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					April 2006                                          Volume 16                                                     Number Four

  Bike Lanes to replace Highway 101!
Santa Barbara, CA. In a sur-                                                                    without fossil fuels is a key
prise announcement from the                                                                     to our national interests in
SBCAG Board today, High-                                                                        this time of war,” said a se-
way 101 will be replaced by                                                                     curity expert.
the Santa Barbara County                                                                            It    was     President
Greenway.                                                                                       Eisenhower who created the
     “Is it just me noticing or is                                                              interstate system of “national
bicycle commuting way up in                                                                     defense highways.” Discus-
Santa Barbara and Goleta?”                                                                      sions are now being held
a South Coast bicyclist re-                                                                    with federal agencies and
cently asked.                                                                                  Congress about the possibil-
      It turns out that local                                                                  ity of creating a national sys-
trails, including the Atasca- Crowds of jubilent riders prepare to pour onto Highway 101, tem of bike paths by convert-
dero, Cabrillo, and Battles soon to be car-free.                                               ing the Interstates and other
Road, have indeed reached                                                                      highways into greenway
capacity as thousands of patriotic citizens choose to bike trails. A new organization called the “Roads-to-Trails Con-
and walk to work this month in support of saving fuel dur- servancy” has been formed to advocate for this highway-
ing the Iraq war.                                               to-greenway conversion.
     “Energy conservation, public health and low-cost free-         Throughout the nation, there are successful examples
dom of travel are increasing concerns for the millions of of highways being replaced by appropriate facilities. Port-
overweight Americans driving gas-guzzling cars,” said a land, Oregon replaced its urban freeway with an espla-
local official.                                                 nade, the former Embarcadero in San Francisco is now a
                                                                boulevard, and the West Side highway in Manhattan has
     For years, transportation agencies have widened High- been converted into Hudson River Park. Historically, bicy-
way 101, and at one point they had even proposed re- cling advocates in the late 1800’s led a national campaign
moving thousands of trees and shrubs to add extra lanes. called the “Good Roads Movement” which called for the
Today, that decision has been reversed, and expanding first paved roads in the US. That effort led in part to the
the bike path system will require transforming the high- creation of the Automobile Association of America, so
way into a greenway for people walking and bicycling.           today’s announcement will bring bicyclists and motorists
     The new facility will be part of the “Bicycle Greenway back to their historically common agenda.
Network,” which will eventually connect the entire state of         While this release will strike some as a joke, it should
California. With roadway congestion frequently reducing serve as a serious reminder to us all that a balanced trans-
traffic to a standstill, officials realized that bike paths are portation system must include pedestrians, bicyclists,
ideal Civil Defense routes, and have asked the Office of buses, trucks, planes, trains and automobiles to move
Homeland Security to increase funding to build trails.          America—and our world—forward in the 21st Century.
     “A healthy, physically fit population capable of moving —Thanks to April Furst for posting the above on the Message
                                                                Board of the California Association of Bicycle Organizations.
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                       Channel                          A Letter from our President ...
                         Islands                            Our club year is now well on its way, with the first double centuries and
                                                        other similar events taking place. The planning for the Cool Breeze Cen-
                         Bicycle                        tury is also well on its way, and Janeene has, once again, come up with a
                                                        stunning new design for the event jersey. Perhaps she will bring her de-
                                Club                    sign to the next club general meeting, in April!
                                                            Volunteer sign-ups are also proceeding, so if you can help this year just
The CIBC is a nonprofit recreational                    contact Judy Mullens and let her know how you can help, where you want
organization that provides enjoyable                    to go and what you are volunteering to do. Janet and I have already signed
and recreational bicycle riding and                     up for our favourite spot, the Bates rest stop, which has all the benefits of a
related activities in and around Ventura                great beachside location plus it is both the first and the last rest stop so we
County.                                                 probably get to see everybody at least once. And the popsicles certainly
2006 Club Officers/Volunteers                           put everyone in a great frame of mind when facing the last 15 or so miles to
President ................................ Peter Ball   the finish.
Secretary ........................... Leslie Ogden          Janet and I will be holding our 5th annual Nosh at our house on Sunday
Treasurer .................. Michael Chambliss          June 11th, so look for full details in the coming issues of the Chain Chatter.
VP Programs ............... Judith Gustafson            The weather should, of course, be good at the beginning of June, not too
VP Rides ........................... Mike Stewart
VP Membership ............ Carolee Winslow
                                                        hot, nor too overcast or cool, so put it on your calendar.
