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									                         Business Plan


Business Plan Template         1         09/10/06

1. Summary Form

2. Executive summary

3. Short history of business and product or service

4. Summary of business objectives & why the business needs the Taunton Deane
   business development grant.

5. The Market & the competition

6. Your marketing & sales plan

67 Management and key members of team

8. The Operation

9. Financial forecasts

10. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

The business plans submitted will not be returned after the application process has
been completed, however all plans will be kept confidential and will not be passed
on to any third parties.

Business Plan Template                       2                      09/10/06
        Taunton Deane Business Development Grant Summary Form

Name of Business

Start date:

Address and Contact Details

Tel:                                                        Mobile:

Contact name:

Description of Business (Goods & services offered)

Business Operation
(Brief summary, business premises, key operations, supply and sales logistics if any)

Use of Taunton Deane Business Development Grant
(State what the grant will be used for and describe the benefit to the business)

Financial Summary
                                  Actual Last Trading       Forecast 2006/07       Forecast 2007/08
                                  period                    Accounting Period      Accounting Period
                                  (6 months                 ending                 ending
                                  minimum)                  day/month/year         day/ month/ year
          Gross Profit
          Net Profit Before Tax
          and depreciation
          Employment Costs,
          (include owners
          employees, wages
          salaries, social
          security, pension

          Number of people
          employed (FTE) .5 =
          1 P/Time

Business Plan Template                                  3                               09/10/06
Executive Summary

A summary (written last)

Your product / service
The opportunity in the market
The steps in marketing and sales that will build customers
The management team and the track record
Summary of your financial projections of the next year or two
Why the Taunton Deane business development grant will make the difference.

Business Plan Template                                  4                    09/10/06
Short History of Business and Product or Service
Background to the idea – track record, experience, ownership of business, where you operate from
In plain English – what your product of service is, who are your customers, why they will buy from you.
How the business idea fits in with existing businesses (if any)

Summary of Business Objectives and purpose of Business Plan
What are your business goals over the next 2 years?
Give some numbers to quantify what you are aiming for – customer numbers, turnover, profit, employees, premises etc.
Why would the grant be useful / what would it be used for?

Business Plan Template                                      5                                  09/10/06
The Market
What is your market – who are your customers, what sectors are you focused on,
Trends – explain what you know about the trends in your market that you plan to capture
Segments – which segments are you focused on

The Competition
Who are they – list some specific ones
Their packages – what they do well, what they do badly
How your business competes / differentiates from the competition

Business Plan Template                                    6                               09/10/06
Marketing & Sales Plan
Marketing brings in your enquiries, sales converts them to orders!

Marketing - How do you intend to get enquiries / leads / prospects (Advertising, Direct Mail, Word of Mouth, Joint

How do you intend to convert those enquiries into Sales ( Your sales process)

How will we monitor our marketing and sales results

Business Plan Template                                      7                                 09/10/06
Management & Personnel

Previous Experience
Previous Experience
Roles / Structure
Team Strengths
Team Weaknesses

Business Plan Template   8   09/10/06

Your Location
Short description of relevant logistics that need to happen in addition to sales and marketing – production, distribution,

Business Plan Template                                       9                                   09/10/06
Financial Forecasts

2 years annual profit statement, plus most recent previous trading figures – with clear assumptions drawn from the rest of
the business plan as discussed on the workshop.
2 years monthly cashflow based on the annual statements.

Business Plan Template                                     10                                  09/10/06
SWOT Analysis
A short overview for the business / personnel of your:
Strengths ( for example - Previous experience, competitive advantage, specialist knowledge, )
Weaknesses ( for example - Sales experience, technical knowhow, location, profile)
Opportunities ( for example – new markets, new staff, specific sectors, )
Threats (for example – competition, funding, bad debts, location)

Business Plan Template                                   11                                 09/10/06

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