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                                                                   Cuyahoga County since 1913.

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Start for
For a good part of his young life,
Robbie, a handsome, one-year-old
shepherd mix, called the Cleveland
APL home. He came to us by way
of our dog transfer program from
the City of Cleveland Kennel.
Robbie was born blind, but that
didn’t slow him down much at all!
So, soon after coming to the APL,
the playful, loving Robbie was
                                                                       Photo by:
Unfortunately, his new owner found                                     Creed Woodka
she did not have enough time for the
young pup so she brought Robbie back        to him was just the start of Robbie’s
to us. In no time at all, his wonderful     change in luck.
personality stole another heart and
home he went. Again, Robbie came            Edie and Donald Stamps came to the
back, this time because someone in          APL the day after Christmas wanting
his new family had allergies. But now       to adopt an older dog, but then they
putting Robbie back up for adoption         saw Robbie. As soon as they met him,
wasn’t as easy—he had heartworm.            the deal was sealed. Edie had worked
Fear not! Thanks to our Second Chance       in animal shelters and even had a blind
Fund, Robbie’s heartworm could be           dog before. “Don’t worry,” she said,
treated, but he had to be kept on           “we won’t be moving the furniture
weeks of very strict “cage rest” until he   around anymore!”
had recovered.
                                            Robbie now lives with his canine and
Finally, just before the holidays, Robbie   feline brothers and sisters and beloved
was ready to go up for adoption again.      humans. Despite being blind, the clever
When Christmas Eve came and went            Robbie managed to find the bed on
without Robbie going home, one of           his first night home and has already
our devoted APL volunteers packed his       memorized the location of all the trees
little overnight bag and took him on a      in his yard so he can zip around. To see
field trip so he could spend Christmas       Robbie now, you would think he has
by a fire in the comfort of a home.          been there his entire life—and now he
Little did she know that her special gift   will be!
 Roo’s News
  Sharon Harvey
  and Roo

    YES WE CAN, give shelter animals a                reach and the care that we can provide;
    home! YES WE CAN, slow the birthrate of           we need a community of responsible pet
    homeless or unwanted litters of kittens           guardians who are making responsible,
    and puppies! YES WE CAN, make our                 compassionate decisions for their pets.
    community a safer place for animals. YES
                                                      Our region has weathered a brutal
    WE CAN, reach a day when there are no
                                                      winter, and yes, everyone is braced for a
    more homeless pets! NO WE CAN’T, do it
                                                      worrisome future of unknowns. However,
    without you and your steadfast belief that
                                                      in the face of all of these unknowns,
    every life has value, but with you, YES WE
                                                      there is a known that I share with great
                                                      certainty—companion animals cannot
    As a community, there are so many                 survive without us. Whether they’re pets
    ways we can all do more to end animal             or animals living in shelters, they rely on
    suffering and homelessness. One                   us to take care of them, love them, and
    heartwarming example was the kindness             protect them—no matter what. That’s why
    shown by Chris Vogt from Troop 411 of             the Cleveland APL is here and, with your
    Sharon Valley/Center. For his Eagle Scout         support, that’s what we’ll keep doing each
    project, Chris elected to build and donate        and every day through the challenging
    shelters for feral (wild) cats to keep them       times ahead.
    warm and protected during our Cleveland
                                                      If you were to ask me if there are days
    winters. Now, more than ever, we need
                                                      when I wonder if we’ll ever end animal
    people like Chris and you to find ways to
                                                      suffering and homelessness once and for
    make a difference for homeless animals
                                                      all, I would tell you not too many, but
    —animals that cannot help themselves,
                                                      yes, there are those days. But when those
    animals that have no other alternatives.
                                                      days happen, all I have to do is look into
    We need people to come to the Cleveland
                                                      the eyes of one homeless animal and any
    APL and adopt a pet; we need monetary
                                                      doubt is replaced by the one and only
    donations so we can keep expanding our
                                                      answer there is—YES WE CAN!

