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OAKLAND by yaofenjin


									nursing degrees

As an Oakland nursing graduate, you will join                           MAJORS AND CAREER PATHS
the ranks of alumni who serve as skilled nurse                          You can apply your Oakland nursing degree to a number of career
practitioners, proficient specialists and effective                     paths. Students learn how to promote health and provide care for
administrators. An Oakland degree combines                              acutely ill, chronically ill and dying patients across the life span in a
                                                                        variety	of	health	care	settings.	In	addition,	graduates	are	eligible	to	
theory and clinical practice, critical-thinking skills
                                                                        take the state registered nurse licensure examination. Some career
and hands-on encounters with new technologies,                          options include:
providing you with the tools you need to adapt in
                                                                        •	   Nurse	anesthetist                  •	   Nurse	educator
the rapidly evolving world of nursing.
                                                                        •	   Nurse	practitioner                 •	   Adult	health	clinical	
You’ll enjoy classes with professors who have exposure to real-world                                                 nurse specialist
                                                                        •	   Registered	nurse
health care environments, and you’ll get unique opportunities through
clinical placements with Oakland’s many partners in health care and     •	   Clinical	nurse	leader
industry. No matter what your goals, an Oakland nursing degree will     Some of the listed career options may require additional
prepare you for success.                            education/training beyond the bachelor’s degree.

A PROMISING FUTURE                                                      BEYOND THE CLASSROOM
Oakland nursing graduates are in demand. Employers recognize            Only part of your college education comes from books and lectures.
that Oakland students receive a total nursing education, complete       As	a	practice	discipline,	nursing	employers	look	for	graduates	who	
with hands-on clinical experience that eases the transition from        also	have	hands-on	experience.	At	Oakland,	you’ll	enjoy	the	benefits	of	
student to health care professional. Oakland nursing students acquire   firsthand	practice	in	modern	nursing	environments.
a solid foundation that prepares them to assume a variety of            •	   Oakland’s	partnerships	with	first-rate	health	care	delivery	systems	
nursing positions.                                                           help provide nursing students with high-tech facilities in which to
•	   In	2009,	96	percent	of	OU	nursing	graduates	secured	                    sharpen their skills.
     employment within six months of graduation.                        •	   Nursing	undergraduates	earn	work	experience	in	a	wide	variety	of	
•	   An	online	education	program	assists	students	with	RN	degrees	           clinical	settings,	starting	with	the	first	semester	of	the	program.	
     who are continuing their nursing education toward a Bachelor       •	   Each	nursing	student	spends	his	or	her	final	semester	working	in	
     of Science degree in nursing (BSN) or combined BSN/Master of            area hospitals right beside professional nurse “preceptors,” the
     Science program.                                                        equivalent	of	on-the-job	mentors.	As	a	result,	before	they	even	
•	   The	Accelerated	Second	Degree	BSN	program,	intended	for	                get	their	first	jobs,	Oakland	nursing	students	know	what	it’s	like	
     bachelor’s degree-holding students wishing to pursue a BSN,             to manage the nursing care of patients with complex health
     began	in	spring	2005.                                                   care needs.
•	   A	Doctor	of	Nursing	Practice	degree	program,	the	highest	degree	
     for	clinical	nursing	practice,	began	in	fall	2006.
•	   The	OU/Beaumont	Graduate	Program	of	Nurse	Anesthesia	is	
     ranked	11th	in	the	United	States	in	U.S. News and World Report’s
     edition of the Best Graduate Programs.

 uniVersiTY                                            School of Nursing

ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY                                                       GET INVOLVED
At	Oakland,	as	in	the	modern	health	care	environment,	nursing	and	         Oakland’s	more	than	200	student	organizations	range	from	
technology go hand in hand. While learning the fundamentals of             Greek	organizations	and	a	student-run	FM	radio	station	and	
nursing, you will enjoy access to many technological tools, including      newspaper	to	a	Student	Nurses	Association.	Here,	students	come	
four general computing facilities; Kresge Library’s two million            together to learn about their chosen discipline and career
print, electronic and multimedia resources; and wireless                   options, conduct community service projects, achieve personal
Internet	access	in	each	residence	hall	room	and	in	many	                   growth and strengthen their ties to faculty members, fellow
other campus locations.                                                    students	and	the	health	care	community.	As	part	of	its	
•	   The	school	has	pioneered	distance-learning	courses	for	all	nursing	   community involvement, Oakland sponsors the Nightingale
     students;	the	entire	RN/BSN	Completion	Sequence	and	nearly	all	       Awards	for	Nursing®, an annual event that celebrates nursing
     graduate courses are offered online.                                  excellence and pays tribute to all nurses. Many Oakland nursing
                                                                           students	also	win	prestigious	awards	and	scholarships.	For	
•	   Using	the	resources	of	the	Crittenton	Hospital	Medical	Center	
                                                                           example,	in	2003,	an	Oakland	student	was	named	Michigan	
     Multimedia Lab, Oakland nursing students learn how to create
                                                                           Student Nurse of the Year.
     and manipulate the sophisticated databases necessary to deliver
     modern health care.
                                                                           LEARN MORE
•	   A	practice	lab	simulating	a	hospital	unit	offers	students	more	
                                                                           School of Nursing
     opportunities to gain experience to help them on the job.
                                                                           444	O’Dowd	Hall
•	   Students	can	access	instructional	nursing	videos	and	take	            (248)	370-4253
     advantage of interactive technologies such as catheter simulation
     and intravenous administration programs.                    
•	   Students	also	practice	on	state-of-the-art	simulated	mannequins	
     (SimMan; SimBoy; Noelle, a simulator that gives birth; and
     SimBaby, a simulator that provides training for infant trauma) to
     learn a variety of assessment techniques and other skills.

                 Office of Undergraduate Admissions
                 101 North Foundation Hall
                 2200 North Squirrel Road
                 Rochester, Michigan 48309-4401
        | (800) OAK-UNIV


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