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					                              West Coast University-Panama
Incorporated in Republic of Panama, West Coast University is a Global University to offer academic and
professional courses through Internationally Accredited Distance Education Methodology. WCU has been
granted Parliamentary Charter conveying full authority to WCU to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Higher
Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees as an Autonomous Institution,
Internationally Accredited with the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.
Along with our registered portals, WCU now has over 7000 subjects run across globe. By obtaining
global partnerships with the top companies and authors, WCU provides self-study courses with open
enrollment in nearly every subject imaginable.
WCU is now present globally through its affiliates and study centres in England, Switzerland, USA, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Peru, Ghana, and
many more countries.
S.No           Course Name                                                              Course Fees
01             Certificate Programme/Diploma Programme                                  Rs. 20,000.00
02             Bachelor Degree                                                          Rs. 40,000.00
03             Master Degree                                                            Rs. 47,000.00
04             Doctorate                                                                Rs. 85,000.00
Accreditation & Recognition
West Coast University (WCU) is chartered under Law Ley 32 of
1927 in the Republic of Panama, Central America, as a Global                FAST TRACK MODE
University                                                        To facilitate early completion of the courses,
◦                  Apostilled by: Convention de La Haye , du      ATTITUDE offers fast track system for those
Octobre, 1961 to offer academic and professional education        students who are confident to complete the
through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and           courses of their study in short period. Please
also through affiliated Study Colleges/Centers (internationally)  note that one can apply for FAST TRACK MODE
to confer Diplomas/Degrees to students/candidates who             only if one has at least 2 years of relevant work
successfully qualify for these awards.                            experience. Fresher will not be allowed to pursue
        West Coast University (WCU) Panama has been              this course.
granted a Parliamentary Decree that bears full validity and
recognition with all member governments and nations under         What is Fast Track Mode? (FTM)
international law statutes recognized by the Vienna               It’s the International Way of exception of credit
Convention of April 18th, 1961.                                   transfer & RPL- (Recognizing prior learning). Fast
        WCU has been granted Parliamentary Charter               Track is only a facility which supports you to
conveying full authority to WCU to grant degrees as an            prove your ability and rewards your experience.
Autonomous Institution, Internationally Accredited.               Hence there is no reason that it cannot be
        West Coast University is a member of the                 completed in the Fast Track Mode. Candidates
Universidad Consortium, which represents bona fide,               with relevant experience & confidence can
recognized and accredited higher education entities, licensed     complete the research study in short period and
by the Ministries of Education-Government of their respective     go for Fast Track Mode (early completion) .
◦                  Consortium has legal domicile in the City of
San Jose, Costa Rica and Mexico City, Mexico.
Global Accreditation
        Internationally Recognised by International Accreditation & Recognition Council (IARC)-Australia
        Approved by & affiliated to the Institute of Global Education, which has a Special Consultative
Status with ESOSOC, United Nations.
        Approved by Human Resource Management Institute
        Recognized by International Parliament of the States for Safety and Peace
        Accredited by UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
WCU Credit Equivalency
        San Juan de la Cruz University has duly evaluated and recognized West Coast University (WCU)
Panama as an educational institution of equivalent quality & integrity and consequently has signed
credit transfer agreement with WCU as such credits earned at West Coast university shall be 100%
eligible for transfer to San Juan de la Cruz University for the grant of respective diploma/degree by the
        San Juan de la Cruz University to the graduates of West Coast University (WCU) Panama as per mutually
        agreed terms and conditions of the agreement signed by both Institutions.
        ◦               Universidad San Juan de la Cruz formally known as University San Juan de la Cruz is a
        Recognized and Accredited University by the Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of
        Costa Rica, Central America through The National Council on Higher Education Private Universities
               Credits earned from WCU will be validated for possible full transfer of credits toward the
        degrees of the Kursk State Technical University subject to the final completion of a project paper
        demonstrating high level of academic knowledge.
        ◦               Kursk State Technical University is a government owned university of the Russian
        Federation. The University is funded by the State and governed in accordance with the State Educational
        Standard of Russian Federation.
               The United States Department of Education listed California University FCE as a resource of free
        education information in the Education Resource Organizations Directory with Unique ID 7499.
               California University FCE (Foreign Credit Equivalency) recognizes WCU Credits equivalent to any
        USA University recognized by Ministry of Education, Govt. of USA