Director at Large ................... Ron Parker            With the change in the club’s nonprofit tax status, we will probably be
Public Relations .................. Jerry Boone         able to spend some of the money we get from the Cool Breeze on items we
Grant Coordinator .......... Charles Hamm               need for the club. Suggestions already have included a slide projector, a
Past President .................... Bill Faulkner       large screen and a computer. If you have other ideas that we can look into,
Government Liason .......... Kate Faulkner
                                                        please let me or any other member of the Board of Directors know.
Newsletter Editor ......... Judith Gustafson
Webmaster ........................ Mike Stewart              You will have noted that at the last general meeting, Judith Gustafson
Website ..........................       is now the Programs VP, being elected by acclamation, which position she
Chain Chatter Newsletter                                now holds with the editorship of the Chain Chatter. I am sure that she would
Beginning April ‘06, Chain Chatter will be              appreciate any ideas anyone has for a future program, so please let her
delivered by email in pdf format to mem-                know what you would like to see at a future general meeting. Perhaps the
bers with email addresses, unless re-                   participants of the Credit Card Tour, or similar outings, would like to put a
quested otherwise. Your letters, stories of             presentation together for a future club meeting.
cycling experiences (good and bad), news
items, ride ideas, tech info, etc., are wel-
                                                            The next weekend event is the Great Western Bike Rally in Paso Rob-
come! Please mail or email information to:              les on the Memorial Day weekend. It is always very popular, to the point
                                                        that there are very few local motels with rooms available for the whole
         Judith Gustafson
         467 Montana Circle                             weekend. Of course, you could choose to camp out at the Fairgrounds, as
         Ojai, California 93023                         some of our members do every year. I find it a pleasant change to ride in an
         (805) 646-3692                                 area that I have not seen since the last time, and the social side of the
         email: <>                       whole experience is just great. So, if you haven’t done the Great Western
Monthly Meetings                                        before, I encourage you to consider going this year, and join the bunch of
                                                        CIBC types that will go again.
General meetings are held on the third
Wednesday of each month at Carrows (ex-                    I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable spring.
cept December and January), at Seaward                                                   —Peter
and Harbor in Ventura.
Renewal Notices.
Please watch for your renewal notice. Re-                         “All bicycles weigh fifty pounds: A thirty pound
newal notices will be mailed to members                         bicycle needs a twenty pound lock. A forty pound
on a regular basis.
                                                                   bicycle needs a ten pound lock. A fifty pound
Cool Breeze Century                                                         bicycle doesn’t need a lock.”
Our annual Century ride is held the third
weekend in August each year.
                                                                                       —Bicycle Law
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Get away to Bicycle Town!
                                                                          Club Announcements
     The Great Western Bicycle Rally in Paso Robles, is happen-
ing from May 26 to 29, 2006. This annual event provides a get-               Carolee Winslow, Membership Chair,
away bicycling weekend like no other. Each Memorial Day Week-            announces our new member this
end, the little community called “Bicycletown, USA” springs to life      month:
as cyclists from all over the West gather at the fairgrounds in
Paso Robles, California. “Bicycletown” is made up of over 2,000              Jeffrey Graham, Oak View
people who come together for three days to cycle, swap gear,                 Please look for our n ew members at
swap stories, compete in contests that range from the “Huffy toss”,      rides and meetings, and let them know
flat tire changing, races, distance riding competitions, and just        you’re glad they joined!
leisurely enjoying the central California scenery.
     The Rally has rides, complete with route slips, for participants
at all levels: family rides to fast-paced century riders. There is a        Our April meeting and program will
full century ride on Sunday. All of the bike routes are rated for
                                                                         feature the Garret Lemire Memorial
difficulty. There are highlighted stops for each ride. Rally orga-
nizers have arranged discounts or other perks with local wineries        Grand Prix, held in Ojai on April 2 and
and other places of interest. For example, wineries will deliver         featuring top U.S. pro and local racers,
any purchases by Rally participants to the Fairgrounds on Sun-           and the Garret Lemire Foundation. Our
day night. Rally participants can get water, snacks and discounts        guest, Mike Gourley, will present a slide
at many destinations. The beautiful countryside surrounding Paso         show on the race and on the Foundation’s
Robles was made for cycling.                                             bicycle safety education program in our
     Information on the 2006 Rally is available on-line at:              public schools. Judith and Andrew                                                    Gustafson have been volunteering in the
     Registration is open now. The Registration fee of $25/person
                                                                         school programs and say it’s a hoot.
or $60/family is extremely reasonable and covers a considerable          You’ll enjoy this program—let’s have a
amount of activities throughout the weekend. Camping is a mod-           nice turnout.
est $12/person/night with showers and bathrooms provided by
the Rally – all you need is a tent, van, or camper.
