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Kendari City on Indonesian Heritage


Kendari City on Indonesian Heritage

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									Kendari City on Indonesian Heritage

Kendari is the provincial capital of southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Kendari city was inaugurated as a municipality with u ri no. 6 dated 27
September 1995 1995.

Inventor, author and creator of the first map of Kendari is vosmaer
(Dutch nationality) in 1831. On 9 May 1832 vosmaer build tribal king
named tebau Tolaki Kendari and around the port annually on May 9 at the
time and is now celebrated as the anniversary of the city of Kendari.

In the Dutch colonial era kewedanan Kendari is the capital and the
capital Onder laiwoi afdeling. Kendari city first grew as the capital
district and subsequently developed into the capital district area level
ii statutory number 29 in 1959, with its development as residential
areas, commercial centers and seaports across the island. Size of the
city at that time ± 31 400 km ².

Kendari city located on the southeast peninsula of Sulawesi island.
Territory land mostly located on the mainland, around the bay Kendari and
there is one island, the island bungkutoko, geographically located in the
south of the equator, is between 3 º 54'30 "- 4 º 3'11" south latitude
and 122 º 23 '- 122 º 39' longitude east


Forest Park Murhum located in the mountains of Nipa-Nipa, the city of
Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The park is one of 16 nature conservation
area located in southeastern Sulawesi. Area of ??forest botanical garden
is approximately 8146 ha and an altitude of 25-500 m above sea level
(asl). Meanwhile, the sloping topography, hilly, mountainous with the
condition until the slopes with a slope of 15 to 40%. While the soil
types found in the surrounding forest of red yellow podzolic.
On 12 June 1995, the forestry minister set a mountainous area of ??Nipa-
Nipa forest as a botanical garden murhum decision by mail (sk) forestry
minister 289/kpts-11/95 numbers. Prior to the forestry minister's
decision came out, in 1993 the governor of southeastern Sulawesi has
determined beforehand Nipa-Nipa mountainous region as a grand forest
parks murhum through sk number 808 dated 6 December 1993. As for the name
of the park formerly known as Nipa-Nipa murhum replaced with the name
taken from the first Sultan of Buton.

Forest Park has a wide uniqueness murhum highway, ranging from the types
of flora and fauna, to its natural beauty. Various types of flora present
in the park, including small plants, such as various kinds of bushes,
shrubs, and various tree trunk with a diameter ranging from below 10 cm
to larger ones. Tree species, such as iron wood (metrosideros petiolata),
EHA (Castanopsis buruana), bolo-bolo (adenandra celebica), bolo-bolo
white (thea lanceolata), wood puta (baringtonia racemosa), parinari sp.,
Pandanus mats (Pandanus aurantiacus), parinari sp, and various species of
palm (nengelfa sp., pinanga caesia, and ucuala sp.). In addition to the
trees, grows also various types of rattan (Daemonorops sp.), Such as
rattan sticks (Calamus zolfingeri), and the symbol of rattan (Calamus
ornatus var. Celebicus).
In addition to the variety of flora, grand forest parks have murhum
creatures (fauna), among which are anoa, deer, possum, raccoons Sulawesi,
hornbill, musk sulawesi, albatross (haliastus leucogaster), and various
species of butterflies.
In the woods, there is a waterfall that could be used for bathing and not
far from the waterfall there is a historical relic site in the form of
Japanese defenses (bunkers) on which the cannon weapon equipped. The
combination of various flora, fauna, and exotic scenery plus the
existence of these historical sites make the grand forest parks murhum
the main attraction is pity to miss.

Forest Park is located in the district highway murhum Kendari, sub
mandonga, Kendari city, district and subdistrict soropia in Kendari,
Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

To reach the grand forest parks murhum, can be started from the airport
to the village walter mongisidi kemaraya then to the Benu-continent,
tipulu, sodohoa, mountain teak, mango and two with public transport or
private vehicles. Having reached the mango in two, the journey continues
to the mountains of Nipa-Nipa (grand forest parks murhum) by walking
through the trail as far as 3.5 km with a travel time of about 2 hours.

Nambo coast in southeast Sulawesi, exactly 12 km south of the city of
Kendari. The beach has become one of favorite tourist attraction in
southeastern Sulawesi province visited by many travelers, especially on

Nambo beach has panoramic nan fine white sand along the beach. With a
fairly gentle conditions, the tourists can picnic while playing sand,
ran, chased each other while coming to meet the sea water that slammed
into the beach.
Rows of palm trees that stood along the beach neatly complement the
panoramic beauty of this beach. These trees can also become a haven for
tourists at the time blazing sun hit the beach. To cure your thirst, the
traveler can buy a young coconut is sold by merchants in this place. For
tourists who want to enjoy a quieter beach atmosphere, it would be nice
to come on the afternoon before sunset.
Besides enjoying the natural attractions, tourists can also witness the
activity of fishing tribe who settled bajo not so far from the beach. The
travelers can watch their activities, such as fishing, sailing, and

The beach is located in the village nambo nambo, abeli district, the city
of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

To get to the beach nambo can be reached by using public transport or
private car. If the journey starts from Walter Monginsidi airport will
take about 15 minutes using public transportation or private car. The
trip can also be reached by using traditional boats ketinting (kole-
kole). If using kole-kole, the trip can be started from the port city of
Kendari in Kendari down the bay.

Available around the beach parking lot, gazebo, bathrooms, and
traditional traders offering various types of merchandise. The tourists
who come from out of town and want to stay, can easily find a comfortable
hotel to stay in the city of Kendari. Hotel choices were varied, ranging
from grade to grade jasmine star. Likewise with eating houses and
restaurants in this city there are many eating houses and restaurants
serving a variety of menus to pamper the tastes of the tourists.

Coast Mayaria (Mayaria Beach) is located in District Kendall
approximately ± 10 km to the east of Kendari city center. Mayaria is a
beautiful beach with white sand that slope so that in addition to
swimming, tourists can hold a tour of traditional villages around the
coast by boat rental. For tourists who want to spend the night, your
cottage. In addition to the inn and cottages in this place also provided
complementary facilities and restaurants.

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