5 Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit

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									This is a letter used by a landlord when a tenant is behind on rent. This letter is
delivered by the landlord to the tenant and notifies the tenant that he or she must either
pay the rent due within five (5) days or vacate the premises. The form contains both
standard clauses and opportunities for customization to reflect the terms of the lease
agreement. This is useful for a landlord that wants to collect back rent from a tenant
that currently occupies the property in states that require five (5) days' notice.
                      5 DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT
Date: ______________________ [Instruction: date of Notice]
To:   ___________________________ [Instruction: name of tenant(s)] (the “Tenant(s)”)
From: ___________________________________ [Instruction: name of Landlord] (the

Re:    Rental Property/Unit located at _______________________________ [Instruction:
       insert the rental property’s address]


This is Tenant’s Five (5) Day Notice to Pay or Quit in respect of the above-referenced rental
premises. Within five (5) days of service of this Notice to Tenant by Landlord, Tenant is hereby
required to pay to the order of Landlord outstanding rent in the amount of _____________
dollars ($___) [Instruction: insert dollar amount of past-due rent owed] for the rental period
commencing the ____ day of ______________, _____ [Instruction: insert the commencement
date] up to and including the ____ day of ______________, _____ [Instruction: insert the
termination date] at the address of Landlord being ___________________ [Instruction: insert
past-due rent delivery address].

In the event Tenant fails to deliver the outstanding rent due and payable to Landlord within five
(5) days of service of this Notice, Landlord shall deem Tenant’s rental agreement/lease
agreement forfeited and Landlord will commence legal action against Tenant to obtain vacant
possession of the rental premises.

Upon Landlord commencing legal action to obtain vacant possession of the rental premises, a
judgment may be obtained against Tenant, including attorneys’ fees and costs associated with
obtaining such judgment.

This Five (5) Day Notice to Pay or Quit supersedes all prior notices served on Tenant.

DATED this _____ day of ______________, _____ [Instruction: insert date].

                                                    [Instruction: insert Landlord’s name]
                                                    Name: _________________________
                                                    [Instruction: insert name of individual
                                                    who will sign this letter on behalf of the
                                                    Title: __________________________
                                                    [Instruction: insert title of individual who

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                                                  will sign this letter on behalf of the
                                                  I have authority to bind the Company.

OR if Landlord is an individual use the following signature line:

                                                  [Instruction: insert Landlord’s name]

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