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   MONSTER                        MpiNURE                     TRUCK                does i
   The 200 hp converted                     The extendedwheelbaseof the droplets are larger - like
   army truck will haul and              trailer allows for four axles, fit- raindrops-so there's less
   spread manure and travel              ted with high speedflotationtires, atomization and less
                                         so Szabo can "float along at 35 odour. Szabo can apply
   along the road at 35 mph
                                         miles an hour."                      as little liquid as 1,500
   BY FRANCES AND ER SON                    Nuhn added that the tiresleave gallonsper acreon alfal-
   Ontario Farmer stall                  big footprintsand provide excel- fa, or as much as 5,000
                                         lentflotationfor the size.Thetrail- gallons.

   Z    urich - Nick Szabo is like a
         kid with a new toy. ''This is
                                         er's gooseneckisa foothigherthan        After watching injec-
                                         standardso itcandrivethroughany tion equipment being
   my Tonkatruck," he tellsa hand-       ditchthat a tractorcan navigate.     demonstrated,Szabo is quick
   fulofporkproducers,grinningand          The manuretankis small- 6,750 to add, "If there's enough interest
   gesturing toward the red beast.       gallons, "but it could take a lot                                             e
                                                                              01 injection, i wouldgladlyputm~·--·Keep xpenses down."                 Szabo's younger brother, Matt.
      Szabo's truck and trailer have     more." The only thing that stops jectionon it,butto do thatI would Szaboestimatesthetankandcon-              The boys, it seems, are having a
   playeda major role in getting the     thisrig is a steephill."If you want- have to chargemore thandouble." trols cost about $125,000 and the       contest: how much manure they
   manure in the light place for the     ed to pull a tank like this with a    ''This is beautifulland," he said, truckisworthanother$75,000. It'll   can move- andthey'rehavingfun
   demonstrationhere.First he used       John Deere, it's twice the price," referringto thedry sandyloam on takea lotofcustomworktopay its            doing it.
   the pump and robotic arm to agi-      saidSzabo.                           the demonstrationfield wherethe way.Szabo, who has had the unit            Meanwhile Nuhn is buildinga
   tate tilelagoonat the host farm of       The tank has a six metre spray liquidhasnearlydisappeared      with- working for a month now, can         second unit for Szabo and field-
   Jody Durand.Then he hauled the        width. "We try to keep it low to in 10 minutesof application."But spreadabout40,000 gallons      anhour      ing inquiries about more. "Our
   liquidmanure down the road to a       minimizeammonialoss,"said Sz- what happenson clay knolls?"he andexpectsto hit 50,000 gallons.                policyis to walk,ratherthanjump
   bean field and filled two other       abo. Nuhn adds that his shop has asks "It's still cheaper to spread         They would have reached that     in," he said. Nevertheless, he ad-
   tanksbeforegetting the chance to      worked to achieve low pressure and say somebody else cultivate goal on one farm, "but we had to              mits thatmakingthe firstunitwas
   show what his rig can do.             spreading so the liquid manure it. That would save nitrogen and go around the barn," volunteers              "fun to do."
   of a to-tonne "Mac" truck and a
   trailer-mounted  tankbuiltby Den-
   nisNuhnof NuhnIndustriesin Se-                                                                ADVERTISEMENT
   bringville.The trailerhas an extra
   long wheel base to distribute the
   weight, a vacuum pump and a
      The truck, which is actuallyan
                                         Weed Management Series: Take a bird's-eye view
   It generates200 horsepower,and
   will run two days on 200 gallons
                                         -                           ~r;;s~   :~'~s~~~!:::,~~~:=                 ~;~o~~:;o:~-e~::~:t;:~:
                                                      eye view of the sue- with the frequency we'd all like ucts worked 99 per cent of the
                                                                                                                                                      "There's something to be said
                                                                                                                                                      for hassle-free applications.".
                                                                                                                                                          During scouting, pay partic-
   of fuel.                                cess of your weed management to see.                                  time."                               ular attention ·if you discover
      It's a six-wheeldrive with front strategy. It's not through fancy           Weeds can rob yield. Uni-         In a dry spring or when reli-     non-weather related weed es-
   wheelassistandisdesignedto car_aerial photography, or high-tech versity of Guelph plant scientist ability is key, many producers                   capes. They can be harbingers
   ry 60 tons up a 60 per cent grade, global positioning system read- FrancoisTardif says research respond with effective post-                       of bigger problems. Don't rule
   or drivethrough six feet of water, outs ... it's from the seat of your has shown thatdepending on the emergent products, such as                   out resistance if you see a
   according to the army specifica- combine.                                  infestation levels and weather DuPont Canada Inc. 's line of            strange stand- alone monocul-
   tions.                                      At harvest time, your com- conditions, d common weed like sulfonylurea products. These                 lure. If only one type of weed is
      Most trucks are rated 40,000         bine gives you the kind of perch quackgrasscan cut yields dra- include Classic, Elim, Ultimax,             escaping, resistance could be
   poundsof carryingcapacityon the you need to complete your weed matically...t!p to a whopping 80 Accent and Pinnacle. Besides                       the problem.
