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					2.2.7    Régie du logement du Québec "Home-Made" Leases Can be Dangerous

This affair raises questions about the right to be informed and about unequal treatment of
certain citizens (Social Contract, 1.2, 1.5, 3.2 and 5.2).

Many tenants who had formed committees or associations asked the Québec Ombudsman to
intervene to require the mandatory use of the lease published by the Régie du logement. They
complained about certain "home-made" leases that a number of landlords were using to
mislead tenants. The leases contained illegal rental conditions and provided incomplete
information on tenant rights.

After analyzing the situation, the Québec Ombudsman asked the Ministère des Affaires
municipales, which is responsible for applying the Act respecting the Régie du logement 19 , to
make it mandatory to use the lease form prepared by the Régie. "Home-made" leases can cause
serious prejudice.

The minister has thus amended the Act respecting the Régie du Logement and the Civil Code
of Québec to make the Régie lease mandatory, thus preventing further injustices. Citizens in Outlying Areas: The Régie Promotes Access to Services

The Régie du logement has set up toll free numbers (1 800) for the public to use. This is a
concrete gesture to enhance access to services throughout the province, a gesture that all
departments and government organizations should imitate. Unfortunately, however, the
numbers do not appear in every phone book throughout Québec.

The Régie invoked population densities in certain regions as justification for not listing the
numbers in all phone books. The Québec Ombudsman felt that the Régie's decision was
unreasonable and unfair for no logical reason. Why should a citizen who has chosen to live in
one municipality not have access to the same information as a citizen in another municipality?
A resident of Baie Saint-Paul requires the same information as someone living in Québec City
or Montréal (Social Contract, 1.5). The Régie's position was unreasonable, and also
compromised the right of citizens to information and fair treatment (Social Contract, 1.2, 3.4,
4.5 and 5.2).

The Régie eventually listed the toll free numbers in all the phone books of the province.

             R.S.Q., c. R-8.1


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