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December 2010

                             Chairman’s Remarks
                             “Now is the Time”

                                                                pick up trash out of a ravine,    today to help steward the
                             As I look back over the            and picked out Christmas          park for the next hundred
                             year, I am reminded of all         presents in Spanish Village.      years. How can we not be
                             the opportunities I have                                             grateful for what we have
                             had to enjoy the park and          This fall I was awed by           inherited?
Board of directors           how much it means to me            the four organizations that
Laurie Broedling             personally. Last spring I          received Millennium Awards        Brianne Cross, who is doing
Barbara Brown                watched schoolchildren plant       at our annual luncheon            volunteer research for us
Libby Carson                 trees at our annual Arbor Day      knowing the resources they        about the Botanical Building
Caroline C. Chen             celebration. In the summer,        invested have made the park       sent along her thoughts
Dean M. Crowder
                             I marveled at the artists          a better place for many,          recently. “As a city, we face
Tom W. Goad                                                     many years. As I’ve gotten        numerous areas of budget cuts,
James M. Hughes              capturing the beauty of the
                                                                more involved, I have come        including cuts to Balboa Park.
Susan Hoekenga               park on canvas. I saw families
                                                                to understand how great           These cuts can be seen as a
Todd Kinnear                 entering the museums with          the park’s needs are, and         detriment to the park, or as
Maureen Lamberti             excited children in tow and        how limited the resources.        an opportunity to rally behind
David Lynn                   watched a face-painter turn
Betty Peabody
                                                                I am incredibly impressed         our beloved Balboa Park as a
                             a small girl’s cheek into a        and thankful for the great        community, and to lessen the
Marvin A. Spira
Linda Spuck                  butterfly.                         care the Park & Recreation        effects of city cuts with personal
Trudy Stambook                                                  Department has shown in           involvement. Now is the
Ken Tranbarger               I got to meet Chuy, an             managing this incredible          time to get behind our leaders,
Steven Wall                  energetic senior citizen           public asset.                     like the Friends, and preserve
Heather H. Xitco             who single handedly turned                                           and protect the City Park we
Ann Wilson
                             a scruffy piece of land            It is tempting to get caught      inherited.”
                             on Florida Street into an          up in some of the big ideas
advisory council                                                – like a $350 million price tag   I couldn’t have said it better.
Toni Atkins                  enchanting garden, and heard
                                                                on needed infrastructure, $30     Peace and blessings to you
Jodie Bruhn                  a Morley Field groundskeeper
                                                                million to renovate Plaza         during this holiday season.
Louise Hay                   tell me how much he loved          de Panama, and whether a
Bill Maheu                   his job at the annual Park
Rosetta Sciacca                                                 parking structure will be          by Maureen Lamberti
                             & Rec picnic. I listened to        built, but as I reminisced I
Toby Reschan
True Ryndes                  concerts at the organ pavilion,    came to realize that small
Steven Wall                  had lunch in the park and          things really matter. This is
Donald G. Yeckel             enjoyed plays, exhibits and lots   true even in philanthropy.
                             of special events. I watched       My small gift added to many
staff                        a dog catch a Frisbee thrown       other gifts helps make a
Lorraine F. Schmalenberger                                      strong and vibrant pool of
                             by his master 30 times in a
Leslie Yu                                                       resources that can make a
                             row without missing. I took
                             an architectural walking tour      real difference in the park.      fall color display inside Botanical Bldg.
                                                                We have the opportunity           Photo by Richard Seignious
                             with Ranger Kim. I helped
153...and Counting
It was all about Kate Sessions when the Friends, SOHO and
San Diego Floral Association combined to throw a shindig
fit for the “mother of Balboa Park” during the first weekend
of November at the Marston House. Her moniker is based
on Session’s extraordinary horticulture contributions to Bal-
boa Park. Trees were an important part of her landscape plan
and in exchange for 30 park acres used for a nursery, Kate
agreed to plant 100 trees a year for ten years.