     Getting a campsite at the Fairgrounds is “first come, first            The 12th Annual Cool Breeze will be
served”—however, registering in advance is recommended. There            Saturday, August 19. Judy Mullins is
is always a sizeable group of CIBC folks attending the Rally and         again coordinating volunteers, and we
a few of us try to get there early to secure a spot for our group.       urge you to contact her soon to sign up.
     If you are interested in attending the rally, please contact Kate   This way you’ll get your favorite job, and
Faulkner at 648-1426 so we know how many club members will               make hers a lot easier.
be attending and if you need us to hold a camping site for you.
     Hope to see you at Bicycletown, USA.
                                                                             We have made the big change this
                                                                         week! Your April Chain Chatter has been
CIBC member (& ride organizer) Andy Bassuk                               distributed electronically, in a pdf format,
                                                                         to all members with an email address,
  announces the 2006 Ojai Valley Century...                              except for those who have requested to
    The 3rd annual Ojai Valley Century will take place on Satur-         continue receiving it by snail mail. If you
day, June 3rd. Over the past two years many CIBC riders have             do not wish to receive it by email, please
participated. This year there will be three routes: Metric, Century      notify the Membership VP, Carolee
and Double Metric. All traverse areas well known to the club. All        Winslow. This change will save the club
routes start and end at Libbey Park with opening times at 7:00           a significant amount in postal fees, since
am. We are pleased to offer all CIBC members a $5 discount
                                                                         the recent increase in the first class stamp
which can be accessed by printing the registration form on our
website ( and simply writing                   to 37 cents, and also the cost of printing.
“CIBC discount” in the margin. Lots of info can be found on the          I hope you are all enjoying your Chain
website. We look forward to seeing you there for a great day of          Chatter in color!
fun, friends, great food, live music and of course great riding.
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                  Frequently asked bicycling questions
                   —by Mike Iglesias (

   talcum powder
     Q. I’ve been told since my first bike that I should liberally dust thetube in talcum powder before installing it. I’ve
believe that this may have reduced the number of flats I’ve had recently.
     A. Dusting tubes with talcum is one of the more durable urban legends. There is no benefit in putting talcum or
substitute powder on a tube or in a tire. The practice has come to bicycle tires the same way tire treads that are
miniature replicas of automobile treads have... if it’s good for cars, it must be good for bicycles. Trucks (and formerly
cars) use talcum or graphite powder between tire and tube, because without it, the two can vulcanize from the heat of
rolling. This often makes tube removal destructive, leaving tube fragments stuck in the tire casing.
     Bicycles do not generate enough heat to vulcanize tubes, so they can be removed from the tire without problem.
Other than that, talcum has no effect on punctures other than to release air faster when one occurs. A tube stuck to
the casing will retain air for a considerable distance after a thorn penetration because the thorn that penetrates plugs
the casing hole leaving the tube hole with no outlet. This is especially true for snake bites. I have found such flats the
day after when they have gone flat over night. Without powder, a tube will stick adequately to most clincher tires in
about 100 miles.
     Corn starch is no better than talcum powder, the only difference being that it is water soluble, but then who cares.
Talcum also cakes up when wet, although it doesn’t dissolve.
     A tube cannot move in a tire when inflated, regardless of what powder is used, because, no translational forces
exist, on top of which the holding force between tube and casing is large. That talcum prevents damage when
mounting a tire is also not the case, because the pinch occurs when the last part of the bead is being popped onto the
rim. This can cause a pinch with or without a tire iron, and powder will not protect a tube from lying in the gap if it
hasn’t been pushed into the tire adequately.
     The reason tubes have talcum powder inside is that in manufacture, they become hot enough that, otherwise,
they could become inseparably stuck when folded. That is why most butyl tubes have talcum inside.

     Those who suffer from thorns should become familiar with the plant before spending much effort selecting tires
that will survive thorns. Recognition is a large step toward avoiding flats. The plant is not mobile and does not propel
its seed pods away from its tendrils. However, some riders think nothing of pulling thorns from their tires and throwing
them on the road for other bicyclists to encounter. This practice seems to be part of not understanding avoidance. In
my experience, riders who suffer most from thorns, have no idea of the plants appearance or its habitat. Most, think
the yellow star thistle is puncture vine. It is not and is also incapable of causing a flat.
