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     British Production Company to make long awaited feature film on infamous criminal Mad
                                       Frankie Fraser

       By CME Films
       Dated: Jun 16, 2008

       London based award winning Production Company Classic Media Entertainment has announced its
       planning a feature film on the life of Mad Frankie Fraser

       Classic Media Entertainment has secured the film rights to the life of Mad Frank and a feature film is
       currently in development. The Company has recently produced a compelling documentary on Fraser at their
       London studios and although the interviews at times were heated the film production has Mad Frank’s full

        Classic Media Entertainment’s founder, Tyrone D Murphy is a successful filmmaker whose films have
       been honoured at International Film Festivals. He also won the best International documentary award in
       2006 for his Hollywood film titled The Hollywood Graffiti Gown.

        The Fraser Production will have an all-star cast that will play out the roles of this film that will keep
       moviegoers at the edge of their seats. The company has had serious interest on the Fraser production and is
       currently in negotiations with a Hollywood production company to handle the US side of the production.
       Tyrone D Murphy was quoted as saying that “There is a morbid fascination all over the world with British
       gangster films such as the Kray’s, Charlie Richardson’s film Charlie and Lock Stock and two Smoking

        Fraser’s criminal career spanned 50 years; he was certified insane on three separate occasions, is reputed to
       have killed 40 people and spent 42 years in prison. During the 60's the Kray twins tried to recruit him but
       Mad Frank as he is known to his friends joined forces with Charlie and Eddie Richardson and their South
       London alleged 'Torture Gang’. The gang were put on trial where Fraser was alleged to have pulled out his
       victims teeth with pliers.

        One member of the criminal fraternity was quoted as saying that “Mad Frank joining the Richardson’s
       Gang was like China getting the atom bomb” Fraser was also dubbed the most dangerous man in Britain by
       two Home Secretaries. When asked recently by an America journalist if making a film on Fraser’s life
       scares him, Murphy was quoted as saying “well it’s like this, Fraser is supposed to have killed 40 people so
       I suppose killing 1 more would not make any difference to him whatsoever, it’s just as well he likes me”

        Nowadays Fraser operates a Gangland tour in London. 'Mad' Frank personally takes you on the tour
       providing a running commentary throughout in regards to the criminal underworld, infamous court cases
       and crimes. The tour also visits the scenes of some of Britain’s most notorious crimes. One of Fraser’s most
       infamous crimes during his criminal career was to kidnap and hang the Governor of wandsworth prison
       along with his dog. Fraser is directly quoted as saying” I am glad someone has finally come along who is
       going to tell my story as it happened” Fraser also went on to say “ This film production has my full
       endorsement” Principle photography on the production is due to begin in March 2009

        Tyrone D Murphy
        Classic Media Entertainment
        Studio 501

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