    Thank You So Much!
    Thank you to the following       John Kozak and the               their “Jeans Day” program to
    organizations for collecting     Employees of Giant Eagle         benefit the Cleveland APL’s
    items from the Cleveland         in Bedford Heights               Second Chance Fund.
    APL’s “Wish List” for the 2008   When John delivered the
                                                                      Key Bank For hosting a
    Holiday Season!                  “Wish List” items to the
                                                                      Cleveland APL adoption event,
                                     Cleveland APL, he also found
    Donna Faff and the                                                bake sale, and toy sale at its
                                     a new “Furry Friend” to adopt.
    Employees of the U.S.                                             downtown headquarters. Extra
                                     What a wonderful way to
    Marshals Service and U.S.                                         special thanks to Key Bank for
                                     celebrate the holidays!
    Courthouse in Cleveland                                           matching the donation of every
                                     Thanks also to...                employee who gave $25 or
    Employees of the
    Sherwin-Williams                 Forest City Enterprises For
    Company in Cleveland             raising more than $2,000 from

2 Cleveland Animal Protective League
 It’s for Dogs!
  If you ask someone                                     the Wallflowers, Busy
  what type of dog they                                  Bees, and Goofballs.
  want to adopt, you                                     Green dogs like to
  will probably hear                                     be challenged both
  answers like, a dog                                    physically and mentally
  with perky ears, a dog                                 —they’re the Lives of
  that reminds me of the                                 the Party, Go-Getters,
  dog I had growing up,                                  and Free Spirits.
  a small dog. But these
  comments are all about                                  As an adopter, all
  appearance, and while                                   you need to do is
  that can be a good                                      complete a fun, easy,
  start, there are much                                   one-page survey that
  more important things                                   helps us to identify
  in life than good looks!                                your preferences,
                                                          expectations, and
  Now, thanks to the ASPCA’s Meet           “adopter-ality” color. Then, off
  Your Match® Canine-ality® program,        you go to find your match with
  the Cleveland APL is providing            compatible dogs of the same color.
  adopters with reliable, research-         If you happen to fall for a dog
  based information about how               that’s not your color, that’s just
  our adult dogs, ages six months           fine, but you’ll be informed of the
  and older, will behave in their           incompatibilities that may lie ahead.
  new homes. The information also
  helps adopters to plan for any            Now, what are you waiting for?
  accommodations that might help            Come on down to the Cleveland APL
  their new dog adapt during its            and Meet Your Match®!
  initial adjustment period. Meet
  Your Match® lays the foundation           And don’t forget, all the cats on our
  for the human-animal bond and             adoption floor have had their Feline-
  increases the potential for successful,   ality® assessed.
  permanent placements.

  A dog’s Canine-ality® is their canine
  personality as defined by their
  energy level, persistence, motivation,
  sociability, playfulness, and manners.
  There are three color-coded
  personality categories, each with
  three distinct canine-alities. Dogs
  categorized as purple are laidback
  and easygoing—they’re the Couch
  Potatoes, Constant Companions,
  and Teacher’s Pets. Orange dogs
  are responsive and like regular
  activity and interaction—they’re

                          Photo by:
                        Jason Miller

                Offsite Adoptions
                   For dates and times, visit our APL website

March 2009                                                Adopt • Protect • Love    3

Photo by: Rachel Okrez

   Make Your                           Fur Ball 2009
   Furry Friend                        Save the Date!
   a Star!                             Fur Ball 2009 will take place
                                       on Saturday, October 3, at the
   Don’t miss the chance for your      InterContinental Hotel Cleveland.
   Furry Friend to be featured in
   the 2010 Cleveland APL calendar.
   To enter the contest and for all
   rules, visit our website at www. or call 216-377-
   1628 for more information. Entry
   fee is $25 per picture, and your
   pet’s picture is guaranteed to
   be included on the pages of the
   Cleveland APL’s 2010 calendar.
                                         Save theMonsters
                                          The Lake Erie
                                                  invite you to…

                                              Pucks and Paws
                                       “Bring your dog to the game”
                                          Sunday, March 22, 2009
                                        For information call 216-420-2509
                                       or visit
Photo by:
Creed Woodka                           Proceeds from all Doggie Tickets purchased
                                          will be donated to the Cleveland APL.