     Puncture vine, known as tribulus terrestris, grows mainly on barren soil, typically on roadsides that have been
sprayed with herbicides to prevent cigarette initiated grass fires. It germinates in early summer after the first hot
days, and grows, radiating with flesh colored tendrils, from a central root to a radius of about 30 to 50cm, having 1 x
3 cm filigree dark green leaves that follow the sun. It has five petal yellow blossoms 1 cm in diameter that produce
seed clusters of five tetrahedral pods with a heavy base and two 3 mm thorns, one of which preferably points upward
when breaking from the clusters that the plant produces throughout its annual growth.

                                                                                  A few pictures of tribulus
                                                                                  terrestris, known as puncture vine.
                                                                                  Recognize this as that “pretty
                                                                                  plant with the little yellow flowers”
                                                                                  that you’ve been cultivating along
                                                                                  your driveway? Pull it up and toss
                                                                                  it out, quick! if you stop at road-
                                                                                  side and see these growing,
                                                                                  check your tires!
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               What Cyclists Say and What They Mean
              This originally comes from a column in Bicycling magazine entitled “Parlez-Vous Bike?—
                               What Cyclists Say and What They Mean,” by Scott Martin.
• This trail is a blast. (I hope you have good medical • I don’t own a car. (I’m a better person than you)
  insurance)                                              • Why doesn’t somebody do something about all these
• I think I might have a flat tire. (Slow down, will ya?)   potholes? (Why doesn’t somebody else do something
• I definitely have a flat tire. (Help me change it)        about all these potholes?)

• I don’t have a low enough gear. (I’ve gained 5 pounds)        • I do all my own bike maintenance. (When I squeeze the
                                                                  front brake lever, the bike shifts gears)
• I’ve decided to buy a lighter bike. (I’ve gained 10 pounds)
                                                                • Thanks for waiting. (Wipe that smug grin off your ugly
• I’m taking up clog dancing. (I’ve gained 25 pounds)             face)
• I’m carbo loading. (Pass the ice cream)                       • Hey, did you guys hear about those new 1.8 gram
• I’m tapering. (I haven’t ridden in 2 months)                    carbon-fiber quick-release skewers with titanium
                                                                  springs? (I am a very lonely person)
• The rebound was off, so I modified the damping. But then
  the elastomers were too dense, so I changed the oil and       • I want to ride my bike to work, but... (I don’t want to ride
  got rid of the stiction. (I have a new suspension fork and      my bike to work)
  you don’t!)                                                   • He’s such a wheelsucker. (I can’t drop him)
• If you’re a good bike handler, you don’t need to wear a       • She’s always half-wheeling me. (I can’t keep up with
  helmet. (I’m so stupid a brain injury wouldn’t affect me)       her)
• Nobody needs a dual-suspension mountain bike. (I can’t • The town-line sprint is 100 yards beyond the next bend.
  afford a dual-suspension mountain bike)                    (The town-line sprint is 200 yards beyond the next bend)
• Dual suspension is the only way to go. (I just dropped 3 • Been riding much? (How fit are you ?)
  months’ salary on a dual-suspension mountain bike)
                                                           • Not much. You? (My anaerobic threshold is 250 and my
• She’s a hammer. (She’s faster than me)                     resting pulse is 14)
• He’s a geek. (I’m faster than him)                            • Nah, I’ve been really busy. (My body fat is 2%)
• I bonked. (All I took for a 4-hour ride was a half-empty • Well, let’s take it easy today. (Ready, set go!)
  bottle of month-old OJ and a moldy Twinkie)
                                                           • Hold on, there’s something wrong with my bike. (Let’s
• If you don’t crash, you’re not going fast enough, dude!    stop so I can rest)
  (I crash a lot)

    Tell a Teen ... adventure for young people 11-17
          ...and now for something a little different—this item was submited by CIBC member Tom Stark
      The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps has openings for a limited number of young people ages 11-17 to join the
  crew of Trident Patrol Squadron 65 and TS LEPSU, Pt. Mugu. Sea Cadets are everyday young people who
  have an interest in seamanship, aviation, or the military. Cadet applicants must be crime-free, drug-free, physi-
  cally fit, and U.S. citizens. Girls are encouraged to apply.
      The cadets from Ventura and L.A. counties train at NBVC Pt. Mugu one weekend a month from 7:30 am to
  4:00 pm. They also have community service and color guard opportunities. The program is managed by volun-
  teers dedicated to instilling the core Navy values of Honor, Courage and Commitment in the cadets.
      Sea Cadets wear the traditional Navy uniform and can participate in a multitude of advanced training pro-
  grams including: at-sea training with the Navy and Coast Guard, submarine orientation, SEAL training, search
  and rescue, and naval aviation.
