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Net To Gross Definition


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                      PROGRAM DIRECTIVES

DIRECTIVE 1C-1                                                        Issue date: May 2002

                              DEFINITION OF NET AND GROSS AREAS

1.      General

        a.      The Consultant shall calculate the net and gross areas of the project at each
                phase in accordance with this Directive.

        b.      The net and gross areas are ultimately used to determine and evaluate the
                Program Budget of projects that deal with new construction and, as they
                apply, major rehabilitation. The definitions and examples provided are
                intended to be as accurate as possible, but every possible scenario cannot be
                anticipated. Questions regarding how a space may be categorized or
                calculated should be addressed to the Project Coordinator. Also please refer
                to the “Project Cost Reporting Guide.”

2.      Calculation Of Net Assignable Area

        a.      According to the SUNY system, space with an assigned square foot area is a
                “net” area. A net area must pass the following test: Can someone (or a
                department) be reasonably assigned to and utilize the space in performance
                of their functions? Net area is programmable space assigned to a particular
                academic or support function. The net assignable area for various types of
                spaces (i.e. laboratories, classrooms, offices, etc.) are subject to facility
                programming standards promulgated by SUNY in conjunction with the Fund.

        b.      Net areas are interior floor spaces enclosed by walls, ceiling/roof, and a
                constructed floor. Calculate the net area by using the cross dimensions of the
                space at approximately 3’-0” AFF excluding windowsills and perimeter

        c.      The following spaces are not part of net area

                (1)     Building Components

                        (a)     Spaces occupied by columns, walls, partitions, and furred
                        (b)     Toilet (including vestibule and dressing rooms for toilet).
                        (c)     Telephone booth in public areas.

Office of Design & Construction Management                                                Page 1
Definition of Net And Gross Areas                                                 Directive 1C-1
                      PROGRAM DIRECTIVES

                        (d)     Locker space in public areas (Locker Room will be assigned Net
                        (e)     Closet or Coat Space (Cloak Room will be assigned Net Area).

                (2)     Public Areas

                        (a)     Lobby, entrance space and vestibule or foyer.
                        (b)     Display space (may be assignable if programmed by the Fund)
                        (c)     Atriums (kiosks, control stations and other assignable areas
                                within an atrium may be part of Net Area)
                        (d)     Anteroom to any Net Area space.
                        (e)     Corridor or passage.
                        (f)     Circulation space, including access aisles in open office areas.
                        (g)     Stair hall and stairway.
                        (h)     Elevator and escalator.
                        (i)     Book lifts and dumbwaiter.

                (3)     Mechanical, Electrical and Service Areas

                        (a)     Janitor or utility closet.
                        (b)     Electrical service and transformer room.
                        (c)     Steam and heat distribution room.
                        (d)     Air conditioning, mechanical room, & fan room.
                        (e)     Mechanical switch room.
                        (f)     Excavated basement space.
                        (g)     Loading dock.
                        (h)     Telecommunications closets
                        (i)     Public Safety/Security booths

        d.      "As required" spaces are not part of the net area and shall not have
                requirements for a number of seats or workstations that indirectly create a net
                area requirement.

        e.      If the Space Program for the project is inconsistent with these definitions, the
                Consultant should notify the Project Coordinator immediately. Clarification
                and/or correction of the program net area will be made by the Fund.

3.      Calculation Of Gross Area

        a.      The Gross Area of a building is the total space enclosed by the exterior walls
                of a structure as well as the space covered by projections, overhangs,

Office of Design & Construction Management                                                  Page 2
Definition of Net And Gross Areas                                                   Directive 1C-1
                     PROGRAM DIRECTIVES

                canopies, larger than average loading docks, and penthouses calculated at
                50% of their actual area.

        b.      All spaces with greater than normal ceiling heights must be evaluated in the
                gross area calculation. Spaces such as theaters, gymnasiums, swimming
                pools, ballrooms, etc., which functionally require a higher ceiling do not
                require an increased factor. However, lobbies, atriums ornamental stairways,
                light wells, spaces with interstitial mechanical access platforms above, etc.,
                shall have an increase factor applied to the area measured at the lowest level
                of the space. This factor should vary from 1.25 for simple two story spaces to
                1.50 or more for spaces three stories or higher depending upon the geometry
                and complexity of the space.

4.      Optimum Gross Area

        The Optimum Gross Area of a building is the area required to support the Net
        Assignable Area of academic and/or support space identified in the programming
        phase of a project. The Optimum Gross Area is arrived at by multiplying the Net
        Assignable Area by a Grossing Factor assigned by the Fund. The Grossing Factor
        allows for the inclusion of the types of space indicated in the Building Space
        Program on an "as required" basis. It also allows for typical building components,
        public areas and mechanical, electrical and service areas, as required by the
        building code, the Fund Directives, and generally accepted standards. It does not
        allow for the inclusion of spaces such as porticos and atriums. Grossing Factors
        vary with the type of space being constructed and have been generated from
        historical data compiled by the Fund. The Optimum Gross Area is the basis for the
        project budget set by the Fund.

5.      Comparison Of Optimum Gross To Design Gross Area

        For new buildings and renovations, each phase report should provide a comparison
        of the Optimum Gross Area to the Design Gross area provided by the Consultant,
        with specific reasons justifying the deviation.


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Definition of Net And Gross Areas                                                 Directive 1C-1

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