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Fight Your Ticket _ Win in California


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Fight Your Ticket & Win in California

Description:    Win your traffic court case with the book that's helped thousands of Californians!

                A traffic conviction can add hundreds of dollars to your yearly auto insurance premiums. Fight Your
                Ticket & Win in California shows you how to handle your case in traffic court, get the right kind of
                hearing -- and win.

                Attorney David Brown provides you with the detailed tactics you need to:

                - prepare and present your evidence

                - argue before a judge

                - cross-examine a police officer's testimony

                - get your case dismissed

                - appeal a decision

                - determine the consequences of your violation

                The 13th edition provides the latest legal information for California drivers, including fines and
                penalties, and contains fully up-to-date information on recently signed legislation regarding cell
                phone use.

                Beat an unfair ticket in California, and win with help from this bestselling guide. Fight Your Ticket &
                Win in California shows you how to handle your case in traffic court and get the right kind of
                hearing. Get tips and tactics to:

                - prepare and present your evidence

                - argue before a judge

                - cross-examine a police officer's testimony

Contents:       1. First Things
                A Typical Case
                Should You Fight Your Ticket?
                Overview Chart

                2. How to Read Your Ticket
                What Are You Charged With?
                Are You Really Guilty?
                Other Information on Your Ticket
                Types of Tickets

                3. What Are the Consequences: Fines, Jail, Your "Record," and Insurance
                Overview of Specific Violations
                Out-of-State Tickets

                4. Speed Violations and Radar
                The "Basic Speed Law" (VC §§ 22350, 22351)
                "Technical" Defenses to Basic Speed Law Charge
                Substantive Defenses to Basic Speed Law Charge
Speeding on Bridges, Tunnels, and Overpasses (VC § 22405)
Exceeding Maximum Speed Limits -- 55 to 70 mph (VC §§ 22349 & 22356)
All About Radar
"Laser" Detectors

5. Other Moving Violations
Not Stopping
Improper Turning (VC §§ 22100-22106)
Being Rude (Miscellaneous Violations)
Non-DUI Alcohol-Related Offenses
Illegal Drug Use/Possession
Motorcycle Helmet Laws (VC § 27803)
Violations Involving Accidents and Insurance

6. Tickets That Don't Appear on Your Record
Parking Tickets
Equipment, License, and Registration Violations
Other Nonmoving Violations
Federal Government Tickets

7. The Serious Offenses (Misdemeanors)
Common Vehicle Code Misdemeanors

8. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
The Offenses
Penalties the Court Can Impose
How Alcohol Interacts With Your Body
Blood or Breath Tests for Alcohol
License Suspension Penalties and Procedures
Dealing With a DUI Charge

9. Should You Fight Your Ticket/Should You Get a Lawyer?
Things to Consider
Do You Need a Lawyer?

10. Fighting an Infraction Citation
Preliminary Steps for Fighting an Infraction
Contacting the Court Clerk
Requests You Can Make at Arraignment
Motions After Arraignment
After Your Motion Is Granted or Denied
Courts Refusing to Hear Motions Before Trial

11. Preparing for Trial
Overview of Formal Infraction Trial With Officer Present
Getting Your Materials Together
Motions You May Want to Make Before Trial
Preparing to Deal With the Officer's Testimony
Testimony Presented on Your Behalf
Cross-Examination by the Prosecution
Final Argument

12. Trials Before Judge (Without a Jury)
Understanding the Courtroom
Trial Procedure

13. Handling a Misdeameanor Charge: Arraignment to Jury Trial
Making Deals
            Selecting the Jury
            Trial Procedure
            Jury Instructions
            Closing Arguments
            The Judge Instructs the Jury

            14. Sentencing
            Time for Sentencing
            Possible Sentences
            Motions to Vacate Sentence
            If You Appeal

            15. License Suspensions by the DMV
            Too Many Violations or Accidents
            Driving With a BAC of 0.08% or More
            Refusal to Take a Blood or Breath or Roadside "PAS" Test
            Automatic Suspension or Revocation
            Holding a License in Abeyance

            16. Appealing a Conviction
            Possible Grounds for Appeal
            The Steps in an Appeal

            17. Staying Out of Trouble
            Avoiding the Traffic Officer
            Being Pulled Over
            Talking to the Officer
            Arrests, Searches, and Seizures
            Preparing for Your Trial -- Notes and Pictures
            Accident Citations

            18. Where Do We Go From Here?
            Informal Discovery Request
            Proof of Service by Mail
            Request for Trial by Written Declaration
            Request for Trial de Novo
            Demand for Court Report or Electronic Recording of Proceedings
            Peremptory Challenge
            Subpoena Duces Tecum
            Notice of Appeal (Infraction)
            Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction)

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