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Trainor Glass is expert in the design, engineering,
fabrication, assembly and erection of unitized curtain
wall systems, providing complete design/build services.
While we specialize in innovative architectural designs and
challenging building projects, no project is too large or
too difficult for our well seasoned teams.

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Every project shown here was designed using Trainor Unitized Curtain Wall Systems. Each presented a
design and engineering challenge that Trainor was well equipped to successfully resolve.

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                                                                Trainor Unitized Curtain Wall Systems can be tailored to suit the
                                                                most complicated projects.

1. Lafayette Tower- Washington, D.C. 2. Legg Mason- Baltimore, Maryland 3. Tempe Gateway- Tempe, Arizona 4. Two Alliance- Atlanta, Georgia 5. theWit- Chicago, Illinois
6. Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas 7. GSU Science Park- Atlanta, Georgia
    Unitized Curtain Wall Process:
    Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas
    1.   Trainor’s highly organized, streamlined
         production     lines  feature  automated
         precision cutting tools and custom tools
         like our “hand assist” sealant machines.
    2.   Unitized panels are expertly fabricated in
1        our state-of-the-art facilities. Every Trainor
         manufacturing facility has an in-house air and
         water test chamber. Every 50th panel we complete
         is tested to ensure quality on every project.
    3.   Overhead cranes help facilitate material
         handling, crating and loading of flat-bed
         trucks. They also ensure safety for both the
         product and our employees.
    4.   Crates are loaded onto flat bed trucks, cued
         up and readied for transport to the job site.
2        Additional flat beds are loaded up, covered,
         and await their turn.
    5.   After delivery, each crate is placed in an
         appropriate location where it’s safe from
         construction hazards. Our team is ready to
    6.   Trainor’s expertly trained installation team
         safely mounts the unitized panels to the
         building. Our employees receive site specific
3        training for each project.



Quality Control

Every 50th panel we manufacture is tested in
house for static air (ASTM E283) and static water
infiltration (ASTM E331). Long before a completed
panel gets to our test chamber, it needs to meet
or exceed our exacting quality control standards.

Every Trainor vendor is required to complete a rigorous Supplier
Qualification application, to help ensure that their products are up to
our standards.

Once a system is chosen for a project, the following are checked:
verification of all opening dimensions, clear understanding of the
manufacturer’s assembly instructions, size, finish and angularity of
all parts, confirmation that all gaskets, spacers, etc. are located and
oriented properly per assembly drawings, ensure that frame is square
and free of scratches, dents or blemishes.

Glass check points include: correct size, type and thickness, make
certain it’s clean and unblemished, confirm setting blocks and gaskets
are installed properly, remove all stickers and residue.

                                                         We actively test our unitized curtain wall panels for
                                                         quality, and perform on-site field chamber tests- a
                                                         proactive measure to catch any problems early in the
                                                         project. Tests are in accordance with AAMA 501.2
                                                         test method for quality assurance and diagnostic
                                                         water leakage.
When It Comes to Curtain Wall, We Install Them All!

Trainor is committed to finding the right system for each job. As a result, we have become industry leaders in
curtain wall design and installation, regardless of the system or manufacturer- we install them all!

Denver Justice Center, Denver, CO             One Fillmore Place, Denver, CO
Kawneer 1600                                  EFCO 5900

Fairfax County Courthouse, Fairfax, VA                   Chandler Ocotilo Building, Chandler, AZ
Wausau SUPERWALL                                         Arcadia T500

UTD Science & Engineering Research Laboratory, Dallas, TX              Children’s Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
US Aluminum Series 3150 & 3250                                         Fulwal IV 6100 Series Arctic Wall

building facades - unitized                                                          www.trainorglas s.com
low-rise and interiors

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