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Exotic Mekongga in Southeast Sulawesi Peak

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									Exotic Mekongga in Southeast Sulawesi Peak

Mekongga mountain is the highest mountain in the mountains Mekongga which
stretches across the northern region of Southeast Sulawesi Province
This mountainous region is a mountain range that peaks Verbeck composed
of rock types karst plateau.
with the highest peak 2790 meters above sea level,
This mountain is the highest mountain in Southeast Sulawesi.

Geologically the mountains are formed from uplifted atoll about hundreds
of millions of years ago.
This phenomenon then make room for the kind of distinctive flora and
fauna which became endemic biota present only in the region.

Mekongga Mountains, is also ideal for trekking activities.
The starting point is the ascent of Surolako Hamlet, Village Rantebaru in
District Ranteangin
which can be achieved with four-wheeled vehicle about four hours from the
city Kolaka.

During a trip to the summit which takes 5-6 days,
mountain hikers were treated to a rare tropical forest atmosphere touched
people, merdunya birdsong,
until the event and crossed the confluence of the River Tinokari Mosembo.
Moreover, it may be passed with Anoa.

Mountain (Osu) is called Mekongga because according to the name of the
native tribes of this area is Tolaki Mekongga
who formerly inhabited the kingdom Mekongga.
According to folklore in the mountains there are the White Cliffs are
named Musero-sero
which is the center of the kingdom to the North Kolaka genie.
In essence, the mountain is rarely climbed and visited,
but his charm. not inferior to other mountains in Indonesia.

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