                                       Cleveland APL Hours
   Volunteer                            Adoption Hours:
                                        Monday through Friday
   at the APL                           11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
                                        Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
   Share your love of animals and       Sunday       Noon to 4 p.m.
   become a Cleveland Animal
                                        Animal Surrender Hours
   Protective League volunteer.
   Check out our website at
                                        Monday through Friday for dates of
                                        10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
   upcoming volunteer sessions.
                                        Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                        Sunday       Closed
4 Cleveland Animal Protective League
Pledge for                               Making a Difference
Pets Radiothon
                                         Consider the
                                         APL When
                                         Making Your
                                         Estate Plans
                                         The ongoing generosity of our regular
                                         contributors supports our annual
                                         operations. However, the future of
                                         the APL and its ability to expand and
Photo by: Jason Miller                   adapt its programs can only be realized
                                         through animal lovers who remember
Tune in to Q104-WQAL (104.1 FM)          the APL through a lasting gift. If you are
and listen to the 4th Annual Pledge      interested in including the Cleveland APL
for Pets Radiothon on Friday, May 8,     in your will or estate plans, please call
and Saturday, May 9. During these        216-344-1353 for more information.
two exciting, heartwarming days,
Wilde & Fee, Q104’s morning show
team, will broadcast live from the APL   Trap, Neuter,
to raise money and tell stories of the
animals that come through our door—      Return (TNR)
and of special people who rescue,        With the long-awaited arrival of spring
rehabilitate, and adopt them.            in Northeast Ohio, we at the Cleveland
                                         APL will be bracing for the arrival of
Leading up to the Radiothon, you can     hundreds of litters of
be a part of making a difference by      stray kittens. As the
signing up to be a “Q Cash Captain.”     temperature increases
“Q Cash Captains” collect Doggy          in our area, so does
Dollars and Kitty Kash from their
                                         the time cats spend
families, friends, and co-workers and
                                         outside breeding.
help the animals at the APL in the
                                         Because many of
                                         these animals wind
Children under the age of 18 can sign
                                         up in shelters, we would like to remind
up to be “Q Cash Kids.” Travis Hafner
                                         you about the Trap, Neuter, Return
of the Cleveland Indians and his wife,
                                         (TNR) service provided by our Animal
Amy, are sponsoring this program.
                                         Welfare Clinic (AWC). The AWC provides
Very cool prizes will be given to the
                                         low-cost services for people who care
top “Kid” and “Captain” fund-raisers.
                                         for unowned, unsocialized cats in their
                                         neighborhoods. We provide humane box
Q Cash Captains and Kids will be
                                         traps and training in their use for people
invited to the Doggy Dollars/Kitty
                                         who want to help us end the breeding
Kash Bash on Wednesday, May 6,           cycle among feral cats.
at The RainForest at the Cleveland
Metroparks Zoo, where they will turn     After the cats are spayed or neutered
in their money, meet Wilde & Fee, and    and fully vaccinated, they are returned to
enjoy great food and the company of      their habitats, where they will live under
other animal lovers.                     the watchful eye of their caretakers
                                         and no longer contribute to cat
It is easy to get                        overpopulation.
involved! Sign
up NOW at www.                           More details about TNR are available by
ClevelandAPL.                            logging on to or
org or call 216-                         calling our Spay/Neuter Services
377-1628 and be                          Supervisor Marta Anderson at
a part of creating                       216-771-4616, Ext. 124.
happy endings for
homeless animals!                        Photo by: Rachel Okrez

