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					                          English I Syllabus
              Doral Academy Preparatory Charter School
      Parent-Teacher Conferences are available upon appointment.

Teacher: Ms. Giorey Valdes                School Phone No: (305) 597-9950
Classroom: M-110                          Email: gvaldes@dadeschools.net
Hello Parents, Guardians and Students!
      Although I’m very excited to see some of my former 8th graders on the class
rosters, I’d like to reintroduce myself briefly. My name is Ms. Valdes and I am your
child’s 9th grade English teacher. I am a graduate of the University of Florida,
where I received both my B.A. in English and my M.Ed in English Education. In
addition to teaching and literature, I love Gator football, movies, cooking, and
      I truly hope that during this school year we can build a vibrant, healthy
learning community centered on the enjoyment of language. In any group of
people with different kinds of opinions and backgrounds, respect and
encouragement of different perspectives is essential. In our classroom, we will be
challenging ourselves with reading, writing, and discussing different kinds of texts
to further develop the students’ vocabulary, grammar, media literacy, and other
language skills.
       I am very excited and honored to face the challenge of helping your students
become the best readers, writers, and speakers of the English language they can
be. Like I told them in class today, I know I am placing some very high expectations
on them, perhaps higher than what they may be accustomed to. I would not do this
if I did not firmly believe that it was for the good of their own educations and
characters. I myself am asking them to have high expectations of me to always be
expecting the very best from them, nurturing, professional, kind, organized,
prepared, and at my own very best. I cannot wait to see what the upcoming school
year holds for us as we get to know each other and ourselves better through
reading, writing, and learning to love it!
      Attached to this letter is a brief summary of my classroom routines,
expectations, and procedures. Students, please sign the last page confirming that
you have read and agreed to the information on this syllabus. Parents, please sign
and fill out the contact information on the last page and send it to school with your
student for his/her first homework grade.

Thank you!
Ms. Valdes
Classroom Procedures and Expectations
    When entering the classroom:
      · Wait outside the door until the other students leave the room
      · Go directly to your seat and get ready for class.
      · Clear your desk except for English class materials. Place all other materials under your desk.
      · Do not wait for the bell to ring to begin copying the day’s agenda and the warmup.
    If you are tardy:
      · Be prepared to show a pass.
      · If you do not have a pass, be prepared to get a tardy. 3 Tardies will result in a detention.
    End of class dismissal
      · The bell does not end class…I do!
      · Stay seated, remain quiet and I will dismiss you.
    Listening and responding in class:
      · Raise hand to be recognized, Do NOT call out!
      · Be considerate of others. Listen attentively while others are speaking without making
      unnecessary, disruptive noises.
    Group Work
      ·When working in groups, always work quietly using a soft voice.
      ·Individuals will be graded for work in groups based both on their efforts and contributions to the
      assignment and the finished product.
    Each student will be allowed only 1 bathroom pass per quarter during class time.
    Absences
      · In the event of an absence, the student is responsible to ask a peer or the teacher for the make-
      up work on the following class day. It must be turned in no later than two classes after the
      absence. Make-up work will NOT be accepted for UNEXCUSED ABSENCES.
      ·10 Unexcused Absences throughout the year or 5 in a semester will result in a NO CREDIT
      (NC) grade automatically on the Electronic Gradebook.
    Late Work will absolutely NOT be accepted.
      · IPODS/MP3s; Cell phones; Cameras; PSP, Etc.
      · In the event these items are brought to class they will be revoked as if it were a 3rd offense:
      The teacher will confiscate the item, take it to the office and only a parent can pick it up in the
      front office from 2:30-3:00. If this occurs a 3rd time, administration will keep the item until the
      end of the school year. The cell phone is not to be in visible sight of the teacher.
      ·If a student’s work is discovered to be the result of copying or cheating, he/she will receive zero
      credit on the assignment and a conference with the teacher.
    1st Offense: Verbal/Written Warning
    2nd Offense: Student/Teacher Conference
    3rd Offense: Call to Parent and Detention
    4th Offense: Parent/Teacher Conference
    If problem persists: Referral for Suspension
Required Coursework & Grade Percentages:
     Class Participation:                            10%
     Class Learning/ Home Learning:                  15%
     Quizzes:                                        20%
     Projects/Essays:                                25%
      Tests:                                       30%
Grading Scale
     A=90-100
     B=80-89
     C=70-79
     D=60-69
     F=59 -
Required Materials
     A 3-ring 1-inch binder (A larger size is recommended but not required.)
     Lots and lots of paper!
     5 subject dividers for Daily Agenda, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Class Notes
     Springboard Book (Will be provided later)
     A good pen to write with.
     Highlighters
     Speak by Laurie Halse Andersen
     To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Students will be required to have their English binder set up according to my specifications and bring it
to EVERY class along with whatever book we will be reading at the time. I will perform random book
and supply checks for a participation grade and at least once per quarter, I will check each student’s
binder for a test grade.

9th Grade Curriculum Summary
1st Quarter: Springboard Units 1 and 2 (Speak, Media Analysis, and Interview Narrative)

2nd Quarter: Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton , Springboard Unit 3 (Poetry)

3rd Quarter: Springboard Unit 5 (To Kill a Mockingbird and Research Project)

4th Quarter: Springboard Unit 4 (Romeo and Juliet and Dramatic Recitation)

Grammar and writing instruction will also be provided in the context of the literature and themes
currently being covered.

All students will also be required to participate in the Reading Plus software program at home for 2
sessions per week. If a student does not have regular Internet access at home, please talk to me
immediately so we can work out a solution.

All essays MUST be uploaded to Turnitin.com by midnight of their deadline. I will give students notice
when to print out their essays WITH COMMENTS to bring into class for their Writing Portfolio and a

After printing, please fill out the last page of this syllabus. Student must turn it in by Wed./Thurs.
August 25/26, 2010 for a Homework grade.
           Agreement to Course Requirements, Policies, and Rules.
                         English I with Ms. Valdes

Student Name: ______________________________            Period: _____________

Student Signature: ____________________________         Date: _____________

Parent/ Guardian Name: _______________________          Date: ______________

Parent/ Guardian Signature: _____________________

Parent Email: _________________________________ (please do not give me your child’s email

Parent Phone Number: _________________________

* If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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