Nancy Carter, past president of the Floral Association gave
a history of Session’s efforts to include schoolchildren and
volunteers to help in planting the park and presented a
beautiful geranium to Bethany Kepner and Devin Pelletier
representing Kate Sessions Elementary School.
Fausto Palifox, owner of Mission Hills Nursery discussed the
importance of trees and later provided commentary on the                                               photos by Nick Berry and Ruth Hayward

urban canopy during a bus tour of the park and surrounding
neighborhood. Ranger Kim Duclo narrated a guided walk
to the Kate Sessions statue led by sculptor Ruth Hayward.                Poinsettia Holiday Party
                                                                         The holiday season is a great time to gather with friends and
Nearly 100 people enjoyed the party which also included
                                                                         we invite you to join us for refreshments as we dedicate the
refreshments, a geranium and book sale, guided tour of the               annual poinsettia display in the Botanical Building.
Marston House and gourmet food from Tabe BBQ & Grill
on a sunny fall Saturday.                                                DATE:          Thursday, December 9, 2010
                                                                         TIME:          3-5 p.m.
                                                                         PLACE:         Botanical Building, Balboa Park
One Hundred Trees                                                        RSVP:          619-232-2282 or
by Fausto Palifox

Trees not only provide beauty, they improve our micro-
climate, provide protection from wind and rain, and create
a haven for animals important to our eco-system. One
hundred trees planted in San Diego would:
• Catch 200,000 gallons of rainwater annually
• Save money in storm water control resulting in cleaner
   beaches and bays
• Remove 5 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per year
• Remove 500 lbs. of ozone and 200 lbs. of particulates
• Lower air conditioning and heating energy costs
• Increase home values, enhance the quality of life, and
inspire residents to protect our environment

For information on planting native, drought tolerant, or street trees,
go to: or contact
the Friends office.
Tenth Anniversary is a true celebration!
Last month on the eve of Halloween, 350 patrons gathered to recognize Balboa Park’s dedicated
leaders, volunteers and philanthropists. According to the word on the street, the crowd enjoyed
meeting inspiring honorees, listening to an uplifting message, savoring delicious food, bidding on                  1
wonderful gift baskets, and previewing an outstanding video - all of which added to the ambiance
of the tenth annual Millennium Awards Luncheon, held October 26 in the Balboa Park Club.
Master of Ceremonies Clark Anthony led the crowd through a program that celebrates what the
Friends of Balboa Park is all about – people who are passionate about our beloved Balboa Park.

This year four vital entities working hard to beautify the park, support infrastructure improvements,               6
build unity and cohesiveness around the park’s pressing needs, and preserve its heritage received
honors. The Legler Benbough Foundation, Parker Foundation, Committee of One Hundred, and
the Balboa Park Trust of The San Diego Foundation each received the prestigious Millennium
Award. Together over the last few decades, these groups have contributed nearly $50 million to the
betterment of this iconic landmark.                                                                     11

Park Ranger Kim Duclo gave a fascinating talk entitled “Points of Departure” examining
elements from Balboa Park’s past that have influenced architecture, horticulture, and culture found
throughout Southern California. Stacey LoMedico, Director of the Park & Recreation Department,
followed with a glimpse into the park’s future focusing on three important events. Renovating the
Plaza de Panama, a priority for decades, will be completed in time for the 2015 celebration. The
yearlong centennial, which kicks off New Year’s Eve 2014, will showcase the park to millions of              16
people across the state and the country. To secure the park’s long-term outlook, Director LoMedico
described the formation of a fundraising conservancy, dedicated to meeting the needs of the park
for many decades into the future.

Inspiration Awards were presented to five Balboa Park volunteers for outstanding dedication and
thousands of hours of community service. Recipients include Patricia Gillespie of the Globe
Guilders where she has volunteered for 40 years. Vicki Granowitz was recognized as a champion of                   21
the public’s interest in Balboa Park, appointed by the mayor and council members to chair several
committees working on key park issues. Tom Ilas, a volunteer with the San Diego Model Railroad
Museum, served in many capacities including board duties and operating the museum’s model
trains. Kenneth Lowe, a longtime volunteer at the Timken Museum of Art has been a docent for
the San Diego Museum of Art as well. Dick Schwenkmeyer’s volunteer service at the San Diego
Natural History Museum dates back 65 years. All recipients shared a love of Balboa Park and a
desire to give back to the park and the organizations they respect.