      For additional information contact the squadron’s hotline at (805) 526-9475. For further information on the
  Naval Sea Cadet Corps, go to
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   You are invited to join the California Bicycle Coalition in Sacramento
            for the Second Annual Pedal Power Lobbying Day!
     On May 1 - 2, 2006 the California Bike Coalition (CBC)     The advocacy training offered at Pedal Power will give
will be hosting its 2nd Annual Legislative Day – an oppor-      you detailed information about the bills and the tools to
tunity for cyclists to talk to representatives about the ben-   effectively convey your perspectives to your representa-
efits of biking. In order to get the wheels in motion we        tives.
need your help.                                                      In addition to helping other representatives from the
     As an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to:            bicycle industry and cycling clubs effectively advocate for
     • Learn about specific legislation that will have a tre-   policies that promote bike safety, you’ll have the opportu-
mendous impact on California cyclists;                          nity on Monday to meet and network with other cyclists
                                                                from throughout California during a group ride through
     • Learn effective ways to convey the cycling               Sacramento. Plus you can view products and information
community’s messages about health, safety and economic          for cyclists during the Pedal Power Expo, and enjoy a
benefits of cycling to legislative representatives;             wine and cheese reception with representatives from the
     • Learn how to utilize the media to communicate the        State Capitol later that day.
CBC’s main messages;                                                 For more information on the event, contact Rebecca
     • Participate in meetings with key legislative members     Markussen, Project Director for the California Bicycle Coa-
about pending legislation and the value of cycling in Cali-     lition, at (916) 446-7558;
fornia.                                                              Registration is at
     Currently, five bicycle-related bills are pending before
the State Legislature: AB 1941, SB 1556, AB 2444, AB
1324, and AB 2465 (go to
for details and status). Lawmakers need to hear from
California’s bike coalition leaders regarding these bills.

The bumper sticker below was spotted by Kate and Bill Faulkner on an Arizona-licensed car at the Tour of California.
Pending Assembly Bill 1491 would provide a similar “measure of safety” zone for cyclists in California.
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    Minutes of Board
  Meeting, March 1, 2006
    The meeting was called to order
at 7 pm. Present were Carolee
Winslow, Judith Gustafson, Ron
Parker, Bill Faulkner, Peter Ball, Leslie
Ogden and Michael Chambliss.
    The Chain Chatter will be emailed
unless a member requests otherwise.
    Rosters typically go out in Janu-
ary but it would be easier on the new
membership chair if s/he could do it
in March and September. It was also
recommended to simplify the format
to a straightforward 8.5 x 11 sheet.
    Liability insurance coverage for
Board members: Our personal
homeowners’ insurance probably cov-
ers the present Board. All will verify
this by next meeting. In addition Pe-
ter will look into cost, coverage, terms
and conditions for specific Board li-
ability coverage. He believes it would
be about $400 a year.
    Budget for 2006: Michael projects
a budget cushion of about $400, as-
suming decreased printing and mail-                General Meeting and Program, March 15, 2006
ing costs but without taking into ac-
count our expected change to 501(c)4            President Peter Ball called the           Ruth and George then shared with
tax status which will give us increased     meeting to order at 7.                    us their slides of last summer’s ride
flexibility. The federal government has         “New” member Janet Moore intro-       in Germany and France.
approved this change, but we are            duced herself. Janet rode with us             Respectfully submitted,
awaiting state approval.                    about a year ago and is now back.             Leslie Ogden
    Membership is at 206 households.            Judith Gustafson was appointed
    Our Cool Breeze account balance         to take over the Programs position.          Thanks,
is $35,993.79; our regular club check-          Peter announced that:                     Ruth
ing account is $2015.77.                    • The Chain Chatter will be sent in pdf        and
    Bill has ideas for programs, and          frmat, in color, by email. Members         George!
is exploring a safety theme. He has           who want a mailed paper copy,
contacted Gary Brustin, the lawyer            please contact Carolee Winslow.                          ... and to all
who presented a program with our            • The 2006 budget has been approved                          those who
members at the Walk Ride Confer-              by the board.
ence. Judith has volunteered to fill
                                                                                                      have given us
                                            • We now have 206 households.
the Programs position. She has ar-                                                                     such terrific
                                            • The Cool Breeze committee met last
ranged a program on the Garrett                                                                        programs at
                                              week and selected one of Janeene’s
Lemire ride and school bike safety            designs for the jersey and tee.
program of the Lemire Foundation.                                                                       our general
                                              Volunteers are encouraged to sign
    The meeting adjourned at 8 pm.            up with Judy Mullins.                                   meetings! We
    Respectfully submitted,                     Ruth Owens tells us that jerseys                      appreciate it
    Leslie Ogden                            are available but going fast.
