30 Day Notice To Landlord Form

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									This Notice is given by a tenant to a landlord when the tenant wants to move out of a
rental property. The Notice provides 30 days' written notice to the landlord of the
tenant's intent to vacate the rental premises and deliver possession to the landlord.
Tenants are usually required to inform their landlords at least 30 days in advance if they
want to move out. This is useful for a tenant who wishes to end a month-to-month
                                 30 DAY NOTICE TO LANDLORD
TO:               __________________                     [Landlord name] (“Landlord”)
FROM:             __________________                     [Tenant name] (“Tenant”)
DATE:             __________________                     [Instruction: insert date of Notice]

RE: Rental Unit ___________ located at _____________________ [Instruction: insert the
rental unit’s number and the property’s address]

I, ____________________ [Instruction: insert name of the Tenant], am the Tenant of the
above-referenced rental unit located at ______________________ [Instruction: insert the
rental unit’s number and the property’s address], pursuant to a rental agreement dated the
_____ day of ___________, ________ [Instruction: insert rental agreement’s date], between
me as Tenant and _______________ [Instruction: insert name of Landlord] as Landlord.


This is my thirty (30) days notice. Upon service of this Notice to you, I intend to and will vacate
and deliver possession the above-referenced rental unit to you to terminate my month-to-month

I acknowledge that upon commencement of my tenancy, I delivered to you a security deposit in
the amount of _____________ dollars ($__________) [Instruction: insert dollar amount of
security deposit]. I acknowledge that you will deduct such amounts from the security deposit
for purposes of reimbursing Landlord for any loss, damage, or excessive wear and tear on any
furnishings or appliances provided to me by Landlord.

Upon delivery of this Notice to you, I acknowledge that you, as Landlord, have the right to:

1.    Show the rental unit to any potential tenants by providing written notice to me of at least
_______ (__) hours; and

2.      To inspect the rental unit on the date I deliver vacate possession to you to ensure the
rental unit is in a good state of repair and there is no damage to same.

This Notice has been served on you on this _____ day of _____________, ____ [Instruction:
insert date of Notice] by way of registered mail/personal service.

[Instruction: Tenant name]

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