Ann Wilson and committee did an outstanding job of orchestrating the luncheon. The San Diego Floral
Association, with a little help from Walter Anderson Nursery and the Botanical Building gardeners,
transformed the fountain area into a lush tropical garden. Friends Chairman Maureen Lamberti opened
the luncheon with words of encouragement and inspiration, capped by a video presentation by Art
Ledford of the Friends’ current projects. State Senator Christine Kehoe presented the Inspiration
Awards, and County Supervisor Ron Roberts bestowed the Millennium Awards. Betty Peabody closed
by recognizing the parks’ many accomplishments and a reminder of the work ahead. More photos and
the complete program can be viewed on our website: If you would like
digital copies of any luncheon photos, please e-mail us:
                                                       1. Lunch Chair Ann Wilson                   15. Sue Randerson, Anne Marston,
                                                       2. Kaneko Bishop (center) and friends       Kendall Squires, Cottie Volle
                                                       3. Joan Pollard, Angie DeCaro, Nancy        16. Back row: Lisa Mednick, JoDee
                                                       Brock, Randy Tidmore, Betsy Hamblin         Jacobs, Barbara Brown, Marla Black
                                                       4. Back row: Gina Prentice, Bunny           Front Row: Joyce Gattis, Lola
                                                       Zaruba, Robyn Holt, Kathy Lazzaro.          Green, Darole Sachs, Vangie Regan
                                                       Front Row: Sooz Noll, Ann Wilson,           17. Mick Hager, Fran Ficara, Steve Wall
  2         3    4                 5                   Kathleen Stiven, Kara Frederck              18. Millennium Award Honorees:
                                                       5. Nancy Stoke, Allan Grimm, Neil           Allan Spector (Balboa Park Trust of
                                                       Marmor, Max Gurney                          The San Diego Foundation), Mike
                                                   5   6. Emcee Clark Anthony                      Kelly (Committee of 100), Hugh
                                                       7. Debbie Petruzelli, Park Ranger           Carter (Legler Benbough), Judy
                                                       Casey Smith, Sue Vargas, Suzanne            McDonald (Parker Foundation)
                                                       Tawil-Betlatch                              19. Park Ranger Kim Duclo
                                                       8. Inspiration Award Winners with State     20. Back row: Collette Stefanko,
                                                       Senator Christine Kehoe (center), and       Kathleen Dietze, Kristi Pieper
  7         8        9             10                  from left: Kenneth Lowe, Tom Ilas,Vicki     Front Row: Kelly Lane, Stacy Turner
                                                       Granowitz, Clark Anthony(Emcee),            21. Jim Hughes,Ann Wilson, Betty Peabody
                                                       Patricia Gillespie, Dick Schwenkmeyer       22. Nancy Carter,Tom and Shelby Goad
                                                       9. Marla Black, Jay Hill, Mary Clark        23. Back Row: Larry Clapper,
                                                       10. Maren Doutherty, Hiroko Cherry,         Gretchen Vik, Trish McKay, Art Led-
                                                       Pat O’Connor, John Rebelo, Doris            ford. Front Row: Wendy Ledford,
                                                       Ellsworth, Kristin Navarro                  Lena and Dan Floit, David Lynn
                                                       11. Julia Stradling, Merrie Friberg, Judy   24. Park & Recreation Director
       12   13                14                  15   Shragge, Lina Canada, Kathleen Suros        Stacy LoMedico

                                                       12. Kathleen Suros, Ann Garwood,            25. Mike Tully, John Bolthouse, Don
                                                       Mark Bradbeer, Mary MacConnel               Yeckel, Bruce Martinez, Laurie
                                                       13. Maureen Lamberti, Yolanda               Broedling, Congresswoman Susan Davis
                                                       Walther-Meade                               26. County Supervios Ron Roberts
                                                       14.Vangie Regan, Elena and RADM             27. Maureen Lamberti, Susan
                                                       Paul Rucci                                  Hoekenga, Bev Zukor