                                                                                                          so much.
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  From the Western States                                      About Our Club Rides
        Ride Calendar                                         General Info: Club rides are held every Saturday and Sun-
4/2 Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix/              day (and major holidays) starting at 8:30am (8 am beginning
4/8 Hemet Century/Double/Watrous Cycling                      Feb. 1, 2006). Riders meet in the parking lot at the back side
4/8 Tierra Bella Centura/Almaden Cycle Touring                of Mission Park between Santa Clara Street and Main Street
                                                              in downtwn Ventura. Rides are generally day tours in and
4/8-9 Davis 12 & 24 Hr Challenge/Davis Bicycle Club
                                                              around Ventura County. About once a month there is a “re-
4/8-9 Sea Otter Classic/Cypress Group                         mote start”—check the ride schedule. There is also a “show
4/15 Fleche USA Brevet/Santa Cruz Randonneurs                 and go” from Mission Park anytime there is a remote start or
4/22 Mulholland Double & Century /Planet Ultra                a holiday. There is a good selection of the best short (20-35
4/22 600K Brevet/San Francisco Randonneurs                    miles), medium (35-50 miles) and long (50-100 miles) rides.
4/22 Alta Sierra Challenge/Kern Wheelmen                      Usually riders of all degrees of ability, from beginner to ex-
4/29 Devil Mountain Double Century/Quackcyclists              pert, are here for you to ride with. A sweep rider may accom-
                                                              pany certain rides to assist new riders. All rides have shorter
4/29 Wildflower Century/San Luis Obispo Bike Club
                                                              options. Rides beginning in Ventura can all be shortened
5/6 Breathless Agony/Santiago Cycling                         to be an “A” or “B” ride (see key below ride listing).
5/6-7 Fiesta 150/Orange County Wheelmen                                           “Easy Riders” Option
5/6 San Ardo 400K Brevet/Santa Cruz Randonneurs               “Easy Riders” are those who want to travel at a pace of 10
5/6 Wine Country Century/Santa Rosa Cycling Club              to 12 miles per hour on a relatively flat route. Whether
5/7 Delta Centura/Stockton Bicycle Club                       you’re new to cycling or an old pro who likes a gentle
5/7 Pedalin’ with the Poppies/John’s Bike Shop-Acton          pace—the Easy Rider rides are for you! At the Saturday ride
                                                              starts each week, Easy Rider leaders will ask if anyone wants
5/13 Central Coast Double/BMS Cycling
                                                              to do an Easy Ride. If so, a distance and pace are chosen
5/13 Cruisin the Conejo/Conejo Valley Cyclists                according to participants’ interests. Some may join Lennis’s
5/13 Moonlight Magic Century/Planet Ultra                     Group (see below) and some may ride with Michelle; others
5/20 Sea to Summit/Teen Challenge, Ventura                    may decide to join the regular ride for some or all of it. Call
5/20 Davis Double/Davis Bicycle Club                          Michelle at 488-6059 for more information on what to bring,
5/20 Mullholland Highway Century/Different Spokes             what to expect, and where to meet up.
5/26-29 Great Western Bicycle Rally/Paso Robles                                      Lennis’s Group
                                                              Every Saturday and Sunday morning, Lennis Dearing
5/27 Heartbreak Century & Double/Planet Ultra
                                                              leads an “Easy Ride.” All are welcome. Ride start is the
6/3 Eastern Sierra Double/Planet Ultra                        same time as the regular club ride, but the start location
6/3 Ojai Valley Century/Pedal Powered Productions             may be different. Call Lennis at 671-5552 or 231-6427 in
                                                              advance to find out what the ride will be.
              Sea to Summit                                                  Tuesday Bike Path Fun Ride
                                                              “A” ride. Every Tuesday at 5 pm a group rides from the
     Save the Date and start climbing the hills: the
                                                              intersection of San Jon and Harbor Boulevard in Ventura
  “Sea to Summit” is back! Saturday, May 20. This is
                                                              to Foster Park and back, a 16-mile round trip. Great for
  an epic ride through great scenery right in our back-
                                                              families. Lights are needed in the winter.
  yard. More information to follow.
                                                                                 Maps and Route Slips
                                                              The monthly ride schedule is posted in detail on the club
      Ride Around the Bear                                    website,, along with route slips and maps
       Registration opened March 1st for OCW’s annual         for most routes.