                          Our 115 Specialization for FAST TRACK
  ®        Advanced Accounting                   ®     Fundamentals of Corporate Finance     ®    Process Analysis
  ®          Advertising Management              ®     General Management - Global           ®    Production Management
  ®          Auditing                            Prospective                                 ®    Programming with C++
  ®          Aviation                            ®     Handbook of Agriculture               ®    Project Handling
  ®          Bio-Technology / Management         ®     Handbook of Material Management       ®    Project Management
  ®          Business Communication              ®     Hospital Administration               ®    Public Administration
  ®          Business Development                ®     HRM Experiential Approach             ®    Public Affairs
  ®          Business Ethics                     ®     Human Resource Management             ®    Report Writing
  ®          Business Management                 ®     Industrial Marketing                  ®    Retail Management
  ®          Business Process Outsourcing        ®     Industrial Relations Trade Unions &   ®    Risk Management
  ®          Computer Graphics - C version       Labour                                      ®    Safety Management
  ®          Computer Network                    ®     Information Technology                ®    Sales Management
  ®          Construction Management             ®     Insurance Management                  ®    SAP Consultacy
  ®          Consumer Behaviour                  ®     Integrated Advertising Management     ®    School Management
  ®          Corporate Finance                   ®     International Business                ®    Search Engine Optimization
  ®          Corporate Law                       ®     International Finance Management      ®    Shipping
  ®          Cost & Management Accountancy       ®     Internet -How to Program              ®    Software Engineering
  ®          Cost Accounting                     ®     Internet working with TCP_IP          ®    Software Marketing
  ®          CRM                                 ®     Investment & Portfolio Management     ®    Supply Chain Management
  ®          Customer Relations Management       Investments                                 ®    Takeover & Merger
  ®          Cyber Law In India                  ®     Investments Analysis                  ®    Takeovers Restructuring & Corporate
  ®          Database Systems and Concepts       ®     KPO Management                        Governance
  ®          Disaster Management                 ®     Legislation [Labour Law Management]   ®    Taxation
  ®          Drugstore Management                ®     Library Administration & Management   ®    Time Management
  ®          E-Business                          ®     Logistical Management                 ®    Tourism
  ®          E-Commerce                          ®     Management A Global Perspective       ®    TQM
  ®          Effective Public Relations          ®     Management Accountancy                ®    Travel
  ®          E-Marketing                         ®     Management of Co-Operative            ®    Web Enabled application Using HTML
  ®          English Communication               ®     Marketing Management                  ®    World Trade and payments
  Entertainment                                  ®     Mass Media Management
  ®          Entrepreneur Management             ®     Mastering JAVA 2
  ®          Environment Management              ®     Mastering Visual Basics 6
  ®          Essentials of Management            ®     Material Management
  ®          Ethical Hacking                     ®     Modern Management
  ®          Event Manage for Tourism Cultural   ®     Multi Level Marketing
  Business                                       ®     Multimedia System & Designing
  ®          Event Marketing Management          ®     Office Administration Management
  ®          Export Management                   ®     Operating Systems
® Facilities Planning Management of Hospitals    ®     Operations &Productions Management
  ®          Financial Accountancy               ®     Operations Management
  ®      Financial Institutions                  ®     Oracle 9i Complete Reference
  ®      Financial Management                    ®     Organizational Behaviour
  ®      Foreign Exchange Management             ®     Personnel Management
  ®      Foreign Trade                           ®     Portfolio Management
  ®      Front Desk Management                   ®     Principles of Marketing
                          New World Mission Dunamis International University
                                            -South Africa

Since its inception in 1985, NWMD-International University is pioneer in providing quality education by
online and distance studies. Fully accredited affordable degrees of this university have been enabling its
alumnae in achieving their career goals and bringing their dreams true.

The affordable cost of online studies, 100% International Accreditation, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and
Post Doctorate degrees with 100% Free Research Guidance, and flexible education methodology makes
this International University top choice of Working Professionals to advance their education with flexible
and low cost degrees.
  S.No                              Course Name                                      Course Fees
    01      Certificate Programme/Diploma Programme                                         Rs. 20,000.00
    02      Bachelor Degree                                                                 Rs. 30,000.00
    03      Master Degree                                                                   Rs. 35,000.00
    04       Doctorate                                                                      Rs. 78,000.00