                                                      Adopt • Protect • Love
March 2009                                                                            5
                                        Margaret Y. John Laura               Shirley Stoup L&P Properties,
                                        Graham and Doppco                    Larry Greenberg and Carolyn
                                        Development                          Haddad, Susan and John Reidy
                                        Betty Kambu Joe and Karen            Robert L. Sulhan Michelle Fox
                                        Herrmann                             Ralph Tuttin Jean Laurenson
    A gift of $50 or more is            Lenora Kanzeg Ernest and             Patricia Rose Wick Brian
    recognized in the Pet Patter        Barbara Smith                        Greene
                                        Herbert A. Koeth, Sr. Lisa           Russell Wolf Beverly Wolf
    newsletter. As always, we will      Baumann                              Anne Zabriskie Donald
    send notification of tribute gifts   John Krecek Kym and Mark             Zabriskie, Leigh Linn and Janet
    to the designee.                    Manno                                Rodgers
                                        Nancy Leach Dianna Frizzell          Dale Zivic Robert and Laura
                                        Roger Lee Aniko Sharon and           Clarke, Suzanne Irwin, Thomas
    These donations were received       Kalnoki, LLC, Anne and Robert        and Nancy Mazur, Bonnie
    between October 2008 and            Pipoly, Dale Ruther, Dennis and      Morosi, Nancy Mowrey, Friends
    December 2008                       Patricia Wondrak                     of Dale Zivic, Lois Treboniak,
                                        Gavyn H. Lucas Karen and             Mary Vantz, Janice Wrzesinski,
                                        Daryl Edwards                        Connie Ippolito and Theresa
    Individuals                         Paul MacMurdo Michael                Wrzesinski
    In Memory Of:                       Darla Molnar Cleveland VA
                                        Regional Office
    Sylvie and Merci Amend-             Marguerite Moran Pam
    Dean David Polston                  and Mark Thompson, Angela            In Honor Of:
    Clarence Artl Baker and             Zaccardelli
    Hostetler, LLP, Donna Rossiter      Michael P. Morello Mary-jo           Anthony D. Agra Marissa Agra
    and Mindi Dilley, Basso, Bonnie,    Morello                              Meredith Baney Paula Moore
    Cathy S., Cortney, Katie, Laurel,   Paul C. Morrison Clifford            Bigie Blanton Terry Blanton
    Lorie, Marcy, Reka, Tracey and      and Judy Reeves                      Pastor, Family and Friends
    Vicky from Baker and Hostetler                                           Rose Mary Blessing Kristen
    Nancy Atamanec                                                                 Locastro and Family
    John G. Atamanec,                                                               Marilyn Busch Alexandra
    Doris Horvath                                                                   Kermode
    and Max Warwick                                                                 Tony Cefarati and Erich
    Communications, Inc.                                                            Andrews Constance
    Regina Bednarski Horst                                                          Cumberworth
    Barth, Mr. and Mrs.                                                             Oscar Concepcion as a
    Berthold, David and                                                             Christmas Gift Alex and
    Natalie Meszaros, Mr. and                                                       Alyssa Concepcion
    Mrs. P. Patterson                                                               The Connors Family as a
    Pearl Blanda Ted Blanda                                                         Holiday Gift Scott Hare
    Thomas Boschi                                                                   and Patrick McCabe
    Rosemary B. Boschi                                                              Andrew and Matthew
    Melissa Burton and                                                              Cubberley, Michael and
    her Cat Minnie Beverly                                                          Anthony Patti, Gregory
    Purcell                                                                         Weller and Jordan Foltz
    Roberta Busse Beverly                                                           Hal and Ellen Cubberley
    and Robert Lederman                 James R. Oviatt The McMahon          Lynn and Jenni Davis Mike
    Irene Chrin Natalie Blashkiv        Family, Katherine Solender, Mr.      and Mary Annis Davis
    Jean A. Clark Robert Clark          and Mrs. Karl Zahtilla               Deidre DiFranco Practice
    Jeanne S. Clough Debra              Pat, Mark and Jessie Judith          Technology Group
    Eppercht, Cynthia Nowak, The        Wiseman                              Sam and Cathy Farmakidis
    Oskar Richey Family                 Gladys Perkowski Mary                as a Christmas Gift Anne
    Mrs. Evelyn DalPian Margaret        Perkowski                            Farmakidis and Kevin Hurst
    Fralick                             Connie Pierce IRA Department         Tiffany, Marvin and Elias
    Mary Ann Dobrovic Patricia          of United Transportation Union       Fong, Edward Damm and
    Dobrovic, The employees of the      Insurance Association, United        Alisdair Welty Sarah and
    Cleveland HUD office, Robert         Transportation Union                 Doug Welty
    and Lorraine Himmelein              Robert Pizem Audrey and              Joanne Friedman’s Birthday
    Jack Duffy Kellie and David         William Blake                        Joanne and Adam Friedman
    Snigar                              John Pletka Mary Pletka              Jill Froula as a Christmas Gift
    Christine Eder Fred Eder            Randy H. Porter Cynthia              Pat and Larry Papesh
    Ronald Frieml Benesch,              Fekete, Local 270, UWUA, AFL-        Kathryn Galgoczy as a
    Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff       CIO, Russell and Vicki Porter, The   Christmas Gift Jaimie
    LLP                                 Lubrizol Corporation                 Hasenohrl
    Rose P. Gliva Patrick and           Cecilia B. Powell Juanita            Ann Geroski Dayle and
    Jeanne McHugh                       Fuhrman, Friends & Co-Workers        Kathleen Geroski
