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                            The smart, secure way to buy or sell a vehicle with an existing loan.

                                                 Generic Bill-of-Sale
             We cannot locate a State specific Bill-of-Sale so have provided this generic version for your use.
        Please check with your local DMV to determine if additional infofrmation or post sale actions are required.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):                                           License Number:

Vehicle Year:     Make:                 Model:                                 Description:

Odometer Reading:
                                        Actual Mileage:        No Odometer:       Exceeds Mechanical Limits:
                                        Not Actual:            Exempt:

Seller’s Name:                                                      Buyer’s Name:

Address:                                                            Address:

City:                                   State:     Zip Code:        City:                                State:   Zip Code:

True Selling Price ($): Sale Date:               Daytime Phone #:   Daytime Phone #:

Existing Lienholder’s Name or “None”:                               Address:

City:                                   State:     Zip Code:        Website URL Address:

I hereby sell the vehicle described above at the agreed amount. I also certify that the odometer reading
given is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I must file a release of liability statement
after delivering the vehicle to the buyer. I also understand that listing a false selling price, name, or
address on this form is a felony.


I am aware of the odometer certification made by the seller.


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