       17                18

                                              19                           20




                                        photos by Paul Nestor
Thank You Members and Donors
       Donations listed were received from October 1 to November 10, 2010
Renewing Members
and Donors          In Memor y of         Supporting Projects and Programs
                                      Helen and Andrew Harding               Tenth Annual Millennium                       24th Annual Poinsettia Display*
                                      Carol L.Weiss                          Awards Luncheon (continued)
Richard and Rita Atkinson                                                                                                  Yoli Banda, in honor of Nelly &
                                                                             Floral Display                                  Agustin Leon
                                      Mollie Samuels
$1000 - $2,499                                                               San Diego Floral Association                  Josephine Bell
                                      Eileen R. Samuels
Charles Rozal                                                                Walter Anderson Nursery                       Robert and Myrna Bossler
Jules L. Tanzer                                                                                                            Nancy Carol Carter
                                      Lorna Carolina Bayas
                                                                             Video Production                              City Beautiful
                                      Carolina Bejarano
$250 - $499                                                                  Art Ledford, F&L Digital Media Solutions      Darlene G. Davies
Elisabeth K. Ecke                                                                                                          Ruth A. Hayward
Anne and John Gilchrist                                                      Luncheon Donors                               Susan Hoekenga
                                      Supporting Tenth                       $2,500 and above
Helen and Webster Kinnard                                                                                                  Maureen Lamberti
                                      Annual Millennium                      S. Falck Nielsen Family Fund, at
                                                                                                                           Dick and Dorothea Laub
Maureen Lamberti                                                               The San Diego Foundation
Elizabeth and Scott McClendon         Awards Luncheon                                                                      Rodger & Mary Lindsay Poinsettia
                                                                             Connie K. Golden
Paul F. Mosher                        In-Kind Donors for Raffle                                                              Fund at The San Diego Foundation
                                                                             Virginia Napierskie
                                      Balboa Park Carousel                                                                 Kevin Munnelly
$100 - $249                           Balboa Park Passport Program           $1,500 - $2,499                               Kathy Puplava
Roger A. Carr                         Tom and Sandra Cook                    Union Bank                                    Jeannette B. Rigsby, in memory of
Stewart Dadmun                        Pamela Crooks                          Gene and Celeste Trepte                                 .
                                                                                                                             George P Rigsby
Linda and William Fox                 Lena Evans, Jade Phoenix Designs                                                     Eileen R. Samuels, in memory of
Millicent Froehlich in honor of       Lena and Dan Floit, Little Italy Inn   $1,000 - $1,499                                 Mollie Samuels
   Betty Peabody                                                             Hervey Family Fund at                         San Diego Botanical Garden
                                      Fiends of Balboa Park
S. Dale Hess                                                                   The San Diego Foundation                      Foundation Inc.
                                      Girl Scouts San Diego
Constance and Martin Melhorn                                                 Jim and Carmen Hughes                         Donald Steele
                                      Giuseppe’s Sculpture Court Café
Karen Miller                                                                 San Diego Trust Bank                          Shirley A. Walkoe, in memory of
                                      Japanese Friendship Garden
Ingrid Nielsen                        Museum of Photographic Arts                                                            Albert Walkoe
                                                                             $500 - $999
Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego   Park Manor Suites                                                                    Carol L. Weiss, in memory of Helen &
                                                                             Mary H. Clark
Linda Spuck                           Reuben H. Fleet Science Center                                                         Andrew Harding
                                                                             Frank Pelot
Deborah Szekely                       Ross Porter                                                                          Patricia C. Williams, in honor of
                                                                             Ann Wilson
Susan and Sibley Ward                 San Diego Air & Space Museum                                                           Eugene K. and Michael Clardy
                                      San Diego Civic Dance Association                                                    Capt. Sue E. Young
                                                                             $250 - $499
$36 - $99                             San Diego Civic Youth Ballet           Kathy Lazzaro                                 *All poinsettia donors and their honorees
Chris and Diane Calkins               San Diego Floral Association           True Ryndes                                   will be listed inside the Botanical Building
Ricardo da Rosa                       San Diego History Center               J. Marie Tuthill, in honor of Sharon McColl
                                                                                                                           during the holiday display
Lewis H. and Linda Dowdy              San Diego Lawn Bowling Club                         5
Wendy Ledford                         San Diego Museum of Art                $100 - $249                                   Cor porate a n d
Janet Mayo                            San Diego Museum of Man                Peggy Elliott                                 Foundatio n S u p p o r t
Mary S. Smith                         San Diego Natural History Museum       Patricia Baer
                                      San Diego Zoo                          Marla Black
$35 & under                           Sofia Hotel                            Kari Ross-Berry
Kurt and Marion Benirschke            The Old Globe                          Jim Hughes                                            of The San Diego Foundation
Joan Bigge                            The Prado Restaurant                   RADM Paul and Elena Rucci
Dr. Quintous E. Crews Jr.             Timken Museum                          Donna Sefton
Kathy Puplava                         United Nations Gift Shop               Jessie Thomas
John M. Sandy                                                                Patricia C. Williams
                                      Wine and Gift Donors
Allen and Kathleen Steele                                                       4
                                                                             CAPT. Sue E. Young
                                      Barbara Brown    Wendy Ledford
Donald Steele
                                      Caroline Chen    Trish McKay           $25 - $99
Patricia Sweeting in honor of
                                      Dean Crowder     Kristi Pieper         Susan and Rob Batt                            If we have inadvertently omitted or
  Marion P. Sweeting                                                                                                       misspelled your name, please let us
                                      Lena Evans and   Marvin Spira          Charlotte Cagan
Mary Toomey                                                                                                                know. The Friends of Balboa Park is
                                        Dan Floit      Linda Spuck           Elizabeth Castillo
Helen Wagner                                                                                                               a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
                                      Paula Heye       Gretchen Vik          Karol Gottfredson                             and all donations are tax deductible
                                      Susan Hoekenga   Steven Wall           Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Hanson                as allowed by law. For more informa-
                                      Maureen Lamberti Ann Wilson            Cynthia Jackson                               tion, call our office at (619) 232-2282 or
                                                                             James and Estelle Milch, in honor of          e-mail:
                                                                                                                           Donations accepted via credit card.
                                                                               Peggy Marston
                                                                                                                      NoN Profit org.
                   Friends of Balboa Park                                                                             Us Postage
                   c/o Balboa Park Administration Building                                                            Paid
                   2125 Park Blvd.                                                                                    saN Diego Ca
                   San Diego, California 92101                                                                        Permit No. 339