    Dorothy Grossman Richard            at Lockheed Martin STS-Akron         Doris and Ray Gladys Aubrey
    and Susan Beck                      Joseph Quirino Denise and            Gladys and Lou Strippy
    Tim Groves Peter McCarthy           John McGee, The Miller Family        Renee Gordon The Talbots and
    Elizabeth Guzi Rita and             Cory Roznik Michael Roznik           the Kalaycios
    Raymond Foos                        Ruth Sadler William and              The Grant Family Mary
    Donald L. Haberman Walter           Amelia Osborne                       Lariccia
    and Malorie Fink, Janet             Joyce Evans Schanz John              Jane Griswold Jacqueline
    Haberman, Ronald and Nancy          Schanz                               Akins, Sue Allen, Mr. and Mrs.
    Martin, National                    David Shanks Daniel and              Frank I Harding, III, John Herrick,
    City Operations Center              Jeanne McGuire                       Eliza Kendall, Ruth Kennedy
    Exceptions                          Richard J. Smith Delores Smith       The 4 Groovies Carolyn
    Carl G. Jensen Carolyn and          Barb Stewart Tillie Stewart          Dawson
    Paul Bert                                                                Scott Hare Cheryl Sweeney
6 Cleveland Animal Protective League
 Sharon Harvey Suzanne Pare          Stephanie Veres Catherine and     Snowball Carrie Rendziak
 Susan Henning Theresa Henning       John Walsh                        T.J. Karen and Stephen Crandall
 James and Betty Holcomb             Jo Ellen Walker as a Christmas    Taffy Elizabeth Ramsey
 Nature Stone                        Gift Marianne Wagner              Taylor Muriel and Wesley
 Helen Holiday Brian Crandall        Alison Walter David Varga         Senseman
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 Jenny Topilow                       Friends and Colleagues of         Chesebrough
 Dorothy Hutchings Sue Allen         Westerly School Steve Corbin      Timon Michele Melendez
 Jen and Tim Karen and Maddie        and Rachel San Jose               Tiny and Sugar Gretchen
 Smith                               Scott and Michelle Wollny R.J.    Burmeister
 Katie Kachmyers David               Howard and J.R. Tannish           Toto Rowe Kenny and Pamela
 Kachadourian                        Their Wedding Guests              Aguilar
 Dan Kane as a Christmas Gift        Aleksandar and Bianca Cuic        Willie and Ginger Loren and
 Bryan Ice                                                             Michael Garruto
 Elise C. Keating Hugh Camitta                                         Willie Rhonda Janey
 and Louise Snyder
                                     Animals                           Xena Walter Mendyka
 Margaret Kelleher’s Birthday        In Memory Of:                     Zachary Chopra-Sperry Linda
 Dan Engel and Carol Kelleher                                          Sperry
 Karl Koenigsberger Kurt             Amy, Sam, Maggie, Pipa            Zeke Laura Martin
 Koenigsberger                       and The Trio
 Michele Lewis Brian Widowski        Marilyn Cramer
 and Melissa Lewis                   Andy Angela Marano
 Barb and Dennis Lubin Janet         and Mary Botter
 Vanness                             Annabelle Debra
 Robin Madeley Kathleen Martin       Boland
 Bonnie McDonald Judith              Barkley O’Connor
 McDonald                            Tiffany DiBenedetto,
 Walter and Lisa Nason Laurel        Romeo, Caesar and Nala
 and George Zeck                     Berta Lou Paul and
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 Bill and Anne Pendley’s 50th        Black Jack Sheila and
 Wedding Anniversary and for         Richard Henry
 Steve, Sue, and Lisa Pendley        Blinky Vickie and David
 and Mike Shea in lieu of            Joyce
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 Dr. Roland Philip Julie Sharp       Simpson
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 Mickey Radivoyevitch Carrie         Lucky Anitra Blunschi
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 Amy Reed Debbie and Eric            Leopold                           In Honor Of:
 Highman                             Cici Marie and William Carle
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 Troy, Lisa and Alec Sands Amy       Clarkie Marissa Agra              APL Patricia Stanzel
 Oriss                               Coco Sheila and Doug Epp          Butter Citizens Charitable
 Leanne Sauerland as a               Derby and Lance Boehm             Foundation
 Christmas Gift Patricia and         Michael and Christine Hawkins     Coco Christopher and Vanessa
 James Byrd                          Dugan Sandra L. Kocsis            Higgins
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 Karen and Dave Smith Jennifer       Hazelton                          Al E. Cat, Tom Cat, and Dan D.
 Roach, Scooter, Justice and Rudy    Jackson Diana and Jim Peto        Lion
 Dmytro Stachiw Zoe, Colby and       Jake Marleen Rippeth              Maggie Paul DiCorleto
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 Judy Stryffeler in lieu of          K.C. Dana Shively and Santa       Mary Piunno
 Christmas Gifts Daniel Stryffeler   Claus                             Maybelle Melissa Richmond and
 Heather Thomas Denis Griesmer       Katy Kenneth W. Bereit            William Watterson
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                                     Robinson                          Truffles and Kokopelli Susan
                                     Lady Paget Lloyd Parsons          McLaughlin
                                     Lexie Christopher and Maureen     Wheezie Richard D. Karr
                                     Vlach                             Willie Gregory Romaniak
                                     Little Bear Susan Kraus
                                     Maggie Bonnie Wallace
                                     Midge Rhonda Alafita
                                     Misty Steve Kurrent
                                     Moses Bellamy Joan and Bob
                                     Murphy and Farley Basnik
                                     Cathy Magnus
                                     Panzer Christina Comboy and
                                     Ringo Laura M. Armstrong
                                     Rocky and Torti Joan Bruch
 The Topilow Family Jenny            Sable The Lowry Family
 Topilow                             Sadie Linda Sullivan
 Carol Topilow Jenny Topilow         Shadow Sally Mokris
 Pavel Ushakov and Nika              Smokey Kelly Walker
 Obrosova Gary Miller                Snickers Bubnick The Frank
                                     Bubnick Family

