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									                                    FALL 2009: ON-CAMPUS RECRUITMENT AGREEMENT &
                                   FULL - TIME INTERVIEW RESERVATION REQUEST FORM

On-Campus Recruitment Agreement

Section I: Recruitment Policies and Procedures

A.     Recruitment Policy
Full-Time Recruitment for Class of 2010 – Please be advised that New York University’s Recruitment Policy requires that the total
number of interview slots for full-time positions be divided in half between students you pre-select and students who meet the
requirements of your position (and are randomly selected via the bidding process). For example, each schedule containing 13 interview
slots must have six (6) Bid winners along with seven (7) Pre-Selected candidates. This policy ensures that employers have the
opportunity to meet with candidates with varying majors and experiences, all of whom meet your specified requirements. Once your
interview schedule is finalized, you can download it from your NYU InterviewNet account. Please note that last minute student additions
and updates do occur and will be reflected on the day of your interview schedule.

B.     Cancellation Policy – Any interview schedule that is cancelled less than 10 business days prior to the actual interview date will
incur a $200.00 cancellation fee.

C.     Employment Offer Guidelines –We ask that all employers refrain from pressuring students on acceptances and understand the
necessity of letting candidates make an informed decision resulting in truly committed employees. Exploding offers and special incentives
such as diminishing bonuses and location preference should not be held out to induce a student to accept an offer early. We require all
employers to honor all offers made as is and that no conditions be placed on the offer. Pressure to accept early makes it difficult for us to
enforce our strict policies against students reneging on job offers.

If you make full-time offers to students through Fall Recruitment, we require you to give them four weeks or until November 30, 2009
(whichever comes later) to decide. For second round interviews we require that you give students at least 48 hours advance notice to allow
students time to make arrangements for their academic commitments. In addition, The Wasserman Center for Career Development
requires employers to inform us of all offers of employment that are extended to New York University students in order to ensure that we
maintain accurate student employment statistics.

If you plan to convert a summer intern to a full-time hire at the conclusion of a summer internship, the deadline for students to accept or
decline the offer is October 30, 2009.

D. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement – The Wasserman Center for Career Development is an equal opportunity employer in
compliance with New York University’s non-discrimination rules and policies which prohibit recruitment and selection for position
openings on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, race, color, national origin, age, disability or religion. The
University shall exclude from its placement offices and all other facilities recruiters from any entity which in employment matters has been
determined to have a practice of unlawfully discriminating on any of the aforementioned bases. Notwithstanding the provisions of the
preceding text, as long as entities that fund the scholarly and academic pursuits of the members of the NYU community are required to
withhold funding from institutions of higher education pursuant to section 606(a) of Public Law 92-436 and similar and successor statues,
the University may allow recruitment by such entities, including the Armed Forces of the United States.

Acknowledgment and Agreement
I have read and agree that all members of my organization will abide by the terms of New York University's On-Campus Recruitment
Agreement and Interview Reservation Request Form with respect to the Fall 2009 On-Campus Recruitment Program. I acknowledge that
New York University will rely upon my organization to comply with the On-Campus Recruitment Agreement and am aware that the
penalties noted therein (e.g., event cancellation, imposition of fees) may be imposed if the terms are not met.

________________________________                 ________________________________                      _________________
   Print Name (Last, First)                            Signature                                              Date
                                                                                                             (continued on following page)
Page 2 of 2 - Fax to: Daila Ham (212) 995-4111

Organization Name:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Title: ________________________________________Dept. & Division:_____________________________________

Recruiter Name (if different than above):______________________________________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________________________________Suite_____________ Flr.____________

City:__________________________________________________ State:__________________ Zip Code:_________________

Telephone: (________) ___________________________________ Fax: (________) ________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________ Web Site Address: ______________________________________

Indicate preferred recruitment dates. Please note, while The Wasserman Center for Career Development does its best to honor your
preferences, final recruiting dates are determined by the Recruitment Manager; the decision will be relayed to you in a confirmation

Interview Date:___________________________                     Alternate Interview Date:________________________
                     Month/Day /Year                                                (if primary choice is not available)
Division:________________________________                     Full-Time Position Title: _________________________

Applicable Major(s):____________________                  ____________________              _______________________
Will your organization interview graduate students (all non MBA’s) for this position?
YES                                                           NO 
Will your organization interview international or foreign students with F1, J1 or H1-B Visa status for this position?
YES                                                             NO 

Will your organization allow students to interview for more than one position within the company?
YES                                                            NO 

Number of Schedules Requested: ________
Length of interviews:
 30 Min./13 students                    45 min./9 students                                       *Custom
                                                                                                  (Including completely open schedules)
NYU interview schedules begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Due to security concerns we cannot offer any
interview or meeting space after 5:00pm
*For custom requests, contact the recruitment team, 212-998-4737
Acknowledgment and Agreement
By completing this form, you agree that all members of your organization will abide by the terms of New York
University's On-Campus Recruitment Agreement and Full-Time Interview Reservation Request Form with respect to
the Fall 2009 On-Campus Recruitment Program.

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