  Ride Around the Bear, Saturday, June 10. Space is                             Bicycles and Equipment
  limited and when “paid riders” reaches 400, the event       Before you ride, check your bicycle and
  will be closed.                                             equipment, to prevent problems on the
       So if you’re interested in challenging yourself and    road. ALWAYS carry personal ID, water
  participating in this exhilarating ride you’d better sign   bottle with sufficient water, snacks, spare
  up soon. Please refer to OCW’s Website at                   tube, pump, patch kit, a call phone, and/or for registration and further information        coins for one phone call.
  on Ride Around the Bear.
                                                                HELMETS ARE REQUIRED
CHAIN CHATTER          • Page 9                                                                               April 2006
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                       CIBC Ride Schedule for April and early May 2006
                  Ride Start: Meet at 7:45am, and clip in for ride start at 8am
Sat., Apr. 8—“Harbor Circle Tour CW,” 43 miles, A ride, basically flat. Mission parking lot to Saticoy, Somis and
       Camarillo, with food at Starbucks on Las Posas. Then on to the Oxnard Plains and the three harbors of
       Hueneme, Channel Islands and Ventura, and back to the start ... a great route for those who really hate hills!
Sun., Apr. 9—“Heritage Valley Expedition,” 65 miles, B Ride, rolling hills. Ventura start, to Saticoy, Santa Paula,
       Fillmore and then brunch at the beautiful Heritage Valley Inn in downtown Piru. Enjoy the beauty of rural
       Ventura County. **For a shorter route: park at Skateboard Park in Santa Paula, at 10th and Ventura Streets
       by 8:45am, for a moderate ride with lots of turnaround points in Saticoy, Santa Paula and Fillmore.**
Sat., Apr. 15—“Santa Barbara Classic,” 54 miles, B ride, basically rolling hills. REMOTE START—drive to Rincon
       Park at the Bates Road exit from Hwy. 101 (Cool Breeze rest stop) for a ride through Carpinteria, Summerland,
       Montecito, Santa Barbara, with food in Goleta. **For a longer ride, start in Ventura.**
Sun., Apr. 16—“Casitas Pass Loop CW,” 42 miles, C ride, basically one big hill and lots of down. EASTER
       SUNDAY SPECIAL—Mission parking lot up the coast to Bates Road exit in Carpinteria, and up Hwy. 150 over
       Casitas Pass, with food and drink at Casitas Lake’s Marina Cafe. Continue on to Ventura with a downhill
       trend and a cool breeze. **Adventurous cyclists can add downtown Ojai for more miles.**
Sat., Apr. 22—“Dennison Grade Summit Ride,” 48 miles, B ride, hilly. Mission parking lot from Ventura up to Lake
       Casitas, to downtown Ojai and up Dennison Grade all the way to the Summit, with food at the cafe there.
       Back down into Ojai and to Ventura. **Shorter routes can turn around at the lake, or in downtown Ojai.**
Sun., Apr. 23—“Canyon to Canyon Classic,” 48 miles, “B” ride, rolling route. Mission parking lot east to Foothill
       Road, Aliso and Wheeler Canyons, with views of oaks, orange trees, flowers, cows and mountains. Food
       stop in Santa Paula at La Terraza Café at the corner of Main & 10th in Santa Paula, then downhill back to
       Ventura. **Shorter routes can turn around in East Ventura or Saticoy.** Show your colors today!
                                                    * * * * OR * * * *
Sun., Apr. 23—“Santa Ynez Valley Ramble,” 46 miles, B ride, rolling route with one big hill. REMOTE RIDE from
       Flying Flags Campground entrance on Avenue of the Flags in Buellton, 9am START TIME. Just a short 55
       minute drive to Buellton for a wonderful remote ride, planned for months by popular demand. We’ll ride in
       some of the most beautiful territory in California. Lunch at Quackenbush Café in Los Alamos. Wineries ARE
       open on Sundays! **Allow driving and setup time for this ride—leave Ventura by 7:30am.**
Sat., Apr. 29—“Double Bump CCW,” 67 miles, B ride, lots of hills. Mission parking lot from Ventura into Santa Paula
       and up to the Upper Ojai, then down the Dennison Grade to Ojai for the first bump, and then over Casitas
       Pass for the second bump to Carpinteria. Food at the Ojai Café Emporium or at Casitas Lake’s Marina Café,
       and later at Cavalli’s. **Shorter routes possible—ride into Santa Paula or just one bump to Ojai.**
Sun., Apr. 30—“Citrus Grove Classic CCW,” 47 miles, B ride, rolling hills. REMOTE START: Hwy. 101 to Las
       Posas Rd. to Starbucks. This is a great ride into the beautiful east county. Bike up into Camarillo and the citrus
       groves of Moorpark and Somis, then loop into Spanish Hills for a “short hill” back to Starbucks.