March 2009                                                            Adopt • Protect • Love             7
 Become A Cage Sponsor!
 Until They Find Their New Home and Family...
 The Cleveland Animal Protective
 League lovingly cares for thousands
 of homeless, injured and abused
 animals each year. For some, their
 cage at the APL, complete with a
 warm bed, toys, plenty of food and
 water, and lots of TLC, is the only
 “home” they have ever known. For             they need while they are with us by
 others, it’s a temporary home until          becoming a cage sponsor.

                                              Your cage sponsorship will be
                                              recognized with a plaque on
                                              a cage in our cat, dog or small
                                              mammal adoption center areas.
                                              You may choose to make your cage
                                              sponsorship in honor or in memory
                                              of a special pet or person or you may
 they find the love of another family.         choose to advertise your business.
 For all of them, it’s the reason             Cage sponsorships are renewable
 they’re getting a second chance. Our         every year.
 annual cage sponsors bring hope and
                                              At the Cleveland Animal Protective
 comfort to our animals while they
                                              League, healthy friendly animals stay
                                              with us until they are adopted. We
                                              all know a cage in a shelter is not
                                              a permanent home, but with your
                                              cage sponsorship, we can make it a
                                              temporary home away from home
                                              until they have one of their own
                                              by providing all the care that is
 wait for their future mom or dad to          needed—and that they so rightfully
 adopt them and take them home—               deserve.
 permanently. We ask that you help us         For cage sponsorship opportunities
 to provide all of the care and love          please see below.

Yes, I would like to sponsor a cage at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.
Dog Cage Sponsorship:                        ❑ $1,500 per cage per year.
Cat Cage Sponsorship:                        ❑ $1,200 per cage per year.
Small Mammal Cage Sponsorship:               ❑ $1,000 per cage per year.

Please print all information.

Name                                         Address
City                                         State                   ZIP
Phone: Home (         )                      Work (     )
Cell (    )                                  E-mail Address:

❑ I am enclosing a check for $               made payable to the Cleveland APL.
❑ Please charge $                            to my ❑ Visa ❑ MasterCard
Account #                                              Expiration Date
Name as it appears on credit card
Name to appear on plaque:
This sponsorship is in ❑ honor or ❑ memory
of                                         , who is a ❑ pet or ❑ person
Pledge payment options are available. If interested, please call Judy Hunter, Director
of Development, at 216-344-1353.

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