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Beat Your Ticket: Go to Court & Win

Description:    We've all received one -- a traffic ticket that seems completely unfair, the result of an officer's
                evening quota rather than a serious moving violation. But do you have to pay the penalty and
                watch your driving record crash and burn?

                Not if you choose to fight back! With Nolo's Beat Your Ticket, you'll get the lowdown on the best
                strategies for beating traffic tickets in court. In plain English, you'll learn how to:

                use the law to fight an unwarranted ticket
                analyze the case and decide whether to fight or fold

                find out what the police officer plans to say at your trial
                find legal assistance and get the most out of it
                prepare witness testimony

                - attack radar and other detection methods

                - pick a jury

                - present your case

                - cross-examine the ticketing officer

                Whether you want to contest a common speeding citation, a right-of-way violation, or a non-DUI
                alcohol-related offense, Beat Your Ticket clearly lays out your options. The 6th edition is extensively
                updated to reflect your state's current traffic laws, including the latest rules, statistics, and court

                Contest a traffic ticket in any state! Beat Your Ticket simply and clearly lays out the best strategies
                for fighting traffic violation citations in court. Learn how to:

                - use the law to fight an unwarranted ticket

                - attack radar and other detection methods

                - cross-examine the ticketing officer

Contents:       1. First Things
                A Tale of a Ticket
                Are Tickets Impossible to Beat?
                How This Book Is Organized

                2. What Are You Charged With?
                What Does the Law Say?
                Finding Support Using Legal Research

                3. Should You Fight Your Ticket
                Understanding Traffic Offenses
                Negative Consequences of Getting a Ticket
                The Traffic School Option
                Deciding Whether to Fight Your Ticket
                Putting It All Together—How to Decide Whether to Fight or Fold
                Defenses That Rarely Work

                4. Lawyers and What They Can Do for You
What Lawyers Can Do
Types of Lawyers
Getting the Most Out of Your Lawyer
Firing Your Lawyer

5. Speed Violations: Understanding the Laws of Your State
Three Types of Speed Limits
“Absolute” Speed Limits
“Presumed” Speed Limits
The “Basic” Speed Law

6. Speed Detection: Pacing, Aircraft, VASCAR, Radar, and Laser— How They Work, How to Fight
Getting Caught
How Was Your Speed Measured?

7. Other Moving Violations
Not Stopping at Stop Signs
Not Stopping at a Stoplight
Automated Enforcement Devices (“Red Light Cameras”)
Improper Turning
Right-of-Way Violations
Driving Too Slowly
Unsafe Lane Changes
Improper Passing
Non-DUI/DWI Alcohol-Related Offenses

8. Driving Under the Influence
The Standard Charges
The Arrest
The Arraignment
Interpreting the Police Report
Do You Need a Lawyer?
After the Arraignment
Pleading Guilty
Going to Trial
All About Alcohol
Additional Resources

9. First Steps to Fight Your Ticket
So You’ve Decided to Fight
Taking the First Steps
Using “Discovery” to Build Your Case

10. Preparing for Trial—Your Case
Asking for a “Continuance” (Postponement)
Gathering Your Notes and Research
Diagrams, Maps, and Pictures
Preparing Your Testimony
Preparing Your Witnesses
Preparing for the Prosecution’s Cross-Examination

11. Preparaing for Trial—The Officer’s Testimony and Cross-Examination
When and How to Object to Testimony
How to Cross-Examine the Officer

12. Trial Before a Judge (No Jury)
Trial Procedure
Appealing for a New Trial

13. Jury Trials
            Try to Settle Your Case
            Selecting the Jury
            Trial Procedure
            Preparing Jury Instructions
            The Judge Instructs the Jury
            Appeals From a Jury Verdict

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