, Omar             Gunawan, Surya Iwan        Nadaf, Ronaldo                Stevense, Dennis
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Berendsen, Nick        Griselli, Paolo          Ramirez, Jonathan          Boros, Adam               Hanzal-Bayer, Christian    Nassif, Firas                 Suriani, Gianluca
Berry, Heather         Grossberg, Jeffrey       Richir, Jerimee            Borovika, Karel           Hariharan, Subramanian     Necola, George                Suzuki, Hiromichi
Bj                     Gumbert, Jordi           Rosen, David               Bostic, Jason
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                       Hakimzadeh, Dan                                                               Haug, Nathan               Nguyen, Giang                 T, Oly
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Brewer, Paul           Heard, John              Safuto, Rob                Buehler, Baba             Hollowood, James           O’Brien, Paul                 Tsubakimoto, Hiroya
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Brierley, Owen                                  Scales, Robert             Butucea, Marcel           Houmoeller, Mikkel         O’Pry, Darrel                 unel, faik murat
Brokaw, Chad           Hendrix, Joep            Schmidt, Christian         Buytaert, Dries           Howe, Mary                 Ogunjobi, Timi                Urso,Vincenzo
Brown, Tobias          Hood, Richard            Scott, Laura               Camardo, Francesco        Huber, Stephan             Oh-Young, Conrad              Van de Paar, Roel
Bryant, Chris          Hope, Robert             Scouten, Eric              Caraway, Roxann
                                                                           Carey, Richie
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Burns, Frank                                    Senzee, Katherine          Caridad, Sergio           Irizi, Said                Olson, Richard A              Verberckmoes, Anne
Bush, Noel             Isett, Jeremy            Sewell, Thomas             Carrera, Marco            Jespersen, Hardy           optix, xayber                 Volpi, Juan Manuel Zolezzi
Buytaert, Dries        James, Carl              Shah, Roshan               Carver, Blake             Johnson, Chris             Ortiz, Enrique                von Bulmerincq, Ren
                       Jarvis, Brady                                       Castro, Jose Dieguez      Jokubauskis, Jonas         Overlock, Adam                Watson, Hone
Castellini, Rick                                Simcich, Michael           Chantraine, Guillaume     Jones,Vincent              Padilla, Len                  Webb, Derek
Catalan, Alissa        jwilde                   Smith, Jeffrey             Christiansen, Johan       Jos, Rozema                Page, Trevor                  Weinberg, Theodor S.
Cesario, John          Kabetani, Takashi        Smith, Keith               Cianfarani, Marina Rina   Kacperski, Przemysaw       Pare, Matthew                 White, Geoffrey
                       Keim, Daniel Kottow                                 Cielo Systems Inc.        Karafa, Tomas              Pease, William                Wolanin, Peter
Chang, Sheldon                                  Solimeno, Robert           Clemente, Luigi           Karliner, Michael          Pembeci, Izzet                Wool, Oren
Chason, Paul           Kenne, Tom               Stanley, James             Clemmens, Michael         Karsten                    Persichetti, Raffaele         Wright, J Kim
Christopher, Travis    Kessels, Ber             Stead, Rob                 Cohill, Andrew            Kavanaugh, Joey            Phatak, Pushkar               Wu, Shuangyue
Clarke, Chris          Khan, Omar               Steelsmith, Jacob          Collier, Jay
                                                                           Corteguera, Jose
                                                                                                     Kennedy, Bryan             Phillips, Jeffrey             Yalcinkaya, Hasan
                       Kirkam, Andy                                                                  Khalemi, Mohd              Pierson, Rob                  Yamakita, Kimio
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