Sat., May 6—“Tour de Carpinteria,” 32+ miles, A ride, basically flat. Our monthly “Get Acquainted Ride” heads up
       the coast to Carpinteria for food at Cavalli’s Cafe, a great chance to meet new members friends. A longer ride
       is possible— join us for brunch later. Show your colors! Wear your club jersey today!
Sun., May 7—“Thacher Loop ,” 48 miles, B ride, moderately rolling hills, start 8:30 am. Mission parking lot to Lake
       Casitas, into downtown Ojai, then continue to the east end of Ojai past Thacher School. Back to Ojai Café
       Emporium for a well-needed food break, before heading DOWNHILL into Ventura. **Shorter routes are always
       possible on this ride today such as Lake Casitas or downtown Ojai.**

KEY: CW=clockwise; CCW=counterclockwise. “A”=relatively flat ;“B”=some climbing; “C”=ride with
     significant climbs; “D”=ride with major climbs and passes. Show your colors=wear your yellow club
     jersey, jacket or vest today!
   Shopping for bike parts or accessories? CIBC members receive a 10% discount at these
    Ventura and Santa Barbara County bike shops. (Please show your membership card.)
     Agoura Cycles                Bicycle World USA              Michael’s Bicycles                Simi Cycling Center
      Joel Richman                Tony & Jose Ragatz              Michael Thomas                      Butch or James
29041 Thousand Oaks Blvd.      135 East Harvard Blvd. #D         2253 Michael Drive               897 Los Angeles Avenue
  Agoura Hills, CA 91301         Santa Paula CA 93060          Newbury Park CA 91320               Simi Valley CA 93065
     (818) 991-6333               (805) 498-6633                     (805) 522-0565                                                                 
                                   Bicycles of Ojai          Newbury Park Bicycle Shop
Avery’s Open Air Bicycles             Bob Coble                      Jim or Mike                     Sundance Cycles
         Jon Avery                108 Canada Street             1560-6 Newbury Road                 Ashton “AJ” Johnson
     2386 E. Main St.               Ojai CA 93023              Newbury Park CA 91320                 and Steve Dozier
    Ventura CA 93001               (805) 646-7736                  (805) 498-7714                    5019 Kanan Road
      (805) 653-1100                                         Agoura Hill CA 91301                                          Ray’s Bicycle Shop                    (818) 991-9103
                                   Bill’s Bike Shop             Ray & Susan Schultz     
    Bicycles by HAMM                  Mark Eaton               7838 Telegraph Rd, #A
       Chuck Hamm             2360 E. Las Posas Road, #A         Ventura CA 93004                  Supergo Bike Shops
                                                                                                    2893 Johnson Drive
 305 W. Channel Isl. Blvd.        Camarillo CA 93010              (805) 659-3775
                                                                                                     Ventura CA 93003
    Port Hueneme, CA                (805) 484-1203   
                                                                                                      (805) 650-9338
      (805) 382-0574                                                                       
                               Camarillo Bike Company              Rincon Cycles
    The Bicycle Clinic               Ted Saville                  Dennis Coffman                   Trek Bikes of Ventura
        Raul Yeprez              2263 Pickwick Drive           5100 Carpinteria Avenue              4060 E. Main Street
  940 North Ventura Road         Camarillo CA 93010             Carpinteria CA 93013                 Ventura CA 93003
     Oxnard CA 93030               (805) 482-7742                  (805) 684-9466                      (805) 644-TREK
      (805) 485-1619                                  
                                                                 Shoreline Cycles
      Bicycle World             Matt’s Cycling Center          Brian & Carolyn Dallas               Westlake Cyclery
     Javier Saucedo                 Phil Carpenter                 105 Oak Street                       Mike or Kim
 10225 Telephone Road #1        2427 East Harbor Blvd.           Ventura CA 93001                   3195 Willow Lane
    Ventura CA 93004              Ventura CA 93001                 (805) 641-9283                Westlake Village CA 91361
     (805) 659-5917                (805) 477-0933                    (805) 497-3030

                                                                                            Address service requested

                                                                                       Oxnard CA 93031-6481
                                                                                       P.O. Box 6481

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