   rear axles.This truck's rear axles scouting cycle. It's a process that per cent if infestation is heavy being environmentally compat-                  But it might also be that you
   will carry 65,000 pounds and the started maI1Y         months earlier - in and not controlled.                ible, sulfonyureas are extreme-      simply made a management de-
   fifthwheel is rated for lOOtons.        the winter, in fact - when you         Sometimes, matters you have Iy selective, so they can be used       cision that didn't work. You
       Ithasopenandclosedhydraulic checked your notes from the no controiover - such as in minute concentrations. Mea-                                chose a herbicide not specifi-
   systems,so Szabocan run thevac- previous growing season, iden- weather - cause problems or surements of grams per hectare                          cally targeted for a weed that
   uum pump and roboticarm at the tified problem areas and escapes result in at least a few escapes. are not uncommon, compared                       turned out to be a problem in
    same time.                             and designed a management          For example, if you seeded ear- to older chemistries which used         your field that maybe
       ''The beautifulthing about this strategy to meet your farm's ly this year like many produc- kilograms of product per hectare                   wasn't much of a problem last
    cab isthatyou don't have to get in needs.                                 ers, your seed was subject to to achieve control.                       year,but somehow gained a toe-
    andoutallthetime,"Szaboglows.              In the spring you scouted for stress frOnlcool soil tempera-         Those low volumes and small       hold this year and hung on.
    Re can agitatea pit,fill the tanker, early emerging weeds, re- lures. Chilly rtights (and days) amounts of active ingredient                          You'll make other observa-
~OiiVeOownmetoad;then·ojf=load"·'-clre"clred"yourtields-a:fter-initial-premotes/4;>w.g<=lmation~<IDd_b"_Y5L1L.y'~I)'._J?rac::ticpl           side,    tions scouting from your com-
    toanothertanker,orspreadthe ma- applications, then scouted again the longer the seed is in the too ...they can be packaged in                      bine seat. For example, you
    nure directly,without leaving his during the dog days of summer. ground, the more stress it en- bags the size of the palm of your                 might see wet spots in your
    seat.                                  Now fall's here, and scouting is dures. The presence of a pre- hand. They're easily carried,               field, and know next" year
       Likea tractor,thetruckwillpull still part of the job. Except at emergent weed treatment adds handled and stored (but you                       you've got some tiling to do.
    all his implements. Due to its ten harvest time, you get a urtique to seed stress.                           should still practice proper han-     You might notice corn borer
    footwidth, agri- perspective.                               Some weed problems CaI1    be dling procedures, like wearing         damage and consider trying one
    culturalvehiclefor licensmg..              ''When you walk your fields traced to the dry spring experi- protective clothing). And not              of the new Bt lines of corn.
       The vacuum pu:up and robotic in the snmmer and the corn is enced in many parts of the only are the bags small...they're                            Insects, weather, topography
    ann enable the urnt to work WIth high you might not see all the province this year, mimicking a also water soluble. All you have                   and management decisions can
    dil·jfer~nEt      OfallPithts, !t's weeds there," says Dave Klop- similar situation that occurred to do is Toss 'N' Go: drop one
                dePthafts       "and                                                                                                                   all cut into yield. That's what
    c ean. ven er             e nmmna                                          .                                  .
    around the onl visiblemanure is penburg ofDuPont Canada Inc. m 1997.Dry weather plays hav- m your tank and go to work.                             you want to avoid. Take stock
      dribbk th ~ d . dh I                 Research and Development.           oc WIth-pre-emergent weed            "When you're SCOUtu1g      your    from your combine seat; the
    a limi         e
             eon threnberan ep ans "But at harvest time w h en th e treatments, thev reouire oreci
                                  ti                           .                            ey require precip- fields and assessing th e errec-
                                                                                                                                     .        .<C
                                                                                                                                                       lessons you learn will make you
    to e rrunate at y moun mg a I                   h    dried d               ..        b ffi . Ifth         ,.            f                     .   a better manager.
    bucketto the fender.                     eaves ave.          own, you get rtation to e e ectrve.      ere s nveness 0 your crop protection
       If access to a pit is difficult, a great view m the row, from no rain, they fizzle..                       products, remember too. how
    there's a funnel tip to attach to the your c~mbine.:'              .          "Last year in Ontario and conv~rtient - o~inconven!:nt -
    eizht-inchvacuumhose so thelia              You re looking for evidence Quebec, pre-emergents worked certam operations were, ad-
    can load manure from 100 fe:r           that your weed management          about 85 per cent of time," says vises DuPont Canada Inc.'s
    away.                                   strategy worked - or didn't.       Larry Dumaine, corn and soy- Corn and Soybean Product
                                            Maybe it was an ideal year for bean sales and marketing man- Manager                Kerry     Teskey.
    32. ONTAR.I.Q FARMER· Tuesday, September 29, 1998


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