                   P: (619) 232-2282
                   F: (619) 232-2281

                   Return Service Requested

    “My First Memory”
    Memories of the 1915 Exposition by Dr. Spencer Rogers                         Park & Rec. Annual Picnic
d       My first memory as to           stories published online                  Every fall, Retired Senior
    the California Building             from our website: www.                    Volunteer Patrol (RSVP),
    Complex in Balboa Park     If               together with Friends of
    was in the year 1915 when           you or someone you know                   Balboa Park, host a picnic for
    I was ten years old. All            would like to share a story or            our hard working grounds
    that I can recall definitely        recollection of Balboa Park,              crews, gardeners, supervisors,
    were the prehistoric man            please send it to us so we                Rangers, and office person-
                                                                                  nel of the Park & Recreation
    busts in the Science of Man         may publish with our online
                                                                                  Department in Balboa Park.
    hall, and the candy vending         collection.
                                                                                  We thank all employees of
    machine at the entrance. I                                                    Park & Rec. for the great job
    was also impressed by the                                                     they do to keep Balboa Park
    wicker work buggies that                                                      beautiful! A shout out goes
    visitors could rent and                                                       to the sponsoring institutions
    propel themselves around                                                      and individuals who donated
    the buildings and exhibits.                                                   funds to support the picnic:
    There was much to be seen           Wicker buggies or ‘electriquettes” as
    but as I look back over the         they were called.                         Friends of Balboa Park
    decades, I guess that I was                                                   Vicki Granowitz
                                                                                  House of Hospitality
    most impressed by their busts
                                                                                  Reuben H. Fleet
    of Neanderthal man, Cro-                                                      San Diego Air & Space
    Magnon man and others in                                                      San Diego Automotive Museum
    the series, still well preserved.                                             San Diego Junior Theatre
    By Dr. Spencer Rogers, as                                                     San Diego Museum of Art
    published in “Tapestries of          Busts of primitive man as displayed      San Diego Natural History Museum
                                         during the 1915 exposition . Postcards   The Old Globe
    Time”, a collection of stories       courtesy of David Marshall               Timken Museum of Art
    gathered and published by                                                     Veterans Museum & Memorial Center
    Betty & Homer Peabody                                                         Zoological Society
    in 1997. We now have
                                                                                                                      photos by Ken Tranbarger
    the entire publication of

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